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The following information were advertisements in an old church directory, United Presbyterian Church Directory, which was added to Fulton's Church section.   Not only did this directory contain names of church members, but it also had advertisement layouts for local businesses.  As this was the nature of such information, please, do not consider this information COMPLETE in its entirety for the area at the time.   But, I do hope it's useful and provides some insight as to proprietors and the economy, etc. in 1920.  When you see this - (?) - next to the proprietor's name, I am guessing the proprietor's name, based upon the name of the business - the (?) also appears if a businesses' name is that of the person but was not clearly stated so. 

I had a lot of fun with this page - I loved looking at the old ads -  maybe you even recognize some of your relatives' businesses here - maybe they are still around?!?!?  If you have any comments or further knowledge about these businesses that you would like to share or of other local businesses, send an email with "Businesses" in the subject line and your additions will be included on this page too.  See the comments from others below!

Business name Proprietor Nature of Business Location/Address
A. B. Chapman A. B. Chapman (?) Franklin Sales Room & Service Station 1 East Main Street,
L.L. Streeter & Sons Co.   Adirondack Dairy Feed 41 West State Street, Johnstown
Alpert's   "Up-to Date Cloak and Suit Store" 18 West Main Street, Johnstown
Barney Galinsky & Sons Barney Galinsky (?) Clothiers Gloversville & Johnstown
The Brooklyn Market John Sponnoble, Jr. Groceries, baked goods 40-50 West State Street, Johnstown
C.A. Buchanan C.A. Buchanan (?) Undertaker 120 West Main Street, Johnstown
City Market Cornell & Holmes (?) Groceries, Choice Meats 22 South Perry Street, Johnstown
Coal Company of Fulton County   Anthracite and Bituminous Coal 37 West Main Street, Johnstown
Dietz Granite Works Horatio S. Dietz Monuments - Markers Perry Street, Johnstown
Dorn's Fish Market     214 West Main Street, Johnstown
Dunn's   "Waists, Skirts, Petticoats, Corsets, Hosiery..." 13 West Main Street, Johnstown
E. Fairchild E. Fairchild (?) Optometrist 32 West Main Street, Johnstown
Elizabeth M. Lotze Elizabeth M. Lotze (?) Manicuring/Hair Dressing 45 West Main Street, Johnstown
Endicott-Johnson   Workers Shoe Store 3 North Main/6 West Fulton, Gloversville
Eugene Moore Eugene Moore (?) "General Insurance, Real Estate and Loan Agency" Peoples Bank Building, 49 W. Main Street, Johnstown
M. Feldman & Son M. Feldman (?) Phonographs & Pianos Johnstown
Fort Johnson Coal   Coal 417 North Market Street, Johnstown
Frank Foster Frank Foster (?) Electrical Contractor 8-10 South Perry Street, Johnstown
Gates, Mills & Co.   Gates Gloves Johnstown
George A. Dorn & Co. George A. Dorn (?) Funeral Directing 16 South Perry Street, Johnstown
H. P. Alpaugh, Undertaker H. P. Alpaugh (?) Undertaker 26 South Perry Street
Henry G. Palmer Henry G. Palmer (?) Optometrist 20 West Main Street, Johnstown
Idleaze Milk Company   Dairy Johnstown
J. P. Connolly J. P. Connolly (?) Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats, Poultry" 32 South Perry Street, Johnstown
John G. Ferres Hardware Co. John G. Ferres (?) Hardware
Johnstown Auto Electric Service Station D. Harlow Calderwood Automotive Repair 43 East Main Street, Johnstown
Charles B. Knox Gelatine Co., Inc. Charles B. Knox (?) Knox Gelatine Johnstown
Kratz Bros. Jos. F. Kratz Buy "Mothers' Bread" 24 South Perry Street, Johnstown
Liberty Chocolate Shop John Cummings/
Mike Nicholson
Home-Made Candies & Ice Cream 127 West Main Street, Johnstown
The Morse Bakery   "Butter-Nut Bread a Specialty" 26 West Main Street
P. M. Simmons P. M. Simmons (?) "The Builder" 23-25 South Market Street, Johnstown
Peck's Flowers   Florist 59 N. Main St., Gloversville & 146 W. Main St., Johnstown
The Palmer Pharmacy   Pharmacy Corners of  Main & Perry Streets, Johnstown
Quimby & Company   Fine Millinery 22 West Main Street, Johnstown
Roofing L. Stephenson Roofing Perry Street, Johnstown
The Royal Knitting Co.   Fine Knit Street Gloves 19 West State Street, Johnstown
Snyder and Way   Lumber & Mill Work Bridge Street, Johnstown
Staley-Folmsbee Co.   Distributors of storage batteries 43 East Main Street, Johnstown
Thos. S. Smith Thos. S. Smith (?) Granite and Marble Works 100 Washington Street, Johnstown
Thyne's Drug Store     Johnstown
Travis & Oczko   Millwrights & Machinists,   Iron & Brass Foundry Johnstown
Uhlinger & Son   Furniture and Undertaking Johnstown
Wells & Potter   Insurance & Real Estate Johnstown
The Wessell Knitting Co.   Wool Gloves & linings Johnstown
West End Market   Cash & Carry Market 144 West Main Street, Johnstown
William R. Van Nest William R. Van Nest (?) Plumber-Tinner-Heating 46 East Main Street, Johnstown

Others have added:

I am related to the Dorn family who owned the funeral home and possibly the Fish Market also.  I think there could additionally be a connection to the Snyder lumber company.  (Hannah Dorn was daughter of funeral home director - my great grandmother)  Do you know how I could get any more details on these companies?   Thanks the site is an inspiration.   Ruth Corey  4/8/99

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have been trying to get some info on my Ggrandfathers glove business.   It was called Clark Easterly Co. and was located somewhere on Forest St. in Gloversville.  My Ggrandfather died in 1918 and maybe the business closed after that or was bought by some other firm.Do you have any ideas where I might look for such info?   Thanks, Don Easterly 4/11/99

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hi! My grandfather, Dr. Joseph Charles, was the local dentist in Johnstown, N.Y.  His office was next to Barter and Donnan Funeral Home. 4/19/99

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm trying to do research on my family tree.  My great-grandfather's last name was Eacker w/ wife Gladys Eacker owned a shoe store in the historic center of Johnstown area.   If you know any information pertaining to his shoe store please e-mail me - Melissa Glogower4/20/99

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My great-grandfather, Fred M. Robinson, started the "F.M. Robinson Paper Box Manufacturer" factory between 1905 and 1908 (advertised in the Johnstown City Directory of 1908).  The business was located at 100 West Green Street in Johnstown (across the street from the Colonial Cemetery).  Fred incorporated the business with two partners in 1913 as "The Robinson Box Company," but Fred sold his shares in 1917 and continued as "F.M. Robinson Paper Box Manufacturer."   His partners moved to the corner of West Green Street and North Market Street and became "Deyoe and Clute," which in turn became part of Gloversville's "Quinn Box Company" in 1983.  Fred Robinson remained in business at 100 West Green Street until his untimely death in December of 1935.   Fred's brother Bert Robinson, who was proprietor of his own glove shop (est. 1921) at 5 West Green Street, took over the business with Fred's son Gerald.  The box factory went out of business in 1938.  Submitted by Alan Robinson 4/29/99

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hi,  I was born in 1945 in Gloversville and spent my childhood in Johnstown.  My father (Kenneth Taddune) and his partner (Thomas Torissi) owned a glove shop on Market Street in Johnstown in the 1950s and perhaps early 60s.  It was called Venus Glove Company. If anyone has any information about my father's business, I would really appreciate it if you would e-mail me - Marietta (Taddune) Blaisdell.5/5/99


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