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Lest We Forget.....


From the Quad County Coordinators:

This is our second year we have been able to combine resources and produce a Memorial Salute to those heroes who deserve to be recognized and commended for preserving our traditions, for serving and facing the unknown.   For fighting a war - any war - means the sacrifice of selfishness, the unity of diversion and attribution of such honorable qualities as courage, comradery and bravery that very few of us acquire through a lifetime, much less face and conquer on a daily basis.

Such a project as this requires an extreme amount of planning and preparation, hours of collecting data, transcribing and coding, photo work and cooperation among all.  It is always amazing to us, as coordinators, those that are dedicated, give without complaint, volunteer beyond their own selfish agendas - again and again  -  they are to us, our own heroes. ~

Jeanette Shiel, Fulton County
Lisa Slaski, Hamilton County
Martha Magill, Herkimer/Montgomery Counties

We would like to kindly recognize and thank the following whom contributed to the success of this year's Memorial Salute:


Representing Fulton County:

Hector Allen
Carolyn Deming Bayer
Clive Berard
Jill Collins
Lt. Col. Gordon Coloney
Gordon Cornell
Peggy Menear
James F. Morrison
Laura Perkins
Allyn Hess Perry
David Perry
Betty Tabor
William Warren
Douglas Weaver


Representing Hamilton County:

Harry Buyce
Russell Dunham
Mary Slack Maynard
George Prentice
Charles Shaw
Annie Weaver


Representing Herkimer/Montgomery Counties:

William Arthur
Carol Deming Bayer
The Herkimer Evening Telegram
Carl A. Kruger
Robert Lorick
Benedict R. Maryniak
Patricia McKerrow
William McKerrow
Paul McLaughlin
Kenneth Mowers
David Rogers
Paula Turner
Betsy Voorhees
Helen Wheatley


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