MARRIAGES, Miscelleanous years 1842-1857
Alphabetical by Groom's Name


The following records were generously contributed by James F. Morrison.
They were transcribed for this site by Peggy Menear.


Date Married By Groom/Residence Bride/Residence
19 Oct 1852 Rev. J. C. Van Liew Baker, David Getman, Rachel
15 May 1851 Rev. J. C. Van Liew Beck, Casper Reid, Margaret
13 Dec 1852 Rev. J. C. Van Liew Bernap, Perlia H., M. D. Nellis, Margaretta E.
1 Feb 1843 Rev. I. Robb Caldwell, James, son of James, Ephratah -[see note at bottom] Veeder, Amanda, dau. of Harmanus Veeder, Mohawk
24 Dec 1857 I. P. Westewelt * Caldwell, James Snell, Sarah, dau. of Edward Snell
5 Sep 1848 Charles Jukes Davis, George Beck, Catherine
24 Sep 1846 Charles Jukes Edwards, Christian Y. Hutcheson, Leah
12 Aug 1848 Charles Jukes Empie, John F. Van Vost, Ellen M.
1 Jan 1846 Charles Jukes Everson, Levi Shults, Bebsy (Betsy?)
1 Nov 1853 Rev. J. C. Van Liew Fox, Rollin C. Nellis, Catherine M.
26 Sep 1844 Charles Jukes Fox, Seth Getman, Catherine A.
21 May 1842 Rev. I. Robb Getman, Joshua Lampman, Catharine, of St. Johnsville
17 Jul 1845 Charles Jukes Grey, Ambrous Rickard, Catherine
17 Jul 1848 Charles Jukes Grey, John Bradt, Jane (Both of Ephratah)
4 Jun 1843 Rev. I. Robb Hart, Henry, of St. Johnsville More, Ann Maria, Ephratah
12 Mar 1845 Charles Jukes Jukes, Thomas Yauney, Mary
12 Jul 1843 Rev. I. Robb Kingkade, Andrew Van Dusen, Eliza (Only dau. of Barnabas Van Dusen, Swegatche, Montgomery Co., NY)
20 Aug 1842 Rev. I. Robb Lamey, William Hancy, Mary (Third dau. Of Michael Hancy, Schenctady)
28 Dec 1854 Rev. J. C. Van Liew Lighthall, Hiram Empie, Mary Margaret
4 Aug 1842 Rev. I. Robb Monteith, James, Michigan Livingston, Harriet (Second dau. of Henry Livingston, Ephratah)
17 Jul 1848 Charles Jukes Nellis, Robert C., of Palatine Bradt, Lydia Marie, Ephratah
31 Dec 1857 I. P. Westewelt * Newkirk, Alexander Y. Empie, Mary Louisa
26 Jun 1856 Rev J. C. Van Liew Owens, Isaac Edwards, Ellen M.
1 Nov 1842 Rev. I. Robb Putman, Cornelius, son of Peter Putman Smith, Margaret, dau. of Frederick Smith, Ephratah
2 Oct 1845 Charles Jukes Putman, Stephen Everson, Elizea
1 Feb. 1843 Rev. I. Robb Shepherd, William G. [see note at bottom] Veeder, Caroline (Sixth dau of Harmonus Vedder, Mohawk)
27 May 1843 Rev. I. Robb Souls, Henry H. Caldwell, Caroline (Eldest dau. of Paul Caldwell, Ephratah)
19 Dec 1844 Charles Jukes Wade, Mortimer Van Vost, Sarah A.
26 Jan 1842 Rev. I. Robb Wilds, Elija of Ft. Plain Bradt, Sally (dau. of Anthony J. Bradt, Ephratah)
9 Apr 1856 Rev. J. C. Van Liew Yauney, David Williamson, Licena
6 Feb 1853 Rev. J. C. Van Liew Youngs, John Jr. Van Loan, Elizabeth

Note:  The marriages of James Cadwell to Amanda Veeder and that of William G. Shepard to Caroline Veeder are recorded February 1, 1843, as taken place in Johnstown, at the same time and place.  

* = Manual of Reformed Church in America 1902:
Westervelt, John P.,  born at Paramus, N.J. Nov. 7, 1816 (R. C. 1837) (Johnstown and Mayfield, Independent 1845-55); Presbyterian, S. S. at Ephratah, 1858-9, Died Jan, 15, 1879.


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