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James Morrison, City of Gloversville Historian contributed this business  directory.  A copy of the original business directory may be found at the Johnstown Historical Society, Johnstown, NY.  Names that appear in bold also had an advertisement listed.

See 1897 Johnstown Business Directory

See 1890 Gloversville Business Directory

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Business name Proprietor Nature of Business Location/Address
Abbot, The Photographer J. L. Abbot Photographer 120 West Main
Ackernecht & Walrath   Leather Mnfrs. 120 Fulton
A. M. Adams   Leather Mnfrs. 12 East Green
J. Q. Adams   Leather Mnfrs. North Perry
Aitken, Wm E.   Tea Store 8 South Perry
Alexander, W. H.   Dentist 20 West Main
Allen, H.   Dentist 4 West Main
Allen & Caldwell   Meat Market 88 East Main
American House G. P. Vrooman Hotel 30 West State (opp. depot)
American R. R. Depot   Express Co.  
Frank L. Anderson   Lawyer/Justice 38 West Main
Anibal & Murray   Lawyers 212 West Main
Anthony, Arthur   Meat Market 204 West Main
P. P. Argersinger & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 2-8 North William
Argersinger, Eli, Mrs.   Milliner 6 North Market
Argersinger, Wm.   Clothing, Hats and Gents' Goods 157 West Main
Aucock, Fred K   Florist 124/126 East Main
Baker, Thomas B.   Silk and Thread 6 North Market
Bannister, E.   Grocer 135 West Main
Banta & Guibert   Glove Mnfrs. 23 South Market
Barrett, J. E.   Pianos and Organs 14 North Market
John R. Barrett   Insurance and Real Estate Perry n Clinton
Barter, Herbert   Leather Mnfr. 335 West Main
Bearcroft & Fonda   Grocers 12 South Perry
Beebe, Frank   Physician 307 West Main
Beekman, S.   Builder/Carpenter 19 Wells
Botsford & Co.   Photographers 38 West Main
Boughton, G. H.   Mason 19 McMartin
Berry & Keck   Insurance and Real Estate 125 West Main
Bower, David B.   Livery 27 South Perry
Bower, L.   Stone Dealer 115 North Perry n Bridge
Bradt, Emerzo   Glove Mnfr. 3 Gilbert
Briggs, W. T.   Meat Market 28 West Main
Brower, Delon   Ball Cover Manuf. Green Street
Brower, Delos   Leather Mnfr. ext. Green
Brower Glue Manufacturing Co.   Glue Mnfr. North Perry
John E. Buckingham   Glove Mnfr. 14 Cayadutta
Burdick, John E.   Physician 26 East Main
Cahill, M.   Leather Mnfr. Mill Street
Cahill's Pharmacy J. F. Cahill Druggist 21 West Main
Calderwood Alex, C.   Sewing Machines 9 South Market
Calderwood D. B.   Glove Finisher 38 West Main
Callahan & Selmser   Stoves, House Goods 31 West Main
Cameron, R. H.   Physician 3 State
Camm, George E.   Jeweler 8 East Main
Carncroas, F. Miss   Milliner 4 West Main
Carroll & Fraser   Lawyers 38 West Main
Cayadutta Hotel J. Millard Gilchrist Hotel 25 West Main
Central House Mrs. J. B. Bromley Hotel 26 North Market
Christie, Hugh   Justice Main n William
City Drug Store   Pharmacy Main n Perry
Clark & Neff   Pianos and Organs 10 North Market
Coal Co. of Fulton Co. D. A. Wells, Jr. agent Coal Company 35 West State
Cole & Young   Leather Mnfr. Water n Mill Streets
Colgrove, W. H.   Dentist 11 South Market
Collamer, G. R.   Stoves and Tinware; House Goods 110 W. Main
Collins & Hanson   Grocers 2 West Main
Conley & Doran   Grocers 145 West Main
Connelley & Shubert   Leather Mnfr. Montgomery
Valentine Cook Valentine R. Cook. Musical Instruments/Jewelry; 
est. 1879
141 West Main
Eli Cool   Leather Mnfr. 41 Cayadutta
W. S. Corbin Architect 12 N. Market
Cross, Charles O.   Grocer 147 West Main
Cross & Tymeson   Creamery 92 East Main
Culbert, E.   Dining Rooms 101/103 West Main
Darling, W. J.   Merchant Tailor 130 West Main
Thomas Davies   Glove Mnfr. 22 North Market
Davis, A. J.   Dye Works Mill Street
Dawes & Sutliff   Dry Goods 128W Main
J. H. Decker, Son & Co. John H. Decker Glove Mnfrs. 65/67 North Market
DeGarmo, John   Grocer 36 West Main
Denkert & Heagle   Glove Material 1 South Market
Dougall & Penny   Glove Mnfrs. 11 State
Dougall, J. M.   Leather Mnfr. 2 West State
Dovey, E. H   Glove Mnfr. 6 West Green
P. Z. Drumm's & Sons   Glove Mnfrs. 113 Green
J. M. & H. Dudley   Lawyers 49 West Main
Dunn, J.   Glove Mnfr. 113 West Green
J. D. Dygert   Knit Goodds East Main
Edwards, E. W.   Grocers (Dry Goods) 119-121 West Main
Chas. Eisenmann   Merchant Tailor 38 West Main
Ely, E. A..   Glove Mnfr. 24 South William
Empie, Henry F.   Machinist 19 West Main
Evans, R. J. & R.   Glove Mnfr. 11 West State
E. Fairchild & Co.   Jewelers 100 West Main
John G. Ferres   Hardware 118 West Main
Field, A. C.   Harness Manuf. 129 West Main
G. B. Fonda   Ball Cover Manuf.; Glove Mnfr. 106 North Market
Foote, J. H James H. Foote Glove Mnfr. 211 South Perry
Foote, W. D. William D. Foote Furs & Glove Mnfr. 2 East Montgomery
Frederick, A.   Wood Yard 50 Mill Street
Fulton County Co-operative Association   Glove Mnfr. 37 East Main
Fulton Co. Democrat G. F. Beakley, ed/prop. Newspaper & Job Printing 106 West Main
Fulton Co. Republican A. E. Blunck, ed/prop. Newspaper & Job Printing 214 West Main
Fulton, George E.   Jeweler 37 West Main
Gage, W. F. Mrs.   Milliner 108 West Main
Gambini, G.   Fruits & etc. 115 West Main
George S. Geary   Glove Mnfr. 27 South William
Getman, P.   Wood Yard 418 West Clinton Ave
P. Gleason   Carriage Mnfr. and Blacksmith 32 South Perry
Goodamote, F.   Knit Goods Mnfr. South Market
B. M. & J. Grant   Glove Mnfrs. 100 West Green
Grewen, M.   Merchant Tailor 15 West Main
S. Hadcock   Builder/Carpenter 18 Water
Hagadorn, B.   Grocer 7 State
Hagadorn, John W.   Leather Mnfr. North Perry
Hall & Van Sickler   Glove Mnfrs. 4 West Green
M. M. Hall & Co.   Leather Mnfrs. Water n Mill Streets
W. E. Hall William E. Hall Jeweler 140 West Main
M. L. Hambridge & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 39 South Perry
Hamm, H.   Glove Finisher North Market
Harris, Joseph   Merchant Tailor 131 West Main
A. Harrison   Dry Goods/Carpet 10-12 West Main
Hartman, J. A.   Tea Store/Baker 14 South Perry
Hathorn & Moore   Glove Mnfrs. William Street
Heagle, C.   Clothing, Hats and Gents' Goods 40 West Main
Hess, Andrew   Billiards 111 North Perry
Hess & Beekman   Builders/Carpenters 22 Cayadutta
W. E. Hess   Carriages & Wagons & Painter 111 North Perry
Hicks, F. P.   Baker 18 N. Market
Hollenbeck M.   Meat Market 2 North Perry
S. & F. Hollenbeck   Boots and Shoes 16 West Main
Holmes, J .C.   Boots and Shoes 105 West Main
Wm. Horning   Painter/Painters' Supplies 13 East Main
Horton, Eugene   Justice 134 West Main
F. W. Howard   Mason 302 North Perry
Howarth, G. H.   Mason 125 north Perry
Hulbert, Bayard   Slipper Mnfr. 146 West Main
Humphrey & Edwards   Grocers 200 West Main
Hutchinson, J. C.   Glove Mnfr. 33 South Market
Ireland Bros.   Glove Mnfrs. 19 State
Jennings, L. S.   Grocers State Street
Geo. E. Johns   Auctioneer 2 McMartin
Johnson Bros.   Livery 122 West Main
Johnson, George   Box Mnfr. (paper) 202 West Main
Johnson, Wm L.   Physician 12 South William
Johnstown Bank   Bank 210 West Main
Johnstown & Gloversville Gas Co.   Gas Co. 111 North Market
Joyce, Ulic   Leather Mnfr. ft. Miller
G. H. Keck & Son   Insurance and Real Estate 102 West Main
Keck, J. (County Judge) Lawyer County Bldg, 125 West Main
Philip Keck   Lawyer 125 West Main
Kennedy M. & Son   Stoves; House Goods 34 West Main
Kested, B. D.   Carriage Manuf. and Blacksmith 33 South Perry
Key, Arthur   Meat Market 11 South Main
Kibbe Wm. H. Kibbe Photographer 125 East Main
Kilmer & Co.   Dining Rooms 17 William
Kilmer, Robert   Brick Mnfr. 224 North Perry
J. V. & C. King Charles King Leather Mnfrs. ft Miller
Korn, Andrew   Boots and Shoes 117 West Main
Lace Fastener Co.   Glove Button Manuf. 134 West Main
J.  Lebenheim & Co.   Leather Mnfrs. ft. Montgomery
J. D. Lefler John D. Lefler Glove & Leather Mnfr. 32 North Market
Lefler, Jehiel   Physician 6 William
Lingerfelter, S.   Painter/Painter's Supplies 21 South Perry
August Lippert & Sons   Carriage Mnfrs. and Blacksmiths 208 North Perry
Livingston W. H.   Insurance and Real Estate 125 West Main
Luther, John   Leather Mnfr. 100 Washington
W. Lynes Wesley Lynes  Stoves, Tinware and House Goods 5 East Main


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