John Freeman
U.S. Navy, Civil War


John Freeman


John Freeman Enlisted 8/29/64
Application for a Certificate of Discharge
Postal Address: 60 West Pine Street, Gloversville NY


28 July 1927

RE: Service Record.


Referring to your letter of the 8th instant, to the /adjutant General of the Army, which has been transmitted to this Bureau:

Records of naval service are furnished to the legal heirs who submit satisfactory evidence that they are such, to government, state, and other recognized officials. If you come within one of these classes and will submit evidence to that effect, your request will be given consideration.


Chief of Bureau.

C. B. Hatch,
By direction.

Mrs. Ella F. Oswald
179 St. Johns Place
Brooklyn, N. Y.


179 St. Johns Place
Brooklyn, N. Y.
July 28, 1927

Bureau of Navigation,
Navy Department
Washington D. C.


In reply to your communication received today relative to the military record of John Freeman, and referring to NAV. 642-2-GWB- LCJ  I beg to say that my desire is to secure documentary evidence that the father of the above John Freeman was also a John Freeman.

I am preparing a genealogy of the Freeman Family to which I belong, and the above men were my father and grandfather.

My grandfather died when his children were very young, the family scattered, and the family Bible and other written sources of information seem to have been lost.

My brothers and sisters live at Gloversville, NY, where also my father John Freeman died and is buried by the side of his first wife, Hannah Maria Hastings.

My father received a pension. At the time of his death, he was at the home of either my sister Mrs. Edward (Gertrude) Petrie or Mrs. Frank (Harriet) May.

He was born 8-12-1832; died 9-30-1918.
Date of enlistment, 8-31-1864; date of discharge, 6-9-1865. He lived, I believe, at Edinburg, Saratoga county, N. Y. at the time of his enlistment.

THERE IS REALLY NO PROPERTY MATTER INVOLVED. In the course of my genealogical researches, I have run across an old oral tradition that there are property rights somewhere in the past which the general family of Freeman never enjoyed, but that is all. I presume that, like many such traditions, there is nothing to it, but of course there might be. At any rate it is not that why I seek THE DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE THAT MY GRANDFATHER’S NAME WAS JOHN. His wife’s maiden name was Phoebe Pettit, but she died long ago.

If this does not satisfy you, please advise me and I will try again. My brother is a lawyer at Gloversville, and I suppose that he can get an affidavit of some sort that will answer the purpose.

Respectfully yours,
Ella Freeman Oswald

P.S. I think the Navy Department must be somewhat more severe in its requirements. I have had information from from the War Department relating to an uncle Isaac Freeman and have not been asked to furnish proof of relationship.

Anyway, here is my statement – I AM THE SECOND DAUGHTER OF THE JOHN FREEMAN of whom I am writing.

E. F. O.

P. S. If you could say to me that the name of the father of John Freeman does not appear on the record, it would satisfy me.

E. F. O.

30 July 1927

SUBJECT: FREEMAN, John, EX – 1st Class
Fireman, USN.
Re: Father.


Replying to your letter of the 28th instant:

The records for the above named man’s enlistment in the navy on August 29, 1864, do not afford any information as to the named of his father.


Chief of Bureau.

C. B. Hatch,
By direction.

December 2 , 1907

Bureau of Medicine and Surgery is requested to furnish the medical history of 
John Freeman
Enlisted August 29, 1864 at New York for 3 years as landsman.
Place of birth, Halifax; age 30 years, occupation laborer
Color of eyes, hazel; color of hair, dark
Complexion, dark; height, 5’ 3 ½ inches; no scars or marks noted.

By direction of Chief of Bureau

Application for a Certificate of Discharge
From the U. S. Navy, under the provisions of the Act of Congress approved February 7, 1890, in lieu of the Original Discharge, which has been lost or destroyed.

State of New York, County of Fulton, ss;

On this 11th day of May, A.D. 1909, personally appeared before me, a notary public in and for the County and State aforesaid, John Freeman, a resident of Gloversville in the County of Fulton, and the State of New York, who declares he enlisted August 1864 at Batcherleville, NY, for owing the war years, and served on the following vessels, in the order named, viz: Mahopac. Served as first class Fireman and was discharged from the following-named vessel Mahopac at Washington, D. C. on or about, does not remember the day, May 1865.

The applicant declares that the original discharge from the above enlistment was lost or destroyed without priority or procurement under the following circumstances, viz: By fire at Saratoga, NY.

That some of the officers and men on the vessels upon which the sailor served are as follows:
John A. Cheevers, Chief Engineer
Warren E. Kinney, Coal Heaver
Thomas Wheaton, Coal Heaver
Henry Whittaker, Coal Heaver

The applicant further declares that the aforesaid sailor was born in Buffalo, NY was 31 years of age at the date of enlistment referred to above; occupation at shipment, Blacksmith, color of eyes, Blue, color of hair, light, complexion fair, height 5’ 4 ½ inches; and had the following marks or scars: none.

This declaration is made for the purpose of securing a Certificate of Discharge, and applicant hereby appoints, with full power of substitution and revocation [strike out blanks] his attorney to procure the same.

His post-office address is 60 West Pine Street, Gloversville, NY

Witnessed by
Cady Eaton
Carrie Freeman, 

Signature: John Freeman [ his X mark]

Also personally appeared before me CADY EATON a resident of the town of Gloversville, in the County of Fulton and State of New York, and Carrie Freeman, now a resident of the town of Gloversville, in the County Fulton and State of New York, to me well known As credible persons, who, being duly sworn, declare that they have been for five years acquainted with the above named applicant and they have no interest in this claim.

Signatures: Cady Eaton, Carrie Freeman

State of New York, County of Fulton

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 11th day of May, A .D. 1909

I further certify that I am in nowise interested in said case, nor am I concerned in its prosecution; and that said applicant is personally known to me and that he is a credible person.

Signature: William M. Harris, Notary Public, Gloversville NY.




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