Ephratah Reformed Dutch Church
Deaths, 1886-1889


A copy of these transcriptions can found at the Montgomery Department of History & Archives in Fonda.  They are extracted from Ephratah's Reformed Dutch Church records,  pages 54-57.  This was transcribed for the Fulton County GenWeb site by Johannah (Baum) Adams.

Recorded from Ephratah Reformed Dutch Church
Organized July 2, 1832

Record of Deaths kept by Rev. Wm. W. Whitney

Mrs. Julian Nellis, born Feb. 1820, died March 1886
Aged 65 yrs. 8 mo. 14 days.

Mrs. Lovantha Smith, born July 21, 1854, died Feb. 21, 1886
Aged 31 yrs. 6 mo. 12 days. (wife of Stephen).

Mrs. Laney A. Frederick, born July, 1842, died March 13, 1886.   $300.
Aged 43 yrs. 8 months. Died happy.

Mr. Joseph C. Caldwell, born Oct. 28, 1825, died Mar. 20, 1886   $200.
Aged 60 yrs., 7 mos., 20 days.

Edna, infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ring, died April 9, 1886   $300.
Aged 10 mo. & 10 days.

Mr. Joseph Hedding, born Dec. 10, 1848, died April 14, 1886
Aged 38 yrs. 4 mo. 4 days.

Mr. Frederick Dockstater, born April 1, 1809 (a christian) died April 17, 1886
Aged 77 yr. and 16 days.

Miss Emily Edwards, daughter of Mr. Frank Edwards, died May 9, 1886 $300.
Aged 2 yrs and seven months

Mrs. Mary Spoonable (widow) died May 30, funeral at the R. C. June 2, 1886 $300.
Aged 73 years. A church member for a long no. years.

Mrs. Eliza Wock, born Oct. 4, 1827, died June 7, 1886
Aged 59 yrs.
Sister W. was for 38 years an efficient member of the Reformed Church doing good service for the master. Her sickness was very painful and the last months her suffering was great but she triumphed through grace (a cancer was the cause of death).

James W. Duesler, infant son of J. W. Duseler, died Sept. 21, 1886
Aged 9 mo. & 3 days.

Benjamin Beck, died Dec. 26th 1886  $300.
Aged 84 yrs. & 4 mo. & 7 days.
A member of the Lutheran Church Stone Arabia, a good Christian

Peter J. Smith, born Dec. 8, 1801, died Feb. 24, 1887
Aged 85 yrs. & 1 mo. & 26 days.
Was blind 13 years, a good man has gone.

John L. Brower, died March 10, 1887
Aged 72 yrs.
Funeral at R. Church on Sunday, Mar. 13, 1887. Large Attendance.

Mrs. Nancy Gray, was Stenerburgh before marriage, died Apr. 29, (1887)
Aged 72 years;
with her Granddaughter was buried on the hill back from the creek near her Brothers house (a sad funeral).

Mrs. Adam Loucks, died April 30, 1887   $1.00
Aged 20 yrs. 11 months & (18? 10? 19?) days.
Leaves 2 little children & husband to mourn her loss.

Mrs. Lydia Van Allen, born Jan. 10, 1803, died May 10, 1887
Aged 83 years & 4 months. (Died in peace).

Mr. Jost W. Snell, died May 19, 1887,   Rec. $10. fees
Aged 81 years, 1 month, 16 days.
His funeral was held at his house in P. on Sabbath afternoon, nearly 600 people present to look for the last time on his honored face. (All unite in saying that a good Christian man has gone blessed in his memory).

Mr. Archibald Ahler, died Oct. , 1887 at Johnstown
Aged --- years ---months and --- days.
Funeral at the residence of his daughter Mrs. Shulty. Father buried on the old homestead.

Mr. Rensselar A. Getman, died Oct. 25, 1887,   Fee $5.00
Aged 48 years.
For 32 years he was an invalid 16 years confined to the bed or chair & the last 2 years unable to use his hands. A great sufferer yet quite patient and trustful and past to his rest in holy triumph on the morn. of Oct. 25. Was buried near the home beside his 2 brothers & father & mother.

Mrs. Orville Hall, (daughter of Daniel Morey), died Nov. 5, 1887
Aged 18 years.
She had been married only about 8 weeks. She had T. Fever. But died in great peace. The Funeral was attended on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at the house by a large number of friends. Sermon from text Be You also ready.

Little Miss Maggie, youngest daughter of James & Ida Jucks, died December 23, 1887.
Aged 7 years and one month and 12 days
With Diptheria - sick three days, then taken home to her mansion in heaven.

Miss Maggie Gray, youngest daughter of Widow Gray, died Dec. 27, 1887.
Aged 13 years
With the Diptheria. She too was sick only 3 or 4 days and then strangled to death. A lovely & promising girl.

Mr. Clark Phillips near Keck School House, died Dec. 29, 1887.
Aged 33.
Had been sick sometime. Yet did not leave very bright hopes of peace with God.

Elderst son of Phillips at Sammonsville.
Burnt to death Jan. 2, 1888 in their house together with every thing they had.
Aged about 9 years.

Alferd [sic] Gray, infant child    $5.00
Aged about 5 weeks.
Large funeral.

Mr. Filander Anderson died March 24, 1888. Funeral Mar. 25 at Church 1 P.M.
Aged about 78 years
Left a wife with whom he lived 58 years. No children, death sudden. Not a christian by profession.

Ex Elder James Yanney died April 30, 1888
Aged 87 years, months and days. [sic]
He had been some 2 years quite feeble, But Still took great interest in the Church, & gave it liberal Support. But he has gone, a Good Neighbour, a loving Father, and earnest Christian worker, gone to his reward, which we trust is a Crown of Life - His Funeral May 2, at 2 P.M. in the Church, largely attended, Text Rev. 14:5. Whitney.

Joshua Getman died May 7, 1888
Aged .. years and months.
Heart trouble. Past suddenly. Funeral at the Church, with a large gathering.

David Yanney, son of Persis Yanney died May 16, 1888. (of Consumption after about a year of Sickness).
Aged 17 years and 6 months.
His Funeral at the house on the 19th with a large attendance. We think he died happy in the Lord, (at Rest).

Miss Maggie Christman, youngest daughter of Geo. Christman died May 28, 1888   $5.00
Aged 6 years and 6 days
After 4 or 5 days & nights of great suffering. She past sweetly away to her eternal rest. Funeral Thursday May 31 - a large attendance.

Mrs. Margaret Young, daughter of Mr. Martin, Died June 22, 1888.
Aged 39 years 5 months and 21 days.
Left a husband and one son 20 years old. She was a member of the Lutheran Church, Johnstown. Died in great peace. Rev. Whitney preached from 2d Timothey 4-7-8. Large attendance.

Mrs. Ellernor Berry died July 13, 1888 Fee $5.00
Aged 46 years and 5 months & 2 days.
Funeral Sunday, July 15 at the house, a very large Attendance of Friends and Neighbors. We hope She is at rest. Rev. Whitney & Beaudory Officiated. Test Isa 1:18.

Mrs. Nancey Frederick, wife of Geo. Frederick, died Dec. 20, 1888
Aged 59 years.
Funeral at the Ref: Church, Sunday Dec. 23/88.

Mr. John Van Alystine died Jan. 3, 1889
Aged 80 years, 1 month & 6 days.
He having been born Nov. 23, 1808. Never made a profession.

Mrs. Mary Alice Empie, wife of Ja Empie died at Fort Plain, N.Y., Feb. 24, 1889.
Aged 37 years and 5 months.
After some eight days of great bodily suffering. She is we trust entered into rest. Her Funeral was held at the Reformed Church of Ephratah in the presence of her many Friends & relatives. Near five hundred present, the Rev. Wm. Whitney preached from Eccl. 7 - part of 14 verse, And we laid her our Country. Blessed be her memory.


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