Broadalbin's Military Honor Rolls  

by Gordon Cornell
Town and Village Historian


Little is known by this writer as to the history of the World War I Honor Roll. However, in the October 15, 1921 issue of The Morning Herald, one can find a lengthy article relative to the disbanding of the Broadalbin Chamber of Commerce.  In this article, a statement is found as follows:  "Among other things the Chamber has been instrumental in.......erecting an Honor Roll to the boys of Broadalbin who served in the late World War."


Broadalbin's Original World War I Honor Roll

This was thought to be the war to end all wars, but it was not to be.

On December 7, 1941 the United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor and on the following day we declared war.  As more and more young men, and women too this time, enlisted and/or were drafted the need for another Honor Roll became apparent.


Broadalbin's Original World War II Honor Roll


On December 6, 1942 the World War II Honor Roll was dedicated at a ceremony that included several prayers, music selections, speeches, and a recognition of Fire Chief Dewey Dorman and his men, who were organizers of this project.  The Firemen collected scrap of all types which helped the war effort and at the same time raised money to defray the cost of the Honor Roll.

This Honor Roll was placed on the bank lawn in the area where the exit drive from the drive-up teller is today.  I am told that the World War I Honor Roll was at this same location.

The end of war and the return of our service personnel brought about a loss of interest in the Honor Roll and it fell into a state of neglect and disrepair, and was eventually removed.


Location of Veteran Monuments

Below is an aerial view of Main Street, Broadalbin showing the location of the two monuments.  The picture below is courtesy of retired Lt. Col. Gordon Coloney, who today enjoys aerial photography as a hobby.

The World War II Monument is located inside the blue box, on left.  The red building to the right is the bank mentioned above.

The Soldiers' Monument is located at the "Y" in center, outlined by the red box.  It is located at the intersection of North Main Street, Bridge Street and West Main Street.  This monument is dedicated to all Soldiers through World War I.


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