Robert Lee Walsh 337
American Legion

Broadalbin, N. Y.


This history of Broadalbin's American Legion Robert Lee Walsh Post 337 has been kindly provided by John McLaughlin, current Post Historian.  Additional assistance is provided by Town Historian, Gordon Cornell.  Many thanks to both for their support and permission to post this information on the web site.

September 18, 1919.  Largely through the efforts of Dr. B. E. Chapman, world war veterans gathered at the G. A. R. post rooms, and voted to organize a local branch of the American Legion.  It was the sense of the meeting that the post be named after the only soldier from this section who died in action,  Robert Lee Walsh.  The following officers were elected for the ensuing year.

President: Dr. B. E. Chapman
Vice Presidents:  Elwood Lee, Clayton Bartlett, Robert H. Chambers
Secretary:  Lewis H. Cornell
Treasurer:  Clement Phillips
Sergeant of Arms:  Floyd Swears
Representative on County Committee:  Dr. P. H. Finch

"This is a true copy of the first minutes of the first meeting of the Robert Lee Walsh Post 337 Broadalbin, N. Y. of the American Legion.  The minutes were taken by Lewis Cornell, Post Adjutant."

John McLaughlin
Post Historian, 2003,

Charter Members

Clarence Groff George Raymond Chapman
Edward Johnson Alexander Creighton
Ralph Wentworth Lewis H. Cornell
David Chapman Floyd Swears
Percy H. Finch Charles Warren
Robert Chambers, Jr. Tillotson Trevett
Edward Cloutier, Jr. Ralph Lasher
Harold Grinnell Fred Foss
Clarence Fosmire James Crawford
Clayton Bartlett Samuel Betor
Harold Pitt E. A. Lee
Wm. Vandersluys Roy Crannell
Clement Phillips Byron Chapman

The remaining members of the McKean Post were voted honorary members of the Robert Lee Walsh Post.


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Photo of Dr. Byron E. Chapman
and his family.
Photo courtesy of John McLaughlin.

Commanders of Robert Lee Walsh Post 337

First Commander: Dr. Byron E. Chapman, September 19, 1919

1920, Byron E. Chapman
1921, James Crawford
1922, Clarence Groff
1923, Elwood Lee
1924, Lewis Cornell
1925, Charles Warren
1926, Clement Phillips
1927, Edward Johnson
1928, Fred Foss
1929, Floyd Rodgers
1930, Harold Chase
1931, Harold Chase
1932, Truman Cruthers
1933, Edwin Tracy
1934, Howard Nellis
1935, Truman Cruthers
1936, Leo Fox
1937, Leo Fox
1938, Harold Pitt
1939, Harold Pitt
1940, Charles Warren
1941, Charles Warren
1942, Byron Chapman
1943, June Wright
1944, June Wright
1945, Clement Phillips
1946, Horace Jeffords
1947, Horace Jeffords
1948, Edward Tanner
1949, Donald Smith
1950, Victor Christopher
1951, Farren De Nure
1952, Elmer Brooks
1953, Walter Butler
1954, Marshall Stringer
1955, Mary Hultz
1956, Stewart Carpenter
1957, Lawrence Costello
1958, Theodore R. Townley
1959, Joseph McDougall
1960, William Hovak
1961, Donald Burhmaster
1962, Hugh Davis
1963, Joseph Steffek
1964, Settimio Della Ratta
1965, Settimio Della Ratta
1966, Adolph Phillips
1967, John Sniezyk
1968, Marjorie Carpenter
1969, Fred Sefcovic
1970, George Watts
1971, George Watts
1972, John Cappolo
1973, Marion Steffek
1974, Marion Steffek
1975, Lawrence Ferguson
1976, Donald Frye
1977, Robert Lias
1978, William Doneburgh
1979, Richard Loucks
1980, Richard Loucks
1981, Charles Frye
1982, Charles Frye
1983, James Lattorin
1984, Charles Colvin
1985, Charles Frye
1986, Kenneth McMillan
1987, Kenneth McMillan
1988, Charles Frye
1989, Charles Frye
1990, Frank Lopresti
1991, James McGuinness
1992, Kenneth Mochrie
1993, Kenneth Mochrie
1994, Kenneth Mochrie
1995, Robert Kinum
1996, Robert Kinum
1997, Patrick Zappone
1998, Patrick Zappone
1999, Edward Vickers
2000, Edward Vickers
2001, Edward Vickers
2002, Drew Chesterfield


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