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With much appreciation, James Morrison, City of Gloversville Historian, contributed this business  directory.  A copy of the original business directory may be found at the Johnstown Historical Society, 17 North William Street, Johnstown, NY.  Names that appear in bold also had an advertisement listed.

1897 Johnstown Business Directory

1890 Johnstown Business Directory

Gloversville Directory for F-J

Gloversville Directory for K-P

Gloversville Directory for Q-Z

Below A - E

Business name Proprietor Nature of Business Location/Address
Jacob Adler & Co   Glove Mnfrs. 471 Broadway
Aetna Silk Co. D. W. Anibal, agt. Glove Material 21 West Fulton
Allen, Charles   Box Mnfr. 90 South Main
Allen, Edward H.   Glove Mnfr. 18-20 Forest
Allen, E. J. Miss   Dressmaker 153 Bleecker
Allen, H. Miss   Dressmaker 8 Middle
W. D. Allen & Son   Dry & Fancy Goods 29 North Main
Allerhand, A. J.   Glove Mnfr. 10 Jay
Alvord, Frank C.   Glove Material 22 South Main
Alvord House. C. G. Alvord, prop. Hotel 74 South Main
American Express Co.   Express Company F. J. & G. RR depot
Andrews, L. C. Mrs.   Dressmaker 33 James
Anibal, M.   Grocer 117 North Main
Anibal, N. H.   Lawyer 3 North Main
Annex Mullen, Chas. Saloon School n W. Fulton
Anthony & Purdy's Publishing Co.   Directory Publisher Daily Leader Office
Anthony, H. J.   Glove Tool Mnfr. Cayadutta n S. Main
Authier, L. G. Mrs.   Dressmaker 22 Fremont
A. H. Avery, Son & Co.   Crockery, Glass 7 South Main
Ayers, Charles   Livery/Exchange Stables 18 Bleecker
Babcock, Theo.   Glove Mnfr. 9 Forest
Bach Bros.   Carriage Mnfrs. 8 Montgomery
Bach, J. H.   Dye Works 10 Montgomery
Baird, Edgar T.   Leather Mnfr. Bleecker ext, K'bor
Baker & Burton   Lawyers 5 West Fulton
Baldwin, Thos.   Auctioneer 35 South Main
Ball, Jas. K.   Glove Mnfr. 20 East Pine
Bame, A. C.   Mnfg. Chemist Burr n Bridge
O. H. Bame & Co.   Directory Publisher 13 South Main
Bard, James   Billiards 29 North Main
Barkhuff, J. K.   Glove Mnfr. 16 Beaver
Bartlett, C. O.   Leather Mnfr. Bleecker ext, K'bor
Batty, James A. D. W. Anibal, agt. Glove Finisher 99 North Main
Bauper, Geo. R. Mrs.   Dry & Fancy Goods 31 North Main
Beach, Eugene   Physician 74 North Main
Beattie & Smith   Crockery, Grocers 47 North Main
Becker, Henry   Glove Mnfr. 107 North Main
Becker & Son   Grocers 51 South Main
Becker, W.   Glove Mnfr. 103 North Main
M. Beeber & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 89 South Main
Belden, F. W.   Knit Goods Mnfr. 90 South Main
Belding, H. A.   Carpenter 22 Grand
Henry H. Bell's & Sons   Glove Material 53 South Main
Bellows, C. P.   Dentist 113 Bleecker
Bemis, A. W.   Lawyer 29 South Main
Bentley, G.   Meat Market 121 North Main
Berry & Allen   Glove Mnfrs. 71 West Fulton
Berry Bros.   Glove Mnfrs. 23 School
Betts & Springer   Saloon 14 Church
Bissell, D. A.   Physician 43 East Fulton
Blum, S.   Tailor 5 South Main
Bogart, C. B.   Boots & Shoes 14 North Main
Booth & Co.   Leather Mnfrs. 10 Grand
Borst, Hiram   Carriage Mnfr. 13 Church
Bovee, James V.   Glove Mnfr./
Knit Goods Mnfr.
3 Kingsboro Ave
Bowen, Chas.   Lawyer 7 Lincoln
Bowman, L. E. Mrs.   Dressmaker 47 North Main
Bradt, James K.   Glove Mnfr. 110 Spring
Bradt & Shipman   Button/Glove Mnfrs. 100 Spring
Brainard, B. N.   Knit Goods Mnfr. Kingsboro Avenue
Brice, George   Leather Mnfr. 126 North Main
Brockway, M.   Pianos/Music 150 North Main
Broderick, John   Leather Mnfr. Bleecker ext, K'bor
Brooks, M.   Milliner/Fancy Goods 13 West Fulton
Brothers, W. H.   Glove Box Mnfr. 57 South Main, rear
Brower, A. D.   Glove Mnfr. 3 Fremont
Brower Glue Mnfg.   Glue Mnfr. 291 West Fulton
Brown, A. O.   Grocer N. Main, K'boro
Brown Bros.   Glove Mnfrs. 9 E. State, K'boro
Brown, Joseph   Glove Mnfr. N. Main, K'boro
Brown, L. S.   Glove Mnfr. 16 E. State, K'boro
Brown, Stephen W.   Livery/Exchange Stables 1 Mill
Bryce, C. B.   Leather Mnfr. South Main
Bullock, James H.   Cabinet Maker 6 Grand
Burdick, G. E. Miss   Milliner/Fancy Goods 68 South Main
Burns, G.   Knit Goods Mnfr. 44 North
Burr Bros.   Lumber, Saw and Planing Mill Green Ave, K'boro
Burr, J. H.   Glove Mnfr. 10 Mill
Burt & Heacock   Lamps, Glass 17 Bleecker
Burton, S. W.   Knit Goods Mnfr. 17 Centre, K'boro
Bushby, Emily M. Mrs.   Dressmaker 61 Bleecker
Bussee, Louis   Saloon 154 Bleecker
Butts, Austia C.   Glove Mnfr./Saloon East Fulton
D. Cady & Son Daniel Cady Veterinary Surgeons 16 Forest
Campbell, C. Miss   Dressmaker 16 Washington
Canaday, Barbara Mrs.   Dressmaker 81 East Fulton
Canham, G.   Painter 38 N. Main, rear
Carey, Wm. H. & Co.   Grocer 125 South Main
Carmichael, M.   Livery/Exchange Stables 45 School, rear
Carnrack, Charles   Saloon 66 West Fulton
Carroll, Jos.   Painter 11 Smith Avenue
Carroll, P.   Painter 38 N. Main, rear
Carson, F.   Justice 10 Church
Chant, Edward   Leather Mnfr. 128 Green Avenue
Chasmer, S. Miss   Dressmaker 41 Bleecker
Chelantano, S.   Confectioner/fruit 62 West Fulton
Chevalier, J.   Mason Burr n Bridge
Chevalier, P.   Mason 15 Orchard
Chicago Produce Co.   Produce Dealer 12 Bleecker
Chung, Sung   Laundries 13 Bleecker
A. C. Churchill & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 79 South Main
Clark, Eli   Carpet Weaver 153 South Main
Clark, G. M.   Dentist 11 West Fulton
Clement, Lucas   Veterinary Surgeon 49 School
Clements & Ketchum   Sewing Machines/ Repair Shop 41 Northh Main
Clowe, C. F.   Physician 10 E. State, K'boro
Clute, M. A. Miss   Dressmaker 10 Third
Coal Co. of Fulton Co. D. McEwen Jr., agent Coal Co. 130 South Main
Coe, E. A. Miss   Dressmaker 17 Fremont
Cohen Bros.   Grocers 19 North Main
Collie's Wm. Collie Dry & Fancy Goods 39/41 North Main
Collins & Bottom   Grocers/Meats 90 School
Conklin, E. L. Miss   Dressmaker 12 Smith Avenue
Cook, Thos. P.   Carpenter 52 East Fulton
Conover, C. T.   Dining Hall 38 North Main
Conover, G.   Meat Market 88 East Fulton
Co-operative Grocery   Grocers 5 Middle
Cooper, A. G.   Painter 4 Birch
Copeland, G. P.   Cabinet Maker 131 North Main
Cornell, L. P.   Painter 62 School
Corrie, Jas. F.   Grocer 42 Marshall Avenue
Cottage Hotel B. G. Carman, prop Hotel 48 West Fulton
Cowles, Hill & Co.   Books & News 9 North Main
Cramer, H. W.   Blacksmith 12 Forest
Cramer, R.   Carpenter 35 Washington
Cromwell, Harvey E.   Dentist 13 North Main
Cross, Wm. E.   Knit Goods Mnfr. 34 West Fulton
Crounse & Co. see Crouse? Glove Mnfrs.  
Cullings, H. M. Miss   Physician 49 North Main
Culver, George H.   Glove Mnfr. 15 N. Water, rear
Cummings & Burr   Leather Mnfrs. 127 South Main
A. R. Crouse & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 20 Kingsboro Ave
Curran, John   Blacksmith Allen Street
W. Curt & Co.   Belt Grease 11 Burr
Dade, Frederick   Glove Mnfr. 19 First Ave, rear
Dailey, Jos.   Cigar Dealer 1 North Main
The Daily Leader Shaul & Collins, prop. Newspaper 7 North Main
Darling & Bard's   Cabinet Makers/ Furniture Dealers 59-63 North Main
Dart, F. W.   Glove Mnfr. 42 Lincoln
Davis, Horace   Clothes Wringer Repair 24 Washington
Davis, Jonathan   Pianos/Music 7 Middle
Davis, William   Physician 11 Elm
De La Mater, R.   Carriage Repository 9 Forest
Deltz, John   Grocer 9 Bloomingdale
Demarest, G. W.   Grocer 20 Union
Dempster, J. S.   Grocer 119 West Fulton
Dempster & Place   Glove Mnfrs. 60 Bleecker
Denham, E. T.   Florist/Leather Mnfr. 10 Marshall Avenue
Dennie & Foster   Grocers 31 Kingsboro Ave
Devoe, D. A.   Milliner/Fancy Goods 36 North Main
DeZouche, Isaac   Physician 66 South Main
Diehl, Peter   Machine Works Cayadutta
Dingman, J. A. Mrs.   Dressmaker 17 First
Dist. & U. L. Tel. Co.   Telephone Co. 28 North Main
Dodge Bros.   Leather Mnfrs. Cayadutta Lane
Dodge, Etta Miss   Dressmaker 54 Washington
Downing, C. H.   Glove Mnfr. 32 West Pine
Drake, J. H.   Box Mnfr. 24 South Main
Draper, Bros. W. N. Ripton, agt. Glove Material 21 West Fulton
Dressel, W. J.   Tailor 19 North Main
R. G. Dun & Co.   Mercantile Agency 19 West Fulton
Dunbar, Wm.   Painter 41 North
Dunburg, D. N.   Meat Market 24 South Main
Durfee, D. C. Mrs.   Select Schools 8 Fosdick
Dye, A. K.   Carpenter 6 Smith Avenue
Dye, Charles H.   Glove Finisher 5 Spring
Dye, Walter F.   Carpenter 9 Smith Avenue
Dye, William   Carpenter 9 Smith Avenue
F. H. Eaton & Co.   Pianos/Music 23 West Fulton
Ebel, Louis   Bakery 35 North Main
Edwards, D. M.   Dry & Fancy Goods 21/23 North Main
Edwards, John   Physician 22 East Fulton
Edwards, Thomas   Grocer 20 North Main
Eggleston, Jerome Egelston? Lawyer 10 North Main
Eisenbrey, E. H.   Physician 15 North Main
Ellsworth, P.   Glove Mnfr. 85 School
Elmendorf, S. P.   Cabinet Maker 3 Second Avenue
Eppler, Joseph   Carpet Weaver Cayadutta
Evans Bros.   Grocers South Main
Everest, I. M. Jr.   Boots & Shoes 57 North Main


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