Ephratah Reformed Dutch Church
Church Roll


Organized July 2, 1832, incorporated April 14, 1851.



The following records were kindly donated by James F. Morrison from his personal collection.  
They were transcribed by our Asst. Coordinator, Peggy Stadtmiller.  Many thanks to both!

1842 Church Roll of Families in the
(by District)


26 April,  1st District    Elder: Christopher Suts

Fam. Adults Children # Total
1  M
    M. L.
Christopher Suts
Nancy Suts
Catherine Suts
Oliver, John, Hellen, Maria, Elizabeth, Richard, Ruffus, Levi, Mary, Catherine, Amelia 12
2  1M Elizabeth Saltsman   1
3 Jesse Fox
Elizabeth Fox
Children: Andrew, Ann, Catherine, Mary 6
4 Jacob Loucks
Maria Loucks
Maria Souls
Children: Nancy, David 5
5 John G. Getman
Elizabeth Getman
Children: Catherine, Delia, Phileese, William 6
6 Stephen Shults
Catherine Shults
7 Joseph Kilts
Elizabeth Kilts
Jerome Kilts
8 Mrs. Scram   1
9 John Empie
Nancy Empie
Children: Aeron, Margaret, Urias, David, Catherine, Betsey Ann  
10 Van Ransaeler Scouton
Sarah Scouton
11 Adam I. Gray
Mary Gray
12 Lewis Rickard
Catherine Rickard
Adam Shults
Children: Magdalene, Catherine 5
13 Josiah Williamson
Eliza Williamson
Children: Licena, Ann Elizabeth, George, Henry 5
14 Jacob Getman   1
15 Andrew Getman
Sarah Getman
Children: Josiah, George, Jacob, Ransaeler 6
16 Richard Getman
Mary Getman
Children (?)[sic]  
17 Henry Williamson
Mary Williamson
18 Joseph Getman
Delia Getman
19 Jacob Young
Eve Young
20 Stephen Young
Mary Young
Children (?)  


Adam Getman
Mary Getman
Children: Joshua, Nathaniel, Catherine 3
22 Nancy Getman Children: Nathan, Betssey, Margt.  
23 Frederick Empie
Charlotte Empie
Children; Ann Maria Lovejoy, Catherine Empie, Mary Ann, John, Eli, Charlotta, Jane  
24 John Beck
Eve Beck
Children; Christopher 3
25 Christopher Getman
Mary Getman
Children; William 3
26 Benjamin Getman
Mary Getman
Children: Washington, Chauncey, Jane, Delia, Rachel, Catharine, Oliver, William, Asa, Crawford, Mary Ann.  


1842  2nd District   Elder: Peter Putman

Fam. Adults Children # Total
1 Mary Putman
Hellan Putman
Cornelius, Stephen, Joseph 5
2 George Putman
Harriet Putman
3 Moses Suts
Elizabeth Suts
Catharine, Eleazer 4
4 Hiram Suts
Margaret Suts
Edward, Amelia 4
5 Josiah Rickard
Catherine Rickard
Hanson, John 4
6 Adam R. Coppernool
Mary Coppernool
Jacob Coppernool
Amelia Coppernool
Mary Margaret 5
7 Hiram Christman
Catharine Christman
Leander 3
8 Jacob I. Christman
Mary Christman
James C., Anthony, Jacob, Hellen Maria 6
9 George Coopernool
Margaret Coopernool
10 Charles Whitlock
Elizabeth Whitlock
Mary, Margaret, Martha 5
11 Adam Staley
Sally Staley
Mary M., Joseph, Abraham, Elvia, Leander 7
12 Frederick F. Empie
M. L. Christiana Rud
Margaret Ann, Catharine, Charles, DeWitt 6
13 Jacob P. Frederick
Mary Frederick
Eve Frederick
Nancy, Elizabeth, Peter, Nelson, Philip, Margt., Catharine 10
14 Peter Lasher
Catharine Lasher
Eli, Jane, Ann, (William [x] Marvin), John 7
15 Widow Lasher
Elizabeth Lasher
Catharine, H. Boy Abraham 4
16 Ezra Getman
Christina Getman
17 Philip G. Miller
Catharine Miller
Elizabeth Nellis
Nancy Catharine 4
18 Giles Miller
Elizabeth Miller
19 Peter G. Miller
Catharine Miller
Eliza, Christine, Julia Ann, Mary, Elizabeth, Giles 8
20 Conran (?) W. Empie
Elizabeth Empie
Nancy, Catharine, Margaret A[n]son  
21 Frederick Empie
Margaret Empie
22 George Empie
Margaret Empie
(Mary x Margaret), Sarah Ann. 4
23 Thomas Davis
Ann Davis
Mary Ann, George, Eliza  
  Jacob F. Empie & wife Mary
Henry Sponable & wife
Henry Cool & wife


1842,   3 District including the Village;   Elder: Peter Getman

Fam. Adults Children # Total
1 Peter G. Getman, Elder
Elizabeth Getman
Harriet, Christopher, Angeline, Eliza, Emaliene, Charlotte, Delia, Peter, Margaret, Lyster  
2 James Edwards
Catharine Edwards
Jacob, John  
  John Y. Edwards
Mary Edwards
  Peter Getman
Alice Getman
  James Yauney
Hannah Yauney
Mary, Daniel, John, David, Levi, James, Perse 9
  Thomas Edwards
Anna Edwards
Elizabeth Hagar, Hired girl
Peter 4
  Henry Wood
Ester Wood
Sarah Ann 3


John Edwards
Cynthia Edwards
Sally Sweet
Hiram Sweet
  John A. Trumbull
Rosana Trumbull
Anna Eliza 3
  Sylvester Darrow
Frysshena Darrow
Sarah Ann, Caroline F., William Ed. 5
  William Monteath
Julia Ann Monteath
Francina, Jannet, Mary Isobella, William James 6


Aaron Nellis
Susanna Nellis
Eliza Shoemaker, Hired Girl
Margaretta, Mary Eliza  


Amelia Gogswell    


Mrs. Vrooman    


James I. Van Voast
Mary Ann Van Voast
Sarah Ann, Ealnor, James, Mary 6
  Solomon Bullock
Sarah Bullock
Ann Maria, John, Nathan  
  Isaac P. Stenbergh
Nancy Stenbergh
DeWitt Clinton, Charles, Susan 5
  Peter Hapeman
Maria Houck
George, William, Edward, Eliza 6
  William Powell
Catharine Powell
  Edmond Harden
Elizabeth Harden
Mary Ann, Hazariah, Eliza 5
  Henry Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards
John, Ealnor, Ann Mary, William Talmage, Elizabeth, Daniel H.  
  Henry Livingston
Hannah Livingston
Harriet, Mary, John R., Fran Hellen 6
  Alexander Smith
Catharine Smith
Anna M., John A., George H., Elizabeth, Catharine, Aaron 8
  Henry Snell
Catharine Snell
Mary Crae
Mary M. Snell
  George Beck
Margaret Beck
Casper, Julia Ann, Catharine, Nancy Maria, George W.  
  Daniel Scouten
Mary Scouten
  Peter Jourdan
Hannah Jourdan
William, Edward, John, Hiram, Ann, George, LeRoy 9
  James Simmons
Catharine Simmons
John E., Henry, Mary Jane, Nancy Catharine 6
  John K. Fuller
Lucinda Fuller
  Rudolph Shibeley
Margaret Shibeley
Ralph, Christopher, Reuben, Joseph, Anna Margaret  
  John Van Alstine
Elizabeth Van Alstine
James Henry, Burnett, John 5
  Henry Wood
Maria Wood
Mary Elias Hired girl
Leander, Lavinia  
  Joseph Hilten
Elizabeth Hilten
Sarah Jane, Wm. Henry, Margaret Ann, Mary Elizabeth, Elanor Davis, Catharine 8
  Stephen Sharp
Hellen Marie Sharp
  James Mc Leaven
Susan Mc Leaven
Elizabeth, Catharine Meech 4
  Paul Caldwell
Catharine Caldwell
Caroline, William, Joseph, Nicolas, Elizabeth, James, Nancy Maria, John, Charlotte Ann (?) 10
  Charles Lampman & wife.    


1842,   4th District;   Elder: Ashbel Loomis

Fam. Adults Children # Total
1 Ashbel Loomis    
2 Anthony Bradt
Hannah Bradt
3 Chauncey Hutchison
Ann Hutcheson
4 John Hutcheson
Sarah Hutcheson
Caroline, Lea, Charles, John Chauncy, Mary, Sarah, William 9
5 William Coleman
Elizabeth Coleman
Maria Coleman
6 John J. Snell
Elizabeth Snell
7 Widow Gray John, Ranselear, Harriet, Solomon, Mary, Margaret, George  


Close of roll of familys resideing in the bounds of the Dutch Reformed church at Ephratah in 1842.

Said Roll made & entered by Rev. Ge. H. Huldings, who served as pastor in said church over 2 years, not ordained but as a supply, was an able propounder of the word of God. Highly educated and had his social habits equaled his highly attained pulpit services, would have made him a blessing here and elsewhere.


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