Kingsboro Ave Presbyterian Church
Membership Roll

Gloversville, NY

Rev. Edward Waite Miller, DD Past.

The following is part of pamphlet entitle "Historical manual of the Kingsborough Ave. Presbyterian Church, Gloversville, N.Y." and can be found at the New York Public Library, 5th Avenue & 42 Street in Manhattan.

This was transcribed by  Lori Mosher.  Thank you Lori!  Lori is researching the Mosher surname  from the Oppenheim area.   If you share an interest in the Mosher surname, she would like to hear from you!


Listing of all previous pastors.

Pastor, Year(s) Service
John Linsley, 1797-1799
Elisha Yale, 1804-1852
Edward Wall, 1853-1862
William Bannard, 1863-1869
George Harkness, 1869-1877
John C. Boyd, 1878-1883
Isaac O. Rankin, 1883-1892
George L. McClelland, 1892-1898
Frederick W. Johnson, 1898-1900
Henrey W. Tolson, 1900-1912
W. Fracis Berger, 1912-1915
James J. Hoffman, 1916-1912
Edward W. Miller, 1922-present (1930)


Church Membership Roll

Mrs. Ada Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Adams
Mrs. Edward Alfrey
Mr. Clyde E. Albro
Inez Allen
Charles O. Birdsall
Amelia Birdsall
Clara Birdsall
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brooker
Russell Brooker
Mr. and Mrs. Burt L. Brown
Harris Brown Charles
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin E. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin E. Brown, Jr.
Mrs. Layton S. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Burr
Mrs. William J. Buhannan
Mr. and Mrs. Burton Baus
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Brownell
Hattie Beyers
Marian Banker
Mrs. Lucinda Bowers
Mrs. Ruth Shoop Brown
Mrs. Enos H. Cole
Mr. Alexander Crounse
Mrs. Ralph Collins
Mrs. Anna Chase
Mrs. Marian Potter Coates
Mrs. Marguerite Gillen Cuff
Mrs. Clifford Carpenter
Mrs. Idella T. Chatterton
Mr. and Mrs. Ira E. Deyerle
Mrs. Beatrice Lawton Dutcher
Mrs. Ruth Lawton Daget
Mrs. Harry Empie
Rosa A. Eubener
Mr. Fred Evans
Mrs. Charles Eglin
Marian E. Eglin
Marguerite Eglin
Edith Shepherd Edmunds
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Foster
Minnie Foster
Mrs. Edward W. Fiske
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ferguson
Mrs. William D. Gregory
Miss Emily Gillette
Mrs. Conrad H. Gillen
Mrs. George M. Goodamote
Mrs. Clarence Gillette
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Gray
Marion Gray
Emily Gray
John Gattie
Mrs. Alice Johnston Gausle
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Havens
Mary C. Hagadorn
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Halloway
Lenis Halloway
Mrs. Edith Loeben Huff
Marion Claire Huff
Florence Barbara Huff
Mrs. Charles Hemstreet
Arthur Hemstreet
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Garfield Horton
Mrs. Elizabeth Hall
Mrs. Elizabeth Hall
Mrs. Helen Hudson
Mrs. Phoebe Husemen
Harry Hodder
Mrs. Bertha Chapin Hammer
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Maxwell Hammer
Mrs. Anna Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Knack
Mrs. Anna Knapp
Peter Knapp
Anna E. Knapp
Mrs. Georgia M. Kathan
Mr. and Mrs. Lansing Loucks
marguerite Loeben
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Lettis
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Loveday
Mr. James Lawton
Daniel Lawton
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence La Rowe
Mrs. Laura McGregor
Mrs. Edward W. Miller
Adalaide Mead
Bessie Mead
Mrs. James Noonan
Mr. and Mrs. William J. O'Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Harold O'Donnell
Mrs. Tallmadge L. Parsons
Jennie Parsons
Elizabeth M. Parsons
Margaret K. Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. McGregor Parsons
Norma Parsons
Mrs. Margaret Patten
Mrs. Paul Quick
Mrs. Frank Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rosselle
William Trevit Rosselle
Mrs. Rosa O'Donnell Richardson
Mr. James. C. Stewart
Mrs. Marian Potter Shanahan
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Selmser
Reynolds W. Selmser
Everett S. Selmser
Mrs. Edward Skaine
MR. and Mrs. Frank L. Steele
Verne L. Steele
Florence Steele
Mrs. Lillian Foster Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Shepherd
Marjorie Baker Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Shaver
Mrs. Thelma Bennett Schermerhorn
Mr. and Mrs. Alden H. Serviss
George Shoop
Mr. and Mrs. Fay Smith
Earl W. Smith
Alton R. Smith
Mrs. Ida H. Streeter
Lucius Streeter
Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Swart
Feula Elizabeth Swart
Carl D. Swart
Mrs. Stella M. C. Saladin
Edward I. Saladin
Marion A. Saladin
Earl Thomas
Mrs. Frank Tiedeman
Howard Tiedeman
Mrs. Stephen Vickery
Mrs. Joseph E. Vander Veer
Ellsworth S. Vander Veer
Mrs. Esther Ann Wicks
Mrs. Henry Wells
Mrs. George Wooster
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Williamson
Mrs. R. D. Winsman
Mrs. Norman Williams
Mrs. Frances a. Wibert
Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Wilson

This is substantially the Roll as last reported to Presbytery. There is also a Reserved Roll, on which are the names of those who have been a long time away from the city or have definitely fallen out of our fellowship.


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