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Business name Proprietor Nature of Business Location/Address
Farquharson, Wm. A.   Carpenter 35 Broad
S. Fear & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 25 Yale
Fesenfeld, E. A. Mrs.   Dressmaker 24 Forest
Fidoe & Ratford   Glove Mnfrs. 10 School
Filmer Bros.   Leather Mnfrs. 11 Burr
J. W. & M. T. Filmer   Leather Mnfrs. Swamp out corp.
Finkle, Geo.   Carpenter 14 Union
Finkle, Geo. L. Mrs.   Dressmaker 14 Union
Flanagan, Thos.   Household Goods 17 Fremont
Fonda, A. V.   Glove/Knit Goods Mnfr. 104 South Main
Ford, I. V.   Bottler 30 South Main
Forestine Remedies A. Bloomingdale, prop. Medicine 44 South Main
Foster & Gregory   Glove Mnfrs. 33 E. State, K'boro
Foster, T. G.   Leather Mnfr. Centre, K'boro
Fox, Albert   Wood Yard 31 Broad
Fox, Ed   Volunteer Restaurant 22 South Main
Fox, L. Mrs.   Dressmaker 35 Washington
Fox, L. R.   Florist East Fulton, c Fox
France & Moore   Glove Mnfrs. 34 West Fulton
Freeman, A. B.   Insurance/Real Estate 13 North Main
Freeman, C.   Meat Market 151 School
Freeman, F.   Blacksmith 40 Kingsboro Ave
Freeman, L. J.   Hairdresser 129 North Main
Fritcher, Sarah Mrs.   Dressmaker 7 Cayadutta
Frosher, Jos.   Grocer 8 Church
Fry, Amenzo   Glove Mnfr. 17 Second Avenue
Fry, S.   Grocer 33 West Fulton
S. Jr. Fry, & Co.   Glove Mnfrs./Grocers 8 Middle
Fulton Co. National   Bank 19 West Fulton
Furbeck, James A.   Confectioner/fruits 49 North Main
Furbeck, P. R.   Physician 73 North Main
Furbeck & Van Auken   Druggists 17 North Main
Gage, J.   Wood Yard 43 School
Gage & Murphy   Dressmakers 21 Cottage
Gaige, Wilbur   Pharmacist 15 Bleecker
Garnsey, Wm. S.   Physician 77 North Main
Garrett, E.   Leather Mnfr. 42 Spring
Garrett, G.   Leather Mnfr. Burr n Bridge
Garrett, James   Leather Mnfr. 27 James
Gehrman & Welse   Clothing, Hats 5 North Main
Genter, W. H.   Painter 27 North Main
Germania Hotel A. B. Mathes, prop. Hotel 49 South Main
Getman, John L.   Insurance/Real Estate 14 South Main
Gibson, F. S.   Leather Mnfr. Main out corp.
Giercke, C.   Leather Mnfr. Bleecker ext, K'bor
Gifford, G. H.   Saloon 109 North Main
Gifford, L .H.   Livery/Exchange Stables 79 School
Gifford, Marcus L.   Harness Mnfr. 20 North Main
Giles, L. E. Mrs.   Milliner/Fancy Goods 26 West Fulton
Gillespie, George   Glove Mnfr. 5 Prospect
Girard, F.   Photographer 21-3 North Main
Glantz, Chas.   Tailor 13 North Main
John Gloning & Co.   Boots and Shoes 51 North Main
The Glove Trade Journal O. H. Bame & Co. Newspaper 13 South Main
Gloversville Free Library   Library Littauer Block
Gloversville Carriage Co.   Carriage Repository/ Harness Mnfr. 35 South Main, rear
Gloversville Foundry and Machine Co.   Machine Works West Fulton n R.R.
Gloversville Furniture Co. Gus Pieper, Mgr. Furniture Dealers 34 West Fulton
Gloversville Hair Co.   Hair Dealer off Green Ave
The Gloversville Intelligencer W. E. Leaning, prop. Newspaper 13 South Main
Gloversville Pad Co.   Pad Company 5 South Main
Gloversville Standard Hervey Ross, prop. Newspaper 9 West Fulton
Golder, D. G.   Glove Mnfr. 57 Fremont
W. S. Golder & Son   Masons 57 Fremont
Gordon, B.   Produce Dealer 29 Grand
Gorton, C. H.   Jeweler 7 Washington
Gott, W. B. Dr. A. S. Moak, Asst. Physician 115 North Main
Graff, S. G.   Insurance/Real Estate 13 North Main
Graff, I . D.   Stoves & Tinware 87 West Fulton
Great Atlantic Tea J. B. Potter, Mgr Tea Company 55 North Main
Green, Wm.   Lawyer 21 West Fulton
Gregory, Wm.   Knit Goods Mnfr. 33 E. State, K'boro
Griffin, Mark   Liquors, Wholesale 95 West Fulton
Griffis, J. H.   Wood Yard Green Avenue
Griswold & Klock   Milliner/Fancy Goods 21 South Main
Gross, S. S.   Bottler 37 Church
Gross, S. S.   Liquors, Wholesale 10 Church
G William, R. H.   Glove Mnfr. 84 South Main
Haag, Jacob   Glove Tool Mnfr. 5 Fifth
Haggart & Dwyer   Plumbers 13 Bleecker
Hall, B. F.   Glove Mnfr. 21 Chestnut
Jesse Hall & Son   Glove Mnfrs. 31 Cayadutta
J. M. Hallenbeck & Co.   Grocers 123 North Main
S. W. Hallenbeck & Son   Glove Mnfrs. 4 Montgomery
Hamlen, John R.   Glove Mnfr. 14 Fosdick
Hamlin, A. I.   Carpenter 34 Grand
Hamlin & Dunlop   Photographers 16 Bleecker
John Hamilton & Son   Glove Material 7 North Main
Hamlen, Flora C. Miss   Dressmaker 14 Fosdick
Hanson, John J.   Crockery, Glass/ Stoves & Tinware 12 Church
Hanson, M. Miss   Select School 30 First Avenue
Hanson & Van DeWater   Stoves & Tinware 24 South Main
Hart, S. T. O.   Cabinet Maker/ Furniture Delaer 67 West Fulton
Hart & Williams   Grocers 48 East Pine
Hartman, Wm. A.   Glove Tool Mnfr. 76 Fremont
Harvey, R. E.   Carriage Mnfr. 12 Forest
Hastings, Jennie Miss   Dressmaker 19 Park
Hauserman, E.   Tailor 20 North Main
Hawley, John F.   Glove Mnfr. 78 E. State, K'boro
Hawley, S. F.   Knit Goods Mnfr. 78 E. State, K'boro
Hayner, J.   Carriage Mnfr. 6 Grand
D. Hays & Co.   Leather Mnfrs. 157-9 West Fulton
Hays, Daniel   Glove Mnfr. 157-9 West Fulton
Hays, Dewitt A.   Carpenter/Lumber, Saw & Planing Mill 7-11 Willow
Heacock & Co.   Hardware 13 North Main
Heacock, E. L.   Glove Mnfr. North Main
Heacock, L.   Glove Mnfr. 36 South Main
Heinneman, H. J. Miss   Dressmaker 31 Spring
Hemstreet, J. E.   Mason 9 Grand
Hemstreet, M. M. Mrs.   Dressmaker 95 North Main
Hemstreet, Sarah Miss   Dressmaker 186 North Main
Henry, Alden L.   Carpenter 10 Hamilton
Hevey, Frank   Leather Mnfr. 74 Spring
Higgins, Jay   Glove Finisher 6 Fifth
Hill, Jas. M.   Boots & Shoes 37 North Main
Hillabrandt, C. S.   Grocer/Meats 91-3 West Fulton
Hilts, George H.   Glove Mnfr. 26 West Fulton
Hilts, Myron   Glove Mnfr. 26 West Fulton
A. Hine & Co.   Grocers 133 Bleecker
A. Hodder & Sons   Leather Mnfrs. 108 North Main
Holden, Wm.   Lumber, Saw and Planing Mill 18 Carpenter
Holland, Ed.   Wines, Liquors 39 South Main
Hollett & Woollett   Hide Dealers Swamp out corp.
Hooper, John    Florist South Main
Hosmer, Jas. S.   Sewing Machines/ Repair Shop 34 South Main
Hosmer & Williamson   Clothing, Hats 11 North Main
Houck, N. M.   Dressmaker 112 South Main
Houck & Patrick   Druggists 14 South Main
Howe, Domestic & Standard H. P. Shutts, agt Sewing Machines/ Repair Shop 25 West Fulton
Howlin, James   Carpenter 156 North Main
Howland, Ettie Miss   Dressmaker 6 Clinton
H. Howland & Son   Milk Dealer off East Fulton
Huartson, J. Mrs.   Milliner/Fancy Goods 15 West Fulton
The Hub G. C. Williams   31 Church
Hubbard & Rowland   Five Cent Store 34 North Main
Huckans, G. L. Mrs.   Milliner/Fancy Goods 51 North Main
Huckans, H. C.   Tailor 15 South Main
Hudson River Tel Co. Chas. H. Krause, Mgr Telephone Company 19 West Fulton
Hulett, A. P.   Veterinary Surgeon 31 First Avenue
Hulett, D. S.   Glove Mnfr. 101 North Main
Hulett, Simon   Glove Mnfr. 15 First Avenue
Hull, James   Glove Material Forest n Gas
Hull, H.   Leather Mnfr. 93 North Main
Humphrey, J. W.   Grocer 79 Washington
Hunt, M. G.   Grocer 130 West Fulton
Hunt, Stephen   Blacksmith 160 North Main
Hunter, Adam   Marble Works 110 East Fulton
Hurdman, M. L. Miss   Dressmaker 53 South Main
Ingalls, G.   Physician 30 Kingsboro Ave
International Fastener Co. M. E. Treadway, agt. Glove Fastener Co. 9 South Main
Itsell, S .W.   Glove Mnfr. 65 Bleecker
J. & G. Gas Co.   Gas 55 South Main
Jackson, C. R.   Glove Mnfr. 78 School
Jamison, Chas.   Livery/Exchange Stable 54 North Main
Jamison, Joseph   Livery/Boarding  Stable 49 School
Jaycox, M. E. Miss   Milliner/Fancy Goods 10 West Fulton
Jeffers, Mrs. J.   Dressmaker 6 Hamilton
Johnson, Alex L.   Physician 55 North Main
Johnson, Chas.   Leather Mnfr. 7 Centre, K'boro
Johnson, E.   Carpenter 15 Park
Johnson & Eutermark   Glove Finishers 33 Spring
Johnson, M. P.   Glove Mnfr. 97 North Main
Johnson, R. W.   Leather Mnfr. 15 North
Judson, C. W.   Glove Mnfr. Fulton n Fremont
Judson, D. B. est. 1850 Glove Mnfr./Grocer 11 E. State, K'boro
Judson, J. B.   Job Printer 13 E. State, K'boro


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