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Business name Proprietor Nature of Business Location/Address
J. A. & A. V. Quackenbush   Glove Mnfrs. 6 Spring
Rail Road House Mrs. Lydia Van Veghten, prop. Hotel 115 West Fulton
Rau & Simpson   Meat Market 27 Bleecker
Rea & White   Glove Mnfrs. 13 First Avenue
Regalle, Belle Mrs.   Dressmaker 50 Bleecker
Rhoda, W. D. Mrs.   Dressmaker 12 Cottage
Rice, J. P.   Confectioner/fruits 16 North Main
Richards, Jas. C.   Glove Mnfr. 5 Kent
Richards, Richard   Jeweler 5 Church
Richardson & Steele   Grocers 15 North Main
Robison, M. A. Mrs.   Milliner/Fancy Goods 36 Bleecker
Robinson Bros.   Leather Mnfrs. 23 Gas
Rogers, Erank   Jeweler 9 West Fulton
Rogers & Everest   Carpets & Wallpaper 27 North Main
Rosa, Wardell   Glove Mnfr. 43 Kingsboro Ave
Rose, Chas. W.   Glove Mnfr. East Pine n Mill
Rose, Scott S.   Meat Market 22 North Main
Rowe, George   Physician 25 North Main
Rupert, Wm H.   Flour & Feed 20 Bleecker
Saltsman, A. J.   Clothes Cleaners Rear Alvord House
Sammons & Co.   Meat Market 121 North Main
Sanguinetti, John   Confectioner/fruits 6 South Main
Satterlee, Charles   Grocer 9 Yale
Saturday Globe C. M. Van Gorden, agt Newspaper 19 South Main
Schabacker, Chas. C.   Lumber, Saw, and Planing Mill South Main
C. S. & G. W. Schermerhorn   Glove Mnfrs. 12 First Ave, rear
Schermerhorn, V. Mrs.   Dressmaker 47 Bleecker
Schmitt, John A.   Saloon 29 Bleecker
Schmitt, Louis   Bottler 29 Bleecker
Scidmore, D.   Photographer 15 North Main
G. B. Scoville & Son   Glove Mnfrs. 5 Judson
Seavey & Foster & Bowman   Silk & Thread 9 South Main
See, Daniel   Glove Mnfr. 77 School
Senate Cafe Harlan Zea, prop. Dining Rooms 31 Bleecker
Sexton, Seymour   Hardware 20 South Main
Shaffer & Borst   Grocers 7 Church
Shaffer, F. W. Mrs.   Milliner/Fancy Goods 25 North Main
Shaffer, M. L.   Glove Mnfr. 26 Broad
Shamberger, C.   Wood Yard 162 Bleecker
Shaw, Belle M. Mrs.   Dressmaker 35 E. State, K'boro
Shear, H. L.   Sewing Machines/ Repair Shop  3 North Main
Sheldon, S. H.   Carriage Mnfr. 85 West Fulton
Shelland L. Mrs.   Dressmaker 208 North Main
Shepard, Alice M. Miss   Dressmaker 14 Elm
Sherman, S.   Leather Mnfr. off West Fulton
Shew, Hayden   Saloon 37 Church
Shipman, Henry   Glove Mnfr. 16 Cayadutta
Shotwell, S. H.   Glove Material 59 South Main
A. Simmons & Son   Leather Mnfrs. 22 Forest
Simmons, A. N.   Carpet Cleaning 22 Forest
S. P Simmons & Co.   Flour & Feed 15 South Main
Sing, Sam   Laundries 13 Bleecker
Singer Mfg. Co. Miss Alice Peake, agt Sewing Machines 10 South Main
Sism, Wm. Mrs.   Dressmaker 26 Washington
Skaine & Banker   Grocers/Meats 8/10 Bleecker
O. Skaine & Son   Leather Mnfrs. S. Main
Skiff, Chauncey J.    Glove Mnfr. 7 Forest
Smith, C. A.   Wood Yard Broad n W. Fulton
Smith, E. C.   Druggist 131 North Main
E. M. Smith's Insurance   Insurance/Real Estate 22 South Main
D. M. Smith & Co.   Hair Dealer 25 West Fulton
Smith, Homer H.   Glove Mnfr. 7 Place
Smith, John H.   Glove Mnfr. 60 Propsect
Smith, N.   Grocer 32 Smith Avenue
Smith, P. R.   Hardware 40 West Fulton
Smith, S.   Meat Market 117 West Fulton
Snell & Boughton   Grocers 36 Church
Soule, H. C. Mrs.   Dressmaker 14 Bleecker
Spencer & Banker   Lawyers 21-3 North Main
Sporborg, W. L.   Leather Mnfr. 67 South Main
Starkweather, H. Miss   Dressmaker 35 North Main
Starr, Z. B.   Stone Dealer 55 Broad
Stearns, J. D.   Milk Dealer 10 East Pine
F. J. Steenburgh & Co.   Glove Material 39 West Fulton
Steenburgh & Fallis   Meat Market 6 Church
Stemple, Rudolph   Glove Mnfr. 50 First Avenue
Stevenson & Boom   Dressmakers 108 North Main
Stewart & Co.   Glove Material/Silk & Thread 22 South Main
Stewart, Cyrus   Insurance/Real Estate 21 West Fulton
Stewart, W. N.   Insurance/Real Estate 10 North Main
Stockamore, J.   Grocer 136 Bleecker
Stone, John   Druggist 11 West Fulton
Stoutner, A.   Brick Dealer/Mnfr. off East Fulton
Streeter Bros.   Meat Market 11 Church
G. A. Streeter & Bro.   Flour & Feed 11 South Main
Strickland, Angus   Carpenter 57 South Main, rear
Sturm, Wm.   Tailor 19/21 South Main
Sweet & Thompson   Grocers/Meats 21/23 Bleecker
Tallmadge, E. H.   Dentist 17 West Fulton
Taylor, George H.   Pianos/Music 1 South Main
Theobald, Chas. H.   Carriage Painter/Repository 17 Forest
Thomas Bros.   Glove Mnfrs. North Main n State
Thomas & Brown   Box Mnfrs. 21 High
Thomas, E.   Glove Mnfr. 99 North Main
Thompson, D. S.   Wood Yard Thompson n Wash.
Thompson, D. S.   Dry & Fancy Goods 4/6 West Fulton
Thompson, H. A. Miss   Dry & Fancy Goods 24 North Main
Thompson, J. R.   Dry & Fancy Goods 9 Fox
Thorne, Edward   Leather Mnfr. 163 North Main
Thorne, J. K.   Physician 38 South Main
Thrall Bros.   Glove Finishers 28 School
Tietz, Edwards F.   Pianos/Music 24 North Main
Titus & Brooks   Glove Tool Mnfrs. 52 West Fulton
G. F. Troutwine & Co.   Leather Mnfrs. Second n McNab
Troy Steam Laundry J. M. Cole, prop. Laundries Memorial Hall, rear
S. M. Tuck & Co.   Druggists 25 North Main
Tuck, Arthur E.   Physician 25 North Main
U. P. Tea Co. John Nevin, Mgr Tea Company 3 North Main
Valentine, D. Mrs.   Dry & Fancy Goods 6 Church
Van Allen & Howland   Carpenters 131 North Main
Van Antwerp, Hiram   Box /Glove Mnfr./Finisher 35 Lincoln
Van Auken, S.   Grocer South Main
Van Buren, D. Miss   Dressmaker 19 Allen
VanBuskirk & Conway   Grocers 21 Forest
Van Dresser, Wm.   Glove Mnfr. 30 School
Van Dyke   Blacksmith 39 Church
Van Dyke, C.   Billiards 22 Bleecker
Van Dyke, E. Mrs.   Milliner/Fancy Goods 56 School
Van Gorden, C. M.   Books & News 19 South Main
Van Heusen & Carpenter   Grocers 36 Washington
Van Heusen, M. E. Mrs.   Dressmaker 76 East Fulton
Van Horn, M. Mrs.   Dressmaker 43 East Fulton
L. R. Van Ness & Co.   Dry & Fancy Goods 8 West Fulton
Van Sickler, M. R.   Livery/Exchange Stable 43 South Main
Van Slyke, E.   Jeweler 7 Middle
Van Tuyl, John   Glove Mnfr. 70 Lincoln
Van Voris Bros.   Grocers 24 Bleecker
Van Vranken, N.   Carriage Painter 2 Cayadutta
Van Vranken, Stephen   Livery/Exchange Stable 19 Washington
Van Wart, P.   Glove Mnfr. 30 First Avenue
92 Spring
Veeder, E.   Glove Mnfr. 55 South Main
Vermilyea, J.   Carpenter 98 Grand, rear
Victor, Abram   Tailor 40 West Fulton
Wadsworth, F.   Livery/Exchange Stable 11 Fremont
Wagner, A.   Baker 30 Bleecker
Walker, C. Mrs.   Dressmaker 59 School
Walrath, C.   Insurance/Real Estate 20 South Main
Walwrath, E.   Painter 52 Broad
Wands, L. W. Mrs.   Dressmaker 75 Spring
Ward & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 34 West Fulton
Ward, Wm. E.   Glove Mnfr. 84 North Main
Warner, C. A.   Painter 10 Forest
Warner, David   Carpenter 77 Grand
Warner & Pool   Glove Mnfrs. 16 Marshall Avenue
Warren, C. A.   House/Crge Painter 10 Forest
Weaver & Locksinger George B. Weaver
C. F. Locksinger
Job Printers 5 North Main
West, E. W.   Insurance/Real Estate 23 Maple
West Mill Co.   Ice Dealers;
Leather Mnfrs.
W. Fulton n Rose
Western Union Tel. Co.   Telegraph Co. 7 West Fulton
Wheaton Bros.   Grocers 8 South Main
Wheeler & Wilson Mfg.   Sewing Machines 30 North Main
Whitaker, E. V.   Glove Mnfr. 34 Fremont
White, L. Miss   Dressmaker 68 Spring
Whitney, W. E.   Glove Mnfr. 41 prospect, rear
Whitney, Z. B.   Glove Material 3 Burr
Wilbur, E. L   Saloon 97 West Fulton
Wilcox & Gibbs Mfg. Miss. A. Fox, agt Sewing Machines 16 First Avenue
Wiley, Daniel   Carpenter 50 Division
Willard, M.   Confectioner/fruits 17 Kingsboro Ave
Williams & Horton   Billiards 41 South Main
Wilmarth, P.   Leather Mnfr. Centre, K'boro
Wilson, George   Painter 20 First Avenue
Wilson, W. J.   Dry & Fancy Goods 2 South Main
Windsor Hotel A. D. Kibbe, prop. Hotel E. Fulton n S. Main
Wohlfarth, A.   Bathing School ft Second
Burton Wood & Co.   Glove Material 68 West Fulton
Wood, J. E.   Agency, R.R., S.S. S. Main/East Fulton
Wood, Jos. E.   Insurance/Real Estate 1 North Main
Wood, M. Miss   Dressmaker 34 Grand
Wood, Wm. C.   Physician 30 South Main
Wollett & Hollett   Soap Mnfrs. Swamp out corp.
Wright, Horton D.   Lawyer 23 West Fulton
Wright, J. W.   Glove Mnfr. 77 School
Wurtzberger, Fred   Box Mnfr. 38 North Main, rear
Yale & Dillon's   Jeweler 17 South Main
Yates, I. N.   Clothing, Hats 10 North Main
Yeatman, Alfred W.   Leather Mnfr. 18 White
Yeo, John E.   Tailor 10 North Main
Young, Abram   Carpenter 161 South Main
Young, Albert   Grocer/House Goods 18 North Main
Young, E. Mrs.   Dressmaker 40 South Main
Young, W. F.   Glove Mnfr. 126 School
Young, W. R.   Glove Mnfr. 27 South Main, rear
A. J. Zimmer & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 81 South Main
Zimmer, J. S.   Glove Mnfr. 26 School



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