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Son of Peter, was a manufacturer in Gloversville, more than one third of a century ago. He married Martha Chatman, who now resides immediately adjoining the premises where she resided in 1865. His glove shop was then on the west side of Bleecker Street, nearly opposite his residence. He was an excellent neighbor and greatly enjoyed a good joke. He cultivated a fine cucumber patch in his rear yard, where lots of cucumbers could be found by the Fourth of July. He would closely examine his cucumber patch, early each morning, and if some of his appetizers were found missing, he would quickly exclaim, "Yes, he's been here again. I know him by his tracks." Mr. Robinson died several months ago.


Sometimes called "California Bill," resided on the northwest corner of Church and Bleecker Streets, Gloversville, about thirty-five years ago. He was one of a company who went from this locality to California in 1849. Upon the death of Simon Carmichael, Mr. Case became his successor as captain of the company. His daughter's name was Nancy.


Who came from Galway, Saratoga County, was born February 23, 1798. He married Catharine Cole of Glenville, April 30, 1834, who was born September 10, 1810. Their children were John C., Sarah J., Lucyette, Susan Ann, Rebecca and Clara.


Son of Samuel, is now a prominent manufacturer in Gloversville. He is a Republican and a Presbyterian. His shop is located on the corner of Fulton and Cayadutta Streets.


Was a grandson of Joseph Allen, a soldier of the Revolution, and a collateral descendant of Ethan Allen of Revolutionary fame. His father, Pardon Allen, who was born at Providence, Rhode Island, in 1780, married Rebecca Wilmarth in 1802, who died at Johnstown in 1817. Ethan Allen, was born in 1811, married Deborah Shepard of Kingsboro, February 12, 1834. Their children were Miriam M., Elbertine and Ethan Jr.


Was well known in this locality many years ago.


Who came from Dutchess County, was born June 12, 1799. He married Achsah Coon, February 11, 1816, who was born September 16, 1797. Their children were Harriet, Melissa, Almira, Mary, Horace, William E., Martin L., John C., George W., Charles N. and James.


Was born August 6, 1829. He married Ella E. Kibbe, March 11, 1858.


Was born August 6, 1829. He married Emily J. Banks, July 4, 1849.


Was born August 30, 1836, and died February 2, 1887. He married Catharine A. Banks, who was born May 28, 1828, and died November 6, 1884. They were well known residents of Johnstown, and their remains are buried in the Johnstown Cemetery.

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Was born February 28, 1827. He married Eliza Van Metre, January 12, 1850. For several years he resided in Genesee County, but now resides at Gloversville. His children were Sarah, Charles, Mary and Ella.


Was a well-known citizen of Gloversville forty years ago. He was a Republican and resided on South Main Street. He was a glove manufacturer and became quite a capitalist and money lender. Many years ago he purchased several notes of a travelling stranger, who claimed he had received them from farmers in this locality for organs. The farmers refused to pay the notes, claiming they were forgeries. Mr. Frank then brought an action to enforce payment on one of the notes. The several farmers combined and a lively lawsuit ensued, which resulted in Mr. Frank being beaten. When the case was on trail in the Fulton County court house the plaintiff remarked to the writer that "it made but little difference whether he beat or was beaten in the action, as he then had more money than he knew what to do with." The defendant, Henry W. Veght still possess the organ which has never cost him a dime. Dennis S. Frank who has been dead several years, married Cordelia Leonard, February 3, 1946, who was born July 31, 1825. Their children were Louisa A. and Helen.


In Gloversville, of any note, was the Temperence House, erected by James Burr in 1835. It stood opposite the old Baptist Church on South Main Street. Two Baptist Churches, one erected in 1830, not used as a church later, and the other was erected in 1856. One Methodist Church built in 1839, and one Congregational Church was erected in 1851.

The Gloversville Union Seminary was erected in 1854, and a banking house was built in 1852.

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Was erected during the years 1856 and 1857, at an expense of $65,000. Prior to its erection, the corner where it is now located was occupied by a wooden building which was inhabited by the family of Samuel S. Mills. His large fortune was mostly swallowed up in building the Mills House. He was the first proprietor of the new hotel. The construction of the Mills House brought many foreigners to Gloversville for employment, resulting in many street brawls, which sometimes culminated in almost a riot. James Barr had many a desperate struggle with the foreign workmen.


Was a well known and courageous citizen in Gloversville more than forty years ago. He married Ophelia Mason, who has been dead several years. She was a sister to John Mason who is now a well-known resident of Gloversville. James Barr proved to be a prompt official. He was once constable of the town of Johnstown. He was the Republican candidate for sheriff of Fulton County in 1874, and was defeated by John Dunn of Johnstown by a small majority. Nearly forty years ago he was a glove manufacturer in company with John S. Enos. Mr. Barr was the proprietor of the Mason House about the time that it passed to the possession of John J. Mason. He was a soldier in the late Civil War, being First Lieutenant in Company A, 153rd Regiment, New York Volunteers. "Captain" Barr, as he was often called, belonged to the Masonic order and had many warm friends. He passed away some years ago leaving several descendants. he was discharged from the army for saying it was a "nigger war." A petition signed by the soldiers failed to restore him to his former command.


Brother of John J. Mason, resided at Gloversville in the fifties. He was one of the twenty-five hundred soldiers that were sent to subdue the Mormons in Utah in 1857. Mr. Mason has long since passed away.

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Was born November 14, 1831. He married Rachel A. Balden. Their child was Charles.


Was born in Scotland, February 22, 1821. He married Mary Schenck, June 26, 1850, who was born April 12, 1829. Mr. McIntyre is now residing at Johnstown, but his wife has passed away.


Resided in this locality more than half a century ago. He was highly educated and a good natured gentleman. He was a fine grammarian, a polished penman, and could explain Dabool from A to Z. He was a school-master and wore gold rings in his ears. He was one of the best fisherman in Fulton County, and usually muttered a continuous string of adjectives while angling for speckled beauties. He was an expert player on the fife and frequently carried the ebony instrument with him about the country. He often charmed the writer by sweetly playing the beautiful "reveille." Many people are still living who were taught by Elisha Woodworth. He first married Anna Clute. He next married Miss Dence and resided in the locality of Gloversville. When his back was turned to his scholars he had a habit of saying, "keep still, there boys," when at the same time perfect quiet reigned in the schoolroom.


Was born June 30, 1830. He married Mary Seeber, September 18, 1850, who was born October 14, 1830. Their children were Cornelia S. and Jane Y.


The ancestors of the Greens emigrated from Wales to New Hampshire soon after its settlement. Early in the Revolution, James Green enlisted in the American Army, and was in the service until the conclusion of the war. He was with the division under Sullivan, and took part in many engagements.

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Who was born in 1750, died September 13, 1837. He married Margaret Crowley, who was born 1750, and died May 18, 1810. Their children were William Moses, Timothy, Gideon G.W., Ebenezer, Susan, Margaret and Maria.


Was born June 12, 1799. He married Margaret McKinley, March 20, 1826. Their children were Margaret J., Susan D., Sarah B., Mary F., Anna, Catharine, William and James W.


Was born September 9, 1797. He married Ann Stewart, January 31, 1822. Their children were James, Stewart, Margaret, Mary E., Ann Jennette and Eliza.


Was son of Gideon G.W., is a bachelor, residing in Gloversville. He was district attorney of the county of Fulton for several years.


Son of Gideon G. W., is a well-known resident of Gloversville. he married Miss Burton, daughter of the late Jacob Burton of Johnstown. He represented the Fulton-Hamilton district in the state Assembly in 1882. His predecessor in office was David A. Wells, a Republican, of Johnstown, and his successor in office was the late Richard Murray, Democrat, also of Johnstown.


Was born November 19, 1831. He married Sarah. A Corey, December 3, 1856, who was born March 1, 1833. Their child was Ella C.

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Son of Thomas Hulbert a Revolutionary soldier, was born in Columbia County, November 18, 1771. He married Ruth Cady. One of their six children was named Edward.


Was well known in this locality a half century ago.


Was a farmer residing about three miles west from Gloversville. He was of Scotch descent and delighted in catching pigeons. He married Amy Sherwood. They were the parents of several daughters and the following named sons. He was once treed by wolves in that locality, where he was compelled to stay until morning.


Who resides on the Haggart homestead, was a very large man, and a prominent Baptist. He was the husband of three wives. His two last were respectively, Miss Sally Lansing and Mrs. Rebecca Hedden. He was a son of Daniel Haggart and suffered terribly before his death.


Son of Daniel, married Harriet Holcomb and resided in Gloversville. he started for California in 1849, in company with several others from this locality. He failed to reach the Golden State, and died on the Isthmus of Panama, where his remains were buried. His children were Gilbert, Electa, Amy and others.


Son of Daniel, was born September 1, 1815. He married Maria Roberts, January 22, 1839, who was born November 28, 1819. He was a manufacturer in Gloversville, and also something of a sportsman. While on a pigeoning excursion he died suddenly at Erie, Pennsylvania. His remains were buried with Masonic honors at Gloversville. His children were Maria, Sherwood, Catharine E., Ellen, James and Amy.

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Son of Daniel, was born February 5, 1804. He married Desire Dawley, February "30" (?), 1829, who was born August 6, 1805. He was one of the Forty-Niners to California in search of gold. Prior to his starting, he often remarked that all he wanted was a "mitten full of gold." He then resided in West Fulton Street, Gloversville. Some time after he passed to the land of gold, his residence in Gloversville was destroyed by fire. Mr. Haggart then returned from California and erected his new dwelling in Gloversville, which is still standing. Later he became the proprietor of a farm in his adopted state. He passed from Gloversville to California several times before his death, which occurred in the Golden State. He was a kind-hearted and upright gentleman and had many friends. His children were Caroline, Daniel, Ann, Elizabeth, John W., Elisha, Willard, Phebe, Sherwood, Sophrona, Harriet and Stewart. Daniel is a bachelor, and now resides at Lotus, Eldorado County, California. Elisha removed to Illinois, and later was killed in the Civil War. Several of John Haggart's children reside in Johnstown and Gloversville.


Son of Daniel, was a well-known resident of Gloversville, where he died several years ago. He was a noted bird hunter and pigeon catcher. Once while searching for young birds in a pigeon camp he is said to have fallen "seventy feet" from the limb of a tree. He was the father of several children.


Son of Daniel, and twin brother of Thomas, was also a successful pigeon catcher. He was a remarkably active and courageous man, which was quickly discovered by the unfortunate who became his antagonist. After his death by consumption, the writer watched by his corpse over night. He married Miss Bronk, daughter of John Bronk, and aged Republican of Johnstown. Mr. Haggart left several children, two of his sons, Gilbert and Nathan, being soldiers in the late Civil War.

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Son of Daniel, resided in this locality. Later he was a brave soldier in the Great Rebellion. His daughter Melinda, resides at Johnstown. He died many years ago. His son William resides in Nebraska.


Son of Daniel, is the only survivor of thirteen brothers and sisters. he is the celebrated bird hunter who resides in the vicinity of Gloversville and of Bennett's Corners. He has several living children in this vicinity.


Son of Nathaniel was born October 13, 1775. He married Lucinda Johnson, October 8, 1801, who was born May 3, 1783. He died August 11, 1822. Their children were Lucinda H., Narcisson N., Nathan F., Lucia C., Parace G., Julius D. and Abigail R.


Son of Elijah, was born July 23, 1808. He married Ann C. Leonard, May 21, 1839, who was born March 22, 1819. Their children were Willard R., Remus D., Amelia P., Marcellus C., Mary F., and Josiah L.


Son of James, was born September 18, 1810. He married Betsy Hosmer May 30, 1836, who was born February 16, 1816, and died December 18, 184?. He next married Lucina Sumner, June 12, 1850, who was born July 10, 1821. Their children were Mary H., Alice C., Frank and George C.

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Son of James, was born in 1824, and died in 1854. He married Elcina Corwin in 1848. He next married Frances Briggs in 1853, who died in 1857.


Son of James, was born in 1826. He married Emily Corwin, March 4, 1851, who was born in 1830.


Son of James, was born May 9, 1816. He married Azuba M. Warner, September 28, 1841, who was born July 7, 1824. His life thus far has been spent in "Stump City" and Gloversville, where he ahs been a prominent and progressive citizen. He has been a glove manufacturer for many years. He is usually called "Howard" Burr. He was the Republican Assemblyman from the Fulton-Hamilton district in the years 1861 and 1862. His predecessor in office was James Kenedy, and his successor in office was Willard J. Heacock. Hon. James H. Burr's children were Harvey W., Caroline A. and Julia A.


Who came from Amsterdam, was born June 6, 1790. He married Catharine Toby, November 8, 1813, who was born February 10, 1792. Their children were Triphena, Hannah, Polly A., James P., Catharine, Temperance and Louisa. He next married Jane Ellison, September 27, 1829. Their children were Harriet and Ansel Jr. He resided on East Fulton Street, Gloversville, about forty years ago.


Was born November 23, 1837. He married Ann Hamilton, December 31, 1858. He was possessed of more than ordinary agility and was quite large in stature. He was a soldier in the Civil War, being Second Lieutenant in Company K, 77th Regiment, New York Volunteers, usually called the "BEMIS HEIGHTS BATTALION." He was severely wounded in the Battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862. Later he died from the effects of his wounds, at his home in Gloversville. His military funeral, which was held from the old Methodist Church on Main Street, was largely attended and was also witnessed by the writer.

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Was born in Massachusetts, July 28, 1778. He married Cynthia Washburn November 27, 1805, who was born June 22, 1784. Their children were Isaac, Ann B., Jaynes W., Dwight, Mary B., Cynthia W, Jennet A. and Isaac E.


Sons of Isaac, once resided a short distance westerly from Kingsboro. Later they removed to that village, where they manufactured gloves.


Son of Isaac, was a well-known resident of Gloversville about thirty-five years ago. He was once a glove peddler and later became a prominent bartender in the Mills House.


Was born April 5, 1799*. He married Sarah Cotton, September 10, 1801, who was born January 1782. Their children were Amelia, Harriet, John C., Adaline and Henry C. (*One of these dates is wrong, because he didn't get married at age 2)


Son of Cornelius, was born January 6, 1814, in the city of New Haven, Connecticut. He married Mary B. Johnson, January 3, 1838, who was born April 9, 1811. Their child was Sarah. Henry C. Thomas was considered a very honest and upright citizen of Gloversville. He kept a harness shop on South Main Street. He was a prominent deacon in the Baptist Church, an Abolitionist, a temperance man, and his father was lost at sea the same year that Henry C. Thomas was born.

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Was born May 11, 1812. He married Nancy Wilson, December 1837, who was born May 11, 1815. Their children were William S., Marcia E., Armitage and John.


Son of William, Sr., was born September 6, 1795. He married Maria Clarke. Their child was Lucinda C. His second wife was Nancy C. Washburn. Their children were Julia W., Henry M., Rufus W. and Catharine M. His third wife was Mary Sheldon. Their children were Eliza A., Sarah E., Lois C., Frances J. and John S.


Son of William, Sr., was born October 14, 1804. He married Catharine Peake, October 13, 1834, who was born March 25, 1805. His father died before the son was old enough to be influenced by his examples and instructions. His best legacy was the teachings of a pious mother. Starting in life without a moneyed capital, he finally became a prominent resident of Gloversville. He was a Methodist, and a glove manufacturer. He met with severe reverses in business, but never lost his independence and manliness. He was a Justice of the Peace and also an insurance agent for many years. He was Assemblyman from the Fulton-Hamilton district in 1841. His predecessor in office was Langdon L. Marvin and his successor in office was John Patterson. His children were Marcus P., Matilda J., Sarah P., Helen S., Maria E. and Charles S.


Married Minerva R. Sprague, May 15, 1854, who was born May 15, 1833. Their child was Courtnay Sprague, who was born July 11, 1857.


Was born December 14, 1811. He married Phebe Van Northstrand, March 22, 1833, who was born June 13, 1812. He was a jolly, good-natured resident of Gloversville 35 or 40 years ago. Sons were Willard and John H.

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Son of Samuel, was a well-known grocer in Gloversville in 1865. His store was south from the old Methodist Church on Main Street, and his partner in business was Alfred Washburn. Mr. Richardson, who delighted in fishing, died many years ago.


Son of Richard and Mary Clute, was born in the village of Johnstown, about seventy years ago. He was one of the "FORTY-NINERS" in California. He manufactured gloves at Rockwood and also at Gloversville. Being a radical Democrat, he was presidential elector on the O'Conor ticket in 1872. Later he became a sugar planter in the state of Texas, his extensive plantation being located along the Brazos River. He was a bachelor, and breathed his last in his adopted state about two years ago.


Was born June 30, 1824. He married Martha Clark, December 23, 1846, who was born March 24, 1829. Their children were Myron W., Amelia B., William C., Jennie, Charles H. and Edgar P.


Was born January 27, 1835. He married Sarah Ferguson, December 21, 1856, who was born September 2, 1834.


Was born September 14, 1814. He married Maria Mitchell, November 25, 1841, who was born June 12, 1816. Their children were Andrew, Celia and Maria.


Was born July 1, 1797. He married Esther J. Place, March 28, 1827 who was born April 6, 1802. Their children were Mary J., Edwin P., John W. and Ann B.

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Who came from Mayfield, married Harriet Ward.


Was the son of Noah Hildreth. His mother's name was Mary Doane. He was born in Columbia County, New York, in 1790. He married Lucy Judson April 11, 1825, who was born February 5, 1800. At the age of 20, he lost his father and being the eldest son, the care of his mother, with two brothers and a sister, devolved upon him. He became a well-known farmer, residing some two or three miles northerly from Gloversville. He was quite liberal to the church and also to the American Board of Foreign Missions. His children were Marion, George W., Lucy and Electa A.

(Note here: (Says A.H.C.- there are "HILDRETH" graves in a jungle like, neglected, rural plot, at left side the road as you go from Amsterdam to Broadalbin, just after leaving the settlement of "Vail Mills". Also are graves of THOMPSON, BEMIS, etc… and other names, some very ancient).


Daughter of Survanus C. Hildreth, born on her father's farm in January 1836. She married George W. Fay in 1861. At her death she bequeathed $25,000 to the Gloversville Library.


Was born in Farmingham, Massachusetts, in 1834. He came to Gloversville in 1855 and entered the store of F. B. Knowles & Co. Later he conducted the clothing business on his own account, and amassed quite a large fortune. He was a very quiet and modest gentleman and was often patronized by the writer. He was Assemblyman from the Fulton-Hamilton district in 1875-1877. His first predecessor in office was John Sunderlin, and his second predecessor was John J. Hanson. His last successor in office was John W. Peek. He died in 1885.

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Was born July 26, 1808. He married Sally M. Griswold, March 15, 1836, who was born March 22, 1815. He often purchased and sold gloves. His children were as follows: Charles, who died many years ago; William N., usually called "Billy", who was well known in Gloversville and died several years ago; Nancy J., who married Charles Hare, and is also dead; Harriet N., dead; Mary E., who married B. Lord, and died years ago; and Alice O., who married Isaac Cohen and resides in Gloversville.


Often called "Uncle Billy", was a brother to Theodore Welch. He married Emily Gillet, daughter of Lemuel Gillet. The ceremony was performed in the small farm house where Lemuel Gillet resided, which was located a few rods west from what is now Bleecker Street. Although slightly eccentric, William N. Welch was a prominent and highly respected resident of Gloversville. He was regarded as a pillar of the First Methodist Church, for the building and support of which he contributed largely. He was a successful speculator in real estate and at various times was the owner of many fine dwellings and blocks in Gloversville. He passed away several years ago, honored and remembered by his friends and neighbors. He has no descendants. His remains are buried in the Prospect Hill Cemetery where a very tall monument marks their last resting-place.


Son of Elijah Porter, was born De________. [_____] Ellison, December 31, 1845, who was born January 11, 1822. Their children were Wilbur J., Alanson J., John E., Charles S. and Marvin B.


Became somewhat extensive and well known in this locality.

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Son of Col. Richard Livingston, an officer of the Revolution, was among the first inhabitants of "Stump City", later Gloversville. He was born February 15, 1784. He married Marie Hartshorn, who was born January 19, 1786. Prior to his death he resided on his farm, near the tollgate between Johnstown and Gloversville. His children were Rensselaer, Eliza, Margaret, Jane A., John S., Maria L., William H., Alfred, Daniel C., Edward W., Selah O. and Charles.


Son of Stephen, was an eccentric bachelor, who became a resident of Johnstown. He was an Abolitionist, a temperance man and a well-known citizen. He died many years ago.


Son of Stephen, became a prominent hardware merchant in Johnstown. He was Quartermaster in the 153rd Regiment, New York Volunteers, in the Civil War. He was a well-known Democrat and passed away several years ago.


Son of Stephen, was well known in Johnstown nearly half a century ago, where he edited a little paper called the "JOLLY JOKER." He often wore a high hat and always delighted in newspaper work. He was a bachelor and died several years ago. His remains are buried on the Livingston plot in the Johnstown Cemetery.


Son of Stephen, is now an aged resident of Johnstown, where he conducts the real estate business.


Son of Josiah, was born June 6, 1804. He married Sarah Cheedle, August 26, 1829. He next married Maria V. Arnold, October 2, 1834. His children were Benedict A. and Mary.

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Is the name of an old and respectable family, who were among the first inhabitants of Kingsboro, and came from Connecticut.


Was born December 27, 1801. He was a well-known Justice of the Peace of the town of Johnstown for many years. He married Betsy Week, February 13, 1823, who was born January 20, 1804. Their children were Frederick M., George W., Mary A. and Pauline K. He next married Martha Brown, February 18, 1838, who died August 10, 1849. Their children were Martha E., Caleb W., Samuel A., Emeline M. and Joseph A.


Son of James W., is the courteous and well-known reporter of the "DAILY NEWS", at Johnstown.


Son of Samuel, was born, September 5, at Springfield, Vermont. He married Philinda Beach, September 24, 1806, who was born October 4, 1788 and died December 28, 1821. Their children were Samuel L., Albert, Lorana, Orsamus H., James J., Amos B., John A.V. He next married Prudence Hatch in 1822. He was a Presbyterian elder.


Was born at Rockport, Massachusetts, June 9, 1819. He married Lucy E. Giles, who was born December 7, 1828. Their adopted daughter was Mary A. Burr.


Son of Vine Sprague, was born June 1, 1801, in the town of Mayfield. His inheritance was poverty and early orphanage. He married Parnel Scribner. He was a merchant for several years and also a member of the Methodist Church. He was originally a Democrat, and served four years as superintendent of schools in the county of Fulton. He was a temperance man and resided on Bleecker Street, Gloversville in the sixties. His children were Horace, Harriet W., Christopher C., John M., Lyman L., Mary E. and Julia A.

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Son of Vine Sprague, was principal of the Kingsboro Academy many years ago. He was a man of ability and an interesting speaker. Some forty years since, the writer listened to Horace Sprague's address at the Teachers Institute at Rockwood.


Was among the first settlers of Kingsboro. They were descendants of Dea. Daniel Judson, who was born in 1729 and died in 1817.


Son of Daniel, was born in 1765. He married Lucy Case in 1787, who was born in 1766. Their children were Sylvester, Sylvanus, Curden, Elisha, Lucy and Alanson.


Was born at Kingsboro, June 28, 1796. He married Rachel B. Brown, March 20, 1828, who was born August 24, 1804. Their children were Daniel B., John W. and Elisha.


Son of Elisha Jr., was born at Kingsboro, December 30, 1828. He has never used tobacco in any form, and has never tasted ardent spirits except as medicine. He has been one of the most extensive glove manufacturers in the county of Fulton. He was formerly a Republican but in 1872 he was a candidate for Congress on the Democratic ticket. He erected an elegant brick residence in Kingsboro, that was recently destroyed by fire. He married Phebe E. Brown, March 10, 1852, who was born January 9, 1831. His children were Edward W., Daniel B., Mary L., John B. and Horace.

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Son of Elisha, Sr., was born November 15, 1806. He married Jane Ellison, October 22, 1833, who was born February 16, 1816. Their children were Charles W., Hariet A., Lucy J., Ella M., Sarah A., Alice L., Marion L. and Catherine M. Alanson Judson was one of the few men who rose from poverty and obscurity to wealth and position in society without reproach. He was believed to be strictly honest and his word was said to be as good as his note. He was an extensive glove manufacturer, his shop being located on the north side of Fulton Street, his fine residence standing on the south side of the same street. He was formerly a Republican, but became a Greely supporter in 1872. He was a highly respected citizen in Gloversville, where he died several years ago.


Was born in the town of Broadalbin in the year 1789. His parents; Robert Robertson and Jane McMartin, were natives of Scotland. He was a trusted and confidential adviser of Rev. Dr. Yale of Kingsboro. For nearly forty years he was superintendent of the Bible Class and Sunday School of the church in that Village. He held the offices of supervisor of the town of Johnstown and Judge of the courts of Fulton County. He was president of Fulton County Bible Society and an honorary member of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.


Was one of four sons of Benjamin Cheedle, of Norwalk, Connecticut. He was born in Norwalk, in the year 1762. For a time he was a soldier in the Revolution and was present at the execution of Major John Andre' on October 2, 1780. (The remains of the British spy were first buried near his place of execution at Tappan, but were later taken to London, and now rest in Westminster Abbey.) Dr. Cheedle came to Kingsboro toward the close of the eighteenth century and established himself at that place, where he actively engaged in his profession for a period of over forty years. During his active career of practice, his rides extended over a large portion of the region now included within the limits of Fulton County. He often allowed the accounts of his debtors to remain so long unsettled that when payment was asked and demanded the demand would be evaded by the limitations of the law. He married Miss Anne Wilson of Kingsboro, in 1795, who died in 1839. He died in 1849. Their children were Elizabeth, Benjamin, Berintha, Jane A.W., Elijah Jr., Stewart, George C., Augustus and Mary.

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Is the name of an old and respectable Kingsboro family connection. Their lineage can be traced back five generations, from John Parsons born in 1724, James born in 1748, and John born in 1777 to his children and grandchildren.


Son of James, was born October 2, 1777. He married Charity D. Johnson, June 24, 1804, who was born December 25, 1779. Their children were Amelia T., Homer J., Hiram A., John , Harriet N. and Harriet.


Son of John, was born October 27, 1806. He married Almira A. Allen, October 6, 1831. Their children were Mary, Esther A. and John H.


Son of John, was born May 20, 1809. He married Mary E. Brown, January 26, 1841. Their children were John, Richard B. and Hiram W. He next married Hannah M. Kinnicut, January 23, 1856, who was born January 16, 1827.


Son of Oliver Parsons, was born November 10, 1811. He married Lydia Smith, February 14, 1837, who was born November 17, 1813. Their child was Harlan E.


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