1895-6 Directory of the
Methodist Episcopal Church
Johnstown, New York

Church members, probationers and treasurers' report

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Source:  "Directory of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Johnstown, New York, with lists of Officers, Members, Societies, etc.," by T. G. Thompson, B.D., Pastor., 1895-96.  Transcribed by Lisa K. Slaski.

A HUGE thank you to Lisa Slaski for transcribing this pamphlet  - Lisa is our new northern neighbor Coordinator at Hamilton County.



This is exactly the order these names appear, note that it is not exactly alphabetical!

Abbott, Gertrude L., 4th Avenue.
Abbott, Emma, 11 East Montgomery street.
Abbott, Joseph, 4th Avenue.
Abbott, Margaret A., 4th Avenue.
Abbott, Fred Lewis, 18 Prospect street.
Abbott, Ada, 18 Prospect street.
Abbott, Emily, 18 Prospect street.
Abbott, Thomas, 18 Prospect street.
Abbott, Sidney, 18 Prospect street.
Abbott, Jacob L., 11 East Montgomery street.
Abbot, Kittie F., 11 East Montgomery street.
Adams, Maggie, 104 East Main street.
Adams, William E., 104 East Main street.
Adams, Arthur, 5 East Green street.
Adams, Jennie, 5 East Green street.
Adams, Amos M., 3 East Green street.
Adams, Adaline, 3 East Green street.
Adams, Frank, 12 East Green street.
Adams, Hattie, 12 East Green street.
Adams, Kate, 214 Burton street.
Adams, Thomas L., 214 Burton street.
Adams, William J., 458 North Perry street.
Adams, Lulu A., 458 North Perry street.
Adams, Fred H., 20 Cady street.
Adams, Grace, 11 Argersinger Court.
Adams, William H., 11 Argersinger Court.
Adams, Eviline, 11 Argersinger Court.
Argersinger, W. Scott, 129 East Main street.
Argersinger, Hattie N., 129 East Main street.
Argersinger, Michael, 104 East Main street.
Argersinger, Charlotte, 104 East Main street.
Allfrey, Henry, 318 West State street.
Allfrey, Agnes Esther, 318 West State street.
Allfrey, B. Constance, 1 McMartin street.
Aldrich, Mrs. Mina, 32 West Madison street.
Aldrich, Lillian M., 32 West Madison street.
Allen, Charles F., 125 East Clinton Avenue.
Allen, Emily A., 125 East Clinton Avenue.
Annibal, Francis A., 400 South Melcher street.
Ackurman, Carrie, 25 East Main street.
Adams, John Q., 5 East Main street.
Abel, Alice J., Herkimer, N.Y.
Abel, Mary (no address)
Baker, Ellen, 219 West Main street.
Baker, Fred G., First Avenue.
Baker, Elizabeth, First Avenue.
Baker, Alice K., First Avenue.
Baker, Harry T., First Avenue.
Baker, Anna T., 5 Baker street.
Baker, Jacob, 4 Matthew street.
Baker, Eliza, 16 Fon Claire street.
Baker, Emily, 16 Fon Claire street.
Barter, John A., 6 Cady street.
Bowman, Marggetta (no address)
Burns, mrs. Helen, 205 West Main street.
Burnes, Barney, 54 East Main street.
Burns, Edward, 319 West Clinton street.
Burns, Amelia E., 319 West Clinton street.
Brown, Franc A. (no address)
Babcock, Anna, 128 North Perry street.
Babcock, Merritt, 128 North Perry street.
Bridge, Charles, 424 North Market street.
Bridge, Ellie Sumner, 424 North Market street.
Bridge, Edward P., 16 West Green street.
Bridge, Jennie Y., 16 West Green street.
Bell, Jacob, Stratford, N.Y.
Bell, Minnie, Stratford, N.Y.
Brownell, Mrs. Mary, 17 Wells street.
Butler, James, 17 Wells street.
Bolster, Fred, Poultney, Vt.
Belben, Emily, 117 East Clinton street.
Bush, Nellie G., 23 Chase street.
Bender, Alida, 106 Washington street.
Boughton, Albert, 107 Fon Claire street.
Boughton, Lizzie, 107 Fon Claire street.
Beekman, Sidney, 11 South Wells street.
Beekman, Nancy, 11 South Wells street.
Bauder, Anna M., 7 Byard street.
Bauder, Ada M., 7 Byard street.
Baum, Joseph, 5 Briggs street.
Baum, Myra, 5 Briggs street.
Baum, Martha, 4 Matthews strret.
Bump, Defreest, 341 North Perry street.
Bump, Mary, 341 North Perry street.
Bedford, Elizabeth, 61 East Main street.
Bedford, Albert, 33 South Melcher street.
Bedford, Ella, 33 South Melcher street.
Behlen, Fred H., 16 North Melcher street.
Behlen, Mattie, 16 North Melcher street.
Barr, Arch, 239 North Perry street.
Barr, Mrs. May, 239 North Perry street.
Barr, Mrs. Catharine, 444 North Perry street.
Brothers, Clara, 214 North Perry street.
Brothers, Minnie, 214 North Perry street.
Brothers, Jennie, 14 Prospect street.
Bradley, Samuel L., 6 West Fulton street.
Bradley, Carrie C., 6 West Fulton street.
Bradley, Susan M., 6 West Fulton street.
Bradley, Francis, South Melcher street.
Briggs, Agnes, 124 East Clinton street.
Briggs, Myra, 124 East Clinton street.
Briggs, Chester, 124 East Clinton street.
Batley, Levi, 9 East Clinton street.
Batley, Ellence, 9 East Clinton street.
Batley, Ruth, 9 East Clinton street.
Bradt, Estella, 9 East Fulton street.
Beck, Milton, 7 Adams Avenue.
Beck, Catharine, 7 Adams Avenue.
Bailey, Julia, 10 Gilbert street.
Bates, Maria, 220 West Main street.
Bates, Fannie, 220 West Main street.
Bates, Minnie, Charles street.
Bates, Mary A., 212 Wells street.
Bruno, Charles, 104 Gilbert street.
Bruno, Belle A., 104 Gilbert street.
Bigford, Louisa, 6 North Melcher street.
Cooper, Jane, 36 North Market street.
Collins, Maggie, 323 West Clinton street.
Cress, Perry, 6 East Canal street.
Conrey, William George, 503 North Perry street.
Capron, Ernest L., 125 East Clinton street.
Christman, Grace, 107 Bayard street.
Cipperly, Lizzie, 142 East Main street.
Church, Olive, Gloversville
Church, Chester, 4 Adams Avenue.
Crouse, Lydia, 100 Prospect street.
Clark, Laura, 452 North Perry street.
Crippen, Grace, 305 West Montgomery street.
Cole, Maggie, 203 North Market street.
Chant, Ralph R., 12 West State street.
Chant, Anna M., 12 West State street.
Colin, Mrs. Della, 311 South Perry street.
Colin, Edna, 311 South Perry street.
Colin, Guy, 311 South Perry street.
Colin, Joseph, 205 West State street.
Colin, Sarah M., 205 West State street.
Carroll, Ella M., 204 South Melcher street.
Carroll, Annie E., 204 South Melcher street.
Curtis, Phebe J., 8 Decker street.
Curtis, Losina, 8 Decker street.
Case, Laura B., 317 West Main street.
Case, Newton B., 317 West Main street.
Case, Willis, 317 West Main street.
Cross, Charles J., 31 Hoosac street.
Cross, Alida, 31 Hoosac street.
Chapman, Edwin N., 111 Hoosac street.
Chapman, Catherine, 111 Hoosac street.
Chamberlain, Lillian, 11 Mason street.
Chamberlain, William W., 11 Mason street.
Chamberlain, Catherine, 11 Mason street.
Carpenter, Albert, 102 Wells street.
Carpenter, Charles, 102 Wells street.
Carpenter, Mary A., 102 Wells street.
Carpenter, George P., 102 Wells street.
Carpenter, Mary, 12 Gilbert street.
Carpenter, Howland, 303 West Montgomery street.
Carpenter, Mrs. Libbie Keck, 303 West Montgomery street.
Caldwell, Mrs. J., Cayadutta street.
Conover, Carrie C. (no address)
Coughnet, Julia E., Union Avenue.
Christman, Louisa, 107 Bayard street.
Drumm, Philura, 115 West Green street.
Dunn, Catherine, 36 North Market street.
Dixon, Walter, 7 W. Green street.
Dury, Minnie, 2 Oak street.
Dorn, Elizabeth, 108 West Green street.
Dorn, Chauncy, 7 Burton street.
Dorn, Samuel, 7 Burton street.
Dorn, Lucinda, 110 Water street.
Dorn, Mabel, 110 Water street.
Dingman, Addie, 305 Fon Clair street.
Dingman, Lulu May, 305 Fon Clair street.
Dumont, Louise E., 412 Clinton Avenue.
Daniels, Lucius, 120 North Market street.
Daniels, Margaret, 120 North Market street.
Doxstader, Mary, 3 West street.
Doxstader, Gertrude, 25 West Main street.
Denmark, Byron E., 119 West Fulton street.
Denmark, Libbie, 119 West Fulton street.
Dostie, George, 132 Hoosac street.
Dostie, Loretta, 132 Hoosac street.
Dostie, Grace N., 132 Hoosac street.
Day, Edward F., 114 South Market street.
Day, Mrs. Anna, 114 South Market street.
Dey, Benjamin, 6 West street.
Dey, Mary, 6 West street.
Dey, Flora, 6 West street.
Dye, Edwin J., 19 Beghte street.
Dann, Rev. H. W., 105 Fon Claire street.
Dann, Amy J., 105 Fon Claire street.
Dawes, William, 15 East Madison street.
Dawes, Mary J., 15 East Madison street.
DeWitt, Sarah, 6 Gilbert street.
DeWitt, Frankie, 6 Gilbert street.
Dooks, Robert, Chase street.
Dodge, Francis (no address)
Earl, Philip, Veghte Farm.
Earl, Jennie, Veghte Farm.
Earl, Hannah, Veghte Farm.
Ellis, Benjamin, 4 Miller street.
Ellis, Mary C., 4 Miller, street.
Ellis, David B., 110 West Fulton street.
Ellis, Anna M., 110 West Fulton street.
Ellis, Millard M., 109 Washington street.
Ecker, Edward, 438 North Perry street.
Ecker, Mrs. Mary, 438 North Perry street.
Ecker, Mrs. Rachel, 2 Burton street.
Eckerson, Mrs. Lillle V., 14 East Clinton street.
England, Mrs. Alice M., 43 Cayadutta street.
England, Rachel, 222 North Perry street.
Erhardt, William, Chase street.
Ellithorp, Phebe (no address).
Frost, Milton C., 9 Gilbert street.
Frost, mrs. Carrie A., 9 Gilbert street.
Farmer, Peter, 101 Pearl street.
Farmer, Emma, 101 Pearl street.
Farmer, Carrie May, 101 Pearl street.
Flint, Lena, 15 Hoosick street.
Flint, Jennie, 15 Hoosick street.
Flint, Maggie, 309 South Perry street.
Flint, Alvin J., 74 East Main street.
Flint, Della, 74 East Main street.
Fraats, Abram, 5 Hamilton street.
Fraats, Elsa A., 5 Hamilton street.
Fuller, Emma, 5 West State street.
Fuller, Maud L., 5 West State street.
Fancher, Gilbert L., 20 Water street.
Fancher, Hattie, 20 Water street.
Folmsbee, John, 8 Johns street.
Folmsbee, Mary, 8 Johns street.
Folmsbee, Norman, 2 Yost street.
Fosmire, Chas. B., 9 Matthews street.
Fosmire, Seth, 9 Matthews street.
Fosmire, Mrs. Mary, 9 Matthews street.
Fosmire, Mrs. Maggie, 501 North Narket street.
Fisher, Pauline C., 30 Fisher Avenue.
Fish, Martha, 31 East Main street.
Foster, Loren, Burton street.
Foster, Chas. A., Klipse.
Fulmer, Mary, 27 Hoosick street.
Freer, Lizzie, Removed.
France, Mary L., 3 Burton street.
Francisco, marion, 2 Miller street.
Field, Hattie B., 16 South Melcher street.
Ford, Walter J., 130 Washington Avenue.
Frederick, Chas. E., 10 Hoffman street.
Frederich, Geo. W., Cross Roads.
Frederick, Margaret, Cross Roads.
Frick, Frederica, 7 Mason street.
Freedy, Mary, 21 North Market street.
Fairchild, Eugene, 504 South William street.
Fairchild, Nellie, 504 South William street.
Fuller, Ida M., 1 Oak street.
Fonda, Lydia J., 202 North Market street.
Gaylor, Minnie, 101 Fon Clair street.
Getman, Chauncey, 120 Cayadutta street.
Getman, Mary C., 30 Cayadutta street.
Getman, Chauncey, Jr., 30 Cayadutta street.
Getman, Peter, 14 Grand street.
Getman, Amanda, 14 Grand street.
Getman, Lizzie J., Second Avenue.
Getman, Katie, 126 West Main street.
Gibbs, John, 101 East State street.
Gibbs, Lucy, 101 East State street.
Gibbs, Nellie S., 101 East State street.
Gibbs, William, 101 East State street.
Gilbert, Jane M., 118 South Melcher street.
Gilbert, Margaret, 118 South Melcher street.
Gilmore, Mrs. Cora M., 3 Veghte street.
Glenner, Nicholas, 339 North Perry street.
Glenner, Christina, 339 North Perry street.
Glenner, Eva, 339 North Perry street.
Gordon, Perry B., 17 Hoosac street.
Gordon, Kate, 17 Hoosac street.
Graff, Abram, 401 North Market street.
Graff, Anna, 401 North Market street.
Graham, Mrs. Addie, 4 Byard street.
Gramps, Alva, 314 West State street.
Grant, Bethune M., 110 West Green street.
Grant, Mrs. Charlotte M., 110 West Green street.
Grant, Charlotte May, 110 West Green street.
Grant, Leonard W., 110 West Green street.
Grant, Bethune M., Jr., 5 Perry street.
Gray, Mary L., 216 Burton street.
Gray, Sadie L., 216 Burton street.
Gray, William K., 216 Burton street.
Griffin, Jennie, 3 South Melcher street.
Gifford, Nancy, 471 North Perry street.
Gillespie, Elizabeth, 9 Washington street.
Green, Mrs. Wm. (no address)
Horth, Lilpha H., 14 West Green street.
Horth, Henry W., 14 West Green street.
Horth, Bissie A., 14 West Green street.
Horth, Albert R., 14 West Green street.
Horth, Adilia J., 14 West Green street.
Henry Ella, 4 Burton street.
Henry Emma, 25 Yost street.
Hadcock, Mary, 106 Water street.
Hubbs, David S., East Main street.
Hubbs, Gertrude Remmel, East Main street.
Hess, Mrs. Katie, 205 North Market street.
Hess, Nancy M., 304 West State street.
Hess, John Jr., 304 West State street.
Hanson, Julia, 23 Yost street.
Horton, Sanford (no address)
Horton, mrs. Anna M., 105 West Green street.
Hallett, Fred G., 100 South Perry street.
Hallett, Emily A., 100 South Perry street.
Hulbert, Mrs. Emma, 115 Meadow street.
Hulbert, Abbie, 116 Burton street.
Hulbert, Byron, 116 Burton street.
Hill, Mrs. Clara J., 23 Hoosac street.
Hogaboom, M. Jennie, 425 North Perry street.
Hogaboom, Alice L., 423 North Perry street.
Hogaboom, Willie, 423 North Perry street.
Hager, Anna, 5 Decker street.
Hager, Webster, 5 Decker street.
Hager, Mrs. W., 5 Decker street.
Hose, Charles E., 28 North Melcher street.
Hose, Elizabeth, 28 North Melcher street.
Haggert, Frank, 209 West Montgomery street.
Haggert, Florence, 209 West Montgomery street.
Hollenbeck, Hennrietta, 100 Glebe street.
Humprey, Sarah A., West Madison street.
Horning, Cora M., 8 Gilbert street.
Howard, Sarah A., 12 West Madison street.
Happ, George, Samonsville.
Howell, Francis, 100 Burton street.
Howarth, Carrie S., 9 Byard street.
Heagle, Adam (no address)
Humphrey, Mary, South William street.
Hodgson, Margaret, 111 South Perry street.
Hodgson, Mamie, 111 South Perry street.
Hodgson, Chlarles, 111 South Perry street.
Hogaboom, Jane, 423 North Perry street.
Hadcock, Carl, 106 Water street.
Hartin, Jennie, 27 Yost street.
Hartin, George C., 27 Yost street.
Hartin, Frank, 27 Yost street.
Ireland, Kate M., 1st Avenue.
Johnson, Frankie B., 6 North Melcher street.
Johnson, Hector, 336 West Main street.
Jeannisson, mrs. Harriet, 7 McMartin street.
Just, Hattie E., 12 Church street.
Jansen, Fred L., Corner Perry and 1st Avenue.
Jansen, Maggie A., Corner Perry and 1st Avenue.
Jansen, Ralph, Corner Perry and 1st Avenue.
Jansen, Hattie A., Corner Perry and 1st Avenue.
Jackson, Jewett, 16 East Clinton Avenue.
Jackson, Emma, 16 East Clinton Avenue.
Jackson, Jessie, 16 East Clinton Avenue.
Jackson, John, 5 West Madison street.
Jackson, Mabel, 5 West Madison street.
Jackson, Robert, 5 West Madison street.
Jackson, Claude, 5 West Madison street.
Kemp, Rosa, 13 Burton street.
Kingsley, Anna, 125 East Clinton Avenue.
Keville, Mrs. Valeria, 4 John street.
Keville, Lena, 4 John street.
Kested, Emily, 18 Veghte street.
Kested, Carrie, 18 Veghte street.
Kested, Blanche, 18 Veghte street.
Key, Aaron, 38 South Perry street.
Key, Mrs. Mary, 38 South Perry street.
Key, Alice Elizabeth, 38 South Perry street.
Key, Annie, 38 South Perry street.
Keck, Mary, 226 North Perry street.
Keck, Mrs. Alberta, 115 West Main street.
Keck, Carrie, 8 East Montgomery street.
Keck, Ellen R., 20 Gilbert street.
Keck, Jacob, 20 Gilbert street.
Kirchen, John H., 10 Hoffman street.
Kirchen, Arcelia, 10 Hoffman street.
Livingston, Will A., 10 McMartin street.
Livingston, Arthur J., 10 McMartin street.
Livingston, Mrs. Elizabeth, 10 McMartin street.
Livingston, Rev. B. F., 10 McMartin street.
Lentz, Mary, 6 West street.
Little, Clara M., 4 Miller street.
Little, Bertha E., 400 Fon Claire street.
Lewis Sarah, 23 Hoosac street.
Lucas, Emily, 203 West Montgomery street.
Leek, Clark, 108 West Fulton street.
Leek, Hattie, 108 West Fulton street.
Lingenfelter, Kate, 120 East Clinton Avenue.
Lingenfelter, Elizabeth, 120 East Clinton Avenue.
Lamphire, George, 321 West State street.
Lamphire, Cora, 321 West State street.
Laning, Ella N., 108 Dove street.
Laning, Emma, 108 Dove street.
Laird, Mary E., 26 North Melcher street.
Laird, Myra Bell, 26 North Melcher street.
Loucks, Lucius E., 7 West Fulton street.
Loucks, Christiana, 10 Burton street.
Loucks, Albert, 10 Burton street.
Link, Eliza, 106 South Market street.
Leroy, Olla (no address)
Mead, Daniel, 8 Briggs street.
Mead, Fannie, 8 Briggs street.
Miller, Emma E., 302 North Market street.
Miller, Jessie, 9 Water street.
Miller, Mrs. Maggie, Briggs street.
Miller, Nathan, 15 East State street.
Miller, Fred P., 132 East Clinton street.
Miller, Alice C., 132 East Clinton street.
Miller, William, 132 East Clinton street.
Miller, Eugene P., 3 Wells, street.
Miller, Mary (no address)
Miller, Mary C. (no address)
Meserve, Melissa, 226 North Perry street.
Meserve, Lora, 226 North Perry street.
Moschell, Mrs. Della, 107 Washington street.
Mochell, Elva, 107 Washington street.
Mills, Eva, 15 Matthews street.
Morgan, John, 104 Wells street.
Morgan, Elizabeth, 104 Wells street.
Morgan, Amy, 104 Wells street.
Martin, Margaret, 226 North Perry street.
Martin, Catherine, 109 South William street.
Martin, Mary, 105 Mason street.
Mosgrove, Kate, 125 Washington Avenue.
Mansfield, Edward, 6 Veghte street.
Moats, Mrs. Frank, 105 Washington street.
Montona, Christie Anne, 11 Cayadutta street.
McClain, Wm. A., 130 Prospect street.
McClain, Hannah M., 130 Prospect street.
McClain, Elizabeth, 126 North Perry street.
Mowers, Wesley J. (no address)
Mowers, Elizabeth (no address)
Murray, Janet C., 201 East Clinton street.
Matthews, Sarah E. (no address)
Miers, Lunac C. (no address)
Mason, Laura, Removed.
Musgrave, Sarah, Scotch Bush.
Molineau, Seymour H., 7 South Melcher street.
Molineau, Minnie, 7 South Melcher street.
Morrison, Sarah N., 7 West Fulton street.
Morrison, Minnie, 315 South Perry street.
Meyer, Fred, 100 South Melcher street.
Meyer, Margaret, 100 South Melcher street.
Meyer, Barbara, 100 South Melcher street.
Meyer, Michael, 323 West Clinton street.
Meyer, Christiana, 323 West Clinton street.
Meyer, Miller, 323 West Clinton street.
McConnell, Sarah E., 5 West Madison street.
Mead, George, 115 East Clinton street.
Mead, Julia E., 115 East Clinton street.
Mead, Emma (no address)
Mussey, Alpha, 9 East Montgomery street.
Mussey, Edward, Newkirks Mills.
McLaughlin, L. Eugene, 106 East Clinton Avenue.
McLaughlin, Delilah, 106 East Clinton Avenue.
Moyer, Margaret, 100 Washington street.
Milard, W. Augusta, 18 William street.
McAllister, Gilbert, 300 West State street.
McAllister, Jennie, 300 West State street.
McAllister, Ida, 300 West State street.
Maylender, Louis K., Maple Avenue.
Maylender, Elizabeth, Maple Avenue.
Miner, Elizabeth, 7 Bayard street.
Neff, James S., 110 Washington Avenue.
Neff, Mary A., 110 Washington Avenue.
Northover, John, 211 Wells street.
Northover, Ellen, 211 Wells street.
Northover, Elizabeth, 211 Wells street.
Nare, John, 21 Chestnut street.
Nare, Lucy M., 21 Chestnut street.
Nellis, Mrs. Alida, 51 Chestnut street.
Newton, Carrie E., 21 South Perry street.
Nickloy, Ellen (no address)
Nellis, Mattie E., 51 Chestnut street.
Newcombe, Clara May, 44 West State street.
Osterhout, Libbie Agnes, 1 Matthews street.
Pierson, Eleanor S., 16 South Melcher street.
Pierson, Jane S., 16 South Melcher street.
Pierson, Amanda M., 16 South Melcher street.
Pierson, Mrs. Jane, 34 North Market street.
Pierson, Winfield S., Pierson Farm.
Pierson, Maggie, Pierson Farm.
Pierson, Kate, Pierson Farm.
Potter, Lydia May, 317 West Main street.
Potter, Nettie, 305 West Main street.
Potter, Franklin, Wells street.
Phelps, Charles A., 46 South Perry street.
Phelps, Jane R., 46 South Perry street.
Phelps, Charles A., Jr., Troy Condference Academy, Poultney, Vt.
Parks, Julia, Union Avenue.
Philips, Eliza, West Montgomery street.
Peters, Samuel, South Market street.
Peters, Anna M., South Market street.
Peters, Nettie, South Market street.
Peters, Amy, South Market street.
Pocock, Roy, Chase street.
Putman, Mrs. Mohlon, Chase street.
Putman, Ella, Chase street.
Putman, Frank B., Chase street.
Perry, Frances, 54 East Main street.
Perry, George (no address)
Parker, Henrietta, 3 Smith street.
Parker, Helena, 107 North Perry street.
Purdell, henry, 214 North Market street.
Plantz, Catherine, Albany Bush.
Polmateer, Mary A. (no address)
Quackenbush, C. G., 26 Hoosac street.
Quackenbush, Cora B., 26 Hoosac street.
Quackenbush, John V., 2 Veghte street.
Quackenbush, Cathrine, 2 Veghte street.
Quackenbush, Maud C., 2 Veghte street.
Quackenbush, Lulu E., 2 Veghte street.
Richards, John C., 10 Yost street.
Richards, Eva E., 10 Yost street.
Richards, Mabel, 10 Yost street.
Richards, Dana, 10 Yost street.
Rail, Leatha M., 201 North Perry street.
Rail, Fannie, 201 North Perry street.
Reese, Edith, 24 Chase street.
Reese, Jennie A., 24 Chase street.
Reese, Augusta, 24 Chase street.
Ripton, James H., 110 East Clinton Avenue.
Ripton, Clarence F., 110 East Clinton Avenue.
Ripton, Clarence J., 123 East Clinton Avenue.
Ripton, Florence G., 123 East Clinton Avenue.
Ripton, Anna, 110 East Clinton Avenue.
Ripton, Henry, 110 East Clinton Avenue.
Rupert, Francies, 8 Burton street.
Rupert, Mrs. Ellen, 8 Burton street.
Rupert, Frank E. (no address)
Robinson, Mrs. Margaret, 107 Fulton street.
Robinson, Margaret, 107 Fulton street.
Ryder, Anna L., 380 Melcher street.
Remmel, Augustus C., 6 Main street.
Remington, Ella M., Adams Avenue.
Rose, Charles R., 7 South Melcher street.
Rose, Emma J., 7 South Melcher street.
Rodgers, Judith, 12 Church street.
Stevens, Alex, 204 West State street.
Stevens, George, 204  West State street.
Stevens, Anna, 204 West State street.
Stevens, Ella, 9 West Fulton street.
Smith, Maggie, 8 West Fulton street.
Smith, Sarah (no address)
Smith, Dorothy (no address)
Smith, George R., 310 South Perry street.
Smith, Julia, 310 South Perry street.
Smith, Libbie A. (no address)
Smith, Cora B., 401 South William street.
Smith, Lessa, 15 Hoosac street
Smith, Jennie, 36 Cayadutta street.
Smith, Sidney, 302 State street.
Smith, Anna, 302 State street.
Stroud, Charlotte, 109 East State street.
Stroud, Emma, 109 East State street.
Slade, Ellen, 40 South Perry street.
Sheldon, Byron H., 12 North Market street.
Sheldon, Lillian, 12 North Market street.
Sheldon, Mercy, 12 North Market street.
Suits, Viola (no address)
Suits, Kate (no address)
Shelland, Ira, 100 Glebe street.
Shelland, Anna C., 100 Glebe street.
Shelland, Lillian E., 100 Glebe street.
Sponenberg, Kate, 116 Burton street.
Shaul, Fay (no address)
Summer, Pheobe, 3 Reservoir street.
Shaw, Valley, 104 South Market street.
Shaw, Christie A., 104 South Market street.
Spawn, Harry, South Glebe street.
Spawn, William, South Glebe street.
Spawn, Claude, South Glebe street.
Spawn, Emma, South Glebe street.
Shibley, Luretta, 5 Hamilton street.
Sisum, Mrs. Orpha, 33 Cayadutta street.
Sutliff, Rosa, 13 Mathews street.
Sutliff, Wesson M., 224 West Main street.
Sutliff, Stella, 224 West Main street.
Sutliff, Clarence, 224 West Main street.
Sutliff, Lena, 224 West Main street.
Sutliff, Francis B., 510 North Market street.
Sutliff, Stephen S., 126 Hoosac street.
Sutliff, Maria, 126 Hoosac street.
Sutliff, Hugh, 36 South Perry street.
Sutliff, Almira, 36 South Perry street.
Sutliff, Mrs. Clara B., 8 Briggs street.
Sutliff, James A., 113 South Perry street.
Sutliff, Janet, 113 South Perry street.
Sutliff, Jennie M., 113 South Perry street.
Sutliff, Nellie E., 243 North Perry street.
Stafford, Matilda, 212 North Perry street.
Stark, Helen (no address)
Scott, Helen (no address)
Shutts, Elizabeth D., 206 Fon Claire street.
Stewart, Mrs. Mary, 19 Gilbert street.
Stewart, Margaret, 19 Gilbert street.
Stewart, Gertrude K., 202 Burton street.
Stewart, Maggie E., 19 Gilbert street.
Schoonmaker, Sylvia E., 34 West State street.
Still, Jennie M., 22 North Perry street.
Shaul, Minnie, 11 South William street.
Shaul, Betsey E. (no address)
Shull, John, 124 North Perry street.
Shull, Mary E., 124 North Perry street.
Shull, Alice, 117 North Perry street.
Seaman, Hattie, 116 South Melcher street.
Seaman, James, Second Avenue.
Seaman, Martha, Second Avenue.
Seaman, Harry, Second Avenue.
Seaman, William J., 207 Burton street.
Seaman, Maria V., 207 Burton street.
Seeley, Mrs. Dora, 202 Burton street.
Sweetsir, Fred T., 526 North Market street.
Sweetsir, Mary E., 526 North Market street.
Sutton, Thomas A., 336 West Main street.
Sutton, Robert J., 336 West Main street.
Shaffer, Anna M., 9 Yost street.
Squires, Edwin W., 18 North Perry street.
Squires, Azella C., 18 North Perry street.
Staley, Elmer J., 128 North Perry street.
Staley, Mrs. Elmer J., 128 North Perry street.
Shutts, Hattie (no address)
Shields, Abbie, West Main street.
Stephenson, Anna V., 8 Mathews street.
Sands, Robert R., 112 Washington street.
Sands, Clara, 112 Washington street
Stickland, Thos. J., 4th Avenue.
Stickland, Mary A., 4th Avenue.
Soule, Catherine A., 28 South Melcher street.
Soule, Addie, 28 South Melcher street.
Soule, Clara L., 28 South Melcher street.
Sweet, Burdell W., O'Neil Avenue.
Sweet, Lilly, O'Neil Avenue.
Shippee, Mary, 24 South Market street.
Sanderson, William, 414 North Market street.
Shires, Frederick W., 9 Mason street.
Shires, Martha B., 9 Mason street.
Shires, Walas J., 9 Mason street.
Stirling, Ann, 101 Byard street.
Spencer, Carrie, 106 Green street.
Shutts, Mrs. Anna, 45 Main street.
Skinner, Bertha G., Canada.
Thompson, Julia, 1 West Clinton Avenue.
Travers, Mrs. Martha, 4 Burton street.
Thompson, Mrs. Estella C., 18 William street.
Tyler, Carrie A., 212 Fon Claire street.
Topp, Almina, 3 Matthews street.
Topp, Sophia, 7 Matthews street.
Taylor, Samuel, 406 South William street.
Taylor, Ann, 406 South William street.
Taylor, Lena, 406 South William street.
Taylor, Grace May, 406 South William street.
Taylor, William, 406 South William street.
Taylor, Daniel, 406 South William street.
Taylor, Albert, 406 South William street.
Taylor, Sarah H., 106 East Main street.
Taylor, Edwin R., 106 East Main street.
Turney, Joel O., 13 McMartin street.
Turney, Annette C., 13 McMartin street.
Timmerman, Wilber F., 105 Burton street.
Timmerman, Nancy C., 105 Burton street.
Timmerman, Bertha L., 105 Burton street.
Tizzard, Minnie, 26 Hoosac street.
Trumbull, Orilla, 317 West Main street.
Trumbull, Ida, 317 West Main street.
Topliff, Della L., Gloversville, N.Y.
Tyrrell, Phebe, 127 North Perry street.
Underwood, Harriet, 21 Cady street.
Van Alstyne, Sarah Jane, 25 North Melcher street.
Van Alstyne, Gordis S., 25 North Melcher street.
Van Alstyne, Mrs. Libbie, Walnut street.
Vosburgh, Mrs. Mary, 1 Mathews street.
Vosburgh, Clara, 34 Cayadutta street.
Vosburgh, Alida, 34 Cayadutta street.
Vosburgh, Samuel, 34 Cayadutta street.
Vosburgh, Samuel K., 22 Wells street.
Vosburgh, Mrs. Cora B., 22 Wells street.
Van Sickler, David P., 114 South Melcher street.
Van Sickler, David H., 114 South Melcher street.
Van Sickler, Alice, 114 South Melcher street.
Van Sickler, Martin G., 106 Washington street.
Van Sickler, Mrs. Ellen M., 106 Washington street.
Van Sickler, Emma, 203 Burton street.
Van Sickler, May, 109 South Market street.
Van Heusen, David H., 227 West Main street.
Van Heusen Margaret, 227 West Main street.
Van Allen, Nettie, 119 North Perry street.
Van Nest, Sohpia, 128 Hoosac street.
Van Nostrand, Julia, 205 North Market street.
Van Nostrand, Hattie, 205 North Market street.
Van Nostrand, Elizabeth, 56 East Main street.
Veghte, Della, Scotch Bush.
Vibbard, Tillie, 209 West Clinton Avenue.
Vibbard, Louise, 209 West Clinton Avenue.
Van Buren, Carrie E., 26  North Perry street.
Van Sickler, Rachel, 101 Glebe street.
White, Albert, 109 Burton street.
Wentworth, Mrs. Emma, 3 Oak street.
Wicks, Lavina, 5 Beaver street.
Wicks, Roy, 5 Beaver street.
Wicks, Inez, 5 Beaver street.
Wright, Willis, 8 South William street.
Wait, Nancy M., 3 Grove street.
Wait, martha A., 109 Washington street.
Wait, Rosa B., 144 East Main street.
Wait, Luella, 109 Washington street.
Wait, Mrs. Lenora, 3 Grove street.
Wait, Minnie, 3 Grove street.
Wait, Mrs. Amanda, 6 West Fulton street.
Wilcox, Jennie A. Kilmer, 213 North Perry street.
Wilcox, Harry B., 213 North Perry street.
Webster, Sanford T., 305 West Montgomery street.
Webster, Mrs. Roseltha, 305 West Montgomery street.
Webster, Laura, 305 West Montgomery street.
Wilson, Maria, Gloversville, N.Y.
Wilson, Peter R., Gloversville, N.Y.
Walrath, Jennie A., 107 Burton street.
Walrath, John R., 107 Burton street.
Wemple, Phebe, 219 Montgomery street.
Wemple, S. C., 219 Montgomery street.
Wert, Mrs. Mary C., 412 North Market street.
Weare, Mrs. Cynthia M., 12 Prospect street.
Weare, Fred C., 12 Prospect street.
Weare, Charles F., 12 Prospect street.
Wormuth, Mary, 202 North Perry street.
Wormuth, Amanda, 9 Smith street.
Whitmore, Georgiana, South Market street.
Whitmore, Mamie, South Market street.
Walker, Walter F., 121 Clinton Avenue.
Walker, Mrs. Luella, 121 Clinton Avenue.
Walker, Rinaldo, 104 Green street.
Walker, Adelaide, 104 West Green street.
Wolfe, Charles W., 5 Baker street.
Wolfe, Emma, 5 Baker street.
Wolfe, Louis B., 5 Baker street.
Wolfe, Ella L., 5 Baker street.
Wolfe, Emily J., 5 Baker street.
Wolfe, Fred H., 5 Baker street.
Weller, George (no address)
Weller, Julia, 200 West State street.
Weller, Frank, 200 West State street.
Wiles, Oliver M., 5 Yost street.
Wyman, Ellen, 204 North Market street.
Wood, Mrs. Frank (no address)
Young, James K., 28 South Perry street.
Young, Mrs. Jennie, 28 South Perry street.
Young, Laura, 28 South Perry street.
Young, Jeremiah, 106 First Avenue.
Young, Mary, 106 First Avenue.
Young, Ada M., 61 East Main street.
Young, Nancy A., 340 West Main street.
Young, Henrietta, 613 Main street.
Yerdon, Mable, 3 Pearl street.
Yerdon, Alice May, 3 Pearl street.

Alford, Lucy Davis, 143 West Main street.
Ackerman, Grace, 25 East Main street.
Ackerman, Octavia, 25 East Main street.
Ackerman, Florence, 25 East Main street.
Alpaugh, Harvey P., 14 Chase street.
Alpaugh, Helena M., 14 Chase street.
Adams, Emma Josie, 20 Cady street.
Abbott, Archie, 4th Avenue, Thyneville.
Bridge, Georgiana, 16 West Green street.
Briggs, Clara, 124 East Clinton street.
Briggs, Belle H., 124 East Clinton street.
Bartar, Ada, 6 Cady street.
Bascom, Inez, Corner Prospect and Whitmore Avenue.
Bascom, Lewis, Corner Prospect and Whitmore Avenue.
Brunt, Joseph, Fultonville, N.Y.
Brunt, Geo. A., 3d Avenue.
Brunt, Alfred, 3d Avenue.
Bush, Ada, 23 Chase street.
Bush, Libbie, 23 Chase street.
Bulger, Betwey, 110 West Fulton street.
Buck, Catherine, 426 North Market street.
Berry, Elsie L., 8 East Fulton street.
Button, Chena, 127 East Main street.
Baker, Geo. E., 21 South Melcher street.
Bradley, Luther, Old Fonda Road.
Bradt, Arthur, 9 East Fulton street.
Cross, Joseph H., 114 West Fulton street.
Caldwell, Menzo, 9 Smith street.
Caldwell, Lillian J., 9 Smith street.
Craft, George C., 106 West Fulton street.
Colin, Clara May, 210 West State street.
Carpenter, Edward, 102 Wells street.
Carpenter, Mabel E., 102 Wells street.
Carpenter, Clifford r., 12 Gilbert street.
Christman, Elizabeth, 218 North Perry street.
Chase, jessie, 6 East Main street.
Crouse, William W., 122 Prospect street.
Chapman, Ed. N., 111 Hoosac street.
Cole, Cora, Gloversville.
Craft, Maggie S., 106 West Fulton street.
Carroll, Earl A., 18 Whitmore Avenue.
Carroll, Herbert J., 18 Whitmore Avenue.
Carroll, James M., 18 Whitmore Avenue.
Dawes, Olive M., 15 East Madison street.
Dawes, Thomas, 15 East Madison street.
Dawes, Wm. F., 15 East Madison street.
Dawes, Charles B., 15 East Madison street.
Daniels, Gertrude, 126 North Market street.
Dorn, Ida, 7 Burton street.
Dorn, John A., 215 State street.
Dockstader, Alpha, 3 West street.
Day, Esther, 7 Wells street.
Day, Walter, 7 Wells street.
Dey, Bertha A., West street.
Dey, Nellie, West street.
Dingman, Charles, 305 Fon Claire street.
Dingman, Stratton, 305 Fon Claire street.
Dean, Eva, Michigan.
Dooks, Minnie, 411 South William street.
Daniels, Maggie, 120 North Market street.
Eckerson, David, 14 East Clinton Avenue.
Eckerson, Lula M., 14 East Clinton Avenue.
Ellis, John P., 110 West Fulton street.
Ellis, Bessie M., 110 West Fulton street.
England, Lizzie, 43 Cayadutta street.
England, Schuyler, 43 Cayadutta street.
England, Glen, 222 Perry street.
Empie, Fannie, Keck Centre.
Ford, Theresa, 130 Washington Avenue.
Ford, W. J., 130 Washington Avenue.
Ford, Charlie, 130 Washington Avenue.
Fancher, Albert, 313 West State street.
Fancher, Nancy Ann, 313 West State street.
Fancher, Minnie, 311 North Market street.
Folmsbee, Emma J., 2 Yost street.
Fraley, Emmie, Mill street.
Frederick, Franklin, 10 Hoffman street.
Foster, Geo., Klipps.
Getman, Katie, 29 Beaver street.
Getman, Laura, 29 Beaver street.
Getman, Katie, 5 Burton street.
Getman, Maud, 111 Washington Avenue.
Getman, Ward, 30 Cayadutta street.
Getman, Albert, 4 East Fulton street.
Gaylor, Mary, 101 Fon Claire street.
Gordon, Harlon V., 17 Hoosac street.
Gramps, Jas. H., Whitmore Avenue.
Green, Ora Mae, 7 Prospect street.
Gibbs, Arthur, 101 State street.
Hanson, May, 23 Yost street.
Hanson, Myra G., 23 Yost street.
Hanson, Nellie, 23 Yost street.
Hagar, Lulu, 5 Decker street.
Hagar, Millie J., First Avenue.
Hess, Carrie Barter, 124 Prospect street.
Hadcock, Agnes, 106 Water street.
Hoag, Sarah C., 116 Washington street.
Hogaboom, Orvis C., 423 North Perry street.
Hubbs, Bessie Lee, East Main street.
Hubbs, Mary, East Main street.
Hubbs, Gordous, East Main street.
Johnson, Mrs. Myra, 45 West Main street.
Kingsley, Wilber H., 341 North Perry street.
Kingsley, Edith, 36 Cayadutta street.
Kingsley, Lydia, 36 Cayadutta street.
Kemp, Robert James, 13 Burton street.
Keller, Helen, 34 Cayadutta street.
Lacroix, Andrew J., 14 Gilbert street.
Lacroix, Maggie, 110 East State street.
Mosher, Etta, 219 North Perry street.
Meserve, Frank, 226 North Perry street.
Meserve Earl, 226 North Perry street.
Mills, Samuel S., 15 Matthews street.
Mills, Gussie H., 15 Matthews street.
Mills, Hazel, 15 Matthews street.
Morgan, Eunice, 3 East Montgomery street.
Morgan, Chas. E., 3 East Montgomery street.
Moyer, Wm. H., 16 Grand street.
Moyer, Anna V., 16 Grand street.
Miller, Solomon, Briggs street.
Miller, Mrs. Hellen, Briggs street.
Miller, Elizabeth, Klipps.
Miller, Annie, 18 West Green street.
McLaughlin, Daniel, 3 Mason street.
McLaughlin, May, 3 Mason street.
McLaughlin, Minnie, 106 East Clinton street.
McClain, Elizabeth, 126 North Perry street.
Near, Maggie L., 53 East Main street.
Neff, Minerva R., Perth, N.Y.
Parker, Charles K., 3 Smith street.
Parker, Elmer, 3 Smith street.
Parker, Anna Belle, 3 Smith street.
Perkins, Jennie, 239 North Perry street.
Philips, Katie, 6 Canal street.
Plamondon, Ida, 13 East Fulton street.
Plantz, Jennie, 405 North Market street.
Putman, Edward M., Chase street.
Quackenbush, Wallace, 5 Mason street.
Quackenbush, Jennie, 5 Mason street.
Quackenbush, Hattie, Fultonville, N.Y.
Quigley, Ellen, 108 West Madison street.
Ripton, Percy, 108 East Clinton Avenue.
Ripton, Libbie, 110 Washington Avenue.
Robinson, Kate, Sammonsville, N.Y.
Rupert, Jay, 11 Burton street.
Remmel, Harmon G., East Main street.
Rickmyre, Minnie, 306 North Market street.
Shriner, Ella, 168 East Main street.
Shriner, Ray Edward, 168 East Main street.
Stedwell, Elizabeth W., 200 William street.
Schriner, Eva Mae, 168 East Main street.
Showerman, Mrs. Ada, 32 South Perry street.
Steenburg, Lizzie B., 25 Mill street.
Steenburg, Millard, 25 Mill street.
Stroback, Helen, 422 North Market street.
Stroud, Bessie, 109 East State street.
Stroud, Nettie, 109 East State street.
Shults, Hattie, 9 McMartin street.
Smith, Nettie, 36 Cayadutta street.
Smith, Guy D., 31 South Perry street.
Snyder, Susana, Klipps Hill.
Stickland, Dora M., 4th Avenue.
Shires, Hammond W., 9 Mason street.
Sisum, Edwin D., 33 Cayadutta street.
Sands, Minnie M., 112 Washington Avenue.
Sutliff, Sidney Y., 8 Briggs street.
Sutliff, Carrie, 224 West Main street.
Steenburg, Mary J., 430 North Market street.
Stevens, Lucinda D., 300 North Matket street.
Travers, Mable, Jr., 4 Burton street.
Taylor, Edwin, 10 Matthews street.
Topp, James H., 10 Matthews street.
Topp, Maude, 326 North Perry street.
Topp, Mrs. Hattie, 326 North Perry street.
Topp, John, 326 North Perry street.
Van Allen, Grace L., 119 North Perry street.
Van Nostrand, Nellie, 205 North Market street.
Van Sickler, Cassie, 6 Hoffman street.
Vosburgh, Edwin, 11 Mason street.
Vosburgh, Mrs. Inez, 11 Mason street.
Vosburgh, Cornelia, 1 Matthews street.
Walker, Anna B., 104 Green street.
Wait, Alice, 214 north Perry street.
Wait, Harry, 109 Washington Avenue.
Wait, Coar E., 6 West Fulton street.
Wands, William, 110 South Perry street.
Wands, Cintha, 110 South Perry street.
Waterman, James H., 39 Cayadutta street.
Waterman, Laura, 39 Cayadutta street.
Wilzke, Otta A., Perth Centre, N.Y.
Webb, Mattie, 22 Cady street.
Young, Mrs. Kate, 25 Mill street.
Young, Albert, 25 Mill street.
Yerdon, Alice, 3 Pearl street.


From subscriptions
Preachers salary
Presiding Elders salary
Sextons salary
Organist salary
lady Singer's salary
Coal, 1893 to 1895
Electric Lights
Interest - Mortgage on Church
Mortgage on Parsonage
On Floating Debt Note
Interest on Notes and Renewals
C. M. Smith, Jr., printing envelopes
Water Rent
Uhlinger & Son, 1893-4
Rev. B. F. Livingston, 4 weeks supply and expenses
Repairing Organ
Sheet Music
S. Beekman, labor
W. Lynes
J. G. Ferres
Richheimer Bros., matting
Rice & Parks
Deficiency on relaying front steps
Probationers and Class Books
Apportionment of deficiency on Geil meetings
Collector and Secretary's Salary
Christian Advocate for Y. M. C. A.
Communion Wine
Printing, reports
Cleaning Church carpets
Church Record book
Stamps and stationery
D. H. Van Heusen, sundries
Balance on hand
Amount uncollected and considered collectable, about
On Church Mortgage held by Johnstown Savings Bank at 5 per cent
On Parsonage, mortgage held by Mrs. A. Korn at 5 per cent
Report of Conference Collections of Johnstown, Charge April, 1895
Missionary Society
Church extension
Sunday school Union
Tract Society
Freedmans Aid and Southern Education Society
Children's Fund
Troy Conference Education
American Bible Society
Women's Foreign Missionary Society
Episcopal Fund
Conference Claiments
Troy Conference Home Missionary Society
Deaconess Home
Amount collected by Sunday school from January 1894 to 1895
Balance on hand Jan. 1895
Amount raised by Epworth League from January 1894 to 1895
Balance on hand
Amount raised by Junior League for relaying front steps


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