1890 Soldiers, Sailors, Widows Census
Johnstown, Fulton county, NY

Transcribed by Joanne Murray

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Enumeration District 13
Sheet 1
122MontaneyJames N. PrivateE115 NY Inf15Aug18623Jun186521118
222O'BrienAndrew PrivateK2 NY Heavy Art  1861  1865   
32223KowesBenjamin F. TeamsterF33 Mass Inf14July186211Jun186521027
42324Utter or AuterLewisCatharine Utter or AuterPrivateH117 NY Inf  1862   X1X
52728StollerJohn H. PrivateB13 Wis Inf11Sept186126Dec18643319
62930VanantwerpPeter PrivateH134 NY Inf26Aug186210Jun186521015
74347MaherJohn H.Christine MaherPrivateD93 NY Inf         
85968HarringtonJohn H. PrivateB61 NY Inf         
96069DenmarkAmenzoHenrietta A.PrivateF49 NY Inf8Aug1861      
108293MabeyEdward PrivateC121 NY Inf27Aug18626July186521010
1190102SuitsRichard C. PrivateD153 NY Inf16Aug186116Oct186542X
12103117ChenowethEdwardLouisaPrivate    1862      

1West Monrow, Oswego Co., NYShot left leg  
2Gloversville, Fulton Co., NYShot back of head and sideRe enlisted veteran 
3Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYChronic diarea, pyles, rupture  
4Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY Died before entering army 
5Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYChronic diareaRe enlisted veteran 
6Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY   
7Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY Killed in battleJohn Maher, alias John Masters enlisted as John Masters 4 Dec 1861, age 29, in Co. D, 93 NY Inf. Re enlisted 19 Dec 1863. Wounded 10 May 1864 Laurel Hill, VA. Killed 2 Apr 1865 at Petersburg, VA. Widow, Christine Maher, applied for pension 26 June 1865.
8Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYHurt spine of back John J. Harrington enlisted 22 Aug 1861, age 23. Received disability discharge 16 May 1863 in Fort Columbus, NY Harbor.
9Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY Killed in battleAmenzo Denmark - Killed 6 May 1864 in Wilderness, VA
10Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYChronic diareaExchanged from 132 to 121 regiment 
11Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY   
12Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY Confederate soldier killed in battle 

Enumeration District 13
Sheet 2
13120137ScottArthur Y. PrivateK77 NY Inf13Oct18617July18653825
14120137ScottGeorge A. PrivateK77 NY Inf13Oct18617July18653825
15169199LingenfelterSidney D. CaptainD115 NY Inf26Aug1862 Nov186423 
16172203VanalstineJohn J. PrivateI192 NY Inf24Mar186528Aug1865X44
17182223StaringH. WilliamMargaret HansonPrivateI97 NY Inf12Oct18612Dec1862121
18183225BarrettWilliamMary BarrettPrivateH91 NY Inf  1864  1865   
19224277HarringtonHenry PrivateH148 NY Inf27Aug186231May1865294
20237295SandersonWilliam PrivateG147 NY Inf29Aug186216May18641820
21235293StokesHenry C. CorporalB10 NY Inf22Aug186430Jun1865X119
22249315FrickeyT. HenryHelena FrickeyPrivate           
23259332MurphyJohn CorporalD153 NY Inf6Sept18622Oct18653X26
24260234NoonanPeterMaria[?] HagdalanPrivateD153 NY Inf30Aug18622Oct1865313
25267342MooreH. CharlesCatharine MooreCorporalD153 NY Inf6Sept18622Oct18653X26
26252319ChristmanLawrence PrivateE77 NY Inf18Mar186217Mar186521130

13Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYBloating kidney complaint and sickley diseases [apemion]?Re enlisted veteran 
14Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYTumor left leg, ruptureRe enlisted veteran 
15Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYVertigo cause sun strokeDischarge papers at Washington. Discharge surgeon certificate 
16Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYVaracowse veinsDischarge surgeon certificate 
17Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYHeart disease  
18Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYChronic diarea  
19Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYChronic diarea  
20Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYChronic diarea, scalp wound  
21Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYCrippled  
22Bath on Hudson, Vanranseler Co., NY Soldiers Home Bath on HudsonHenry ""Fricke"" enlisted 28 Oct 1861, age 37, Pvt. Co. K, 1st NY Light Art. Mustered out 20 June 1865 at Elmira, NY
23Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYShot in back by spent ball  
24Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYWounded in shoulder Pension index for Peter Noonan, Co. D, 153 NY Inf - Widow, Magdalin Noonan
25Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYChronic diarea  
26Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYRehumatism heart disease, Malaria Fever  

Enumeration District 13
Sheet 3
27293377VannostrandI. Kasson PrivateB2 NY Vet Cav7Sept186424Aug1865 1117
28269345BeasleyRobertMary A. BeasleyPrivate           
29277355KeckJeremiah PrivateC77 NY Inf24Feb186226Dec1862 930
30289373PierceFrankElizabeth PiercePrivateD153 NY Inf3Jan18644Jun1865 51
31231287StollerWilliam PrivateD153 NY Inf6Sept186229Nov1865   
32233290KesterFrank J. MusicianK16 NY InfUnited States Mistake        
       K2 NY Inf6Oct186621Apr1869   
33388445MeserveJohn B. Second LieutenantK104 NY Inf12Dec186124Feb1863123
34348456ChawgoEli PrivateK142 NY Inf5Sept186427Jun1865X821
35368480FarlThomas CorporalD153 NY Inf6Sept186231Mar18652624
36347455BuchananJohn J. CaptainD153 NY Inf8Sept18622Oct18653X26
37442565MarcelesCharles N. Second LieutenantK115 NY Inf8Aug186213Jun18652106
38459589ShaulJohn D.Bessey S. ShaulLieutenant ColonelCommisioned76 NY Inf4Oct18611Dec18621127
39446573LorenzeHippolite Sergent ColorB39 NY Inf Sept1861  18632XX
40478612[This line is crossed out] Mary Seeley            

27Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY   
28Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY Cannot find papersRobert Beasley enlisted 31 Dec 1863, age 40, as Pvt. Co. U, 14 NY HA. Transferred 10 May 1864 to Co. L, 6th NY HA. Transferred 27 June 1865 from Co. L. to Co. F. Transferred 20 July 1865 14th NY HA. Mustered out 24 Aug 1865 at Washington, DC. Widow, Mary S. applied for pension 26 June 1880.
29Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYDischarged surgeon certificate. Fever [degralet...s]?Record show in Washington enlisted in 61 
30Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY   
31Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY Discharged for disability 
32Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY   
33Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYDeafness in right ear. Injury to elbow  
34Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYHeart and spinal disease. Shot in side thigh and hand  
35Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYRhumatism. Wounded right wrist  
36Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYThroat and eyes  
37Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY[Chatas]? Settled stomach bladder  
38Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYLiver and kidney diseaseDischarged disability surgeon certificateWidow applied for pension 3 Aug 1885 from NY
39Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYShot in kneeDischarged surgeons certificate disabledPension file under: Lorentz, Hippolyte, Co. F, 39 NY Inf. Widow: Caroline Lorentz

Enumeration District 13
Sheet 4
41412532HolmanPaschal Sergent Color""142""142 NY Inf Aug1864 Jun1865 11 
42478612SeeleyFrankMary Seeley1st SergtE77 NY Inf27Sept186113Dec1864   
43484618VandeusenWilliamCatharine [Farrches or Fawches]?Private           
44199247FrankJohn PrivateJ20 USCT Inf14Dec18637Oct18651924
add 45328424JonesWilliam             
add 463738RinehartEmery             
add 473637WandsWm.             

41Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYDeaf left ear Pension file under: Holman, Pascal P., Served in Co. K, 142 NY Inf., applied 28 June 1880. Widow: Hariet Holman
42Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYContracted consumptionDied of disease 
43Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY Lost papers. Record in Washington 
44Johnstown, Fulton Co., NYChronic rheumatism. Varacose veins. Chronic diarhea  
add 45167 East State St., Johnstown   
add 46246 So. Market, Johnstown   
add 47Johnstown   

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