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Fulton County, New York



Chauncey N. Brown, Broadalbin
Civil War Pensioner 
Pension # 306493


War Department, Adjutant General's Office
Washington, April 6, 1882.

Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions.
Chauncey Brown, Company M, 3rd Regiment NY Light Artillery Volunteers, was enrolled on the 1st day of Dec'r, 1861, at Union Mills, N. Y. for 3 years and is reported:  (as Pvt.) "present" on rolls from enlistment to include Nov. & Dec. '63: (His name does not appear among absentees from any cause on Battery Returns for 1862.  The Battery was stationed ay Fort Cocoran, Va. in Feby 1862 and in North Carolina the remainder of 1862):- Re-enlisted as a veteran volunteer, Dec'r 31, 1863:- "Absent" on furlough since Feby 13, 1864, on Roll Jan & Feby 1864:- "Present" (as Corpl) on Rolls May & June 1864 to include Mar & April 1865. (Roll for Mar & April 1864 is not on file.  Not among absentees on Battery Return for April 1864.  Battery was stationed April 30, 1864 at Yorktown, Va.):-
Mustered out with Battery, June 26, 1865 (as Corporal).  His name appears on all Muster Rolls of Battery as Chauncey n. Brown.
The records of this office furnish no evidence of alleged injuries.
Regt. Hosp. Records shows him, May 11, 1862, admitted to hopsital, disease, remittent fever, May 23, 1862, returned to duty.

Filed April 7, 1882.

Signed A. H. Maxoulm
Assistant Adjutant General



Declaration for Pension

State of New York, County of Broadalbin [sic], ss;

On this 28th day of May, A. D. one thousand nine hundred and twelve personally appeared before me, a Notary Public within and for the County and State aforesaid, Chauncey Brown, who being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is 70 years of age, and a resident of Broadalbin, County of Fulton, State of New York; and that he is the identical person who was ENROLLED at Buffalo, Cherry Valley, N.Y., under the name of Chauncey N. Brown on the 1st day of December, 1861, as a private, in Co. M. 3rd Regiment NY Artillery in the service of the United States, in the Civil War, and was HONORABLY DISCHARGED at Portsmouth, Va. on the 30th day of December, 1863.  That he also served reenlisted in same company December 31, 1863 and discharged June 26, 1865 at Richmond, Va.

That he was not employed in the military or naval service of the United States otherwise than as stated above.  That his personal description at enlistment was as follows, to be of recollection:  Height 6 ft, 1 inch; complexion fair; color of eyes Hazle; color of hair brown; that his occupation was a farmer; that he was born December 28, 1842.

That his several places of residence since leaving the service have been as follows:
Broadalbin, Fulton Co., New York

That he receives a pension under pension certificate No. 306493.

That he makes this Declaration for the purpose of being placed on the Pension Roll of the United States, under the provisions of the Act of May 11, 1912.

That his post-office address is Broadalbin, County of Fulton, State of New York.

Signature:  Chauncey N. Brown
Attest:  A. C. Benedict; W. H. Clarke

Dated: Dec 30 1912


Department of the Interior
Bureau of Pensions

Washington, D. C., January 2, 1915

Sir: Please answer , at your earliest convenience, the questions enumerated below.  The information is requested for future use, and it may be of great value to your widow or children.

No. 1. Date and place of Birth:  Chauncey N. Brown, Dec. 28, 1842, Broadalbin, Fulton Co., NY
The name of organizations in which you served:  3rd NY L. artillery, Bat. M, Born at Union Mills, Fulton Co. NY

No. 2.  What was your post-office at enlistment:  Union Mills, Fulton Co., NY

No. 3.  State  your wife's full name and her maiden name:  Louisa E. Jenkins, now Brown

No. 4.  When, where and by whom were you married:  Edinburgh, Saratoga Co. by Rev. Hiram Chase, April 3, 1870.

No. 5.  Is there any official record of your marriage:  do not know
If so, where?  M. E. Church, East Day, Saratoga Co., 

No. 6.  Were you previously married?  If so, state former wives:  Melissa [    ], about 27 [Jan?] 1868, died Oct 1868 at Union Mills, Fulton Co., NY.  No other wives.

No 7.  Present wife previously married:  No.

No. 8. Are you now living with your wife?  yes

No. 9.  State names and births of all children, living or dead:
William A. Brown, Feb 16, 1871
Joel J. Brown, Jan 26, 1873
Charles E. Brown, Apr 8, 1874
John C. Brown, Feb 9, 1876
Nellie E. Brown, Sept 25, 1877
Eliza A. Brown, March 25, 1879
Winson G. Brown, Aug 29, 1881
Ernest W Brown, July 21, 1883
Wesley G Brown, May 23, 1885
Leon W. Brown, Apr 16, 1887
Raymond E. Brown, Jan 13, 188[]
Laura B. Brown, July 18, 1890
Marion E. Brown, March 7, 18[]

Dated:  March 14, 1915, Signature:  Chauncey N. Brown


Death Certificate:

Chauncey N. Brown died April 24, 1920, aged 77 yrs, 3 months, 26 days at Broadalbin, N. Y.
Married Louisa Jenkins, birthplace:  Broadalbin, born Dec. 28, 1842.
Buried Union Mills Cemetery, Broadalbin, N.Y.
Father:  John A. Brown, birthplace:  Mayfield.  Mother:  Sarah Wait, birthplace:  Mayfield.


Declaration for Widow's Pension

State of New York, County of Fulton, ss;

On this 3rd day of May, A. D. one thousand nine hundred and twenty, 1920, personally appeared before me, George B. Farley, a Notary Public of the County of Fulton and State aforesaid, Louisa E. Brown, aged 69 years, who, being duly sworn according to law, makes the following declaration in order to obtain the Pension provided by Acts of Congress granting pension to widows:  That she is the widow of Chauncey N. Brown who under the name of Chauncey N. Brown at Cherry Valley, Otsego Co, NY on the 1st day of Dec, 1861, in Co. M 3rd Regt Light Artillery New York in the war of Civil War and was discharged last time June 26th, 1865 at Richmond, Va. and was pensioned under Certificate No. 306493 who bore at the time of his death the rank of Corporal in Co. M 3rd Regt NY L. Artillery, that she was married under the name of Louisa Jenkins to said Chauncey N. Brown, on the 3rd day of April 1870, by Rev. Hiram Chase, at Edinburgh, Saratoga Co., New York, there being no legal barrier to such marriage; that neither she nor her husband had been previously married said Chauncey N. Brown died April 24, 1920 at Broadalbin, Fulton Co., NY; that she has to present remained his widow; that the names and dates of birth of all his legitimate children yet surviving who were under sixteen years of age at father's death, viz:
No children under sixteen years of age.  

And she asks that she be placed on Pensions Rolls of United States under any existing laws as widow of said Chauncey N. Brown.

That she hereby appoints, with full power of substitution and revocation, George B. Farley of Broadalbin, her true and lawful attorney, to prosecute this above claim; that her Post Office address is Broadalbin, Fulton County, New York.

Signature:  Louisa E. Brown
Attest:  T. Ernest Lee, Elwood A. Lee

Dated:  May 3, 1920



Please note:  These records were generously contributed by James F. Morrison.

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