Directory of the 
Fremont Methodist Episcopal Church
of Gloversville, N. Y.


June, 1890
Thomas G. Thompson, Pastor

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Source:  Daily Leader Printing House, Gloversville, N. Y., 1890

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Committees 1890-1891

MISSIONS - P. J. Keck, L. Heacock, J. E. Hemstreet.

CHURCH EXTENSION - Frank Cuyler, M. Hodder, John Edwards, M.D.

SUNDAY SCHOOLS - C. S. Schermerhorn, F. Denham, Wm. Muddle, Wm. Oaksford.

TRACTS - Pastor and L. Heacock.

TEMPERANCE - G. S. Wheaton, Henry Huckans, Mrs. L. Heacock, Mrs. T. Dobinson.

EDUCATION - Mrs. C. Kiefer, Mrs. W. N. Stewart, Mrs. N. E. Dutcher, Anna Mosher, Mrs. C. S. Schermerhorn.

FREEDMANS AID AND S. ED. SOCIETY - S. Jeffers, W. H. Jansen, M. E. Brockway.

CHURCH RECORDS - N. E. Dutcher, Ralph Sexton, P. J. Keck.

PARSONAGE PROPERTY AND FURNITURE - Mrs. C. Kiefer, Mrs. John Edwards, Mrs. J. M. Thompson, Mrs. J. G. Smith, Mrs. W. N. Stewart, Mrs. C. S. Schermerhorn.

CHURCH MUSIC - P. J. Keck, J. M. Thompson, J. G. Smith, J. H. Swarthout, F. Denham, J. Muddle.

ESTIMATING THE PREACHER'S SALARY - Ralph Sexton, J. E. Hemstreet, Charles S. Schermerhorn.

CONFERENCE CLAIMANTS - C. Kiefer, P. J. Keck, H. Huckans.


Officers and Committees of the Y. P. S. c. E.

President - Elmer Fosmire
Vice - President - Edwin Gardineer
Secretary - Ella Fake
Treasurer - Ada Morse
Corresponding Secretary - Anna Heacock
Lookout Committee - Lottie Hill, Mary Venner, Libbie Sherwood, J. W. Best, Arthur Simmons
Prayer Meeting Committee - Christiana Morse, Iola Griffis, Eva Drew, Mark Thompson
Social Committee - Minnie Rosselle, Mrs. E. A. Saltsman, L. L. Shaffer, Matie Carr, W. Elton Cross
Sunday School Committee - Emma Hill, Lizzie Bruce, Mell McCall, William Muddle, Henry Collins
Floral Committee - Lena Austin, Jay Collins, Fannie Huckans, Chas. Bonfey, Addie Briggs
Literary Committee - The Pastor, Stella Smith, Hattie Filmer, Ethel Van Valkenburgh, Eva Drew
White Cross Committee - W. Elton Cross, S. W. Fear, Charles Briggs, George Conrand, Charles Johnson
Relief Committee - E. Gardineer, Mary Venner, Christiana Morse, Ella Fake, Elmer Fosmire
Calling Committee - Mrs. E. A. Saltsman, Etta Hulett, E. A. Saltsman, Hattie Sexton, Libbie Van Allen
Music Committee - Chorister - Anna Heacock; Organist - Hattie Filmer

Officers of the Church

Bishop - Rev. J. P. Newman, D. D., L. L. D.
Presiding Elder - Rev. Henry Graham, D. D.
Pastor - Rev. T. g. Thompson, B. D.

Board of Trustees

President - Charles Kiefer
P. J. Keck, W. N. Stewart, M. Hodder, C. S. Schermerhorn, J. E. Hemstreet, J. M. Thompson, John Edwards, M. D., Geo. W. Schermerhorn.


C. S. Schermerhorn, William Muddle, J. H. Swarthout, J. G. Smith, Frank Cuyler, W. H. Jansen, Charles Kiefer, Henry Huckans, William Oaksford, Nelson Dutcher, Frederick Denham, W. E. Cross, W. L. Smith.

Recording Steward - Nelson Dutcher

District Steward - Ralph Sexton

Clerk of the Official Board - William Muddle

Treasurer of the Church - Charles S. Schermerhorn

Collector - W. N. Stewart

Musical Director and Organist - Mrs. C. E. Sweet

Sexton - M. W. Face



Anibal, Erastus, C., 7 Union Street
Brooks, Stella, C., 13 Part Street
Bogart, Mrs. C. B., 48 Fremont Street
Barker, Kate, 12 Hellwig Street
Barker, Thomas, 12 Hellwig Street
Blood, George, 33 Marshall Avenue
Busick, Phillip, H., 44 Washington Street
Brookins, Mrs. James 52 Division Street
Bruce, Rebecca, 26 Grove Street
Bradt, Elizabeth, 195 W. Fulton Street
Cole, Melvin, 27 Spring Street
Cole, Alvena, 27 Spring Street
Cole, Cora, 27 Spring Street
Cole, Mary, E., 27 Spring Street
Cole, Maggie, L., 27 Spring Street
Chamberlain, Frankie, 17 John Street
Cranston, Peter, B., 98 E. Fulton Street
Clapp, W. H., Rose Street
Clapp, Sarah, Rose Street
Cromer, William, H., Road to Bleecker
Cromer, Mary, E., Road to Bleecker
Cole, Ida, 9 N. Water Street
Dutcher, Squire, First Avenue
Dutcher, Mrs. Jane, First Avenue
Dye, Phoebe, 9 Cedar Street
Dobinson, William, 10 Smith Avenue
Flansburg, Mary, Swamp
Ferguson, Bessie Bell, 8 East Pine Street
Forte, John, H., 15 N. Water Street
Godfrey, Samuel 16 Chestnut Street
Godfey, Louisa, V., 16 Chestnut Street
Green Cynthia, 9 Union Street
Getman, James, 9 Jay Street
Goodemote, Carrie 8 Beaver Street
Gulick, Jane, 84 Grand Street
Griffls, Iola, 9 Fremont Street
Hollett, Charles, 19 Union Street
Hull, Louis, 64 Grand Street
Hanson, Louise, 13 Judson Street
Hollett, Lulu Bell, 19 Union Street 19
Hanson, Ella, 13 Judson Street
Hull, Alice, 64 Grand Street
Hall, Carrie, L.
Hoag, Charles, 13 Clinton Street
Jeffers, Hattie, M., 49 Spring Street
James, Wilmet, G., 6 Jay Street
Lair, William, H., 33 Grand Street
Lair, Philo, 17 John Street
Lair, William, 17 John Street
Lair, Benjamin, M., 33 Grand Street 
Leversee, Edith, 29 Smith Avenue
Lamont, David, In The Country
Miller, Murray, 19 White Street
MacIntosh, Stella 15 North Street
Mills, James, 62 Division Street 
Mills, John, N., 23 Helwig Street
Mills, Albert, E., 76 Kingsoro Avenue.
Maybe, Nelson, R., 66 Lincoln, Street
Nolan, Mrs. Peter, 59 School Street
Neff, Bina, 26 Yale Street
Noble, George 66 Lincoln Street
Nicholas, Charles, C., 70 Washington Street
Osborne, Jennie Maple Street
Oathout, Arthur, 11 E. Pine Street
Oaksford, Albert, 18 Division Street
Paul, Mary
Phelps, Chas, E., 42 North Street
Pursell, Alfred, 108 N. Main Street
Pursell, Clara, 108 N. Main Street
Partridge, Anna M., 65 Grand Street
Rhodes, Anna 
Russell, May E., 10 Elm Street
Russell, Mrs. Jay, 10 Elm Street
Stockley, William, Woodside Avenue
Sherwood, Libbie 12 Smith Avenue
Sherwood, W. N., 12 Smith Avenue
Smith, Carrie, M. Mrs., 7 Place Street
Serviss, Mrs. H. B., 35 Division Street
Shinville, Harvey, G., 68 Grand Street
Stokes, John, C., 44 Washington Street
Slawson, Belle, Second Avenue
Stanton, Emma 11 First Avenue
Tooker, Kappie, M., 4 Helwig Street
Tiedemann, Maggie, 49 N. Main Street
Vaughn, R. S., 14 Clinton, Street
Van Slyke, William 95 E. Fulton Street
Van Slyke, Jane, 95 E. Fulton Street
Van Scriver, Lucy, 28 Kent Street
Van Scriver, Burton, 28 Kent Street
Van Scriver, Minnie 28 Kent Street
Van Ness, Seneca, Burr Street
Van Ness, Phoebe, Burr Street
Weaver, Mrs. Amelia, 6 Beaver Street
Weaver Eugene, 6 Beaver Street
Woodrick, Rhoda, 24 E. Fulton Street
Williams, Mary C., 3 Addison Street
Welch, Mrs. Laura, 27 Broad Street.

(Located in Gloversville unless otherwise noted)

M. Anibal, Fine Groceries and Provisions, 117 North Main Street
Chas. H. Ayers, Livery and Boarding Stables, 18 Bleecker Street
Beattie & Smith, Grocers, 47 North Main Street
Bogart's Cash Shoe Store, 14 North Main Street
Edward J. Boughton, Hats & Straw Goods, 23 Bleecker Street, W. P. Lefferts, Manager
Burt & Heacock, House Furnishing Goods, 17 Bleecker Street
Cohen Brothers, "Happy Home Soap"
Collie's Boston Dry Goods Store, 39 and 41 North Main Street
D. M. Edwards' Grand Central Dry Goods, 21 & 23 North Main Street
Darling & Bard, Cabinet and Upholstered Furniture, Darling Block
I. M. Everest, Jr., Boot and Shoe Dealer, 57 N. Main Street
John L. Getman, Insurance Agent, 14 South Main Street
C. M. Van Gorden, Books and Stationery, 19 S. Main Street
John Gloning & Co., Dealers in Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, 51 North Main Street, Place Block
Heacock & Co., General Hardware, 13 North Main Street
Hosmer & Williamson, Gentlemen's Out-fittings, 11 north Main Street
H. C. Huckans, Custom Tailor, 15 South Main Street
Keiner & Gros, Successors to Rau & Simpson, Fresh & Salt Meats, 23 Bleecker Street
Dr. W. E. Lansing, Dentist, 15 North Main Street
McKinley & Co., Grocers, Albany, NY
Mills Furniture Co., Furniture and Undertakers, 45 North Main Street
Edward L. Muellich, Bath Rooms and Barber Shop, 9 North Main Street
A. D. Norton's, Jeweler and Spectacles, 18 S. Main Street
Rogers, Watchmaker and Jeweler, 9 West Fulton Street
Rogers & Everest, Carpets, Wall Papers, Curtains, 27 N. Main Street
Spencer & Banker, Lawyers
Sweet & Thompson's, Jewel Flour, 23 Bleecker Street
David S. Thompson, Dry and Fancy Goods, Cor. Main and Fulton Sts.
S. M. Tuck & Co., Pure Drugs, 25 North Main Street
Wadsworth's Livery & Boarding Stables, 11 Fremont Street
Wheeler & Wilson Mfg. Co., Thread Machines, 30 N. Main Street, W. A. Cornell, Manager 
Yale & Dillon, Jewelers, 17 South Main Street


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