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C & S RABUS Frederick 1884-1973  
  Van HOESEN David W. died 1954  
  BRUNDIGE Clarence 1907- "Bunny"
D & G SARNA (sic) Margaret M. 1893- (wife of Avery H. Sarno, M. D.)
  SARNO Jane Evelyn 1926-1926  
  SARNO Avery H., M. D. 1893-1963 (A. L.)
J & S PIERSON Mason 10/4/1884-4/5/1950  
  PIERSON Louisa B. 1/13/1881-7/23/1968 (wife of M. Pierson)
  PIERSON William H. 1/9/1833-12/30/1899  
  PIERSON Helen Fratz 9/6/1849-7/31/1897 (wife of Wm. H. Pierson)
  PIERSON Eli 10/28/1872-2/20/1928  
  PIERSON Nora Dement 9/5/1871-10/25/1952 (wife of Eli Pierson)
  PIERSON James A. 11/7/1900-4/28/1959 (son of Eli & Nora)
  PIERSON James D. 3/16/1864-2/18/1924  
  PIERSON Minnie Fairchild 11/10/1873-4/14/1964 (wife of J. D. Pierson)
  PIERSON Charles 7/21/1870-3/2/1949  
  PIERSON Abram V. 6/19/1835-1/26/1892  
  PIERSON Jane Dunn 12/30/1835-3/6/1917 (wife of A. V. Pierson)
  PIERSON Eli 2/20/1799-2/21/1880  
  PIERSON Amanda Mason 10/20/1802-6/8/1883 (wife of Eli Pierson)
  PIERSON John M. 6/2/1840-7/31/1885  
  PIERSON Marcus F. 5/6/1845-5/4/1896  
  PIERSON Charles 12/10/1842-11/14/1908  
  YOST Daniel 11/15/1839-3/4/1913  
  YOST Emily A. Pierson 11/12/1838-8/24/1819 (**sic - appears to have error in dates) (wife of Daniel Yost)
  YOST Eli Pierson 2/7/1867-7/13/1901  
L & B VAUGHAN Mary L. 1881-1962  
  Vaughan John W. 1881-1956  
  Vaughan Asahel W. 8/23/1908-6/6/1967 Bronze Marker In Ground. World War II, Korea New York, U. S. Air Force Captain. American Legion Flag Holder.
  Vaughan Laura 1906-  
B & D SCOVIL Raymond S., D. D. S. 6/2/1878-11/30/1965  
  SCOVIL Isabelle J. Argersinger 11/7/1883-12/15/1966 (wife of Raymond S. Scovil)
  ARGERSINGER James P. 9/22/1834-3/11/1898  
  ARGERSINGER Asenath Mathews 4/6/1841-3/27/1874 (wife of J. P. Argersinger)
  ARGERSINGER Margaret Stewart 11/3/1852-3/21/1923 (wife of J. P. Argersinger)
  ARGERSINGER John 9/8/1876-9/2/1897 (son of J. P. & M. S. Argersinger)
  ARGERSINGER James Pierson 11/24/1878-5/19/1952 (son of J. P. & M. S. Argersinger)
  SPENCER John 6/2/1917-2/14/1920 (son of A. H. & E. A. Spencer)
  SPENCER Hosmer 3/15/1921-8/13/1928 (son of A. H. & E. A. Spencer)
  SPENCER Alanson Hosmer 1/3/1886-12/4/1964 (husband of Eleanor Argersinger)
  SPENCER Eleanore A. 1/12/1889-6/18/1977 (wife of Alanson Hosmer Spencer)
  ARGERSINGER J. P.   Large family memorial from Smith Granite Co., Westerly, Rhode Island
Q & M EVANS Carolyn Lois aged 17 ys.; died 5/29/1912 (Dau. of Richard & Caroline M. Evans)
  EVANS Charles Phillips aged 5 ys.; died 11/17/1896 (Son of Richard & Caroline Evans)
  EVANS Archie aged 6 ms.; died 1/31/1883 (Son of Richard & Caroline Evans)
  EVANS Richard aged 56 ys.; died 12/20/1908 (Father)
  EVANS Carolyn M. aged 73 ys.; died 9/29/1925 (Mother)
  EVANS Robert J. 1846-1898  
  EVANS Mary B. 1855-1940 (wife of Robert J. Evans)
  EVANS Arthur 1880-1886 (Son of Robert J. & Mary B. Evans)
  EVANS Edwin 1887-1889 (Son of Robert J. & Mary B. Evans)
  EVANS George H. 1882-1903 (Son of Robert J. & Mary B. Evans)
  EVANS Lilliam (sic) 1885-1924 (Dau. of Robert J. & Mary B. Evans)
  EVANS Robert Y. 1902-[----]  
  EVANS Paul Davies 11/2/1910-11/26/1976 (WW II Vet. U. S. Navy Art.)
  EVANS Sumner 1906-1975  
  EVANS Rosalind 10/11/1904-12/29/1904 (Dau. of Rev. R. Y. & M. L. Evans)
  EVANS Robert aged 65 ys.; died 6/15/1864  
  EVANS Lois Mary Phillips aged 85 ys.; died 12/13/1905 (wife of Robert Evans)


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