Broadalbin Burials by Rev. W. W. Cox

Methodist Episcopal Church


The listing of Rev. Cox's burials for these three years were copied by Mrs. George Fenton, Broadalbin, N.Y., a member of the General Richard Montgomery Chapter, D. A. R. They appear in Volume 44 of the Unpublished Miscellaneous Compiled Records of the NYS D. A. R., page 173, 1931-32. This volume is available for viewing at the main New York City Public Library on 5th Avenue, the NY State Library in Albany, and at the National D. A. R. Library in Washington, DC.

This contribution comes to us from the Herkimer/Montgomery Counties Coordinator Martha S. Magill.


Notes at top of page:
"These burials have not been found in the Broadalbin or adjacent cemeteries. Probably in unmarked graves. Burials accounted for by inscriptions in cemeteries have not been included in this list."

Jan. 4 Mrs. Thomas Miles. Old and poor.
Jan. 13 Frank Hall, age 18, and baby 1 1/2 yrs.
Jan. 17 Mrs. Lansing. Aunt of Mr. S.
Feb. 13 C. Van Allen, age 61
Feb. 17 A. Ockert, age 84
Feb. 28 William Kested, age 32
Apr. 1 Lottie Myers, age 25
June 11 John Swan
July 16 Benjamin Blair, age 83
Dec. 31 S.A. Blowers. McKen Post G.A.R. attended.
(A note says: May have been M. A. Blowers, soldier. See Broadalbin Cemetery Record.)


Mar. 2 Alida Tabor, age 16
Mar. 4 Leonard Le Sure, age 85
Mar. 7 Deborah Wright, age 63
Mar. 18 John Larchar, age 63(?)
(A note says: May be in Broadalbin Cemetery, grave on Larcher lot, marked simply "J. L.")
May 18 Hiram E. Whitlock, of Aiken, age 45
June 22 Eddie Dingman, age 8
July 2 Addie Evans, age 12


Jan. 4 Mrs. Laura Rhodes, age 69
Feb. 15 William Baker, age 80
Mar. 1 M. Marsh, age 80


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