Presbyterian Church Invitation
Donation and Supper, 1903

Northville, NY


You are cordially invited to attend a 

Donation and Supper

to be held at
Hotel Winney, Northville, N. Y.

Wednesday Evening, February eighteenth
nineteen hundred and three,

for the benefit of the

Presbyterian Church,

"The Little Church Around the Corner"

By order of Committee.


No children under 16 years of age admitted unless
accompanied by parents.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


General Committee

Eli Van Brocklen. Ray Hubbell.
Dr. F. N. Wright. J. H. Reed.
George Scribner. Levi Brownell.


Entertainment Committee

Mrs. Myron Darling. Mrs. Eli Van Brocklen.
Mrs. Ray Hubbell. Mrs. J. F. Austin.
Mrs. Levi Brownell. Mrs. G. K. Fraser.
Mrs. L. C. Brown. Mrs. A. M. Severance.
Mrs. C. B. Chequer. Mrs. M. Duheme.
Miss Stella Severance. Mrs. Fred Vibbard.


Printing Committee

Frank Hubbell. John Satterlee.
James B. Moore. Clare Brownell.
Fred Vibbard. Dr. A. J. Avery.
Chas. Hayden.   


Invitation Committee

I. E. Bowman. Matt. Van Brock'en.
L. C. Brown. Dr. F. N. Wright.
Frank Satterlee. Charles Duncan.


Music Committee

Mrs. G. K. Fraser. Miss Clara Stead.
Mrs. A. J. Perkins. Miss Stella Ford.
Mr. L. C. Brown.  


Soliciting Committee

J. H. Reed. Ray Hubbell.
Mrs. L. C. Brown. Miss Dell Ford.
Mrs. C. B. Chequer. Mrs. Fred Vibbard.
J. F. Austin. Levi Brownell.
Mrs. J. F. Austin. Mrs. M. Duheme.
Mrs. Eli Van Brocklen. Mrs. M. Darling.
Myron Darling. C. B. Chequer.
Miss Stella Severance. Mrs. Matt Van Brocklen.
Mrs. John Brownell. Mrs. George Scribner.


Refreshment Committee

Mrs. Matthias Van Brocklen. Mrs. Fred Vibbard.
Mrs. George Scribner. Mrs. M. Duheme.
Mrs. Grant Stanton. Miss Stella Severance.


Committee of Six

Mrs. J. W. Olmstead. Mrs. Chester Abeel.
Mrs. A. A. Stone. Mrs. Martin Hayes.
Miss Ella Peckham. Mrs. Andrew Perkins.


Table Committee

Miss Dell Ford. Mrs. Eben Hayes.
Mrs. L. C. Brown. Mrs. P. R. Chartier.
Mrs. Fred Vibbard. Mrs. C. B. Chequer.
Mrs. Grant Stanton. Miss Stella Severance.
Mrs. M. Duheme. Miss May Mason.
Mrs. John Brownell. Miss Stella Ford.
Mrs. William Washburn. Miss Clara Stead.
Mrs. Charles Hayden. Miss Florence Everett.
Mrs. Matthias Van Brocklen. Miss May Bowman.
Mrs. Ed Davis. Miss Anna Perkins.
Mrs. Howard Pettis. Miss Alice Perkins.
Mrs. Frank Chequer. Miss Lottie Brownell.
Mrs. George Scribner Miss Bessie Hayes.
Mrs. Peter Harris, Jr. Miss Lou Horton.


Reception Committee

Mr. J. W. Olmstead. Mr. William Harris.
Mr. Peter Harris. Mr. Frank Shepard.
Mr. Wm. Mosher. Mrs. Levi Brownell.
Mr. A. A. Stone. Mrs. Philo Conkling.
Mr. Wm. H. Lehman. Mrs. Henry Reed.
Mr. Fay Duncan. Mrs. Z. Ford.
Mr. Ezra Horton. Mrs. Ray Hubbell.
Mr. A. J. Avery. Mrs. John Satterlee.
Mr. Nelson Hayes. Mrs. Chas. Duncan.
Mr. Eugene Scribner. Mrs. Wm. Harris.
Mr. Samuel Harris. Mrs. Eli Van Brocklen.
Mr. John Brownell. Mrs. Dr. A. J. Avery.
Mr. H. Pettis. Mrs. A. Severance.
Mr. A. J. Perkins. Mrs. J. W. Olmstead.
Mr. Mattie Hayes. Mrs. Eugene Scribner.
Mr. Delbert Mosher. Mrs. Isaac Brownell.
Mr. John Wilson. Mrs. Henry Eaton.
Mr. Harry Tooker. Mrs. Fay Duncan.
Mr. Charles Hayden. Mrs. Wm. Mosher.
Mr. Ed Davis. Mrs. Geo Robinson.
Mr. C. Hoffman. Mrs. J. Baker.
Mr. Robert Paige. Mrs. M. L. Snyder.
Mr. Nelson Robinson.  



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