Revolutionary War Widow's Pension Application for

Anna Youker
for service of her husband, John Youker, # W.22709 
Oppenheim, NY

Contributed by James F. Morrison.

State of New York}
County of Fulton } ss

John Nellis Atty and Counsellar at Law in the Supreme Court of Judicative of said State, being duly sworn, deposes and says that Anna Youker, therein named, having applied to this deponent to draw and prepare her declaration for a pension as the widow of the late John Youker, and informed this deponent that the late Abraham Rosencratz a minister of he Gospel, had married her to the said John Youker. That this deponent with her son Jacob I. Youker, called at the dwelling house of Abraham Rosencratz in the County of Herkimer, to search for the record of her marriage and I came from the wife of the said last named Abraham Rosencratz who is a grand son of the Clergyman above named, that has said husband has been absent on a journey to the West and at the request of this deponent she delivered to him the Registrar of the Rev. Abraham Rosencratz telling him that it was the Book left by her husband grandfather at his decale in which he had entered marriage and performed by him, in his life time and that said book came at his    ] into the possession of George Rosencratz, the father of her said husband, that the said des’d on 21 Dec 1838; and that since the date of said George Rosencratz her said husband has had the possession of the said Book or Register – that her said husband would be absent some time and that the said Register was considered as private property belong to the descendants of the said deceased Clergyman and this deponent further states that the said Register appeared many entrants and that marriage therein recorded, more written as this deponent believes in the German language and that said record this deponent found the following entry: one thousand seven hundred and eight four on the tenth day of January, “Johannes Jukker and Anna Cattarina Rinckel” – which entry was found under the head of marriages in the said Register and that it is a true copy of the said record with the exception of the date which is expressed on the record in fair and legible figures as follows, “1784 D. 13th Jan y.” and which said entry was found between the years 1783 and the year 1785, the former preceding and latter following the above copy from said record – and this deponent further states that he has always understood and believes that the said Abraham Rosencratz , who is as alleged, married the said John Youker and Anna C., the widow now of said as such and further says.

John Nellis


Subscribed and Sworn to this 20th day of February 1839 before me and I certify that said John Nellis is credible.

J. B. Leavitt, Judge


State of New York}
County of Herkimer} ss

Abraham G. Rosencratz of the town of Little Falls, in said County being duly sworn according to law says that he is the son of the late George Rosencratz, Dec’d and the Grand son of the Rever’d Abraham Rosencratz who in his lifetime was the minister of the Reformed Protestant Dutch church of Herkimer and German Flats that he was always informed and believed and now believes that his Grandfather as such minister Solimized marriages and that a record of marriages which said Book of Records was after the decease of his said Grandfather in the possession of his father the said George Rosencrantz until his decease which event took place the 21st December 1838 and since then the said Book of Records have been and are now in the possession of this deponent he being the Execuator of the said George Rosencratz, Dec’d .That he has this day Examined the said book of records of marriages and finds an Entry therein that in Seventeen Hundred and Eight four the thirteenth day of January Johannes Yukker was married Catharina Rinckel that the Entry of Said Marriage in said record is in the following words and figures.  1784 D. 13th Jany Johannes Jukker and Anna Catharina Rinckel which said record is that on the thirteenth day of January one thousand seven hundred and eighty four Johannes Yukker was married to Catharina Rinckel.

Abraham G. Rosencratz [signature]


Subscribed and sworn to me the 17th day of December 1839 before me.

George Petrie, Justice of the Peace


Herkimer County}
Town of Little Falls} ss

I certify that on the 17th day of December 1839 the above named Abraham G Rosencratz appeared before me the undersigned a justice of the peace of the said town and subscribed and made oath to the above affidavit and that he is the man of undoubted truth and veracity.  Given under my hand at Little Falls aforesaid the twentieth day of December 1839.

George Petrie, J. Peace


State of New York
Herkimer County} ss

I, John Dygert, Esq. Clerk of the said County of Herkimer do hereby certify that George Petrie before whom the foregoing affidavit [  ] to have been sworn and who professed to have signed the above Cetificate was at the time a Justice of the Peace in aforesaid County – that I am acquainted with his hand writing and do hereby believe that his signature to said affidavit and to said Certificate to his own proper hand writing – In testimony whereof I do hereunto put my hand [  ] the aforesaid County this 24th day of December A. D. 1839.

E. A. Munson, Deputy for John Dygert, Clerk


State of New York}
County of Fulton} ss

On this 20th day of February A. D. 1839, personally appeared before the Hon. Justice B. Leavitt one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of said County, Anna C. Youker, a resident of the town of Oppenheim, in the said County, aged seventy – six years in April last, who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed July 7th 1838, entitles, “An act of granting half pay and pensions to certain widows” – that she is the widow of John Youker who was a soldier in the war of the revolution and served therein, as she believes, as a private in the militia Company where of Christian House was the Captain in the Regt commanded by Col. Jacob Klock; also that she said late husband has enlisted as she understood for the period of nine months in the Company of Capt. Gross (whose Christian name she thinks was Lawrence but not certain) in the Regt. of Col. Marinus Willett and served said nine months she understood in said last mentioned Company as a private, that according to her recollection the said husband told her that while he served in said Capt. Gross’ Company, he was engaged in the battle called the “Turlock battle” – that said husband also informed her that he was engaged in the service when the battle of Johnstown was had and present when in the pursuit of Col. Butler of the British Rangers was killed; that her said husband that her said husband told her that on or near the Indian Castle an Indian fired upon him and the ball passed through his clothes but does not recollect of this than being in the service or not that he often told her that he served continually on scouting parties – she recollects that he was at Fort Dayton in the said war and stationed there, she repeatedly saw him her said husband at or near said Fort while she believes he was engaged in the service which was before her intermarriage with the said John Youker- that she cannot particularily state the services of her said husband nor under what officers he served, nor how long he said in said war, except of aforesaid- that she is informed and believes that the records on Company Rolls of the Companies in which he served are probably on file at Washington City and may show the amount of his services in and out of war. She further declares that she was married to the said John Youker on the 13th day of January A. D. 1784according to her recollection and a copy of the account of the Rev. Abraham Rosencratz taken relative to the said marriage and which is hereto annexed that the Rev. Abraham Rosencratz married her to the said John Youker as aforesaid – that the Rev. Mr. Rosencratz is dec’d that her said husband the aforesaid John Youker died on the 14th day of September 1831. That she was not married to the said John Youker prior to his leaving the service but this marriage took place previous to the first of January 1794 viz, at the time above stated – that she has not since the death of the said John intermarried but still remains his widow and that she cannot write – and that her maiden name was Rinckel.

Anna [Her Mark] C. Youker

Sworn and subscribed on this day and year of above written before me by making her mark and certify the words, “her maiden name was Rinckel” written before execution.

Justus B. Leavitt, Judge of Fulton County Court


State of New York}
County of Fulton} ss

Personally on this 20 day of February 1839 appeared before me the above named Anna C. Youker to me known and thus duly sworn by me to the truth of the foregoing declaration and I certify that the said Anna Youker by valour of her age and bodily infirmities cannot attach the Oath of said County to make the foregoing declaration and that she is credible and that the said Court of Common Pleas of said County is a Court of record – and that the said Anna acknowledged that she could not write her name. In testimony whereof I do hereunto the day and year last aforesaid put my name.

Justus B. Leavitt
Judge of Fulton County Court


State of New York}
County of Fulton} ss

Jacob I . Youker of the Town of Oppenheim in said County being duly sworn according to Law does depose that he is the son of the above named John and Anna Youker – that his said father John Youker died on the 14 day of September 1831 – that his said mother has not intermarried since the death of the said John Youker but still remains his widow and further says not.

Jacob I. [His Mark] Youker

Subscribed and sworn this day 20th day of February A. D. 1839 before me I certify that the said Jacob I. Youker is credible and made his mark.

Justus B. Leavitt, Judge of Fulton County Court


State of New York}
Fulton County} ss

I, Tobias A. Stoutenburgh, Clerk of the said County, do hereby certify that Justus B. Leavitt, before whom the written declaration for a Pension and written affadavits purport to have been sworn to and who signed the written Certificates was at the time a Judge in and for said County of Fulton – that I am acquainted with his hand writing and herby believe is name subscribed to same as Judge to be his proper signature – that there is no legal seal for said County for the reason that there has been no Court of Common Pleas in and for said County since the organization of said County, at which Court only can such seal be adopted and legalized, that the seal hereunto annexed is one process by me, by order of the board of Supervisors of said County in anticipation that the same would be adopted and legalized by said Court – That I have fastened together the annexed paper to which this certificate relates, by affixing or [ ] said seal on the converting of the tape strings on the outer side. In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed the [ ] of the aforesaid seal this twenty sixth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine.

Tobias A. Stoutenburgh


April 11, 1939
Mrs. Caroline R. Fenton
New York

Dear Madam;

Reference is made to your request for information relative to Mrs. Hannah Youker who applied for pension as the widow of a Revolutionary War solider and in 1840 was living in Oppenheim, Fulton County , New York ..

The data which follow were obtained from papers on file in the pension claimed, W.22709, based on the Revolutionary War service of John Youker; this is the only application for pension made by any person as the widow of a soldier with the surname Youker that is found in the Revolutionary War records of this office.  The date and place of birth of John Youker and the names of his parents are not shown.  He enlisted, place not given, and served over nine months in 1781 and 1782 as private with New York troops under Captain Christian House and Lawrence Gross, Lieutenant Colonels Peter Wagoner, Marinus Willett, and Colonel   Jacob Klock, and was in the battle called “Turlock battle.”  John Youker married January 13, 1784, Anna Catharina Rinckel who was born in April, 1762. They were married by Reverend Abraham Rosencratz, the minister of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Herkimer and German Flats.  John Youker died September 14, 1831.  As the widow of John Youker, Anna Catharina Youker was allowed pension on her application executed February 20, 1839, at which time she was living in Oppenheim, Fulton County, New York. She was living there in 1854.  A son, Jacob J. or Jacob I. Youker, was living in Oppenheim, New York in 1839.  The papers in said claim contain no further data relative to the family of John Youker.

Very truly yours,

Executive Assistant To the Administrator



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