Thomas Robbins, Jr.

Served in the American Revolution


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Thomas Robbins, Jr.(THOMASA) was born 1743 in Tyringham, Berkshire Co., Mass..

He married Rosanna Woodworth on November 21, 1771 in Tyringham, Berkshire County, Mass., daughter of Gershom Woodworth and Roseanna Evarts.

A Revolutionary War Veteran, he served in the 8th Regiment of the Albany County Militia under the command of Col. Robert. Van Rensselaer.

Thomas died October 11, 1827 in Gloversville, Fulton County, New York. He is buried in the Kingsboro Cemetery which is located at the top of the "Y" on the north end of Kingsboro Avenue, Gloversville. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Fulton County.  He was baptized in the Presbyterian Church in Gloversville which was started by Elisha Yale, a famous pastor.

Will of Thomas Robbins: dated 1/15/1825 probated 2/27/1828. Mentions wife Rosannah, grandsons Thomas and Asa, (sons of Amasa);  daughter Sally; sons Alvin, Amasa and William.


1.  WILLIAM ROBBINS, b. January 11, 1772, Tyringham, Berksire Co. Mass..  He married Polly (Salla) Brown.


1. Electa Robbins, b. July 19, 1797

2. John Robbins, b. October 7, 1799

Children of JOHN ROBBINS are:
i. William Finley Robbins, b. Bef. 1832
ii. John Ira Robbins, b. Bef. 1832
iii. Margaret Jane Robbins, b. Bef. 1832
iv. Polly Electa Robbins, b. Bef. 1832

3. Amanda Robbins, b. March 17, 1802

4. William Lester Robbins, b. April 23, 1804

5. Ira Robbins, b. September 10, 1806; Child of Ira Robbins:  Louisa Jane Robbins, b. 1831, baptism in the Kingsboro Presbyterian Church indicates: Louisa Jane, infant of Ira Robbins, bapt. June 26, 1831

6. Rosannah Robbins, b. November 19, 1808

7. Caleb Robbins, b. October 13, 1810; m. Melissa Parsons, March 5, 1832, Presbyterian Church, Mayfield, NY.

8. Salla Robbins, b. September 7, 1815

9. Oren Robbins, b. January 17, 1818

10. Clarisa Robbins, b. September 26, 1820

2.  EUNICE ROBBINS, b. January 29, 1774, Tyringham, Berkshire County, Mass..

3.  ELECTA ROBBINS, b. April 6, 1777, Tyringham, Berkshire County, Mass..

4.  AMASA ROBBINS, b. July 31, 1780, Tyringham, Berkshire County, Mass..  He married Elizabeth (Robbins).

Children of Amasa Robbins and Elizabeth Robbins are:

i. Asa Robbins, b. October 8, 1811, Johnstown, Montgomery County, NY; d. October 25, 1890, Jamestown, Stutsman County, North Dakota.   He married Hulda Angeline Chapman, February 5, 1838, daughter of Hiel Chapman and Esther (Chapman).

Children of Asa Robbins and Hulda Chapman are:

1. Frances E. Robbins, b. March 6, 1841, New York; d. February 25, 1934; m. Hiram G. Mosher, October 2, 1860, Wisconsin.
2. Myron Archie Robbins, b. January 4, 1842, Cape Vincent, St. Lawrence County, NY; d. January 25, 1925, Fergus Falls, Otter Tail County, Minnesota; m. Lutisha C. Brown, October 11, 1868, Wilton, Waseca County, Minnesota.
3. Horace Orlando Robbins, b. April 15, 1844, Orleans, Jefferson Co., NY; d. April 16, 1925, Sodus, Lyon County, Minnesota; m. Sarah Ellis, July 20,1871, Waseca, Waseca County, Minnesota.
4. HANNAH AMELIA ROBBINS, b. February 22, 1846, New York; d. June 9, 1914; m. George H. Woodbury, November 27, 1866.

ii. Thomas Robbins, b. Abt. 1815.

5.  SALLY ROBBINS (twin), b. December 10, 1783, Tyringham, Berkshire County, Mass..

6.  JOHN ROBBINS (twin), b. December 10, 1783, Tyringham, Berkshire County, Mass.; d. Bef. 1825.

7.  ALVAN ROBBINS, b. August 6, 1790, Tyringham, Berkshire County, Mass.;  and died November 1867. He married Lydia Wells, daughter of James Wells and Lydia (Wells).

Children of Alvan Robbins and Lydia Wells are:

i. James Wells Robbins, b. Abt. 1820, Gloversville, Fulton County, New York;  Baptized as a child in the Kingsboro Presbyterian Church; Died. Beloit, Wisconsin. (Listed in his fathers will as living in Beloit, Wisconsin at the time of his father's death.)

ii. Alvan Cyrus Robbins, b. Abt. 1821, in Massachusetts, and died November 18, 1884 in Johnstown, NY. He married Eliza Whitaker,  April 10, 1845 in Mayfield, Fulton County, NY.  Always known as Cyrus Robbins because his dad's name was Alvin also. He was baptized as a child in the Kingsboro Presbyterian Church in 1823. In the 1880 census his sister-in-law, Amanda Whitaker, was living with them. Will dated 1879; probated Nov. 21, 1885; states death as 18, Nov. 1884 in Johnstown Township. Mentions widow Eliza and son Alonzo W., another son. Oscar W. Robbins, was Adminstrator;  Daniel Foote and Frank Pauley were executors.

Children of Alvan Robbins and Eliza Whitaker are:

i. Oscar W. Robbins, b. 1847, Gloversville, Fulton County, New York; m. Marion (Robbins).
ii. James Robbins, b. 1850.
iii. Alonzo W. Robbins, b. August 5, 1852, Gloversville, Fulton County, New York; d. April 8, 1928, Gloversville, Fulton County, New York; m. Mary Jane Kelly, on July 12, 1874, Gloversville, Fulton County, NY. Mary Jane Kelly's family came from the Isle of Man.

iii. Mary Almra Robbins, b. 1828 Gloversville, Fulton County, New York; baptized as an infant in the Presbyterian Church.


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