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St. Patrick's Church, Johnstown

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SHAW & ERCANBRACK - Dealers in staple and fancy groceries, No. 213 North Perry Street. Telephone call No. 33. This enterprise has been in operation here for the last nine years and was established originally by Mr. Shaw. It has been under the present firm name since October of 1906. It is a residential store, and as such its excellent service is appreciated by the residents of this vicinity. All kinds of family groceries are carried, green and dry vegetables in season, and a specialty is made of fine canned goods. The teas and coffees sold here are selected with great care and none but the best are used. Goods are delivered to any part of the city.

W. B. DILLENBACK - Dealer in choice meats of all kinds, No. 224 North Perry Street. Telephone call No. 637. The active and steadily growing business in fresh and salt meats, sausage, poultry and game, located at No. 224 North Perry Street, was established here two years ago bu the present proprietor, Mr. Dillenback. The store is neat and tidy in appearance and is modernly appointed. The greatest care is exercised to handle the best grades of quality meats, and absolutely pure manufactured products, reasonable prices being invariable at the same time. Mr. Dillenback has one clerk and uses a wagon for delivering purchases. He is a hustler for business and has won the confidence and esteem of all with whom he has transacted business.

C. W. ROWLES - Glove manufacturer, No 29 East Main Street, Johnstown, N.Y. Telephone call No 62. This business was founded here by Mr. W.H. Rowles, the father of the present proprietor, in the year 1859, thus making it nearly half a century old. The present proprietor assumed charge of the business in 1879 and has made many improvements. The styles of gloves made are principally men's and women's capes and mocha for driving and street wear, which are giving excellent satisfaction to the trade.

J. DeBEER - Manufacturer of baseballs, No. 19 West State Street. Since the American game has attained such universal prominence the manufacture of the supply needed for the game has become one of the greatest importance. This concern was originally founded here in the year 1889 by the present proprietor, who has conducted it ever since with uniform success. He has constantly added to the working force and the equipment, until today it is one of the most up-to-date concerns in the city. He manufactures sporting goods of all kinds, including baseballs, catchers' gloves and mitts, footballs, striking and punching bags, boxing gloves, all of which are sold to jobbers only. Mr. DeBeer employees twenty-eight in his factory in this city, besides sending out work to two hundred and fifty people in this city and employing one hundred in Schenectady. The capacity of the entire plant is six hundred dozen baseballs per day, which range in price from five cents to one dollar pieces.

WILLIAM B. VAN VLIET - Pharmacist, No. 111 Main Street, Johnstown is noted for the importance of its mercantile interests, particularly those lines which require more than ordinary ability and a special training, such as the retail drug trade. Prominent in the city's progress in this field is the house mentioned above and established here thirty years ago. The present proprietor, Mr. Van Vliet, is a man of over fifty-five years of experience in the business, and also employs two licensed clerks and one boy. The store is neatly fitted up and the stock is well arranged, making a fine display at all times. The carefully selected stock includes pure and fresh drugs and a full line of chemicals, perfumes, toilet articles and cigars, and an attractive soda fountain.

N. BUDDLE - Dealer in household goods, notions, novelties and toys, No 41 West Main Street. Mr. Buddle, the energetic proprietor of this store, has been well known to mercantile circles in this city for a number of years. About ten years ago he sold out the store of which he was then the proprietor and went to Utica to engage in business. His home town having more attractions for him, he returned and opened the present place five years ago. A large stock is carried and three clerks are employed.

J. P. O'NEIL & SON - Wholesale and retail dealers in fresh and salted meats of all kinds, No. 111 West Main Street. Telephone call No. 131. This business was founded here twenty-five years ago by Mr. J.P. O'Neil, and ten years ago his son, Edward, became associated with him in its management. It is the only business of its kind in the city conducting both a wholesale and retail business. The store itself is large and airy and the meats are displayed to the best advantage and in the most up-to-date and sanitary manner. There is a packing house on O'Neil Avenue, where the goods for the wholesale trade are prepared. They make a specialty of all kings of bolognas and frankfurters and sausage, and are the curers of the celebrated brand of Matchless Hams and Bacon. A force of ten employees is required and two wagons attend to the hauling and delivering.

MRS. J QUINBY - Milliner, No. 8 ˝ West Main Street. This establishment has been in operation for the last fifteen years, furnishing the ladies of Johnstown with their fashionably trimmed hats and fancy goods. It does a fine business and caters to a large and desirable class of customers. For a number of years Mrs. Quinby was located at No. 26 North Perry Street, and she has been in the present location for four years. She is a fine business woman and keeps her establishment modern and up-to-date in every respect. The stock carried is very large and represents all the most desirable articles of the different lines. The whole of the second floor is in use. The business requires the services of a number of competent assistants besides the personal attention of the proprietor.

GEORGE E. CAMM - Practical watchmaker and optician, No. 8 East Main Street. This concern was established in the year 1868, and it has been in the present location since the year 1888. Mr. G. E. Camm is the proprietor and since he took charge of the business he has advanced steadily and conservatively until he has placed his business among the leading establishments of its kind in the city. He has sound business sense, a thorough knowledge of his art, and believes in fair and honorable dealing with his patrons. His store is well stocked with high class goods. The large patronage which he enjoys demonstrates the wisdom of the careful business policies which he has pursued. There is also a work and repair chop where the finest work is done, particular attention being given also to the finest kind of engraving. Mr. Camm has taken care of the school clocks of the city for thirty-five years. Mr. Camm is also a practical optician, and has two assistants.

THE PEOPLES BANK - Corner of Main and Markets Streets. This bank, one of the most reliable and well known in this section of the state, was founded in 1831. For seventy-six years it has been doing business in this city. It has always maintained the high standard of honor in its dealings that was its policy when it was founded. A number of years later it was changed from a private bank to a national bank, in 1879, and in 1889 it was incorporated as a state institution. The building is situated on the site formerly occupied by the home of Daniel Cady, and the present structure is one of the most substantial in the city. Its officers are as follow: President, Edward Wells, former cashier for many years and president since 1904; Oliver Getman, vice president, and Donald Frasier, who has been with the bank for many years, has been cashier since 1904. The capital of this bank is $200,000; the surplus and undivided profits, $257,266.44, and the deposits are nearly $2,000,000. Interest is paid on deposit books.

M. FELDMAN - Dealer in furniture, carpets and curtains, upholsterer, Nos. 216-218 West Main Street. Telephone call No. 699. Mr. Feldman has been the successor in this business to Mallory & Berger for the last four years. The business was formerly located at No. 139 West Main Street, but its present quarters far excel the other in beauty and convenience. There are five floors and a basement in this one building and there is also an annex used for storage purposes next door. Mr. Feldman owns this building and has it well filled with an elegant and up-to-date stock of goods, including everything for making the home more comfortable. Three men are employed in the store, who are ready and willing at all times to exhibit their goods and give polite and careful attention to each caller.

WILL H. KIBBE - Maker of portraits, No 123 West Main Street. Mr. Kibbe, the proprietor of this business, has had many years of experience in the photographer's art and is turning out first-class work in his chosen profession. The business was established here in 1871, and in 1881 fire destroyed the whole building. It is one of the finest studios in the vicinity. He has one assistant.

THE JOHNSTOWN BANK - This bank was organized in May, 1879, with a capital stock of $50,000. In the twenty-eight years of its existence it has paid dividends about $250,000 and has increased its capital stock and added to its surplus and profits from earnings alone, until at the present time they amount to $239,000. In order that every facility for doing business might be given its customers it originated in this section and has made a feature of its special deposit books bearing interest payable quarterly. The following are the officers: John G. Ferres, president; Wm. B. Van Vliet, vice president; Wm. McKie, cashier; directors, Wm. H Van Vliet, John G. Ferres, Borden D. Smith, Daniel McMartin, F. E. Moyer, W. L. Johnson, Martin Collins, Chas. Pierson, William McKie, James L. Northrup, William C. Hackney.

KOLLER & BUTLER - Shoe dealers, No. 31 West Main Street. This firm has been in operation here for the past three years and is reputed to be the largest and one of the finest stores of its kind in the city. The proprietors are John Koller and Charles H. Butler, men of experience and good executive ability. Mr. Koller has been in the business for fifteen years and is thoroughly familiar with all its important details. Their handsome store is fully equipped with a modern and up- to-date stock, which is well arranged and makes an excellent display. All the leading lines of stylish, comfortable and durable shoes are carried and the patronage is very active. Among their leaders in trade may be mentioned the Heywood and Case shoes for men and the La France and Gray Bros., shoes for women, to retail at $3.00, $3.50 and $4.00. There is also a repair shop which is actively patronized.

A. HARRISON - Dealers in dry goods, carpets and house furnishing goods, Nos. 10-12 West Main Street. This is on e of the oldest as well as the most efficient concerns of its kind in the city. It has been established since 1870 and for thirty-seven years has done a thriving and prosperous business. The proprietor is well known in business and social circles and has a host of staunch friends and patrons in this vicinity. He carries a fine, large stock of goods, consisting of dry goods of all kinds, carpets, oil cloths, lamps, crockery, kitchen ware and house furnishings. The carpet department of this concern is particularly famous. Three floors of the building are required to house this stock. A competent corps of clerks is employed to take care of patrons of this store. A call will convince you that he handles none but the best goods.

HUTCHENS & POTTER - Johnstown, N.Y., makers of the famous H. & P. gloves. Firm composed of William C. Hutchens, George C. Potter and Godfrey Hillabrandt. This business was established December 10th, 1889. The large and handsome brick factory building is surrounded with attractive grounds and the finest and most complete glove plant in the United States. H. & P. gloves are sold direct to the retail trade, thus enabling one to secure a good glove and save the middle man's profit. The output of their plant is something enormous. H. & P. salesmen cover every state in the Union and the well known trade mark- H. P. Gloves- They Fit- is familiar everywhere.

THE ROYAL KNITTING COMPANY - Manufacturers of gloves and mittens, gents' glove and mitten backs, and seamless glove linings, Nos. 9-11 South Melcher Street. Telephone call No. 249. This concern was established here in the year 1884 and its growth and development has been truly remarkable. It is now an industry of the first importance, especially in the glove trade, for which it manufactures glove and mitten supplies. While a specialty is made of seamless knit gloves linings, made of the finest camel hair and Australian wools. These goods are already sold throughout the United States and Canada and the scope of their operations is constantly widening. The factory is modernly equipped with the latest improved machinery, much of which is made in Germany. It is a hustling and growing enterprise and its success is as well merited as it is pronounced.

RICHARD EVANS & SONS - (Successors to R. J. & R. Evans), glove manufacturers, Nos. 11-15 West State Street. The prosperous career of this industry dates back over a period of forty years to the date of its establishment in 1867. It still continues to maintain an excellent reputation for reliable and durable workmanship. The product of this firm consists entirely of men's gloves, both heavy and fine, which are sold to the jobbing trade exclusively. The plant is located in a fine, large brick building, consisting of five stories and measuring 100 by 150 feet. They employ six hundred hands and have a capacity of six hundred dozens of gloves a day. The company consists of Messrs. Richard, Richard M. and James M. Evans, who have had charge of the business for nine years.

P. P. ARGERSINGER & COMPANY - Manufacturers of gloves and mittens, Johnstown, N.Y. This is one of the largest and best equipped plants in this vicinity for the manufacture of gloves, having every facility for turning out the best class of work in its lines. It was founded in this city in the year 1862, thus making this the forty-fifth year of its successful operation. The plant has been enlarged and improved to its present fine condition. The product of this plant is gloves and mittens and the demand for these goods is very active. A force of seventy-five expert workmen find employment here, and a large part of the work is sent out to be finished outside the shop. The gloves are sold to retailers exclusively.

HOTEL STEWART - Stanton Bogaskle, manager, East Main Street. This is a well known hostelry in Johnstown and is first class in every respect. It is located in a most convenient and desirable section of the city and contains every modern improvement and convenience appertaining to an up-to-date and high class hotel. The house is conducted on the American plan, the cuisine is not excelled by the leading hotels of the larger cities, and the rates are reasonable, being $2.00 per day. The thirty -five guest rooms are spacious, well lighted and ventilated and every apartment is comfortably furnished. The dining room has a capacity for sixty and the service here is the very best. There is also a fine café attached to the hotel, and also a bowling alley. The Stewart has been established here for five years and has been under the management of Mr. Bogaskle since May, 1906.

C. S. YOUNG - Dealer in clothing, hats and gents' furnishing goods, Johnstown, N.Y. This large and prosperous store was established twenty-two years ago by its present proprietor, Mr. C. S. Young, and since that time it has been constantly growing and affording better service to the public. The stock of goods is always neatly and attractively displayed and consists of complete lines of clothing for men and boys, hats, furnishing goods of all kinds and traveling bags and cases. A very fine line of umbrellas is also handled. Mr. Young is a native of New York state.

IRELAND BROTHERS - Manufacturers of fine gloves, No. 27 West State Street. The year 1874 saw the establishment of this enterprising and prosperous concern. Since that time it has experienced a fine growth and development, and as it has employed a large number of hands it has aided materially in the development of the city's progress. In 1879 the Ireland Brothers acquired the business and built the factory on the present site. The factory is located on West State street and consists of four stories and a basement, well equipped with the latest improved machinery and tools incident to the business. One hundred and fifty workmen are employed in this shop and work is sent outside to as many more. The proprietors at the present time are David, James and John Ireland, prominent citizens and intrepid upholders of the commercial supremacy of Johnstown.

DEICHSEL BROS & LEHR - Leather Dressers and Colorers. Specialties. Mocha, Castor and Nappa Kid, This concern solicits job work and gives same prompt and careful attention. They have met with excellent success in tanning and coloring of imported leathers. Their plant is located at 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 Bridge Street, Johnstown, N.Y.

DAWES & HANN - Manufacturers of fur lined gloves, No. 29 South William Street, Johnstown. For seven years this firm has been established in this city, doing a fine business, which is steadily increasing. Each member of this firm brought to the partnership an experience which particularly well fitted him to make a strong partner. This factory was located for some time at No. 211 South Perry Street. Six hands are constantly employed here, while the larger amount of work is sent out and done in the private homes. They make fur lined gloves exclusively and their goods have become known as possessed of a high order of excellence. The members of the firm are Harry Dawes and Percy Hann.

NORMAN ROUSE - Dealer in fine meats of all kinds, No. 310 North Market Street. Telephone call No. 267. The active and steadily growing business in fresh and salt meats, sausage, poultry and game which is conducted by Norman Rouse at the above address was established here by him many years ago, and was located on Perry street, until that business was sold out and Mr. Rouse went to Amsterdam. He returned five years ago and established the present business house, which is neat and tidy in appearance and is modernly appointed. The greatest care is exercised to handle the best grades of healthy meats and absolutely pure manufactured products, reasonable prices being the invariable rule at the same time. Mr. Rouse has one clerk and uses a wagon for delivery purposes. He is a hustler for business.

THE YOUNGLOVE LUMBER CO. - Dealers in all kinds of lumber, sash, doors and glass. Office, No. 111 North Market Street. This business establishment enjoys the distinction of being 51 years old. It was established in 1856 under the firm name of Spaulding & Vorhees, and was evidently founded on principles as solid and enduring as the building materials for sale. At that time the Woodworth rotary planer was about the only machine of its kind in use, and John Gibson of Albany controlled the rights for certain territory in this state. Spaulding & Vorhees were compelled to pay a royalty of 25 per cent, of the gross earnings of the machine on all lumber planed by it. In 1857 Andrew Spaulding withdrew from the firm and the business was conducted by J. H. Vorhees until 1859, when the firm became Vorhees & Younglove. In 1870 Mr. Vorhees withdrew and went to Brooklyn. In 1873 the late Jas. I. Younglove was received as partner and the following year the firm style became Younglove, Son & Co. by the addition of Amos Hess. In 1884 Jas. I. Younglove purchased his partners' interests and was sole proprietor until the present company was formed and Incorporated Oct. 28, 1906, with the following officers: President, S. C. Younglove: vice president, E. Riton: secretary and treasurer, W. R. Snyder. The plant covers about six acres in all, being located on North Perry, North Market and Bridge Streets. The planing mill is at No. 117 North Market Street. It consists of two stories and a basement 54 by 104 feet in dimensions and has a capacity of about 20,900 feet of lumber a day. All kinds of lumber, sash, doors, blinds, glass and in fact building materials of all kinds are made and sold. In addition they last year installed a saw mill and now manufacture a large amount of the lumber from the log, as well as do custom sawing. They are also the agents for the famous Flint Kote Roofing, made by J. H. Bird of Boston, and known as the best in the market today. Twenty-four men are required to care for the regular demands of the business.

THE JOHN TOPP FUR GLOVE AND COAT CO. - Manufacturers of fur coats, fur gloves and mittens. Factory No. 326 North Perry Street. Among the progressive manufactures of Johnstown, particularly in the fur gloves and coats industry that has lent fame in this already well known city throughout the world is the firm of the John Topp Fur Glove and Coat Co., manufacturer of these well known articles that bear the trade mark of this house. The business has been established for many years and has been conducted under the present title since 1895. The firm are the sole manufacturers of the famous Warmpulse Wristlet, of which they are the patentees and do a remarkably large business in this particular product. Seven traveling men represent the house on the road and these cover every state in the Union and a great portion of Canada. The plant devoted to their various products is a large one, amply equipped for handling the large trade and territory covered. The buildings are two and three stories in height and 50x100 feet in dimensions and give employment to a large force of skilled operatives.

MILLER, ARGERSINGER & CO. - Glove leather manufacturers. Office at factory, corner of Mill and Water Streets. This business was established in 1870, was succeeded by Miller & Argersinger in 1871, and in 1881 by the present co-partners, Messrs. Warren Miller, Leonard Argersinger and Charles M. Putnam, all of whom are practical tanners fully conversant with the details of this important industry and the requirements of patrons in all sections of the country. The factory is equipped (which is one of the largest in the city) with the modern fire extinguisher, which gives a low rate of insurance to all of their patrons, as they do a strictly custom business and the low rate of insurance is a benefit to their patrons. Messrs. Miller, Argersinger and Co. manufacture largely Oil and Indian Tanned Deer, Elk, Fleshers, Grainers, Hog, etc. They also deal in American Sad Oil and Deer Hair, while the prices are regulated by the market. The splitting of kid, mocha and suede for pull down and block cutting a specialty. Also grainers for book binding. Correspondence solicited. The firm has a brisk and growing trade extending throughout the United States and Canada. Write for prices.

WILLIAM T. BRIGGS - Glover, Johnstown, N.Y. The cut which accompanies this article is designed to give one an idea of the exterior appearance of the plant established here in 1869 and operated by the present proprietor, Mr. Briggs, since 1890. That is has been conducted successfully is proven by the constantly increasing patronage. Its products are gloves and mittens, made from kid, mocha, suede and heavyweight leather, especially for men's, boys' and children's wear, and are manufactured for the retail trade exclusively. Particular attention is constantly given to the maintenance of a high standard of quality, which fact is attested by years of continuous patronage and increasing demand. Mr. Briggs is a capable business man and a hustler in his line. He employs only competent workmen, and gives the entire business his closest personal attention.

F. LILLIE & COMPANY - Dealers in fine millinery, No. 145 West Main Street. This store has been established in Johnstown for the last eleven years and now enjoys one of the finest and most exclusive millinery trades in the city. Miss F. Lillie, the manager of the business, is an expert milliner, guaranteeing exquisite work in all lines of the milliner's art. The store is well stocked with an excellent display of hats, trimmings, etc. Since the day she took charge of the business she has given fine satisfaction to those who have patronized this store. The store is large and equipped in excellent style, showing fine taste in the arrangement and assortment of the goods on sale. Six experienced assistants are always in attendance.

R. BURKE - Leather manufacturer, No. 207 North Perry Street. An industry which is constantly widening the scope of its operation is the one mentioned above. It was established here in the year 1901 by John Burke & Sons, who conducted it with success for a number of years, after which it was acquired by the firm of Burke Bros. In 1902 R. Burke became the sole proprietor. He is a man who on account of his long training in the business understands all its details to perfection. The plant is equipped with the latest improved appliances for the manufacture of leather and its preparation for the glove industry. He buys the skins in the raw or crude state and after preparation sells the leather to the trade. There are 25 to 35 employees.

HEWITT & HILLOCK - Nos. 111-113 North Perry Street, Johnstown, N.Y. This business was established in 1889 by Delevan Hewitt and John C. Hillock. They manufacture a complete line of high grade gloves for dress and street wear in kid, cape, mocha and suede, also fleece and fur lined gloves and mittens and the various styles and grades of working goods in buck, horsehide, calf and sheepskin. Upon the death of Mr. Hewitt, Mr. Hillock purchased the interest of his late partner and is continuing the business under the late firm name. Their plant is an exceptionally large one and is equipped with all the modern and up-to-date machinery and their product, which is sold to the retail trade exclusively, enjoys an enviable reputation.

GREWEN BROTHERS & CO. - Manufacturers of the Grewen skirt. Factory, North Perry Street. For five years the product of this company has been before women of America, and each year has added to the ever increasing demand of their famous article. The Grewen skirt not only combines grace in the manner of fit, but in workmanship, style and quality as well, as is attested by the tremendous growth in the sales each year. The plant devoted to their manufacture at the present time is three stories in height and seventy-five to one hundred and fifty feet in dimensions and gives employment to over one hundred skilled operatives. The members of the firm are Messrs. John A. and William Grewen, both of whom have had years of experience in the business and have built up a demand for their goods that is not equaled by any other firm of its kind in the country. Besides the main office in Johnstown they also have offices and salesrooms in the cities of New York, Boston, Oakland, Cal., and sell extensively to the jobbing trade.

M. E. CONN - Dealer in baked goods, confectionery and ice cream. No 35 West Main Street. Mr. Conn has been before the public of this city for the past five years and in that time he has built up one of the leading bakery business in this section of the state. The prestige and the patronage that the concern has acquired is a fine credit to the proprietor, who is a practical baker of years of experience. Mr. Conn deals in baked stuffs, confectionery and ice cream, at both wholesale and retail, his stock being the best and purest materials for this purpose which he can purchase and complies with the pure food law. He is the exclusive manufacturer of My Mother's and Old Grist Mill Health Bread.

STREETER, HACKNEY & CO. - No. 321 West State Street, Johnstown, N.Y., was established in December, 1900, by G. A. Streeter, W. C. Hackney and F. A. Prindle. After the death of G. A. Streeter, in 1904, Messrs. Hackney and Prindle took over the business and continued under the same name. It is one of the largest glove manufacturing firms in Fulton County of men's and boys' leather working gloves and gauntlets. They also make a special line of men's driving gloves and sell their goods to the jobbing trade only. From their wide experience and close attention to business they have built up a reputation and established a trade among the leading jobbing houses of the country.

I. H. McCONKEY - The watch and diamond man, No. 10 North Market Street. This representative business has been established here for ten years and is doing an extremely large amount of business and its trade is constantly growing. Mr. McConkey, the proprietor, is a capable business man, and has built up a fine patronage. He has a commodious, neat and attractive store at the address named above and he carries at all times a large and costly stock of all kinds of jewelry. He also conducts the most complete optical department to be found in this city; careful examinations and an absolutely correct diagnosis may always be relied upon in this office. The repair department is also very efficient. The National School of Engraving, of which Mr. McConkey is proprietor, is run in connection with his store. Instruction is given in the art of engraving to classes day and night.

GEORGE WALTERS - Successor to D. H. Van Husen, No. 133 West Main Street. Dealer in drugs, medicines, paints and oils. This business has been established thirty-seven years, and under the present management five years. It is located in a fine large store 25x75 feet and occupies the main floor and basement of the building. This is no doubt one of the most popular drug stores in the city and owes its popularity to its keen and far-sighted proprietor, Mr. Walters, who is every ready to grasp anything that he thinks is for the welfare of his customers' interests as well as his own. There are two people constantly in attendance and you may be assured that any prescription entrusted to their care will be promptly and accurately filled. Special attention is paid to the fitting of trusses. A fine large fountain is in constant use.

LEADING PAPER OF JOHNSTOWN - The Johnstown Daily Republican and the Fulton County Republican offices are located at the corner of North Market and Green Streets, occupying the entire building with a thoroughly up-to-date plant. The Johnstown Daily Republican is the only daily paper published in the city and enjoys the distinction of having an enormous circulation throughout the county. The Fulton County Republican was established in 1869. The Daily Republican was established on July 1st, 1890, and was purchased by the Collins & Combes Publishing Company on March 24th, 1904, and has since that time been conducted under that management. Charles I. Combes is the vice president and secretary of the company and has the management of the Johnstown office. Mr. Combes is a thorough, up-to-date newspaper man, whose years of experience in the office of the Gloversville Daily Leader well qualified him for the important position he now holds. Under his careful and painstaking management the paper has been most successful. The paper began its career in a most humble way. Like all infants, it had to creep before it could walk, and true to the old adage that great oaks from little acorns grow, the Johnstown Daily Republican occupies a rank with the leading dailies of the inland cities of the great Empire State. Its circulation and advertising has been gradually forging to the top until it has become a recognized influence in the homes of the county. It is a high grade newspaper in every detail. Its staff of writers is composed of the best and most trained men possible to secure. Its editorials are original, bright and instructive; its local matter is up-to-date, while the sporting and theatrical matters are covered in a thorough and competent manner by capable writers. A full leased wire from the Associated Press furnishes its readers with the news of the outside world. In the mechanical department the plant is equipped with a Scott perfecting press, Mergenthaler typesetting machines, and a full and complete stereotyping outfit. The machines are manned by speedy and accurate operators. The job plant is equipped with Whitlock cylinder, Gordon and Colt's Armory presses, tons of type of the latest styles, and is one of the best in the county. The most skillfull job men are employed and the products are fine specimens of printer's art. The Fulton County Republican is published every Thursday. The circulation of this paper extends into the agricultural communities by the county and there is scarcely a home in the rural districts but where the Weekly Republican is taken. The Collins & Combes Publishing Company also publishes the Gloversville Daily Leader, the Gloversville Intelligencer and the Broadalbin Herald. W. B. Collins is the president and treasurer of the company, and manager of the Gloversville plant. Messrs. Collins and Combes, together with Mrs. Carrie N. Collins, Chauncey W. Brockway and Albert H. Oaksford constitute the board of directors.

H. GALINSKY & SONS - Clothiers, hatters and furnishers, Johnstown and Fonda. This enterprise was inaugurated by Mr. Barney Galinsky about twenty-five years ago, and he has for the past eight years associated himself with his two sons as partners. They are hustlers in the clothing and furnishing lines in this city and Fonda, where they have their second store, conducted on the same business principles as this one. They sell clothes and furnishings of the better sort for man and boy. The Galinskys are sole agents in both their stores for Stetson, Youngs and Winthrop hats and the most favorably known Kuppenheimer clothes, with which they have made a decided hit. They also sell trunks and traveling bags and in fact everything for the travelers. They make suits to order, too. And by their enterprise and energy the Messrs. Galinsky have gained a high standard in the business world.

FERRES & CO. - Dealers in fine millinery, No. 123 West Main Street. This is one of the most complete establishments of its kind in the county and during the time of its location here has built up a very fine trade and has obtained a reputation for fairness and excellence of the value of its products. The business was formerly located at No. 37 West Main Street, but moved in its present quarters recently in order to accommodate the large stock carried. The styles now in vogue are well displayed and the firm numbers among its customers the best families in the city.


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