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Who came from Massachusetts, was born March 4, 1816. He married Sarah Erkenbrack, August 30, 1839, who was born January 16, 1817. Their children were Charles P., Amatus R., born at Troy; Edward P., born in Kingsboro; and William H., born at Gloversville.


Who also came from Massachusetts, was born March 12, 1807. His first wife was Charlotte M. Case. Their child was Helen M. He next married Abigail L. Heacock, April 1, 1847. Their children were David H. and Daniel E.


Was a well known paper box manufacturer at Gloversville in the sixties. His shop was located on Bleecker Street, between Church and Fulton Streets.


Who was born August 3, 1801, married Lois A. Phillips, April 6, 1843, who was born at Pleasant Valley, now Rockwood, February 4, 1822. Robert Evans was a well known glue manufacturer, who erected a large factory, which is still standing in the western part of Gloversville. He died many years ago and his remains are buried in the Johnstown cemetery. His children were Sarah J., Robert J., and Richard. Sarah J. married George Fraser of Johnstown. Her remains are also reposing in the Johnstown cemetery. Robert J. died several months ago at Johnstown. Richard, who is a prominent glove manufacturer, has a large factory on State Street, Johnstown.


Was born June 14, 1810. He married Sally M. Carpenter, February 24, 1840, who was born January 24, 1815. He was a fine machinist and once resided on the west side of South Main Street, Gloversville. His children were Minerva, John Q., Jane A., Newton, Ella, William and Mary.

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Who was born February 17, 1820, married Harriet W. Sprague, who was born November 27, 1825. Their children were Helen M., Alice J. and Austin F.


Who came from Broadalbin, was born December 19, 1827. He married Jane A. Washburn, who was born September 5, 1830. He has been a prominent business man of Gloversville for many years. I believe he still resides in that city. His sons are George H. Demarest and William Demarest.


Was a well known liveryman of Gloversville. The entrances to his extensive stables were from both Bleecker and Fulton streets. He died several years ago, leaving quite a property for his heirs. He had a son named Charles Ayres, who still lives in Gloversville.


Came from Connecticut.


Daniel Hosmer was born December 5, 1774. He married Thankful Johnson, December 11, 1801, who died May 7, 1804. Their child was Thankful S. He next married Matilda Goodman, May 29, 1805, who died October 1, 1813. Their child was Mary. He then married Ruth Sedgewick, June 14, 1814. Their child was Laura. He died September 11, 1840.


Son of Jonathan Hosmer, was born August 24, 1810, and died December 15, 1845. He married Margaret Case, May 13, 1834, who was born March 12, 1813. Their children were Marion ___., Mary L., and Edwin.

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Son of Jonathan Hosmer, was born August 28, 1813, and died several years ago. He married Mary A. Sexton, February 20, 1820. Their children were James S., Frances B., Mary A., Emerson B, Frances B. About forty years ago, he erected a fine residence on East Fulton Street, which is still standing. He was an importer of skins, and at his death left quite a large amount of property. One of his daughters married John J. Mason, who is now a well known resident of Gloversville. Another is the wife of Edgar A. Spencer, one of Gloversville's leading lawyers.


Son of Alanson Hosmer, was a well known lawyer of Gloversville. He died several years ago while yet in his prime.


Was born June 22, 1759. He married Margaret Humphrey, April 6, 1786, who was born November 28, 1756. Their children were Jesse, Mary and Margaret.


Son of Joseph, was born July 12, 1789. He married Luna Leonard, February 5, 1810, who was born February 14, 1792. Their child was Reuben L. Jesse Smith was a well known citizen who once owned a grist mill in West Bush, near where the Fulton County poor house is now located. The mill was burned in the winter, about forty-five years ago. He was born in Claverack, Columbia Co., his parents removing to Kingsboro when he was but three years of age. He was a strong temperance and anti-slavery man. For many years he was president of the Temperance Society of Kingsboro and Gloversville, and also of the county society. "Deacon" Smith as he was usually called, had very decided opinions.


Was born in New Jersey, December 1, 1784. He married Mary (? Can't read initial) Baird, February 9, 1807, who was born June 5, 1786. Their children were Humphrey, Ann M., DeWitt, Denton M., James H., Hady I., Thankful, and Charlotte C.

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Was born November 19, 1808. He married Almira B. Hildreth, February 25, 1836. He was a well known farmer and glove manufacturer in West Bush forty years ago. He there owned a large farm, whereon he erected a fine residence and planted extensive orchards. The farm, which is still in a flourishing condition, has passed from the family name. His adopted son was Duncan S.


Was born October 28, 1814. He married Amelia C. Leonard. He is a well known citizen, and has resided on West Fulton Street, Gloversville, for many years.


Was born August 26, 1819. He married Freelove Case, March 11, 1851. Many years ago he carried on considerable business at Smith's Corners, one mile northeast of Meco. He is yet quite bright and active for a man of his years.


Was a well known resident of Gloversville about forty years ago. He then resided on West Fulton Street.


Was born February 20, 1832. He married Mary North, March 11, 1856, who was born January 2, 1832. Their child was Flora A. Seymour. Dr. Seymour was a courteous gentleman and had many friends. He removed from Gloversville many years ago.


Was born November 3, 1827. He married Mary Jane Pease, January 16, 1856, who was born December 7, 1834.


Was born May 11, 1835. He married Jane Dickerson, December 3, 1856, who was born April [    ].

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Was born in the town of Mayfield in 1809. He received the degree of M.D., at Castleton Medical College, Vermont, in 1836, and in the same year commenced the practice of medicine in Gloversville. He married Nancy Dutcher in 1840, who was born in Mayfield, in 1820. Their children were Alden W., James, George, Samuel P. Dr. berry who was quite a tall man, once resided on East Fulton Street, Gloversville. He loved to play checkers, and usually carried a checker-board and a set of men in his pocket. He died many years ago.


Who also died many years ago, was a well known physician of Gloversville in the sixties.


Was born December 4, 1781. He married Wealthy Bu_____, who was born April 16, 1788. Their children were Jennet, Chauncey C., Semina, Semina, Densa, Austin, Sally A., Amasa, George B., Lydia J., Harzey Z. and Alexander J.


Son of Harvey, was born December 15, 1812. He married Sarah C. Capron, January 31, 1838, who was born May 10, 1816. Their children were Earl C., Antoinette S., Harvey A., James T., Oren N. and Morton D. and Mortimer C., twins.


Son of Harvey, was born February 22, 1815. He married Sally M. Fisher, who was born September 2, 1820. Later he married Miss Maggie Rossiter, of Cohoes, who is still living. He was an importer of skins and a well known resident of Gloversville. He left a large property at his death. He was a prominent Republican, who was elected sheriff of the county of Fulton in 1859. His predecessor in office was the late Bradford T. Simmons, and his successor in office was Jacob P. Miller, who is now president of the Peoples' Bank of Johnstown.

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Son of Harvey, was born January 21, 1819. He married Elizabeth Van Nostrand, January 8, 1844, who was born October 11, 1820. Their children were Lois C. and Sarah L.


Who came from Massachusetts, married Maria Windoes, February 22, 1854, who was born November 16, 1828.


Son of Joshua and Mary A. Windoes, was born February 9, 1821. He married Margaret Green, August 1, 1849. Their children were Anna S., Mary E. and Annetta G.


Represented the name of one of the old Kingsboro families.


Married Miss Clifton. Their children were Henry, William, John, Margaret, Jane and Delia.


Has been well known residents in the locality of Gloversville, and also Bennetts Corners, for many years.


The ancestor, once resided on a small farm about three miles westerly from Gloversville. He died many years ago. He was the father of several children, most of whom have passed away.


Son of William Allen, married for his last wife, Dolly Ann Van Sickler of Bennett's Corners. He was a jolly citizen, and drew large quantities of cord wood to Gloversville. He died several years ago. Among his children might be mentioned George, Joseph, Lucius, Willard, Emily and Julia. Three of the sons were soldiers in the Great Rebellion. The last named son was killed in the struggle.

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Son of William, was a well-known resident of Gloversville, residing on East Fulton Street. He died several years ago. He was the father of several children.


Resided near McNab's mill pond for many years. In the winter he was almost invariably engaged in drawing ice from the pond to the ice houses in Gloversville. He was usually seen at the funerals of his old neighbors. His children were Harvey and Electa.


Youngest son of William, is still residing in the locality of Gloversville.


Daughter of William, died at her home about three miles west from Gloversville, many years ago. She married Captain Garrison Coon, who was an officer in the old State Militia. He was a quick and handy mechanic. Their son Orren J. Coon is a prominent resident of Bennett's Corners.


Son of William, was born in the town of Johnstown, July 4, 1818. He married Mary Frederick, January 30, 1844, who was born October 20, 1820. He was a well known glove manufacturer of Gloversville for many years. His old residence on the corner of Main and Washington streets was later converted into a hotel. In his youth he was an expert ball player. He could run like a deer and catch a ball on the fly. His children were Marcus W., Helen M. and William H.

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A name indicating an old and respectable family connection of Kingsboro, originating in Connecticut.


Son of Ambrose and Abigail Potter, was born in Connecticut, August 27, 1808. He married Adaline M. Burr, October 22, 1833. Their children were Horace B. and Adaline A.


Was born May 11, 1817. He married Emily Otis, July 7, 1842, who was born October 17, 1824. Their children were Delia A., Eugene O. and Emily S. He next married Jennette McGibbon McQueen, January 26, 1853. Daniel Potter was a prominent Democrat, who was elected sheriff of the county of Fulton in 1847. He was sheriff when the county jail was burned. His predecessor in office was Michael Thompson, a Democrat, and his successor in office was Amasa Shippe, also a Democrat.


Son of Nathan and Anna Potter, was born in Connecticut, August 24, 1804. He married Lucia C. Burr, April 15, 1830, who was born July 17, 1807. Their children were Cyrus L., George C., Lucien J., Lucia C., Edmund G., Henry H., Charles M., Nathan B., Lucia F. and Daniel A.


Was born July 15, 1834. He married Lydia Brookins, October 1848, who was born June 10, 1832. He was a well known resident of Gloversville who died not many months ago.


Who came from Massachusetts, was born May 11, 1811. He married Abby R. Brown, June 8, 1844, at Northampton, Mass. He was a well-known spiritualist and removed to Wisconsin.

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Was born September 9, 1803. He married Mary Case, November 15, 1827, who was born February 15, 1803. Their children were Mary L., Sophia M., Cordelia, Jane L., Helen C., Harriet A. and Reuben G.


Was born in Broadalbin, December 25, 1807. He married Anne Christie, April 4, 1838, who was born September 10, 1816, and died October 24, 1846. Their children were James P., Jennet and Peter A. He next married Dorcas C. Van Vorst, March 15, 1848, who was born April 12, 1817. Their children were Charles J., Catherine and Elizabeth.


Who came from Windsor, Connecticut, was born June 10, 1765. He married Sarah Olcott, May 23, 1797, who was born July 27, 1766. Their children were Joab Jr., Sally, Roswell and Sylvester.


Was born May 30, 1798. He married Julia A. Hartshorn, October 6, 1828. About 35 years ago, Joab Phelps Jr. was a well known and highly respected citizen of Gloversville. He wore a high hat and resided on the corner of Church and Elm Streets. A select school was then kept in his small building on Church Street. He was one of the best and nearest neighbors to the writer of this sketch. He died several years ago, and his wife died more recently.


Was well known in Gloversville thirty-five years ago. It comprised several brothers and sisters. The men were good natured and obliging neighbors.

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Was born June 18, 1808. He married Catharine Veeder, March 1, 1835, who was born December 15, 1813. Their children were Mary C. and Jane A.


Usually called "Frank" Washburn, was born March 4, 1817. He married Mary A. Plank, May 4, 1840, who was born December 23, 1832. For many years he kept a small livery in Gloversville. Frank Washburn's sorrel pony was well known to the villagers. His children were Frances A., Leonard C. and Loren H.


Was superintendent of the poor and keeper of the county house, many years ago. He left several descendants.


Was a well known resident of Gloversville thirty-five years ago.


Was a prominent and jovial resident of Gloversville. He had a fine residence on the northeast corner of Bleecker and Fulton Streets. The dwelling, which had been erected by Dr. Mackey was later the "Mansion House." Rufus Washburn, who married Lorrain Knowles, was well liked by almost every one. His daughter married the well-known grocer, Charles Sweet. His sons were Lucius and John. The first-named son resides in New England, and the last-named passed away.


Was a nephew of the late Washburn. He married Lucy Nation. In company with William Richardson, he conducted a grocery on Main Street, Gloversville, in 1865. He had formerly resided at (Can't read) Minnesota. He had a couple of children.

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Were of Yankee stock residing in New England. (Providence, R. I. and Newport, likely.)


Who came from Connecticut, settled in this locality in the seventeenth century. He married Miss Southwick of New York. Later he removed to Wayne County, where his remains are buried. His sons were Daniel, Solomon, Robert and Nathan.


Son of Robert Jeffers Sr., was born in 1775. He was a well-known official for many years, residing in Johnstown. He married Phebe Lovelace more than a century ago. He died at Pleasant Valley, now Rockwood, in about 1843. The remains of both him and his wife are reposing near Rockwood. Their children were Elisha, Mary, Clara, George, Robert and Martha. The last named is the only survivor of the family. She is about 84 years of age, and resides at Rockwood. The last-named son was a physician whose remains were first buried at Kingsboro, and later removed to Rockwood.


Son of Solomon, was born October 14, 1795. He married Katharine Stahl, December 25, 1816, who was born March 10, 1797. He died in Gloversville, July 17, 1864. His funeral was held from the old Methodist Church on Main Street, Gloversville. The remains of both him and his wife were buried near Rockwood. They reared a family of ten children, three of whom are still living. Four of their sons were manufacturers in Gloversville in the sixties.


Was son of Elisha, and was born November 8, 1817. He married Clara Orton about fifty-five years ago. He was a mechanic and erected a fine residence on Bleecker Street, Gloversville, where his widow, and also his only daughter, Mrs. Nathaniel Bentley, now reside. He was a glove manufacturer, and also in company with B. F. Washburn, once conducted a flour and feed store in Gloversville. He died many years ago and his remains were buried in the Prospect Hill Cemetery, at Gloversville.

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Son of Elisha, who once resided on Bleecker Street, Gloversville, was born April 10, 1835. His first wife was Miss Laura A. Knapp. He speculated quite nicely in houses and lands, both in this county and in the State of Illinois. He was a farmer and also a glove manufacturer. His remains are buried in the Prospect Hill Cemetery. Several of his children reside in Gloversville and Johnstown.


Son of Elisha, was born August 16, 1830. He married Frank E. Hale about forty years ago. He was once a member of Gloversville school board, and for many years was a glove manufacturer. He then resided on Spring Street, but now resides near Caroga. He has one daughter.


Son of Elisha, was born July 27, 1841. He married Eleanor R. Getman, youngest daughter of the late James Getman of Ephratah village, October 28, 1862. She was born August 11, 1841. He once manufactured gloves and resided in Gloversville, but now resided at Johnstown.


Only child of Robert L. Jeffers, was born March 14, 1864. She was shot in the highway about two miles northwest from the Fulton County Court House, by an assassin. She died June 10, 1887. Her remains are buried in the Johnstown Cemetery.

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Was born at Kingsboro, June 18, 1804. He married Mary A. Berry, January 27, 1820, who was born July 24, 1804. Their children were Benjamin B. and Sarah A.


Emigrated from Connecticut over one hundred years ago, and settled at Kingsboro. His children were Huldah, Sally, Clarinda, Philanda, Diadema, Olive, Amos, Elizabeth, Allen and Ebenezer C.


Was born at Kingsboro, February 20, 1793. He married Huldah Gillett, October 29, 1818, who died December 20, 1821. Their children were Edwin and Huldah. The second wife was Sarah Giles, whom he married on April 5, 1825, and she was born May 26, 1793. Their child was named Giles.


Son of Amos, Jr., was born May 29, 1826. He married Charlotte C. Smith, who was born May 9, 1828. He was a well-known organ manufacturer.


Served as a soldier in the War of 1812. Later he returned to Johnstown and married Betsy Roberts.


Son of Joseph, was born March 4, 1817. He married Hariet L. Griswold, October 18, 1837, who was born October 27, 1816, and died February 19, 1841. Their children were Lavinia E., Harriet L. Then he married Diantha White, December 8, 1841, who was born March 27, 1821. Their children were Ervin W., Marvin D., Amenzo J., Allen H., Charles E., George C., Louise J., Willard P., James E. and John W. (James E. and John W. being twins.) Charles C. Bowen was a well known resident of Gloversville fifty years ago. At that time he used to put out gloves and mittens about the country for the women to make by hand. His first wife was a daughter of John Griswold, who was once a farmer residing three miles west of Gloversville. (***see below) Mr. Griswold, who was a very small man, had a peculiar habit of sneezing just before a thunder shower, when he could be heard more than half a mile. Mr. and Mrs. John Griswold were devoted Christians and Sundays they worshipped at the old Methodist Church at Gloversville. Their remains are reposing in the Prospect Hill Cemetery.

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*** (Above in inaccurate.) I, A. R. Crouse, correct, right here:
Charles Bowen married LUCINDA GRISWOLD, daughter of John Griswold. He left an infant daughter named Harriette Bowen, as Lucinda-Griswold-Bowen had died in 1841. My Grandmother, Catherine Griswold-Rhodes (daughter of John Griswold and Nancy-Gage-Griswold) brought this niece, "Hattie" Bowen up to young-womanhood, when "Hattie" was taken with typhoid-pneumonia and died, nearly breaking my Grandmother's heart---as she loved Hattie as though she were her very own daughter. Charles Bowen never paid one cent toward the care of his child. I never heard mention of the other child this paper speaks of Lavinia E., or, if I ever did hear of her, have forgotten. Of his second wife and their children I know nothing. I understood that he went "west" and "was never heard from again". Again, if he ever did have a wife named "Harriet Griswold" (of which author of this newspaper story states, it could not have been a daughter of JOHN Griswold; but, John had a brother NEWMAN Griswold, who lived near Caroga section, so Senator Christiancy's article stated, but, we never heard (in A.R.C.'s generation) whether Newman Griswold (Son of Janna the Revolutionary War Soldier) had children or not. He (Newman) was a "Methodist Exhorter."
John Griswold had the first "spring-carriage" and also was the first man to have a regular factory for dressing skins in all the Mohawk Valley. I never heard of any sneezing idiosyncrasies, either.)
Noted by A.R.C., gr.gr.gr.daughter of John Griswold.

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Was born October 6, 1831. He married Mary J. Steele, July 2, 1857, who was born June 13, 1835. Their child was George A.


Was born December 28, 1801. He married Eleanor Ward, March 11, 1833, who was born August 30, 1811. Their children were Edwin, Ward and Eleanor or Jane.


Was born in England, May 18, 1810. He married Jane Musgrave, May 6, 1834, who was born July 15, 1812. Their children were Benjamin Jr., Sarah J., Susan, Charles M., and Edward M.


Son of Benjamin, was born from sixty to sixty-five years ago. He was a model citizen, and died a horrid death while in early manhood. While working at skins he was inoculated by poison and only survived a few days. Sarah J. Bailey, sister of Benjamin Bailey, Jr., married William Place who is now a prominent resident of Gloversville.


Few men in the county of Fulton who have passed the age of three score and ten, are better preserved, both physically and mentally, than Willard J. Heacock of Gloversville and Mortimer Wade of Johnstown. They are quite similar in many respects. Both are tall men, erect and nimble walkers, well educated, and first class conversationalists. Both were born the same year, and the weddings of both were less than seven months apart. Both have been widowers, and both have buried children. Both have been glove manufacturers, and both have erected fine residences in the county of Fulton. Both are regular attendants of the Presbyterian Church, and both are closely identified with that denomination. Both have been Republicans, and both have favorite public improvements. Both have represented the Fulton-Hamilton district in the state Assembly, the former in 1873, and the last named in 1871. Both were original directors in the Fonda , Johnstown and Gloversville Railroad Company and both are well known and highly respected citizens.

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Has greatly assisted in developing the county of Fulton, and also in making laws for the state.


Ancestor of the Heacocks, was one of the first settlers of Gloversville. His children were Philander and Lemuel.


Son of Job, was born at Kingsboro, October 8, 1786. He married Sophia Leavenworth, May 28, 1816, who was born December 3, 1790, and died September 6, 1854. Their children were Abigail L., Maryette, Lemuel, Philander C., Roswell, David G. and Catharine S.


Son of Job, was born at Kingsboro, September 27, 1791. He married Margaret Smith, April 22, 1819, who was born April 22, 1793, and died April 6, 1837. He died June 22, 1837. Their children were Joseph S., Willard J., Mary L., Ann E., Mills D., Jesse, Edwin H., Margaret A.E. and Lemuel.


Son of Lemuel, was born at Kingsboro, December 11, 1823. He married Jenette Thomas, March 12, 1850. Their children were Elbert L. and William L.


Son of Lemuel, was born at Kingsboro, January 14, 1827. He married Jane A. Van Wyck, February 2, 1853. Their child was named Helena.


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