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Business name Proprietor Nature of Business Location/Address
Kaiser, A.   Mason 13 Chestnut
Karl, Nicholas   Bottler 4 Lincoln
Kasson, G. C. Mrs.   Dressmaker 103 North Main
Kathan, J. D.   Livery/Exchange Stable 29 South Main, rear
Kee, Wa   Laundries 37 South Main
Kelly, J. E.   Grocer 48 North
Kennedy, J. M.   Justice 1 North Main
Kennedy & Wood   Leather Mnfrs. 284 West Fulton
Keystone Hotel E. Goodemote, prop Hotel 27 South Main
Kibbe, Chauncey S.   Glove Mnfr. 33 Cayadutta
Killean & Reynolds   Household Goods 28 Bleecker
King, Chas. M. The Oriental Saloon/Rest. 36 Church
King, Elisha   Painter 5 South Main
King, Isaac G.   Glove Mnfr. 14 Forest
King, R.   Saloon 23 South Main
Kingsbury, M. Mrs.   Dressmaker 7 Grant
Klein, Albert   Glove Mnfr. 121 South Main
Klein, M.   Tailor 3 North Main
Knoff, Louis   Leather Mnfr. 140 South Main
Kraus, Julius   Glove Mnfr. 35 Cayadutta
Lair, Charles E.   Wood Yardd 37 Grand
Lair, J. M.   Carpenter/Wood Yd 33 Grand
Lair, W.   Wood Yard 17 Fosdick
Lake, George L.   Leather Mnfr. 45 School, rear
Lake, N. D.   Painter 28 Elm
Lake, W.   Carpenter 33 Judson
Lansing & Phillips   Clothing, Hats/Tailors 53 North Main
Lansing, Wm. E.   Dentist 15 North Main
Lasher, E. A. Mrs.   Dressmaker 112 North Main
Lawrence, J. S. Mrs.   Dressmaker 53 North Main
Leach, Thomas   Blacksmith 81 West Fulton
S & H Lebenheim   Glove Mnfrs. 26 Judson
Lee, John G.   Saloon 25 South Main
Lefler, C. M.   Physician 27 Elm
Lent, N. W.   Household Goods 92 School
W. K. Lepper   Harness Mnfr. 5 South Main
Leonard, H. M.    Glove Mnfr. 102 South Main
Levi, H. L.   Dry & Fancy Goods 27 Grand
Lewis, Helen Miss   Dressmaker 29 School
Levor, G.   Leather Mnfr. 1-11 Woodside Av
Lincoln   Bottler  
Link, J.   Glove Mnfr. 93 Washington
Littauer Bros.   Glove Mnfrs. 99 South Main
Lovenhelm, I. N.   Dry & Fancy Goods 9 Churen
A. J. Lowry & Son    Glove Mnfrs. 80 Bleecker
Loyd, C. M. C.   Insurance/Real Estate 19 North Main
Lucas, W. Mrs.   Dressmaker 30 Spring
Lunkenheimer, J.   Saloon 99 E. State, K'boro
Lyke & Bishop   Glove Mnfrs. 69 South Main
Madden & Burdick   Glove Mnfrs. 260 N. Main, K'bor
Main, George   Florist Bleecker n North
Mandrill, G. W.   Glove Mnfr. 6 Division
Mansion House Mrs. H. J. Stanton, prop Hotel 12 West Fulton
Manufacturers and Merchants   Bank 12 South Main
Mareness, J. L.   Carpenter 17 Cottage
Mark, M.   Boots and Shoes 9 South Main
Marley, John C.   Cigar Dealer 12 North Main
Marriot, Chas. A.   Cabinet Maker 14 Forest
Martin, Chas. W.   Awning Manfr. 13 Church
Martin, Joseph   Blacksmith 13 Church
Massey & Vaughn   Tailors 11 South Main
Maycock, E. Mrs.   Bakery 12 West Fulton
McCall, D.   Brick Dealer/Mnfr. off East Fulton
McCarthy, J. Mrs.   Dressmaker 22 Bleecker
McDonough, M.   Meat Market 21 South Main
Jas. A. McDougall & Co   Glove Mnfrs. 65 Bleecker
McDougall & Pool   Glove Mnfrs. 13 Bleecker
McDougall, Wm.   Glove Mnfrs. 62 Grand
McDowell, J. B.   Brick Dealer/Saloon 113 North Main
McDowell, J. G. Jr.   Saloon 33 North Main
McEwen, Charles   Glove Mnfr. 65 South Main
McGraw & Zimmer    Glove Mnfrs. 47 Bleecker
McGuire, B.   Foundry 121-3 West Fulton
McKee, James   Glove Mnfr. 116 South Main
McNeil, P. C. Sewing Machines/ Repair Shop 23 West Fulton
McSwiney, Jas.    Glove Mnfrs. 36 Cayadutta
Mead, Charles   Glove Finisher Vine Street
Mead, Isaac   Hide Dealer 18 Washington
Mead & Karg   Billiards/Saloon 45-47 South Main
Merrick Thread Co. D. W. Anibal, agt. Glove Material 21 West Fulton
Merter, N. J. Mrs.   Dressmaker 18 Thompson
Metropolitan Life Ins. Co   Insurance/Real Estate 13 North Main
Louis Meyers & Son    Glove Mnfrs. 26 West Fulton
Miller, A .J.   Carpenter 64 Lincoln
Miller, H. Miss   Dressmaker 15 Kingsboro Ave
J. A. Miller & Co.   Druggists 7 North Main
Miller, Martin   Wood Yard 27 Judson
Mills, A. E.   Painter 34 Church, rear
Mills Bros.   Leather Mnfrs. 175 West Fulton
Mills & Co.   Insurance/Real Estate 21 West Fulton
Mills, E. H.   Leather Mnfr. South Main
F. B. Mills & Co.   Glove Mnfr. 5 West
Mills, James H.   Carpenter 52 Division
Mills Furniture Co.   Cabinet Makers/ Furniture Dealers 16 Church
Mills, L. C.   Leather Mnfr. Bleecker ext, K'bor
Mills, Wm. C. Jr.   Lawyer 12 South Main
Moak, A. S.   Physician 115 North Main
Moloney, J.   Meat Market 7 Bloomingdale Ave
Moloney, J.   Meat Market 35 James
Moore & Young   Livery/Exchange Stable 27 South Main
W. Morrison   Tonsorial Parlors 3 South Main
Morse, E. B. Mrs.   Carpet Weaver 38 Marshall Avenue
Mosher, Anna Miss   Dressmaker 16 Cayadutta
Mosher, David A.    Glove Mnfr. 28 First Avenue
Mosher, R. H.   Upholsterer/  Furniture Dealer 2 Cayadutta
Mount, M. W.   Meat Market 51 Bleecker
Mower, E.   Grocer 145 North Main
Muellich, Edward Mrs.   Dressmaker 7 Church
Muddle, Wm.   Book Binder 20 North Main
Mullen, Chas. The Annex Saloon School n W. Fulton
Murphy, F.   Glove Mnfr. 48 North
Murray, J. F.   Physician 19 South Main
Musgrave, M.   Meat Market 43 North Main
Myers Bros.   Meat Market 134 Bleecker
Myers, E.   Tailor 17 North Main
Myers, G. E.   Meat Market 53 South Main
Myers & Smith   Meat Market 31 Kingsboro Ave
Naylor, Geo. Mrs.   Grocer 111 North Main
Naylor, Geo.   Blacksmith 6 Grand
New York & Ky. Distilling Co.   Liquors, Wholesale 25 Bleecker
J. R. Newman & Sons   Clothing, Hats 16 South Main
Nichols & King   Painters 108 N. Main, rear
Nonotuck Silk Co. Jay G. French, agt Silk & Thread 16 South Main
Norton, A. D.   Jeweler 18 South Main
Oaksford, John M.   Glove Finisher 22 West Fulton
A. Olmstead & Co.    Glove Mnfrs. 80 School
The Oriental King, Chas. M. Saloon/Rest. 36 Church
Ormiston, C. A.   Grocer 26 Bleecker
Orr, John F.   Painter 27 North Main
Orr, Wm.   Glove Mnfr. 34 West Fulton
Osterhout, W. E. Mrs.   Dressmaker 25 Spring
Palmer, A. B.   Glove Mnfr. 3 Orchard
Palmer, C. H.   Glove Mnfr. 12 Cayadutta
Palmer House R. Palmer, prop Hotel 15 Cayadutta
Palmer, R. W.   Physician Fulton n School
Parke, C. M.   Lawyer 11 North Main
Parker & Jordan   Lawyers 1 North Main
Parsons & Potter   Glove Mnfrs. 27 West Fulton
Patten, Wm H.   Glove Finisher 93 North Main
Frank Pauley & Son   Glove Mnfrs. 37 or 53 Bleecker
Pauley, Phillip   Glove Mnfr. 44 East Fulton, rear
Peake & Levi   Boots and Shoes 12 South Main
Peck, Eugene W.   Wood Yard 7 Christie
Peck, F. L.   Glove Mnfr. Fruit Street
J. W. Peek's & Son   Stoves & Tinware 19 Bleecker
People's Ice Co.   Ice Dealer 1 South Main
Perry, W. N.   Dry & Fancy Goods 16 Bleecker
Petrie, James A.   Harness Mnfr. 14 Bleecker
Pettit, Henry H.   Glove Mnfr. 108 School
Phair Bros.   Glove Mnfrs. 7 Burr
Phelps, L. A.   Agrclt. Implements/ Lumber 157 North Main
Phillips, H. A.   Glove Mnfr. 31 Elm
Phillips, J. S.   Physician 14 East Fulton
Phillips & Smith   Grocers 18 West
Place, R. L.   Plumber 21 West Fulton
Planck, H.   Grocer 80 East Fulton
Platner, S. C.   Upholsterer/Furn. 80 South Main
Potter, C. E.   Glove Material 54 School
Potter, C. E. Mrs.   Dressmaker 54 School
Potter, Chas. S.   Glove Material 44 North Main
Potter, D.   Vinegar Mnfr. 14 Kingsboro Ave
Potter, J. B. Mrs.   Dressmaker 43 North Main
Pough, W. D.   Painter 54 Second
Thomas Pursell & Son   Glove Mnfrs. 15 Temple
Putnam, F.   Saloon 88 East Fulton
Putnam, Fred   Grocer 90 East Fulton


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