These records can be viewed at the New York Public Library, NYC, NY. They are on microfilm, 1888 Business Directory of Gloversville & Johnstown, pages 248-253.  Many thanks to Linda A. Jasztal, who transcribed these pages for the site.

Auctioneer. Boots and Shoes.
Johns G. E., William c Green. Hollenbeck S. & F., 59 S Perry.
  Holmes J. C., 95 Main.


Kinne A. R., 115 Main.
Bidlake David S., 32 William. Korn Andrew, 87 Main.
Hartman J. A., 56 S Perry. Meyer Fred, 121 Main.
Smith J. H., 116 and 118 Main.  

Box Mnfrs.

Ball Cover Mnfr.

Johnson George, 88 Main.
Fonda G. B., N Market c Green. Trumbull S. E., 25 Green.


Brick Mnfr.

First National Bank, 112 Main. Kilmer Robert, rear 185 N. Perry.
Johnstown Bank, 60 Main.  



Devoe Jay & Co., 88 Main.
Chabot Oliver, 68 Main.  
Dostie George W., 113 Main.

Builders and Carpenters.

Edick P., 69 Main. Hadcock Alex., 25 Water.
Judge Hugh, 73 Main. Hadcock S., 21 Water.
Lorentz H., 88 Main. Hess Jonah, 87 N. Perry.
Peek Theo., 119 Main. Moyer N., 23 Beaver.
Smith C. A., American Hotel. Seaman John E. & Co., Main c William.
Smith S. P., 123 Main.   
William C. H., 142 Main.

Carriage Mnfrs. and Blacksmiths.

  Gleason P., 4 State.


Hess Jonah, 87 N Perry.
Hess Andrew, 138 Main. Lippert August & Son, 106 N Perry.
Noyes & Wells, 62 Main. McGuire P., 45 S Perry.
   Moore Godfrey, rear 140 Main.

Boarding Houses.

Smith D., Jr., N Market c Smith.
Smith Andrew P. Mrs., 101 N Market. Smith James, 59 S Perry.
Barhrdt C. Mrs., 16 Washington. Van Nest B. H., 51 S Perry.
Dixon B. W. Mrs., 16 Green. Young John J., 51 S Perry.
Dunn Addie Mrs., 20 S Market.   

Carriage Repository.

Books, News and Wall Paper.

Wilde & Vosburgh, 10 S. Perry.
Henry Stewart, 96 Main.  
Russell J. M., 74 Main.

Cigar Mnfrs. and Dealers.

  Allen H., N Perry c Miller.

Civil Engineer.

Bessee C. R., 92 Main.
Miller Wm. R., Main c S Market. Secoy Jesse, 109 Main

Clothing, Hats and Gents Goods.


Argersinger Wm., 79 Main. Bumphrey N. O., Mrs., 109 N Market.
Ehle Chas. F., 93 Main. Chapin F. Mrs., 33 Main.
Harris Joseph, 118 Main. Dillenbeck Jane Mrs. 20 Gilbert.
Heagle C., 104 Main. Duntley L. Miss, 54 Hoosick.
Young Chas. S., 128 Main. Gilbert Anna and Jane Misses, 85 1/2 N Perry.
  Gurnea R. & S. Misses, 31 1/2 S Perry.

Coal Companies.

Hess E. Mrs., 6 State.
Coal Co. of Fulton Co., D. A. Wells, Jr., agt., 22 State. Hoswell S. Miss, 116 Main.
Perry Jas. H., 150 Main. Hillegas E. Mrs., 49 S Perry.
  Hulbert B. Mrs., 9 Cayadutta.


Hunter S. K. Miss, 9 S Market.
Molz Jacob, 147 Main. Kane A. Mrs., 22 Water.
  Moore J. R. Mrs., 139 Main.


Putman C. M. Mrs., 23 Fulton.
Cross C. O., prop., opp 209 Main. Smith C. M. Mrs., Melcher n Main.
Smith C. R. Mrs., 98 Main.


Souvay Mme., 38 S Market.
Allen J., 130 Main. Van Alstyne C. Miss, 21 William.
Alexander W. H., 120 Main. Young J. D. , Mrs., 4 State.
Colgrove W. H., 41 S Market.
Van Nostrand F., 42 S Market.


  Cahill J. F., 119 Main.

Dry Goods.

Smith D. M., N Market n Main.
Edwards E. W. & Son, 83 and 85 Main. Van Heusen D. H., 75 Main.
Harrison A., 124 Main. Van Vleit W. B., 91 Main.
Richheimer & Bros., 71 Main.  
Schoenfeldt & Heagle, 102 Main.

Electro Plater.

  Hathern C. H., rear 117 Main.

Express Co.

American Union R. R. depot.

Fish Market.

  Meisner Chas., State n Mill.


Aucock F. K., 218 Main.

Flour and Feed.

  Streeter G. A. & Bro., Mill c State.

Fruits &c.

Perry J. H., 150 Main.
Cambini G., 89 Main.  
Fonda W. C., 94 Main.


  Vosburgh B., 126 Main.

Glove Button Mnfrs.

Uhlinger Philip & Son, 115 Main.
Lace Fastener Co., 78 Main.  

Glove Finishers.

Glove Material.

Calderwood D. B., 6 Church.
Burton J., 14 State. Hamm H., 52 N Market.
Mida J., 51 Melcher. Ostler J., 30 Cady.
Morris Isaac, 108 Main.  


Glove Mnfrs.

Bannister E., 73 Main.
Argersinger P. P. & Co., 13 William. Bearcroft & Fonda, 15 S Perry.
Banta & Guibert, 49 Melcher. Bradt N. A., 90 Main.
Bradt Emenzo, 2 Gilbert. Cole Wm. W., N Market.
Buckingham J. E., 51 Melcher. Collins & Hanson, Main c S Perry.
Davies Thomas, 52 N Market. Conley & Doran, 67 Main.
Decker J. H., Son & Co., 67 N Market. Cross Chas. O., Main c William.
Dovey C. H., 20 Green. Dawes & Sutliff, 122 Main.
Drumm's P. Z. Sons, Green. De Garmo John, 108 Main.
Dunn J., 15 Green. Fraser Bros., 133 Main.
Ely E. A., 33 William. Hagadorn B., 6 State.
Evans R. J. & R., 8 State. Humphrey & Edwards, 88 Main.
Foote J. H., 11 S Perry. Miller & Veghte, 98 Main.
Foote W. D., 70 Montgomery. Moore Bros., 140 Main.
Fulton Co. Co-operative Association, "Limited," 151 Main. Putman & Parrish, 81 Main.
Geary G., 40 William. Schoonmaker & Co., 23 1/2 State.
Grant B. & J., 59 N Perry. Hutchinson J. C., 27 S Market.
Hall & Van Sickler, 11 Green. Vibbard E. C. & Co., Market c Water.
Hambridge M. L. & Co., 41 S Perry. Young Wm. F., 69 Main.
Heagle J., rear 27 S Market.  
Hill G. W., 154 Main.

Gun Stores.

Selmser W., 100 Main. Hill G. W., 152 Main.
Ireland Bros., 18 State. Partiss F., 45 S Perry.
Lefler J. D., 29 S Market.  
Mason, Campbell & Co., 18 N Perry.


McMartin's J. I. Sons, 47 Clinton. Ferres John G., 88 Main.
Miller J. P., 42 Melcher. Miller Frank, 120 Main.
Northrup Glove Mfg. Co., 29 and 31 S Market.  
Pierson C., 28 Market.

Harness Mnfrs.

Putman Bernard, 48 Melcher. Field A. C., 77 Main.
Raymond F. J. & Son, 162 Main. Oberest Jay G., 125 Main.
Raymond & Stewart, 62 N Market. Wilde & Vosburgh, 10 S Perry.
Ricketts & Rogers, 34 S Market.  
Ricketts Jonathan, 50 Melcher.


Ricketts Thomas E., 53 Melcher. American House, G. P. Vrooman,prop., State opp depot.
Riton Bros., 51 Melcher. Cayadutta Hotel, J. M. Gilchrist,prop., 117 Main.
Rowell C. M., 69 N Market. Central House, J. P. Johnson, prop., 54 N Market.
Rowles Chas., 145 Main. Prospect Hotel, W. C. Bettinger, prop. 139 Main.
Russ Wm., 3 Hoosick. Sir Wm. J. Hotel, H. C. Willard, prop., William.
Schriver S., rear 12 Melcher. Vrooman House, D. H. Vrooman, prop., 46 and 48 S Market.
Shults E. W. & Co., 35 William.  
Smith Edward H., 45 S Perry.

Ice Cream.

Smith G. R., 13 Green. Reid W. J., 70 Main.
Squires E. W., 2 Hoosick.  
Topp Wm., N Perry n R. R.  
Trumbell S. E., 40 William.

Insurance and Real Estate.

Van Alstyne & Keck, 67 Melcher. Burton Jacob, 14 State.
Vosburgh M. B., 42 Clinton. Bradt Nelson A., 14 State.
Vrooman Nelson, 10 S Market. Case Purdy F., 77 Main.
Wade M. & Son, 60 Montgomery. Streeter Geo. A., 88 Main.
Walrath Stephen E., 16 Green. Sutliff S. M., Main c William.
Wayne G. B., 31 William. Timmerman W. F., 119 Main.
Weare & Chant, 27 S Market. Wade & Knox, Main c S Market.
Windsor William, 52 N Market. Wells Burton E., 66 Main.



Brown D. N., 98 Main. Anderson F. L., 60 Main.
Camm George E., 148 Main. Anibal & Murray, 60 Main.
Fulton George E., 113 Main. Carroll & Fraser, 104 Main.
Dudley J. M. & H., 74 Main. Hall Wm. E., 74 Main.


Keck J., (County Judge,) County bdg., Main.
Christie Hugh, Main c William. Keck P., Kibbe Bdg., Main.
Horton Eugene, 92 Main. McMartin Donald, 100 Main.
Moore De Witt C., (Police,) 140 Main. Moore De Witt C., 140 Main.
  Moyer F. E., 56 Main.

Knit Goods Mnfrs.

Rosa R. H., Main c S Market.
Potter Bros., 33 William. Smith & Nellis, 56 Main.
  Thorne H. W., 74 Main.


Towman Frank B., Kibbe Bdg., Main.
Sing Sam, 141 Main. Veeder James L., 104 Main.
Wah Yee, 76 Main.


Ackerknecht E., 24 Washington. Adams, A. M., 1 Green.
Adams J. Q., 4 Green. Barter John, rear 4 Green.
Bumfrey & Allen, S Beaver. Cahill M., Mill.
Chase Fred H., Miller. Connelly & Shubert, ft Montgomery.
Cool, Eli, 17 Cayadutta. DeBeer J., rear 4 Green.
Dougall J. M., rear 4 State. Fisher F. & E. H., off N Perry ab Miller.
Fisher & Welch, off N Perry ab Miller. Hagadorn John W., off N Perry ab Miller.
Hall M. M. & Co., rear 4 Green. Joyce Ulic, ft. Miller.
King J. V. & C., ft Miller. Lebenheim J. & Co., ft Montgomery.
Luther John, 7 Washington. Maylender L. K. & Co., off N Perry N toll gate.
Miller, Argersinger & Co., Mill. Neil L. A., rear 1 Green.
Northrup Glove Mfg. Co., Mill. Quigley P. H., rear 4 Green.
Roucoules Bros., 45 Melcher. Sheil P., Main n. R. R.
Smith H., 108 Main. Smith J., 108 Main.
Stewart G. A., ft Montgomery. Syer & Behlen, rear 20 State.
Suit R., Mill. Topp J. H., Matthew.
Topp Wm., N Perry n R. R. Wemple & Carncroas, ft Montgomery.
Williamson & Ehrhardt, Fulton W R. R. Young Wm., Water c Mill.

Liquors, (Wholesale,)


Dewey John, 57 S Perry. Argersinger Eli Mrs., 118 Main.
Dunn John, 59 S Perry. Carncroas F. Miss, 128 Main.
Stewart Alex., 43 1/2 S Market. McAllister J. Miss, 39 State.
  McConkey H. D., 119 N Perry.


Seaman H. A., 48 S Perry.
Bower David B., 45 S Perry. Smith C. R. Mrs., 98 Main.
Christman M., rear 56 S Perry. Van Nostrand R. F. Mrs., 42 Market.
Johnson Bros., 86 Main. Wood J. Miss, 94 Main.
Miller Geo. E., rear Sir Wm. J. Hotel.  
Stoller Henry, 33 S Market.

Newspapers and Job Printing.

  Fulton Co. Democrat, G. F. Beakley, ed. and prop., Democrat bdg., 94 Main.

Lumber Dealers,
also Saw and Planing Mills.

Fulton Co. Republican, A. E. Blunck, ed. and prop. 58 Main.
Stephenson Levi, Mill c State. Henry George De Witt, Main c William.
Younglove Jas. I., 73 Market. Miller Charles, (job printer) Main c S Market.

Painters and Painters Supplies.


Lingenfelter S. D., 51 S Perry.
Calderwood Alex. C., 6 Church. Horning F. A., 159 Main.
Empie Henry F., 119 Main. Horning Wm., 159 Main.
Polmateer Wm. A., 88 Main. Simmons R. D. & Co., 56 Main.
  Tefft John, 104 1/2 N Perry.

Marble Works.

Walrath E. C., rear 140 Main.
Stahley Emile, 28 Washington.  


Meat Markets.

Abbott J. L., 88 Main.
Anthony A., 64 Main. Kibbe Wm. H., Kibbe bdg, Main.
Briggs Thos. R., 114 Main.  
Jeffers B. F. & Co., 142 Main.


Link A., 43 S Market. Beebe Frank, 39 Main.
Mesiner C., State n Mill. Burdick John E., 142 Main.
Murphy & Lum, 146 Main. Cameron R. H., 2 State.
O'Neil James, 139 Main. Johnson Wm. L., 23 William.
O'Neil John, 90 Main. Lefler Jehiel, 19 William.
O'Neil John P., 72 Main. Russell John J., N Market n Main.
Stoller Wm., 11 S Perry. Still D. O., 135 Main.
Richards Chas., 12 S Perry. Walrad C. B., 120 Main.
  Young J. K., 48 Perry.

Merchant Tailors.

Baumgaertel L. H., 72 Main.

Picture Frames, &c.

Carlstrom John A. & co., 104 Main. Miller A. R., 11 Cayadutta.
Grewen M., 121 Main.  
Harris Joseph, 118 Main.

Stoves and House Furnishing Goods.

  Callahan & Selmser, 117 Main.


Collamer G. R., 92 Main.
Barnett A. A., 77 Melcher.  
Claus Horatio, 123 Main.

Stone Dealers.

Culbert Alex., 97 Main. Bower L., N Perry n Bridge.
Fletcher M., 136 Main. Kennedy M. & Son, 104 Main.
Hillabrandt James H., 62 Main. Lynes Wesley, 135 Main.
Johnson w. C., 86 Main.  
Powers & Joyce, 75 Melcher.

Tea Stores.

Sheil P., 138 Main. Aitken Wm. E., 13 S Perry.
Windsor R., 68 Main. Hartman J. A., 56 S Perry.

Sewing Machines.

Telegraph Co.

Calderwood Alex. C., 6 Church. Western Union, J. M. Bradt manager, 78 Main.
Singer Mfg. Co., W. F. Timmerman, agt., 119 Main.  

Telephone Co.


Hudson River, J. M. Russell, manager, 74 Main.
Berger H. F., 115 Main.   
Bromel T., 40 S Market.

Wall Paper and News.

Cook V. R., 69 Main. Newton E. C., 125 Main.
Edgar Thomas, 135 1/2 Main.  
Hathorn A. B., 100 Main.

Wood Yards.

Irving John, 112 N Perry. Frederick A., Mill.
Pabst Frank, 54 Main. Getman P., ft Clinton.
  Near A., 28 William.

Silk and Thread.

Baker Thomas B., 75 Main.  


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