Perth Centre Cemetery
Town of Perth

Plots 7 thru 9

This information was provided by the Town of Perth Historian to Brenda Howe who transcribed and donated them to this site!

This cemetery is divided into 9 separate plots with up to 15 rows. Plot 4 is known as the McIntyre Plot and plot 8 is know as the Stewart Plot.

Plot #7 - Recorded for the fence along the county road south to the back line and from east to west.

Row #1:

McDearmid, Mary d: Sept. 23, 1842; age 37yr; d/o John & Betsy McDearmid; "Them which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him."
McDearmid, Jane d: March 6, 1859; age 47yr; d/o John & Betsy McDearmid

Stewart, Jennet d: Oct. 1, 1829; age 71yr; Native of Scotland; "The valley and the shadow before me opens wide. But thou O Lord then will be my guardian and my guide. For what is pain if thou art nigh, it is bitterness to great. And when deaths boasted victory his last complaint spell O sorrow in that hour when mortals strength, when natures agony comes on and every anguished thought spring in the breaking heart, a source of deepest woe be night unto my soul. Nor permit the floods overflow. To be to thee alone dare I raise my dying eyes, though died'st for all alone by all thy mercies richness, extend thy smiles on me and let my soul bespeak thy praise throughout eternity."


  • Peter d: Jan. 29, 1839; age 7yr, 7mo,8da; s/o hugh & Agnes Cameron
  • Grace d: June 12, 1832; age 39yr; In memory of; "Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted."
  • John d: June 16, 1826; age 81yr; Native of Perthshire, Scotland; In memory of; "The strength of life no sickness and decayed. Sudden the message came. Vain was all human aid. No word was spoke, no sigh, no groan escapes. Now life in vigor reigns. Now death his trophy makes."
  • McDonald, Isabel d: July 5, 1842; age 80yr; w/o John Cameron; In memory of

    Lefferts, Susan d: Feb. 27, 1827; age 22yr; d/o Samuel & Hannah Lefferts; In memory of

    McKinlay, John d: July 15, 1811; age 61yr; Revolutionary War Veteran.
    McKinlay, John d: Jan. 11, 1833; age 22yr; s/o John & Sarah McKinlay; "Thus early called away alas dear son. Thy morn of life scarce merging on its noon. But God knows best it is to Him alone. We must resign the truth but claimed His own.
    McKinlay, Sarah d: March 14, 1841; age 79yr; w/o John McKinlay
    McKinlay, William d: Aug. 6, 1821; age 21yr; s/o Peter & Catherine McKinlay; In memory of

    Law, David d: March 18, 1820; age 73yr; Native of Ayershire, Scotland; In memory of

    Proudfit, Mary F. d: April 30, 1818; age 1yr, 2mo, 17da; d/o Rev. R & Eliza Proudfit; In memory of

    Row #2:

    Smith, Allen b: 1864; d: 1940
    Smith, Margaret L. Joslin b: 1863; d: 1923; w/o Allen Smith
    Smith, Benjamin J. b: 1833; d: 1916
    Smith, Elizabeth Allen b: 1834; d: 1897; w/o Benjamin J. Smith

    Vander Bogart

  • Catherine d: April 19, 1846; age 16yr, 3da; d/o David & Jane E. Vander Biogart
  • Magdalene d: Aug. 9, 1839; age 86yr; w/o James Vander Bogart; "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. From henceforth ye reach the spirit high. They rest from their labours and their works do follow them."
  • James d: Oct. 1, 1837; age 90yr; "Tis but few whose days amount To threescore years and ten And all beyond that short amount Is sorrow, toil and pain."
  • McFarlan

  • Alexander b: Parish Logireal, Perthshire, North Brittain; d: June 18, 1813;age 80yr, 11mo
  • Peter B. d: Nov. 6, 1871; age 70yr
  • Grace d: March 16; 1852; age 56yr
  • Jane Duff d: April 15, 1818; age 55yr, 11mo; w/o Daniel McFarlan; Native of Athol, Perthshire, Scotland; "Jesus said unto her: I am the resurrection and the life. He that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live." John 11th chap. 25th verse.; In memory of
  • Daniel d: April 11, 1821; age 63yr; Native of Athol, Perthshire, Scotland; "And this is the record that God hath given to His eternal life and His life is in His son." In memory of
  • McLaren, Duncan b: Breadalbane, Perthshire, Scotland; d: March 23, 1805; age 52yr; "In dust we no distinction see. Such McLaren is such reader thou must be. Scarce in the grave can we allow him more. Than living we agreed to give before."

    Row #3:


  • John D. d: Feb. 10, 1890; age 76yr
  • Elizabeth d: Dec. 18, 1856; age 78yr; w/o Daniel McQueen
  • Daniel d: March 30, 1852; age 78yr
  • Mary d: March 16, 1843; age 37yr; d/o Daniel & Elizabeth McQueen; w/o David Allen; In memory of
  • David Allen d: March 25, 1843; age 40yr
  • William Allen d: April 7, 1943; age 81yr
  • Catherine M. Allen b: 1838; d: 1922
  • McIntosh

  • John b: 1761; d: 1847
  • Elizabeth b: 1780; d: 1858
  • Christie b: 1809; d: 1870
  • Jennet b: 1811; d: 1864
  • John, Jr. b: 1818; d: 1884
  • Catherine b: 1816; d: 1889
  • Elizabeth b: 1819; d: 1889
  • William d: July 31, 1828; age 5yr, 3mo, 17da;s/o Alex & Mary McIntosh
  • Malcolm d: March 6, 1826; age 9yr; s/o Alex & Mary McIntosh
  • Carr, John b: Oct. 21, 1827; d: May 13, 1833 by drowning; age 3yr, 6mo, 23da; s/o John & Mary Carr; "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of God."

    McKinlay, Mary C. b: Sept. 11, 1840; d: Nov. 25, 1840; age 10wks, 4da; d/o Robert & Catherine McKinlay; "Alas how changed that lovely flow'r Which bloomed and cheered my heart. Fair fair fleeting comfort of an hour How soon we'er called to part."

    Clark, Joseph d: May 20, 1814; age 6mo, 11da; s/o George & Mary Clark


  • Isabella d: June 8, 1848; age 21yr
  • Margaret d: July 30, 1851; age 32yr; d/o J & M Howe
  • John d: Aug. 18, 1862; age 98yr
  • Margaret d: July 16, 1867; age 76yr; w/o John Howe
  • Daniel Stewart d: Sept. 4, 1865; age 34yr
  • Nannie J. d: Sept. 15, 1868; age 23yr; w/o Alex Howe
  • Alex d: May 10, 1870; age 45yr
  • McIntosh

  • Jennet d: July 2, 1851; age 88yr
  • John d: March 1, 1813; age 83yr; Native of Scotland; "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord. "; In memory of
  • Christian d: April 15, 1820; age 82yr; w/o John McIntosh; "The memory of the just is blessed."; In memory of
  • Alexander d: April 1, 1848; age 70yr; Native of Perthshire, Scotland
  • Mary Ross d: Jan. 10, 1852; age 63yr; w/o Alex McIntosh
  • McQueen

  • Elizabeth d: Oct. 11, 1828; age 49yr; w/o James Rodgers; "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."; In memory of
  • Janet McKinlay d: Nov. 19, 1815; age 31yr; w/o Archa McQueen; In memory of
  • Archibald d: April 21, 1849; age 73yr; Native of Perthshire, Scotland
  • May Wilson d: April 5, 1829; age 44yr; w/o Archibald McQueen; In memory of
  • Ruth Ann d: Dec. 27, 1848; age 14yr, 9mo; "Dearest daughter, thou has left me Yet thy loss I deeply feel But the God that has bereft me Ha can all my sorrows heal."
  • McLaren, Christina d: March 18, 1826; age 23yr
    McLaren, Christina d: Nov. 14, 1837; age 56yr; w/o Robt. McLaren
    McLaren, Robert d: April 7, 1856; age 82yr

    Row #4:


  • Nancy d; July 12, 1841 in New York City; age 27yr' w/o Paul Stillman; "Gone but not lost." "She was ardently pious and early embraced the Bible, Sabbath and died in the Triumph of Faith."
  • Mary Ann d: Feb. 26, 1841; age 21yr; d/o Thomas & Mary Hill
  • Martha b: June 26, 1812; d: March 20, 1830; d/o Thomas & Mary Hill; In memory of
  • Rescome S. Hart b: April 20, 1803; d: Aug. 2, 1830; "Husband thy love is not forgot Affection marks the hallowed spot Where thou are laid there hope is given To meet thee yet again in Heaven."; In memory of
  • Electa d: March 2, 1832; age 24yr; w/o Rescome S. Hart; "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."; In memory of
  • Thomas d: April 19, 1850; age 66yr
  • Mary d: Nov. 17, 1864; age 77yr; w/o Thomas Hill
  • Barrett, Henry d: May 25, 1878; age 53yr, 7mo
    Barrett, Maria Nunn d: Aug. 8, 1876; age 51; w/o Henry Barrett

    McBeath & McBeth

  • Robert McBeath d: April 29, 1846; age 53yr
  • Jennett McBeath d: Jan. 12, 1864; age 64yr; w/o Robert McBeath
  • Jennett McBeth d: Sept. 11, 1850; age 22yr
  • Robert McBeth Jr. d: April 28, 1867; age 28yr
  • John McBeth d: Jan. 17, 1887; age 7yr
  • James McBeth d: May 10, 1855; age 21yr
  • Mary d: April 21, 1868; age 42yr; w/o Alex Stewart
  • Robert McBeth d: Aug. 5 1855; age 4yr; s/o Alex & Mary Stewart
  • Maggie J. d: Jan. 20, 1873; age 18yr; d/o Alex & Mary Stewart
  • Stewart, Isabel d: April 27, 1835; age 3yr, 10mo, 26da; d/o John & Elizabeth Stewart; In memory of

    Wait, Margaret d: June 7, 1853; age 24yr; w/o William Wait


  • Jennet b: April 14, 1799; d: July 6, 1845
  • Ann d: June 4, 1835; age 18yr; d/o Archibald & Isabel McFarlan; "And when the last loud trumpet Shall rend the vaulted skies And bid the entombed millions From their cold beds arise."; In memory of
  • Alexander d: Aug 13, 1831; age 37yr; s/o Archibald McFarlan; In memory of
  • Elizabeth d: March 16, 1836; age 27yr; w/o John Stewart; d/o Archibald & Isabel McFarlan; "Yea though I walk in death's dark yet will I fear none ill For thou art with me and thy rod And staff me comfort still."; In memory of
  • James b: May 1783; d: May 16, 1813
  • Robb & Rob

  • Jane Ann Robb b: May 27, 1828; d: July 15, 1852; "Be ye also ready for in such an hour As ye think not, the son of man cometh."
  • James Robb d: Aug. 19, 1858; age 82yr
  • Mary Carmichael d: Oct. 11, 1848; age 60yr; w/o James Robb
  • Patrick Rob b: Parish of Loga, Perthshire, North Britain; Native of Scotland; d: June 3, 1809; age 89yr
  • Margaret Kier d: July 28, 1832; age 82yr; w/o Patrick Rob; Native of Perthshire, Scotland; In memory of
  • Isabel Rob b: Parish of Port, Perthshire, North Britain; d: Aug. 9, 1836; age 62yr; w/o Archibald McFarlan; Native of Scotland
  • Archibald McFarlan d: Sept. 25, 1837; age 72yr
  • Row #6:

    Foster, Wm. d; April 28, 1868; age 28yr

    Robb, Fannie d: March 9, 1863; age 19yr; w/o James K. Robb

    McFarlan, Alexander d: Oct. 1, 1840; age 43yr


  • Archibald d: June 19, 1827; age 50yr; In memory of
  • Isabel d: Sept. 19, 1825; age 71yr; w/o Wm. Montieth; Native of Sterlingshire, Scotland; "Her children weep and call her blessed. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."; In memory of
  • William d: July 18, 1820; age 78yr; Native of Scotland; "O death where is thy sting. O grave where is thy victory."
  • Nancy b: Nov.18, 1793; d: Dec. 17, 1861
  • John b: Jan. 30, 1783; d: Feb. 25, 1869
  • Row #7:


  • John b: July 29, 1786; d: Dec. 29, 1852
  • Jane Maxwell b: May 15, 1792; d: Jan. 28, 1875; w/o John Major
  • William J. b: Oct. 19, 1831; d: June 20, 1851; s/o J & J Major
  • Margaret E. b: March 27, 1818; d: Jan. 13, 1889
  • Joseph K. b: 1828; d: 1900
  • Anna b: 1837; d: 1897; his wife
  • Aitken, William b: March 24, 1769 in Dunce, Berwickshire, Scotland; d: Oct. 4, 1850; In memory of
    Aitken, Helen d: Nov. 21, 1865; age 78yr; w/o Wm. Aitken

    Thompson, David d: Oct. 27, 1839; age 23yr
    Thompson, Dyer d: Nov. 14, 1881; age 88yr; In memory of
    Thompson, Ann Robertson d: July 18, 1874; age 84yr; his wife

    Brown, Hugh d: Oct. 21, 1831; age 60yr, 4mo; "There remaineth a rest for the people of God."

    Row #8:


  • John A. b: March 30, 1870; d: Jan. 27, 1943
  • Isabel R. b: April 12, 1868; d: May 5, 1948; w/o John A. Chalmers
  • Mary J. b: Sept. 25, 1857; d: Sept. 25, 1945; w/o Allen E. Morris
  • Agnes S. b: Sept. 3, 1859; d: Jan. 13, 1958
  • Margaret M. b: Nov. 24, 1865; d: Sept. 6, 1933
  • John b: June 17, 1819; d: Jan. 10, 1892; father
  • Jane Donnan b: March 3, 1825; d: Jan. 11, 1892; mother
  • Stewart

  • Daniel DD b: July 17, 1811; d: April 30, 1897 in Minneapolis, MN
  • John b: Perthshire, Scotland; d: June 2, 1864; age 89yr
  • Catherine Montieth d: Jan. 30, 1864; age 78yr
  • James d: Jan. 13, 1864; age 38yr; "Asleep in Jesus."
  • Isabella Stewart Walker d: Feb. 23, 1843 in Downers Grove, IL; age 29yr
  • Walter MD d: Aug. 23, 1863 in Natchez, MA; age 42yr
  • Catherine D. Logan b: 1833; d: 1894; w/o James Stewart'
  • Margaret Stewart Wells b: July 7, 1820; d: Nov. 17, 1867 in Johnstown, NY
  • John Jr. b: March 3, 1825; d: no date
  • Christina d: Sept. 3, 1874; age 66yr

  • Plot #8 - The Stewart plot is fenced. A small area in the middle of Plot #7.


  • Mary Eliza d: April 28, 1842; age 37yr; d/o Walter Stewart; w/o James Stewart; "Weep not for me my husband dear, I am not dead but sleeping here, In hopes that you will soon appear, When God in his mercy, just and wise, Calls home his own and makes them blest In mansions of eternal rest."
  • Thomas d: Dec. 3, 1849; age 84yr; Native of Perthshire, Scotland
  • Margaret McKinlay d: May 10, 1850; age 87yr; w/o Thomas Stewart
  • Mary E. d: Oct. 17, 1844; age 6mo; child of D & E Rodgers
  • James A. d: Jan. 11, 1848; age 2yr; child of D & E Rodgers
  • Elizabeth d: Feb. 6, 1881; age 72yr; w/o David Rodgers
  • Jennet Steweart Woodworth b: 1804; d: 1884

  • Plot #9 - Recorded from the road fence south to the back line and from east to west.

    Row #1:


  • Katharine McDearmid d: Jan. 14, 1832; age 62yr, 4da; w/o Peter McKinlay; "Them which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him."; In memory of
  • Christina b: April 23, 1798; d: April 16, 1828; age 29yr, 11mo, 23da; d/o Peter & Katharine McKinlay; "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord They rest from their labours and their works do follow them.; Scared to the memory of
  • Mary d: April 15, 1828; age 21yr, 9mo, 12da; w/o Alexander Walker; d/o Peter & Katharine McKinlay; "Them which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him."; In memory of
  • John d: Sept. 27, 1834; age 40yr; "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord"; On the back side of the stone "Be ye therefore ready also For the son of man cometh at an hour When ye think not."; In memory of
  • John E. Major d: July 15, 1859; age 34yr
  • Elizabeth b: May 10, 1802; d: Jan. 3, 1828; age 25yr, 7mo, 24da; w/o Joseph Major; d/o Peter & Katharine McKinlay; "Mark die perfect and behold the upright For the end of thy salvation O Lord."; On the back side of the stone "O that we were wise! That we understood this that we would Consider our latter end."; Memento Hori of
  • Peter d; July 25, 1848; age 92yr
  • Elizabeth McDougal d: Feb. 12, 1849; age 93yr
  • There are 2 field stones in line with the McKinlay but with no initials or dates.
  • McDonald, Jennet d: Dec. 15, 1810; age 3yr; d/o James & Christiana McDonald; In memory of

    Walker, Margaret d: Feb. 2, 1844; age 40yr; w/o Alexander Walker; d/o John & Margaret Wilson; "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

    Kennedy, James d: Nov. 21, 1822; age 73yr; In memory of

    McDonald, Allen d: Aug. 10, 1814; age 5yr; s/o James & Christiana McDonald; In memory of

    Goodemoot, Mary J. d: Dec. 6, 1851; age 35yr; w/o John Goodemoot
    Goodemoot, John J. d: March 20, 1850; age 4mo; s/o John & MJ Goodemoot

    Clark, John Heatherington d: April 6, 1855; age 5yr, 20da; s/o JM & M Clark
    Clark, Mariah d: Aug. 17, 1847; age 10mo, 11da; Child of John M. & Mary Clark
    Clark, James d: Nov. 10, 1836; age 12 hours; child of John M. & Mary Clark

    Don, Alexander d: Feb. 6, 1826; age 37yr

    Robertson, Margaret d: Aug. 10, 1862; age 92y; w/o John Robertson
    Robertson, John d: Feb. 22, 1840; age 75yr; Native of Perthshire, Scotland


  • Annie b: May 6, 1758 in Perthshire, Scotland; d: no date; w/o Robert Kennedy; Tomb of
  • Robert b: 1734 in Perthshire, Scotland; d: July 29, 1830; age 96yr; Tomb of
  • James L. d: Oct. 17, 1853 in New York City; age 22yr; Grave of
  • Julia d: Sept. 11, 1847 in New York City; age 35yr; w/o Dr. James Kennedy; Grave of
  • George d: Feb. 21, 1848 in New York City; age 6mo; Their son
  • William Duncan d: June 11, 1840 in New York City; age 7yr; s/o Dr. James & Julia Kennedy; Grave of
  • J. Kennedy MD no dates
  • Clute, Ann Elizabeth d: March 19, 1821; age 6yr, 2mo, 2da; d/o Wessel & Sarah Clute; In Memory of
    Clute, Wessel b: no date in Schenectady; d: Feb. 9, 1828 in Broadalbin; age 42yr, 8mo, 26da; "In prime of life I must step forth And try the way of all the earth Tho short my waiting I must go Death pass the toll and laid me low Here help the children I must leave And just into the short year Great judge while all thy ways are just protect my body when I am dust."

    Kennedy, Phoebe Ann d: Oct. 26, 1875; age 54yr, 3mo; "Peaceful in life and calm in death Who hears his call resigns her breath."

    Gray, Morris d: Oct. 24, 1878; age 82yr
    Gray, Azubah Newman d: Jan. 8, 1874; age 73yr; his wife

    Newman, Olive b: 1764; d: 1837; w/o Isaac Newman
    Newman, Isaac b: 1750; d: 1840; Revolutionary War Veteran

    Hutchins, Duncan F. d: Feb. 27, 1862; age 5yr, 9mo; s/o I & LA Hutchins
    Hutchins, Susan Elizabeth d: Aug. 29, 1839; age 5yr, 5mo, 12da; d/o Ichabod & Susan Hutchins
    Hutchins, Susan d: Feb. 1, 1853; age 57yr; w/o Ichabod Hutchins

    Row #2:


  • Anna d: April 18, 1832; age 26yr; d/o Daniel & Isabella Creighton
  • Daniel A. d: Jan. 5, 1851; age 43yr
  • Isabella d: Aug. 9, 1837; age 67yr, Native of Perthshire, Scotland; w/o Daniel Creighton; "Lord I heard a voice from Heaven saying, Hear me well. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. From henceforth ye reach the spirit high. They may rest from their labours and their works do follow them." "Them that sleep in Jesus will God bring with him."
  • Daniel d: Dec. 25, 1838l; age 75yr; "Threescore and ten years do end our days and years of sin. BE if by reason of our strength in same, four score they be, yet doth the strength of such old, will but grief and labour prove. For it is soon cut off and we fly hence and soon remove."; In memory of
  • Margaret b: Feb. 18. 1802; d: April 11, 1853; "How loved, how valued once, avails her not, To whom related or by whom begot. A heap of dust alone remains of thee This all thou art! And all the PROUD shall rot."
  • Fraser, John d: April 19, 1852; age 82yr

    Kennedy, Ann d: Sept. 9, 1836; age 1yr, 11mo; d/o Daniel & Jennet Kennedy
    Kennedy, Jennet d: Oct. 14, 1848; age 5yr, 5mo; d/o Daniel & Jennet Kennedy
    Kennedy, Daniel Jr. d: Oct. 14, 1848; age 2yr, 4mo, 10da; s/o Daniel & Jennet Kennedy

    Swobe, Catharine d; April 8, 1847; age 3yr, 3mo; d/o J & M Swobe

    Niven, Mary d: April 4, 1848; age 6mo, 12da; d/o Charles & Mary Niven; " He gives and when he takes away, He takes but what he gave."
    Niven, Mary Elizabeth d: April 27, 1853; age 2yr, 2mo, 4da; d/o Charles & Mary Niven; "The blessings lent us for a day As soon to be restored."

    Hutchins, Mary d: Aug. 18, 1864; age 32yrl w/o FA Hutchins
    Hutchins, Susan d: Oct. 8, 1864; age 1yr, 8mo, 8da; d/o IA & LA Hutchins
    Hutchins, Lucy Ann d: April 30, 1869; age 47yr; w/o Ichabod Hutchins

    Row 3#:


  • Isabella Cameron d: Dec. 6, 1842; age 59yr; Native of Perthsire, Scotland; w/o Daniel Robertson
  • Elizabeth d; Jan. 31, 1853; age 25yr; d/o Daniel & Isabella Robertson
  • Daniel d: Nov. 14, 1860; age 92yr; Native of Rannoch, Perthsire, Scotland
  • Grace A. d: Sept. 20, no date; w/o John Robertson; Her stone is broken, part is missing
  • McPherson, Peter d: April 2, 1841; age 30yr, 7mo
    McPherson, Catharine d: Aug. 8, 1844; age 64yr; w/o Daniel McPerson
    McPherson, Daniel d: Feb. 3, 1815; age 43yr
    McPherson, Margaret d: Aug. 10, 1844; age 38yr


  • John D. d: Nov. 24, 1863
  • Catharine d: July 12, 1866; his wife
  • Margaret d: Oct. 3, 1841; age 65yr; w/o Duncan Culbert
  • Duncan d: March 15, 1847; age 75yr
  • Catharine d: March 23, 1837; age 25yr; d/o Duncan Culbert
  • Peter d: Dec. 27, 1826; age 12yr; s/o Alexander & Isabell Culbert
  • Alexander d: March 16, 1859; age 90yr
  • Ballantine

  • Duncan d: Aug. 28, 1835; age 23yr; In memory of
  • John d: April 19, 1837; age 29yr; In memory of
  • Robert b: June 18, 1780 in Perthshire, Scotland; d: Dec. 26, 1852
  • Janet b: June 11, 1780 in Perthshire, Scotland; d: Aug. 14, 1857; his wife
  • Yager, Donald b: 1908; d: 1908; s/o Mr. & Mrs. Walter Yager; At rest

    Koch, Rudolph W. b: 1905; d: 1905

    Row #4:

    McFarlan, John d: April 9, 1813; age 40yr
    McFarlan, Jennet d: Oct. 10, 1827; age 47yr; his wife; Erected by their only remaining cone Alex McFarlan
    McFarlan, Alexander d: March 29, 1813; age 38yr; "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord."; In memory of


  • Patrick d: April 1, 1849; age 66yr; Native of Perthshire, Scotland; In memory of
  • Charity McKinlay d: March 29, 1844; age 59yr; w/o Patrick Robb; "Blessed are the dead, Thus saith the word. That die in Christ, Their living Lord."
  • Elizabeth d: Dec. 10, 1847; age 15yr; d/o Patrick & Charity McKinlay
  • Daniel d: Feb. 9, 1852; age 33yr
  • Ann d: May 24, 1854; age 31yr; w/o Peter Wells
  • McIntyre

  • Duncan d: Feb. 11, 1800; age 61yr, 11da; Native of Kenmore, Broadalhane, Perthshire, Scotland; In memory of
  • Elisabeth d: Nov. 16, 1815; age 75yr; w/o Duncan McIntyre; In memory of
  • Ann d: May 18, 1806 by drowning,; age 62yr, 1mo, 25da; w/o Daniel McIntyre Esq.; "She went in piety which shined in her, With uncommon love to all religious. Deeds and benevolence and with all a sweet, humble, virtuous disposition in all her conduct. As she lived beloved and she died deeply regrett'd." In memory of
  • Daniel b: June 17, 1733 in Kenmore, Perthshire, Scotland; d: Sunday, April 27, 1817; "The memory of the just is blessed."; In memory of
  • McLaren, Peter b: March 7, 1803 at Johnstown, Montgomery Co.; d: March 18, 1830 at New York; "In his life he was highly spiritual. His early death is deeply lamented. He yet lives in the memory of his friends. He shall go to him, But he shall not return to us." In memory of


  • Daniel d: Sept. 10, 1827 in Philadelphia; age 26yr; s/o James McIntyre & Margaret McVean, his wife; In memory of
  • Margaret d: Feb. 10, 1834; age 56yr; w/o James McIntyre; In memory of
  • James d: July 24, 1835; age 60yr; "Beloved and Respected"; In memory of
  • Stewart

  • Isabal d: Aug. 30, 1808; age 10da; d/o Daniel & Catharine Stewart; In memory of
  • Isabella d: May 14, 1849; age 100yr, 9mo; w/o Daniel Stewart
  • Donald d: June 16, 1817; age 84yr; Native of Breadalbane, Perthshire, Scotland; "Altho our fath's body lies In the cold prison of the tomb, His soul we trust above the skies In heaven has followed a happier home."; In memory of
  • Margaret d: May 15, 1826; age 15yr; d/o Daniel & Catharine Stewart
  • McIntyre

  • Daniel d: Feb. 12, 1823; age 73yr
  • Catharine d: June 15, 1833; age 72yr; w/o Daniel McIntyre
  • Malcolm d: May 4, 1866; age 60yr
  • Peter d: Nov. 27, 1831; age 72yr
  • McMartin

  • Margaret d: March 12, 1835; age 56yr, 4mo, 18da; w/o Duncan McMartin; "Left the world of sin, sorrow & afflictions, triumphing in the animaling hope of a glorious immortality"; In memory of
  • Duncan, Esq d: Oct. 3, 1837; age 61yr, 3mo; "Who departed this life triumphing in the hope of a bless'd immortality; In memory of
  • Archibald d: Oct. 29, 1836; age 25yr, 21da; In memory of
  • Catharine d: Oct. 1838; age 23yr, 4mo; d/o Duncan & Margaret McMartin; In memory of
  • Elizabeth d: Oct. 3, 1846; age 32yr; w/o TG Younglove
  • Stewart

  • William d: March 2, 1827; age 77yr, 1mo, 2da; Native of Parish of Blair Athol, Perthshire, Scotland; "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. From henceforth yea saith the spirit that They may rest their labours and Their works do follow them."; In memory of
  • Isabel d: June 1, 1834; age 82yr; w/o Wm Stewart; In memory of
  • Alexander d: Jan. 5, 1840; age 52yr, 5mo
  • No Name b: Jan. 19, 1781; d: Feb. 20, 1843; Broken stone with top missing therefore no name
  • Margaret d: Feb. 20, 1843; age 62yr, 1mo
  • John W. d: Oct. 23, 1853; age 62yr, 8mo; "My Lord hath called and I obeyed, To meet and with Him dwell, The last great debt I now have paid, And bid the world farewell."; In memory of
  • Elizabeth d: Aug. 10, 1860; age 76yr
  • Row #5:


  • Mary d: Dec. 23, 1889; age 81yr
  • Margaret d: Dec. 24, 1892; age 89yr
  • Peter d: Feb. 21, 1821; age 65yr, 8mo; Native of Aberfelde, Perthshire, Scotland; "Here lie entombed the mortal remains of
  • Catharine d: April 27, 1842; age 76yr, 5mo; Native of Kenmore, Perthshire, Scotland; His consort
  • Elizabeth d: Oct. 23, 1844; age 48yr
  • Munro, Elizabeth d: Oct. 26, 1814; age 22yr; d/o Charles & Margaret Munro; Native of Scotland

    Sowle, Mary d: Aug. 2, 1845; age 46yr; w/o Allen Sowle


  • John T. d: Feb. 12, 1834; age 64yr; "Friends nor physicians cannot save My mortal boddy from the grave Nor can the grave confine me here When Christ my savior shall appear."; In memory of
  • Rebecca d: Sept. 1 1837; age 66yr; w/o John T. Johnson; "Is this the fate that all must die. Will death no ages spare, Then let us all to Jesus fly And seek for refuge there."
  • No Name d: Oct. 22, 1861; age 51yr; Broken stone; (The 1922 recording indicates that this is the grave of Janette Keel)
  • Munro, Isabella d: Feb. 20, 1826; age 2yr, 2mo; d/o Robert & Nancy Munro

    Harris, Charlie E. d: June 28, 1861; age 8yr, 9mo, 15da; s/o Benj. & L. Harris; "Gone but not forgotten."


  • Abraham W. d: Sept. 14, 1832; age 23yr, 2mo, 6da; s/o Rebecca & John T. Johnson
  • John R. d: Nov. 14, 1828; age 16yr, 9mo; s/o Rebecca & John T. Johnson; In memory of
  • Isaac V.P. d: Jan. 14, 1837; age 30yr
  • Lauranie Walter b: Jan. 2, 1803; d: Aug. 21, 1861; w/o Isaac VP Johnson; "Boast not thyself of tomorrow for Thou knowest not what a day may bring forth."
  • Sarah S. d: Dec. 19, 1843; age 10yr, 1mo, 4da; d/o Isaac VP & Laura Johnson

  • These are gravestones that were recorded in 1922 but are now missing. Their locations are unknown.

    Creighton, Lewis d: Sept. 8, 1885; age 8mo

    Hopkins, Irving d: July 22, 1876; s/o S & L Hopkins
        (he may be in Plot #2, Row #3)

    McFarlan, Jennet d: Jan. 11, 1838; age 13yr, 2mo; d/o Alex & Elizabeth McFarlan

    Mitchell, Catherine d: Sept. 21, 1859; age 22yr

    Read, Louie d: Jan. 2, 1889; age 2; d/o EJ & CS Read

    Wood, Almira Warner b: April 30, 1810; d: April 14, 1886; w/o Isaac Wood

    These are known to be buried in the cemetery but there are no stones and their locations are unknown.

    Acker, Henry W. d: 1970

    Creighton, Mary V. d: 1922

    Daye, Annette L. d: 1953
    Daye, Robert G. d: 1957

    Gaingell, Francis d: 1925

    Lojanese, Hugo Gino d: 1953

    Maby, William no dates
    Maby, Chloe no dates

    McIntyre, John D. d: 1915
    McIntyre, Sarah d: 1925
    McIntyre, Duncan d: 1944
    McIntyre, Eleanor d: 1945
        Thought that these are in the fenced McIntyre Plot.

    McLaren, Peter d: 1932
        This may be P. McLaren in Polt #4.

    Roberts, Infant d: 1941; child of C & R Roberts
    Roberts, Elisha d: 1946
    Roberts, Stillborn d: 1946
    Roberts, Mary d: 1949
    Roberts, Christine d: 1971
        There is a Roberts monument in Plot #5 but unknown if these are buried there.

    Wheaton, Baby Girl d: 1947

    Williams, Kathleen d: 1951

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