Ephratah Dutch Reformed Church
Marriages, 1886- 1895


The following were kindly submitted by James F. Morrison, from his personal collection. They were transcribed by one of our newer volunteeers, Melanie Carbin. Thank you both!!


Married by Rev. Wm. W. Whitney:

1886 Apr. 7 Frank Brookins
Katie Loockinger
Pine Lake, NY
Pine Lake, NY
Wm. Hograver
1886 June 27 Levi Cramer
Libbie Youker
Ephratah, NY
Ephratah, NY
Levi Yanney
Lucey Hanney (?)
1886 Sept. 4 Thomas O Neil
Helen E. Vosburgh
Johnstown, NY
Ephratah, NY
Samuel Vosburgh
Mrs. S. Vosburgh
1886 Oct. 31 Elbridge Nellis
Melleta Fox
Palatine, NY
Palatine, NY
H. R. Whitney
H. L. Whitney
1886 Nov. 3 Melvin Shults
Maud Nellis
Palatine, NY
St. Johnsville, NY
Wm. Nellis &
presence of family
1886 Nov. 3 Chas. Gray
Mary M. Lence
Ephratah, NY
Ephratah, NY
H. R. Whitney
Wm. Houck
Nov. 18
David E. Dornburgh
Lizzie E. Steenburgh
Palatine, NY
Palatine, NY
Henry Prim (?)
Mrs. D. Getman
Dell Marshall
1887 Nov. 27 Samuel Miller
Jane A. Van Alstine
Johnstown, NY
H. R. Whitney
H. L. Whitney
Mar. 9
James W. Martin
Katie Becker
Sammonsville, NY
Nathan Baum &
the family
Jennie Baum
1888 Sept. 12 Edward Frederick - 22 yrs.
Mary Abel - 28 yrs.
Johnstown, NY
Johnstown, NY
H. R. Whitney
W. W. Whitney
1888 Sept. 26 Berton Walts - 21 yrs.

Ella Doxtader - 18 yrs.
Ephratah, NY
John Coolman
Emma Russ
Geo. Doxtader
Della Doxtader
1888 Oct. 24 John Saltsman - 28 yrs.
Ida Saltsman - 22 yrs.
Stone Arabia, NY
Ephratah, NY
Fernando Walrath
May Seeber
1888 Nov. 4 Erbin Palmateer - 21 yrs.
Maggie Jackson - 22 yrs.
Ephratah, NY
Johnstown, NY
H. R. Whitney
Hattie Whitney
1888 Dec. 19 Fox Sponable - 20 yrs.
Clara Empie - 19 yrs.
St. Johnsville, NY
Ephratah, NY
Chas. Saltsman
Mary C. Klock
1889 Jan. 1 Jefferson Palmateer - 25 yrs.
Carrie D. Frederick - 18 yrs.
Ephratah, NY
Johnstown, NY
H. V. Berry, Esq.
Norman Getman
1889 Jan. 11 Thaxter D. Veeder - 25 yrs.
Phoebe E. Becker - 23 yrs.
Johnstown, NY
Stone Arabia, NY
Statira Caldwell
Harriett Whitney


Marriages by P. F. Wilson:

1892 Jan. 31 Augustus C. Sakell
Francis Spoor
Ephratah, NY
1892 Mar. 6 Mysen Fredericks
Ella Wood
Ephratah, NY
1892 June 29 Earl Vosruire (Fosmire?)
Maggie A. Duesler
Ephratah, NY
1892 Oct. 9 George Lowther
Bertha J. Myres
West Saugarties, NY
1892 Dec. 29 James H. Souls
May M. Scott
Ephratah, NY
1893 Jan. 7 Reuben Smith
Maggie B. Duesler
Ephratah, NY
1893 July 5 Hiram A. Smith
Lizzy Shults
Ephratah, NY
1893 July 20 Arthur E. Johnson
Katie Shaver
Ephratah, NY
1893 Sept. 9 David V. Volkenburg
Addie May Steenburg
Ephratah, NY
1893 Sept. 27 John Bartlett
Elmira Fisher
Ephratah, NY
1893 Oct. 25 Matthew Edward Murdock
Libbie Ella Christman

Ephratah, NY
1893 Nov. 5 Stephen Whitlock
Agnes M. Thompson
Ephratah, NY
1894 Jan. 1 Edward Martin
Howard Edick (?)
Ephratah, NY
1894 July 22
Jesse Senn
Nancy M. Phillips
Kecks Center
1894 Sept. 26 Frederick Smith
Vina Whitlock
Ephratah, NY
1894 Oct. 10 Sepha L. Christman
Maggie Spoor
Ephratah, NY
1894 Nov. [  ] Charles H. Duesler
Rosetta Chatterton
Ephratah, NY
1895 Apr. 21 Burton Cool
Jane Mosher
Stratford, NY
Bleeker, NY
1895 May 27 Harry V. Berry
Alida Nellis
Ephratah, NY
1895 Aug. 25 Peter Palmateer
Jennie M. Stearm
1895 Sept. 25 Harvey Putman
Mary E. Duesler
Johnstown, NY
Ephratah, NY
1895 Nov. 13 Eugene Gray
Eva M. Wert
Ephratah, NY
1895 Dec. 12 George H. Roblin
Mary C. Yanny
Rochester, NY
Ephratah, NY


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