Four Fulton County Women Enlist as Nurses in WWI

Emma Folmsbee, and Anna Flynn

Miss Anna Flynn to Join Ambulance Corps
Source: The Morning Herald, Johnstown, NY, Tuesday, 4 Jun 1918

Miss Anna Flynn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Flynn of 114 Third avenue, left yesterday afternoon for Camp Taylor at Louisville, Ky., where she will act as a nurse in the Ambulance corps of the regular army. Miss Flynn was graduated from the Albany City hostpital in 1915 and has been engaged in private nursing since that time. She entered her application for service in this line of work several months ago and only recently received notice of the acceptance of the application. A large number of friends in this city will join in wishing her success in her new work.

Miss Flynn is the second Johnstown girl to enter the service, Miss Emma Folmsbee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Folmsbee of Hall avenue, being the other Johnstownian in this work. Miss Folmsbee, who is stationed at the naval hospital at Chelsea, Mass., is at present enjoying a ten days leave of absence.

Source: NY Abstracts of WWI Military Service:Anna Winifred Flynn was born on 31 Jan 1890 in Johnstown, NY. At the time she entered service as a nurse, on 4 Jun 1918, she was living at 117 Lancaster Street, Albany, NY. She was stationed at Camp Taylor, KY until 7 Sep 1918. She then served overseas from 25 Sep 1918 to 13 Jul 1919 and then recieved an honorable discharge on 16 Aug 1919.

Source: NY Abstracts of WWI Military Service: Emma Jane Folmsbee, was born 24 Dec 1893, a daughter of Norman Folmsbee. She entered the Navy at Johnstown, NY as a nurse on 12 Dec 1917. Her home address at this time was 11 Hall Ave, Johnstown, NY. She served in the Naval Hospital in Chelsea Mass., from 25 Jan 1918 to 11 Nov 1918. She then transferred to the regular Army and was stationed at Oswego in the Fort Ontario Hospital. By the 1920 census, she is back in Chelsea Mass working for the US Navy as a nurse, and then by 1930 she is back in Johnstown. She died in 1963 and is buried in the Johnstown cemetery in Johnstown, NY.

Margaret Joyce and Mary Gustin

Two Johnstown Girls Enlist in Red Cross
Source: The Morning Herald, Johnstown, NY, Wednesday, 19 Jun 1918

The Misses Margaret Joyce and Mary Gustin to Go Into Service Overseas.

Miss Margaret Joyce, daughter of Mrs. Mary Joyce of West Madison avenue, and Miss Mary Gustin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Menzo Gustin, of Yost street, two of Johnstown's well known young women, have responded to their country's call for nurses and have made application for enlistment in the foreign service of the American Red Cross. Both are at present engaged in nurse work in Newark, N.J., and were graduated from the German City hospital of that city in 1916. They expect the call to service within a month's time and the large number of local friends which each possesse will join in extending best wishes for their success and safety.

The other Johnstwon nurses are already in the service, Miss anna Flynn being connected iwth the Ambulance corps of Camp Taylor at Louisville, Ky., and Miss Emma Folmsbee being engaged in the Naval hospital at Chelsea, Mass.

Source: NY Abstracts of WWI Military Service: Miss Margaret Joyce was born on 31 Aug 1889 in Johnstown, NY. She was called into active service as a Nurse on 28 Oct 1918. This source says she was relieved of active duty; not discharged on 28 Sep 1919. Miss Mary Gustin does not show up in this source. In the 1940 census, Mary is working in Newark, NJ as a Public Health Nurse employed by the city. She was born about 1888.


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