Ephratah Reformed Dutch Church
Church Roll

1844 - 1876
Including deaths noted through 1879

Organized July 2, 1832, incorporated April 14, 1851.


The following records were kindly donated by James F. Morrison from his personal collection.  
They were transcribed by our Asst. Coordinator, Peggy Stadtmiller.  Many thanks to both!

Church Roll of members in regular standing in the Dutch Reformed & Presbyterian Church at Ephratah. Previous to the Entering in of the Ministry of the Rev’d C. Dukes on the first day of Nov. A. D. 1844.

Christopher Sutes & Catharine, his wife; 2
Widow Elizabeth Saltsman; 3, dead
Nancy (wife of John Empie, Jr.); 4, dead
Lewis Rickard; 5, dead
Andrew Getman & Sarah, his wife; 7, Andrew Getman dead
Joseph Getman & Delia, his wife; 9, dead & removed
Jacob P. Youngs ; 10, dead & removed
Adam Getman & Mary, his wife; 12, Adam dead
Charlotte wife of F. Empie Jr.; 13, dead
Josiah Williamson & Eliza, his wife; 15
Mary (wife of Benj’n Getman); 16
Peter Putman & Mary, his wife; 18; wife & Peter dead
Widow Hellen Putman; 19, dead
Harriet, wife of George Putman; 20; removed
Moses Sutes & Elizabeth, his wife; 22, wife dead
Hiram Sutes; 23, united with Methodist
Adam R. Coopernol & Mary, his wife; 25, united with Methodist
Jacob Coppernol; 26, united with Methodist
Mary, wife of Jacob I. Christman; 27
    Note:  The above four persons left in Consequence of Hitchum’s Conduct.
George Coppernol & Margaret, his wife; 29, Both dead
Widow Lasher & daughter Catharine; 31, Widow dead
Ezra Getman & Christiana, his wife; 33, dismissed to Fonda
Catharine, wife of Philip G. Miller; 34
Catharine, wife of Peter G. Miller; 35
Elizabeth, wife of Conradt Empie; 36, dead
Peter G. Getman; 37, dead
John Y. Edwards & Mary, his wife; 39, dismissed
Amelia Cogswell (widow); 40, dead
James G. Van Voast; 41, dead
Elizabeth, wife of Henry Edwards; 42, dismissed 29th May 1866 by certificate
Widow Hannah Livingston; 43
Margaret, wife of George Beck; 44, dead
Daniel Scouten & wife, Mary; 46, dead
Hannah, wife of Peter Jourdan; 47, dismissed
Catharine Meach (widow); 48, dismissed
Ashbel Loomas; 49, left
Elizabeth Snell – Restored August 10/51; 50, Suspended 1/1/1845, dead
John Jacob Snell & wife Elizabeth; 52, wife dead


January 4th, 1845
James Yanney & Hannah, his wife  - On Confession
James M. Edwards & Catharine his wife  - On Confession, dismissed
James Seamans & Catharine his wife  - On Confession, James deceased
Peter C. Getman & Dorathea his wife  - On Confession, Dorathea deceased
Chancy Hutchenson & Ann his wife  - On Confession, dead
Anthony Bradt & Hannah his wife  - On Confession, Hannah dead
Elizabeth wife of Peter G. Getman  - On Confession
Sarah wife of Barney Van Alstine  - On Confession
Anna wife of T. Edwards  - On Confession
Miss Clarissa Dockstader  - On Confession, removed
Elizabeth widow of Samuel Gray  - On Confession,
Elmira wife of Ranselaer Getman  - On Confession, removed
Miss Amey Beck  - On Confession, removed


May 10th (1845)
Joseph Jewell & his wife Pheabas, by certificate, dismissed
Thomas Jukes, dismissed


Jany 3, 1846
Aaron Nellis & wife Susan, dismissed


March 13, 1847
Sally wife of John Hutchenson, on confession


Sept. 9th, 1848
Abraham Banker & wife Catherine, removed


Octr. 20th, 1849
Simon Visher, dismissed


Augt. 10th 1851
Philip Rouse, on confession
Margaret Sahl, wife of Philip Rouse, dead
Carre Combs, wife of Cornelius Pettingel, on confession, dead
Sally Scouten, widow of Solomon Bullock, removed


Dec, 4th 1858
Cornelia Rice, by certificate, dismissed
Catharine Rice Westervelt, dismissed


1866 – August 25th Revd. On confession of faith

Names of members in Reformed Church Jan. the 11th 1888 as revised by Wm. Whitney pastor.

When joined:
1 James Yanney
2 Josiah Williamson & d
3 Elisa Williamson, his wife d
4 Mary Getman, wife of Benj. Getman, d
5 Catharine Miller, wife of Philip G. Miller, d
6 Catharine Miller, wife of Peter G. Miller, d
7 Hannah Livingston, widow, d
8 Richard Getman & wife
9 Mary Ann Getman their daughter
10 Betsey Ann Getman
11 John Yanney, M.D. by letter
12 Maggie Yanney, his wife

When joined:
13 Daniel Yanney
14 Sarah Yanney, his wife
15 Lucey Yanney, wife of Levi Y.
16 James Van Voast & his wife
17 Catherin Van Voast
18 Nellis Van Voast, their son
19 Hiram Lighthall & his wife
20 Mary M. Lighthall
21 Peter Dockestater & his wife
22 Mary
23 Hannah Dockestater T., mother
24 Sarah C. Empie
25 James Hager & wife
26 Lucinda Hager
27 Norman Saltsman
28 Daniel M. Deuseler & his wife

1876; 29 Jane E. Deusler
1887; 30 Maggie Deuseler, daughter gone
1888; 31 Wilber Deuseler, son gone
1888; 32 Chas. Deuseler, gone
1896; 33 Catherine Deuesler (at Levi Yanneys)
1886; 34 John Fraley & his wife


The ordinance of the Lords Supper was exercised at the first Sabboth in Jany 1845 – which was the 4th day of the month. At which time were received in the church the following members on confession of their faith in full communion

James Yanney and Hannah, his wife; 54
James M. Edwards & Catharine, his wife; 56
James Seamans & Catharine, his wife; 58
Peter C. Getman & Doretha, his wife; 60
Nicholas Loucks; 61
Elizabeth – wife of Peter G. Getman; 62
Sarah – wife of Barney Van Alstine; 63
Anna – wife of Thos Edwards; 64
Miss Clarissa Dockstader; 65
Elizabeth – widow of Samuel Gray; 66
Chancey Hutchinson & Ann, his wife; 68
Anthony A. Bradt & Hannah, his wife; 70
Elmina – wife of Renselaer Getman; 71
 Miss Ama Beck; 72


Jany 4th 1845 Mary Elizabeth daughter of Peter C. & Doritha Getman. Born Sept. 18th 1840

Feby 16th 1845 Ambrose – son of David Crouse. Born Jany 19th – 1845

Jany 6th 1847 – Mrs. G. Beck died

List of members corrected by the pastor & Eldor James Yauney,
Nov. 1st, 1872;  Died April 30/88

Julia Van Benschoten, (Dead)
Mary C. Suts, Dead
Margaret Van Arnum wife of John Yauney
Harmon Doxstader   Peter D.   mother
Perrnila Crouse, wife of, dead
Daniel Yanney
Margaret Van Wait, wife of, dead
Frederick Hill, is not a member
Benjamin Getman, dead
Miss Mary Tule, Don’t know
Mrs. Margaret Sanderson
Mrs. Fox, Letter of dismissal
Jane Fancher, widow of Mr. Smith
Elm Getman, Dead
Elizabeth Getman, Dead
Mrs. Eliza Sickel, wife of Wm. Horick
Michael Voight & his wife
Julia Voight, Dropped
James Yauney Jun & his wife, Dismissed
Almira Eacker (April 5, 1875)
Betsy Ann Getman, E. G. Daughter
Michael Myers & his wife
Christiana Myers, Johnstown for mass
Mary Reid
George Beck, Dead
Mrs. Anna Nellis (wife of Solomon Gray)
Melvina Duesler (widow of H. Allen)
Robert Grey, Dead
Julia Ann Beck (wife of Peter Whitlock, Fort Plain)
Mary Ann (van?) Voast, wife of Alvah Nellis
Margaret Reed (wife of John Fraley)
Charles Whitlock & his wife, gone west
Elizabeth Whitlock
Margaret Edward (widow of Benjamin F. Edwards), dead
Elizabeth Reid (wife of George Getman)
Richard Getman & his wife
Mary Ann Getman
Maria Nellis (wife of Sidney Gray)
Philip Rouse, dead
Sally Hutchinson (wife of John Hutchinson), Both dead
James Yauney & his wife
Hannah Bedford, dead
Dorotha Getman, widow of Peter C. Getman, dead
Anna Fox, wife of Thomas Edwards (letter)
Christopher Suits, dead
Sarah Getman, widow of Andrew Getman, dead
Josiah Williamson & his wife
Eliza Getman, Don’t know is gone
Mary Getman, wife of Benjamin I. Getman
Catharine, wife of Peter G. Miller
Hannah Livingston, widow of Henry Livingston, dead


A list of those who united with the Reformed Church of
Ephratah - Mary 11th 1876

James Yanney,  Gone
Eli Empie
Eli Sponnable, Baptised, Gone
Phillip Sponnable, Baptised
Mary Sponnable, Gone
Henry Souls,  Dead
Mary Souls, Gone
Benjamin Soules, Baptised
Lucilia M. Soules, Baptised
Sarah C. Empie, Baptised, Dead
Byron Steenburgh, Baptised, Gone
Chauncy Seaman, Baptised
William Houck, Baptised, Dead
Daniel Yanny
Peter Doxstader
Joseph Bogardus, Baptised, Gone
Samuel Vosburgh & his wife, Dead
Ann Alida Keller on certificate from Fort Plain
Jessie Keller, Baptised
     (on side of page at this entry is written: Canajoharie the R. C.)
Susan Getman, Baptised Lus wife (?) [sic]
Hiram Lighthall
Mary Margaret Lighthall
Nathaniel Getman, Dead
Philip G. Miller, Dead
Peter S. Whitlock, Fort Plain, Dead
John G. Furley
Solomon Gray, Baptised
William H. Gray, Baptised, Dead
Thomas F. Hill, Baptised Gloversville
Stephen Hill, Baptised Gloversville
George Darby, Baptised
June Ann Darby, Baptised
Alonzo Eacker
Nancy Eacker
James H. Hager, Baptised
Lucinda Hager, Dead
Thomas Pugh, Baptised, Dead
Frank Smith, Baptised
Joseph Shibley, Gone to Fonda
Martin H. Smith, Dead
Lusina Catherine Smith
Jacob W. Smith, Gone
Norman Saltsman
Charlotte Saltsman, Dead
John L. Spoor
Emma Spoor
Catherine Duesler (at Levi Yanneys)
June Brown, Gone
Caroline Hochgrabs, Dead
Daniel W. Duesler
Jane E. Duesler
Benjamin F. Snell (Died Nov 15th 1887)
Angeline Snell -  Dismissed by letter to Ref. Ch. Mohawk, Mar. 2, 1889
George Sanderson, Gone to Albany
Charles V. Sanderson, Baptised, Gone
Wilson Sanderson, Baptised, Gone
Luella Sanderson, Baptised, Gone
Emma Catherine Getman, Baptised, Dead
Oliver Suits, Got a letter
Diana J. Jukes
Ida V. Jukes, Baptised
Aaron G. Getman, Baptised, Dead
Libbie Getman, Baptised, Dead
Louis Huckgredes
Daniel Burdick
Elizabeth Burdick
Nellis Getman, Gone
William Morey, Baptised, Gone
James E. Van Voast
Catherine Van Voast
Nellis Van Voast
Frederick Schuberger, Dead
George Suits, Dead
Angeline Suits, Dead
Elinor Empie, Dead
Charlotte Getman, Baptised, Dead
John Yanney
Maria Getman, Dead
Ella N. Hill, Baptised, Gone
Horatio Crouse
Julia A. Crouse
Joseph Nellis
Hattie Nellis
William J. Getman, Baptised, Gone
Frederick Brenningen, Dead

On Jan. 18th Mary Whitlock wife of Stephen Gray requested to receive the Lords Supper & become a member of this church which request was complied with consent of the consistory. She died Jan. 31st 1877, aged 41 years.

Died at Fife Lake, Michigan, Feb. 12th 1877, Hannah N., widow of the late Henry M. Livingston, aged 82 years. A member of this church & a resident of this place for more than 50 years. Her remains were brought here for internment.

Died June 17th, 1878 – Christopher Suits aged 78 yrs. 2 months & 22 days.

Died August 23d 1878, Philip S. Miller, aged 78 yrs. 11 months & 6 days.

Mrs. Margaret Lewis died Feb. 8th, 1878, aged 77 yrs. & 1 month.

Died March 23, 1879, Mrs. Lottie Saltsman (Empie) wife of Norman Saltsman in the 40th year of her age.

October 24th, 1879 – Elizabeth Gray wife of P. A. Beck, died age 44 yrs. & 4 months.

Sept. 1, 1878, * Died Benjamin Getman aged eighty-eight years.
* = The Radii (Cananjoharie, N. Y.) Sept. 4, 1879 - Benjamin Getman, died Sunday, aged 88 yrs. & 3 months. Veterinary surgeon ……… father-in-law of John H. Shults, Stone Arabia. Buried in family burial ground on Mr. Getman’s premises.

Died at Ephratah Sept. 17th, John F. Putman, aged 30 years & 8 days. (1879).


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