Cemetery recordings are wonderful pieces of evidence.  They can give so much insight and clues as to extended families, maiden names, places of birth and death, etc.  It is probably why these records are so valuable and so sought after.  In Fulton County, this was acknowledged early on.  One of the earlier Fulton County Historians, Dr. R. M. Palmer, took this to heart and made several recordings in the 1940's.

Another extended effort again took place more recently, through the efforts of the current County Historian, Lewis Decker, to whom we owe so much for making these records and other information available.  It is without doubt that his work is meticulous, thorough, well documented and deeply appreciated.   It started in the late 1970's;  he and a group that became the "Fulton County Cemetery and Historical Research Project"  and the C. E. T. A. obtained a grant to accomplish this goal.  They traveled through each of Fulton's townships and went about the time consuming task of recording, cleaning and restoring cemeteries throughout Fulton County.  They verified older recordings, and you will find as you explore the cemeteries, that some stones no longer exist due to erosion or decay, but were recorder earlier.  You will also discover that through their extensive search, that they found stones not recorded earlier, those that were buried or broken were restored as best that could be:  A treasure saved.

This information was then compiled, compared to earlier recordings, proofed and edited and bounded in books.  Each town received a listing  - from the small, abandoned cemeteries to the largest cemeteries in the county.  If you have ever gone to some of these cemeteries, you can appreciate the effort, dedication and time it took to complete this project because after the grant expired, Lewis Decker, his wife and many other volunteers continued the effort.  Some of these books are also available at the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives in Fonda and also at Albany State Library in Albany.

As cemetery listings continue to be added to these pages, it cannot go on without acknowledging these great efforts and the teams that made this possible.  In the front of each book, lists the team the helped with the project, an index, a map and directions of the cemeteries and other miscellaneous information about the project.

Neighboring Saratoga County Cemeteries:
Maxwell & Potter Cemeteries - West Milton, Saratoga County

Fulton County Cemetery Listings

~ Bleecker Factory Cemetery
~ Lutheran Church Cemetery
~ Methodist Church Cemetery
~ Roman Catholic Church Cemetery
~ St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery
~ Upper Bleecker Cemetery (a. k. a. Grant Cemetery)

~ Dave Bixby's Introduction
~ Babcock Farm Cemetery, transcript by Dave Bixby
~ Babcock Farm Cemetery
~ Blair Cemetery, transcript by Dave Bixby
~ Buell Farm Cemetery, transcript by Dave Bixby
~ Clark Family Cemetery
~ Godfrey Cemetery, transcript by Dave Bixby
~ Kenyon Cemetery, transcript by Dave Bixby
~ Kenyon Cemetery
~ Mueller Road Cemetery, transcript by Dave Bixby
~ Old Newman's Hill Cemetery
~ Pixley-Simmons Burials
~ Sixth Baptist Church Cemetery, transcript by Dave Bixby
~ Stevers Mills Road Cemetery, transcript by Dave Bixby
~ Topnotch Tavern, transcript by Dave Bixby
~ Ukrainian Cemetery
~ Union Mills Cemetery
~ Union Mills Cemetery, Dave Bixby's Transcript
~ Vail Mills Cemetery
~ Village Cemetery
~ Yates Cemetery, transcript by Dave Bixby
~ Yates Cemetery (North Broadalbin)
~ Zion Hill Cemetery

~ Five Point Cemetery (a.k.a. Caroga Lake or Wheelerville Cemetery)
~ Five Point Cemetery (a.k.a. Caroga Lake or Wheelerville Cemetery)
~ Hill Family Burials
~ Newkirk's Mills
~ North Bush Cemetery
~ North Bush Road Cemetery
~ Russell-Horth Burial

~ Coppernoll Family Cemetery
~ Dempster Cemetery
~ Ephratah Rural Cemetery - new reading (2011)
~ Fical Cemetery
~ Getman, Oliver Burial Ground
~ Kring/Tillaboro Cemetery (Kringsbush) (off-site link to Herkimer NYGenWeb - lots of notes)
~ Green Street Cemetery
~ Hart Rd. Cemetery
~ Michael Cemetery
~ Peck-Watrous Cemetery
~ Polmateer Cemetery
~ Shaver Cemetery
~ Tillaboro Cemetery
~ Watrous Cemetery (a.k.a. "Unknown Cemetery")

~ Albany Bush Cemetery
~ Clip Hill Cemetery
~ Cemetery on Old Adam Frederick Farm
~ Cemetery of Old Hillabrant Farm
~ Coon School-house Cemetery
~ Fulton County Farm Cemetery
~ Johnstown Cemetery ~ Where the Dead Are Sleeping (Must read article!)
~ Keck Center Cemetery
~ Keck's Center Cemetery (off-site link to Herkimer NYGenWeb - lots of notes)
~ Kingsborough Cemetery ~ Introduction (Kingsborough/Gloversville)
~ Mc Dougal Cemetery
~ McVean Family Cemetery
~ Methodist Church Burial Grounds ~ Introduction (Gloversville)
~ Old Lutheran Church Cemetery (a.k.a. Gross Cemetery)
~ Old Quilhot Farm Cemetery
~ Peter's Cemetery
~ Prospect Hill Cemetery, partial, 1930's and 1979 recording (Gloversville)
~ Rhodes Family Cemetery (on Old Vosburgh Farm)
~ St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church Cemetery
~ Staley-Peters-Ercanbrack Cemetery
~ Yauney Family Cemetery

~ Berry Cemetery
~ Bogert Family Plot, Jackson Summit
~ Brooks Farm Cemetery, Munsonville
~ Cemetery next to Old Bettlar Place, Jackson Summit
~ Christie Cemetery
~ Dennies Hollow
~ Fonda Cemetery (1), small cemetery on Mountain Road
~ Fonda Cemetery (2), another small cemetery on Mountain Road
~ Tomantown Cemetery, cemetery disturbed in the 1930's for road work
~ Woodworth Family Cemetery

~ Abandoned, Presbyterian Cemetery (Fish House)
~ Gifford's Valley Cemetery (Northville)
~ Lewis Family Plot
~ Porter/Sweet/Warner Cemetery (Northville)

~ Brown Cemetery
~ Chatsey Cemetery
~ Clemons Cemetery
~ Crouse Family Cemetery
~ Duseler Family Cemetery
~ Frederick Baum Cemetery
~ Mill Road Cemetery
~ Mosher Cemetery
~ Thumb Cemetery
~ Youker's Bush Cemetery
~ Youker Family Cemetery

~ Banta Family Burial (a.k.a. Old Tyler Farm - #14 below)
~ Godfrey Burial Plot
~ Vrooman-McClary Burials (a.k.a. Garrick Farm - #13 below)
~ West Perth Rd Cemetery (a.k.a. Rote Farm - Van Allen Cemetery - #3 below)
~ A Large Collection of Town of Perth Cemeteries:
        Introduction and Index
        1 - Angus Farm Cemetery
        2 - Field behind Sobkowiczs
        3 - Rote Farm (a.k.a. Van Allen Cemetery)
        4 - John Seyfried Farm
        5 - Bilins Farm (a.k.a. Deming Cemetery)
        6 - Goodspeed Farm (a.k.a. M. Noonan Cemetery)
        7 - John Buchanan Farm (a.k.a. Taylor Cemetery)
        8 - Jay Buchanan Farm (a.k.a. Paupers Cemetery)
        9 - Abraham Farm (a.k.a. Fairbanks Cemetery)
        10 - F. Dopp Farm
        11 - Perth Centre Cemetery
        12 - Abeling Farm
        13 - Garrick Farm (a.k.a. Vrooman - McClay Burial)
        14 - Old Tyler Farm
        15 - Centori Tree Farm (a.k.a. Gunsolus Cemetery)
        16 - Field Stone of Mason Home (a.k.a. Lewis Cemetery)
        17 - Roger Johnson Home (a.k.a. Allen Cemetery)
        18 - Shaw Farm
        19 - Kutinskas Farm (a.k.a. Clark Cemetery)
        20 - Field South of J. Richards
        Early Moir Cemetery Notes

Sacandaga River Valley
Relocated Cemeteries of Fulton County

~ Bliss Cemetery
~ Mallett Cemetery
~ Middle Sprite Cemetery
~ Roundtop Cemetery


Listing of Other Fulton County Cemeteries - not online


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