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James Morrison, City of Gloversville Historian contributed this business  directory.  A copy of the original business directory may be found at the Johnstown Historical Society, Johnstown, NY.  Names that appear in bold also had an advertisement listed.

See 1897 Johnstown Business Directory

See 1890 Gloversville Business Directory

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Business name Proprietor Nature of Business Location/Address
Manion & Kiffany   Boots and Shoes 35 West Main
Mason, Campbell & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 8-10-12 North Perry
Geo. S. Maylender   Leather Mnfr. 110 North Market
L. K. Maylender & Co.   Leather Mnfrs. off North Perry
McConkey, H. D. Mrs.   Milliner 225 North Perry
McKonkey & Suits   Leather Mnfrs. ft North Perry
McKie & Hillabrandt   Grocers 1 East Main
McMartin, Donald   Lawyer 44 West Main
J. L. McMartin & Sons   Glove Mnfrs. 3 East Clinton Avenue
Meyer, Fred   Boots & Shoes 17 West Main
Mida, Joseph   Glove Materials 10 East Main
Miller, Argersinger & Co.   Leather Mnfrs. Mill
Miller, A. R.   Musical Instruments 39 Cayadutta
Miller, C.   Newspapers/Job Printing 22 West Main
Miller, Frank   Hardware 18 West Main
Miller, George E.   Livery rear, Sir Wm. J. Hotel
J. P. Miller & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 32 Melcher
E. E. Mitchell   Meat Market 14 Water
Molz, Jacob   Cooper 29 East Main
Molz & Shottenkirk   Carpet Cleaning Smith n Market
Moore Bros. Geo. W. Moore, 
F. J. Moore, Jr.
Flour & Feed; Grocers 18 East Main
DeWitt C. Moore   Lawyer 20 East Main
Moore & McKie   Insurance and Real Estate 49 West Main
Godfrey Moore   Carriage Manuf. and Blacksmith 25 East Main
Isaac Morris   Glove Materials 38 West Main
J. T.  Morrison   Glove Materials 2 South Perry
Fayette E. Moyer   Lawyer 212 West Main
Moyer, N.   Builder/Carpenter Beaver Street
Myers, E.   Merchant Tailor 119 West Main
Near A.   Wood Yard 19 South William
L. A. Neil & Co.   Leather Mnfrs. 5 Green
E. C. Newton   Wallpaper, Curtains, News Room 9 West Main
Northup Glove Mfg. Co.   Glove & Leather Mnfrs. 27-29 South Market
Oberest, Jay G.   Harness Mnfr. 7 West Main
O'Neil, John   Meat Market 114 West Main
John P. O'Neil   Meat Market 144 West Main
O'Neil & Richards   Meat Market 9 East Main
M. Onderdonk Onderdonk, M. Mrs. Milliner, Fancy Goods, Grocer 8 Water
Ostler, J.   Glove Finisher 24 Cady
Pabst, F.   Shoemaker 223 West Main
Partiss, F. W.   Gunstore 29 South Perry
Peake & Levi   Boots & Shoes 47 West Main
Peck, Wm. A.   Grocer 7 North Perry
Peckham & Powell   Glove Mnfrs. 31 South Market
People's Bank   Bank 51 West Main
Pherson, Chas.   Glove Mnfr. 26 South Market
F. W. Pierrepont   Upholsterer 106 Market
Pierson, J. H.   Glove Mnfr. 15 Green
James H. Pike James H. Pike Insurance and Real Estate, est. 1863 131 West Main
Polmateer, Wm. A.   Machinist 202 West Main
Potter Bros.   Knit Goods Mnfrs. 9-11 Melcher
Purrington & Drake   Physicians 2 East Main
Purrington & Co.   Druggists 2 East Main
Putnam, Bernard   Glove Mnfr. 24 South Melcher
P. H. Quigley   Leather Mnfr. ext. Green
Frank Randall   Stoves and Tinware; House Goods 136 West Main
F. J. Raymond & Son F. J. Raymond, Wm. Raymond  Glove Mnfrs. East Main
Raymond & Stewart   Glove Mnfr. 5 North Melcher
Reese, J. H.   Knit Goods Mnfr. 4 West State
Reid, W. J.   Ice Cream 142 West Main
Richards, C. A.   Meat Market 9 East Main
Richheimer & Bros.   Dry Goods, est. 1865 139 West Main
Ricketts, Jonathan   Glove Mnfr. 4 McMartin
Ricketts & Rogers   Glove Mnfrs. 18 South Market
Ricketts, Thomas E.   Glove Mnfr. 7 North Melcher
W. A. Ripton   Grocer, Teas 123 West Main
Riton Bros.   Glove Mnfrs. Green Street
Rosa, R. H..   Lawyer Main n Market
Roucoules & Limousin   Leather Mnfrs. Bridge
C. W. Rowles Rowles, Charles W. Glove Mnfr. 29 East Main
Russ, Wm.   Glove Mnfr. 7 Hoosick
Russell, J. M.   Books, Newspaper, Wallpaper 140 West Main
Schriver, S.   Glove Mnfr. 202 South Melcher
Schoenfeldt & Heagle   Dry Goods 42 West Main
John E. Seamen & Co.   Builders/Carpenters; Lumber 27-33 Chestnut
Seaman, H. A.   Milliner 26 South Perry
Selmser, W.   Wood Yard 11 South Melcher
Selmser, Willard   Grocer Main n Market
Serviss, E. A.   Insurance and Real Estate 39 West Main
Shaver, D. C.   Meat Market 300 North Market
Shiel, P.   Leather Mnfr. 335 West Main
E. W. Shults & Co.   Glove Mnfr. 108 South William
Shields, R. J.   Painters and Painters' Supplies 216 West Main
Sing, Sam   Laundries 19 East Main
Singer Mfg. Co. W. F. Timmerman, agent Sewing Machines 19 West Main
Sir William J. Hotel H. C. Willard Hotel 7-11 North William
Smith, C. R. Mrs.   Milliner 5 South Perry
D. Smith & Son   Carriage Mnfr. and Blacksmith Green n North Market
Smith, Edward H.   Glove Mnfr. 31 South Perry
George R. Smith   Glove Mnfr. 13 Green
Smith, James   Carriage Mnfr. and Blacksmith 33 South Perry
Smith, J.   Glove Mnfr. 38 West Main
Smith, John D.   Livery 18 South Perry
Smith, H..   Glove Mnfr. 38 West Main
Smith, J. H.   Baker 26 West Main
Smith & Nellis   Lawyer 212 West Main
D. Smith & Co.   Painter Green n North Market
Sponable, John B.   Meat Market 40 West State
Stahley, Emile   Marble and Granite 127 Washington Avenue
Steenburgh, B. D. Meat Market 439 North Perry
L. Stephenson Levi Stephenson Lumber Dealer, est. 1866 37 State
C. H. Stewart Chas. H. Stewart Mechanical Engineer/Machinist 5 East Green, rear
Geo. A. Stewart & Co.   Leather Mnfr. 338 West Montgomery
Stewart, Henry   Books, Newspaper, Wallpaper 102 West Main
Still, D. V.   Physician 3 East Main
Stoller, Henry   Livery 25 South Market
Stoller, Wm.   Meat Market 5 South Perry
G. A. Streeter & Bros.   Flour & Feed 202 West Main
Styer & Behlen John Styer, Fred H. Behlen Leather Mnfrs. 29 West State
Sutliff & Livingston   Druggistss 8 North Market
S. M. Sutliff   Insurance & Real Estate  
Terwillinger, R. W.   Physician 317 West Main
Thorne, Henry W.   Lawyer 49 West Main
William Topp   Glove & Leather Mnfr. 334 North Perry
Towman, Frank   Civil Engineer/Lawyer 38 West Main
Trumbull, S. E.   Box Mnfr. (paper) and Glove Mnfr. 21 South Market
Ulinger & Son Philip Uhlinger Furniture 29 & 31 West Main
Van Alystyne & Keck G. S. Van Alstyne,
Timothy Keck
Glove Mnfrs. 3 North Melcher
Van Antwerp, L. H.   Flour and Feed; Coal Companies and Dealer; Wood Yard 36 East Main
VanBuren, C.   Cigar Manuf. and Dealer 41 West Main
Van Heusen, D. H.   Druggists 133 West Main
Van Nest, B. H.   Carriage Mnfr. and Blacksmith 19 South Perry
VanNostrand, F. S.   Dentist 8 South Market
Van Nostrand, R. F. Mrs.   Milliner 4 West Main
Mrs. A. K. Van Nostrand
& Co.
  Milliners 24 West Main
Van Slyke, E.   Grocer Perry n Miller
VanVliet, W. B.   Druggist 111 West Main
Verleger, A.   Cigar Mnfr. and Dealer 7 South Perry
E. C. Vibbard & Co.   Grocers 313 North Market
Vorel & Co.   Leather Mnfrs. 4 West State
Vosburgh, B.   Furniture Green n North Market
Vosburgh, M. B.   Glove Mnfr. 29 South Market
Vrooman, Nelson   Glove Mnfr. 108 South Market
Vrooman House D. H. Vrooman Hotel 2-6 South Market
Wade M. & Son   Glove Mnfr. 12 West Montgomery
Wah Yee   Laundry 138 West Main
Walrad, C. B.   Physician 21 North Main
Wayne G. B.   Glove Mnfr. 22 South William
Weare & Chant   Glove Mnfrs. 31 South Market
Welch & Shupert   Leather Mnfrs. off North Perry
E. Burton Wells   Insurance and Real Estate 202 West Main
Wemple & Carncroas   Leather Mnfrs. ft Montgomery
W. E. Werner   Clothier & Gents' Goods 107 West Main
Western Union J. M. Bradt, Manager Telegraph Co. 136 West Main
Wetterau & Allen   Clothier & Gents' Goods 3 North Perry
White, B. E.   Fish Market; Groer 132 North Main
White House Cafe   Restaurant/Hotel Main & South Perry
Whitmore & Barta   Leather Mnfrs. 5 McMartin
Wilde A. J.   Carriage Repository 22 East Main
Williamson, Wm.   Leather Mnfrs. 125-129 Fulton
Windsor, Wm.   Glove Mnfr. 24 North Market
Yost, J. J.   Glove Materials 102 Burton
Young, Chas.   Clothing, Hats and Gents' Goods 6 West Main
Young, John J.   Carriage Mnfr. and Blacksmith 41 South Perry
Young, J. K.   Physician 28 South Perry
Young Wm. F.   Grocer 143 West Main
Younglove, James I. Younglove, James I. Lumber Dealer, est. 1857 113 North Market


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