Johnstown Hand-Book

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    The hand-book includes a business directory, and a telephone directory as well. However, the information often overlapped and the business directory listed more details. When a name appeared in the telephone directory that was not listed in the business directory, they were included here and their names are in italics. Names that appear in bold also had an advertisement listed in the hand-book. Some information differs; these details are provided.

See 1890 Johnstown Business Directory

Business name Proprietor Nature of Business Location/Address
Abbot, The Photographer Abbot, J. L. Photographer 102 West Main
Abram's Cash Shoe Store Abrams, W. Boots and Shoes 129 West Main
Ackernecht, E.   Leather Mnfr. 122 West Fulton
Adam, G.   Shoemakers 35 West Main
A. M. Adams & Son   Leather Mnfrs. 12 East Green
J. Q. Adams & Co.   Leather Mnfrs. 31 Beaver
Aitken, Wm E.   Tea Store 17 West Main
Alexander, W. H.   Dentist 20 West Main
Allen, H.   Dentist 4 West Main
J. C. Allen   Stove & Kindling Wood 136 East Main, rear
H. P. Alpaugh & Co.   Undertakers 29 South Perry
American House G. P. Vrooman Hotel 30 West State (opp. depot)
American R. R. Depot   Express Co.  
Anderson Bros.   Marble and Granite 115 North Perry
Frank L. Anderson   Lawyer 142 West Main
Andrews & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 24 North Melcher
R. P. Anibal    Lawyer 212 West Main
Anthony, Arthur   Meat Market 8 South William
P. P. Argersinger & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 2-4-6-8 North William
Argersinger, P.P. & Co.   Leather Mnfrs. 339 West Montgomery
Argersinger, Sidney listed in tel. directory    
Argersinger, Wm.   Clothing, Hats and Gents' Goods 127 West Main
Arlington Hotel W. A. Goodemote Hotel 527 North Perry
Arnot & Co. Jas. E. Arnot Glove Mnfrs. 3 North Melcher
Arnsfield & Koller   Boots and Shoes 101 West Main
Aucock, Fred K   Florist 148 East Main
Auibal & Murray   Lawyer 212 West Main
Baker Bros.   Silk and Thread 6 North Market
The Bakery J. J. Welch Baker 14 Water
Bannister, E.   Books, News, and Wall Paper 121 West Main
Barr & Livingston   Printing 7 South Market
Barrett, J. E.   Books, News, and Wall Paper 14 North Market
Barrett, J. E.   Pianos and Organs 14 North Market
Barson, Thomas   Florists 41 West Main
Barter, J. R.   Leather Mnfr. 131 West Main
W. H. Bass   Lawyer 39 West Main
Beebe, Frank   Physician 311 West Main
Beekman, S.   Builder/Carpenter 13 South Wells
Bellis & Ball   Leather Mnfrs. West Fulton
Berry & Keck   Insurance and Real Estate 125 West Main
Bower, David B. listed in tel. directory as Bowers Livery 27 South Perry
Bower, L.   Stone Dealer North Perry n Bridge
A. Boyd   Carriage Painter 213 North Perry (ad reads 208 North Perry)
Bradt, A.   Wood Yard 9 East Fulton
Briggs, Garrett W.   Harness Mnfr. 29 South Perry
Bromer, T.   Shoemaker 6 Glebe
Bronk, M.   Builder/Carpenter 7 Burton
Brower, Delos   Leather Mnfr. 110 North Market
Burdick, John E.   Physician 26 East Main
J. Burke & Son   Leather Mnfrs. 207 North Perry
Burnett, Wm.   Leather Mnfr. 114 North Perry
Bussee, H. R.   Bottler East State
Cahill's Pharmacy M. Cahill Druggist 21 West Main
Calderwood Alex, C.   Sewing Machines/Machinist 9 South Market
Campbell, J.   Saloons and Restaurants 33 North Melcher
Carey, T.   Barber 6 North Market
Carncroas, F. Miss   Millinery and Fancy Goods 4 West Main
Carncroas, J.   Leather Mnfr. 337 West Montgomery
Carpenter, W. H.   Veterinary Surgeon 23 South Market
Carpet Cleaning Works George W. Moore Carpet Cleaning 127 East Main, rear
J. M. Carroll & Son   Lawyers 38 West Main
Case & Co. M. L. Case, Mgr.
Purdy F. Case, Joseph Case
Insurance and Real Estate Main and Perry
Caswell, A.   Grocer 410 North Perry
Cayadutta Hotel Millard Gilchrist Hotel 25 West Main
Central House Mrs. J. B. Bromley Hotel 26 North Market
Chabet, Oliver   Barber 150 West Main
Chant Bros.   Glove Mnfrs. 20 West State
Christman, J. L.   Carpenter/Millwright 308 Wells
City Horse Shoeing Shop Frank Blow Carriage Mnfr. and Blacksmith 17 South Perry
Clark, E. E.   Pianos and Organs 234 West Main
Coal Company of Fulton County D. A. Wells, agent Coal Company and Dealer 335 West Main
Colgrove, W. H.   Dentist 11 South Market
Collamer, G. R.   Stoves and Tinware; Plumbers, Steam and Gas Fitters 8 South Perry
Collins, Martin   Grocer 2 West Main
John H. Conley (as per ad) Conley, John P.
(as per tel. directory)
Meat Market 28 West Main
Valentine Cook Valentine R. Cook. Musical Instruments/Shoemaker 19 West Main
Eli Cool   Leather Mnfr. 41 Cayadutta
F. Cool & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 22 South William
Cordone, A   Fruits, Etc. 117 West Main
Miss Sarah Crane   Boarding House 103 South Perry Street
Mrs. R. A. Crommie   Ice Cream 11 South William
Cross, Charles O.   Grocer 147 West Main
Cross, C. O.   Creamery 116 East Main
W. W. Crouse   Pianos and Organs 122 Prospect
The Crystal W. Getman Hotel 206 West Main
Culbert, Alex   Saloons and Restaurants 13 West Main
Currie M.   Mason (Contracting) 105 North Perry
Davies, Thomas   Glove Mnfr. 5 Church
Dawes & Argersinger   Dry Goods 42W Main
Day, E. F.   Ice Cream/Confectioner 41 West Main
DeBeer, Jacob   Ball Cover Mnfr. 213 West State
Decker, G. F.   Confectioner 115 South Perry
J. H. Decker, Son & Co. John H. Decker Glove Mnfrs. 29 North Market
Deforest, W. Mrs.   Art Store 20 South William
Deimel, A.   Coal Company and Dealer Mill
Dewey, John   Bottler; Saloon/Rest. 13 South Perry
Dillenbeck, Chas.   Billiards, Cigar Mnfr./Dealer 204 West Main
Dodge, F. C.   Laundry 12 South Market
Donnan, T. J. listed in tel. directory    
John Doran   Grocer 200 West Main
Dostie, George W.   Barber 33 West Main
Dougall, J. M   Glove Mnfr. 100 West Green
Dougall, J. M.   Leather Mnfr. 5 West State, rear
Dovey, C. H   Glove Mnfr. 6 West Green
Drake, D. D.   Physician 2 East Main
Drumm's P. Z.& Sons   Glove Mnfrs. 113 West Green
Harwood Dudley   Lawyer 49 West Main (People's Bank)
Dun, (or Dunn) John   Plumbers, Steam and Gas Fitters; Bottler 15 South Perry
The East End Cafe Cassidy & Vrooman Restaurant 9 East Main
Edgar, Thomas   Shoemaker 5 South Market
D. Edwards & Co.   Grocers (wholesale) 224-8 West Main
Eisenmann, C.   Merchant Tailors 5 West Main
Empie, Henry F.   Machinist 106 Pearl
European House Bogaskie Stanton Saloons and Restaurants 14 East Main
Evans, J. R.   Glove Mnfr. 11 West State
Fairchild & Co.   Jewelers 100 West Main
Feldman, M.   House Furnishing Goods 20 South Perry
John G. Ferres   Hardware 118 West Main
Ferris & Co.   Millinery and Fancy Goods 3 West Main
Fisher, Julius   Barber 19 West Main
Fonda Bros.   Grocers 12 South Perry
Paul Foster & Co. H. B. Ten Eyck, agent Glove Button Mnfrs. 134 West Main
Foote, J. H   Glove Mnfr. 211 South Perry
Foote, W. D.   Glove Mnfr. 2 East Montgomery
Francisco, John   Grocer 338 North Perry
Frederick, A.   Wood Yard ft Railroad Avenue
L. J. Freeman L. J. Freeman Barber 45 West Main
Fuller Bros.   Grocers 128 North Perry
Fulton Co. Democrat G. F. Beakley, ed/prop. Newspaper & Job Printing 6 North Market
Fulton Co. Glue Co.   Glue Mnfrs. Maple Avenue
Fulton Co. Republican A. E. Blunck, ed/prop. Newspaper & Job Printing 22 North Market
Fulton Co. Savings Bank   Bank 51 West Main
Fulton, George E.   Jeweler 39 West Main
Fulton's   Bikes, Lanterns  
Galinsky, B.   Clothing, Hats and Gents' Goods West Main
Galligan, Chas.   Barber 26 West State
Gardener, Wm.   Meat Market East Main
Getman, Oliver   Books, News, and Wall Paper 113 West Main
Nellis Getman   Insurance and Real Estate 39 West Main
Getman, P.   Wood Yard ft Bayard
Getman, Wm.   Plumbers, Steam and Gas Fitters West Main
Gidley, F. I.   Physician 9 North Perry
Gasper Giglio   Fruits, Etc. 104 West Main
P. Gleason   Carriage Mnfr. and Blacksmith 24 East Main, rear
(ad reads 26 East Main)
Goodemote, F.   Carriage Mnfr. and Blacksmith 23 North Market, rear
Gorden, E. D. listed in tel. directory    
Gray, The Tailor W. A. Gray Merchant Tailor 102 West Main
Green, H.   Meat Market West State
Greenland's W. B. Greenland Jeweler 105 West Main
Grewen Bros.   Merchant Tailor 15 West Main
Gustin & Son   Glove Tool Mnfrs. 16 Yost
Hackney & McIntyre   Glove Mnfrs. 23 West State
Hadcock, S.   Builder/Carpenter 106 Water
Hall & Johns M. M. Hall, John Johns Meat Market 310 North Market
Hall & Van Sickler   Glove Mnfrs. 4 West Green
Hall, William E.   Jeweler 140 West Main
Hallock, A. T.   Glove Mnfr. North Melcher
Hallock, G. B.   Glove Mnfr. 314 West Main
Hamlin, G. B.   Photographer 120 West Main
Handy, S.   Shoemaker 18 West Main
Hanson, Frank   Grocer 107 West Main
Harrison, A.   Dry Goods 10 West Main
Hartman, J. A.   Tea Store/Baker 14 South Perry
Hathorn, A. B.   Shoemaker 121 West Main
Heagle, C.   Clothing, Hats and Gents' Goods 1-3 West Main
Heagle J. & Son   Glove Mnfrs. 5 West First Avenue
Henry, G.   Barber 32 West State
Stuart Henry   Stationer and News Dealer 110 West Main
(ad reads 108 West Main)
Herrick & Wemple   Meat Market 5 East Main
Hess, Jonah   Builder/Carpenter 404 West Main
Hess, John Jr.   Builder/Carpenter 5 East Green, rear
Hewitt & Hillock   Glove Mnfrs. 113 North Perry
Hillock & Co.   Millinery and Fancy Goods 137 West Main
Hollenbeck M. F.   Glove Mnfrs. 126 East Main
S. & F. Hollenbeck   Boots and Shoes 16 West Main
Hook & Lorentz   Fish Market 3 South Perry
Wm. Horning   Painters' Supplies 6 West Clinton Avenue
Howarth, G.   Masons (Contracting) 127 North Perry
Howarth, J. H.   Masons (Contracting) 9 Bayard
Howell, H.   Billiards, Cigar Mnfr./Dealer 32 or 132 West Main
Hudson River Telephone Co. C. H. Krause, Mgr Telephone 49 West Main
Hunter & Grant   Marble and Granite 707 South Perry
Hutchins & Potter   Glove Mnfrs. 13 West Green
Ireland Bros.   Glove Mnfrs. 25 West State
Jansen & Perrine   Grocers 1 East Main
Johns, Geo.   Auctioneer 316 West Main
Johns, G. E.   Wood Yard 11 South William
Johnson, George   Box Mnfr. (paper) 202 West Main
Johnson, W. C.   Saloons and Restaurants 148 West Main
W. H. Johnson   Painters and Painters' Supplies 112 Bayard
Johnson, Wm L.   Physician 12 South William
Johnstown Bank J. W Cline, President Bank 105 West Main
Johnstown Beef Co.   Dressed Meats 309 North Perry
Johnstown Bottling Works David Smith Bottlers 53 East Main
Johnstown Electric Light & Power Co.   Electric & Power 3 Church
Johnstown & Gloversville Gas Co.   Gas Co. 210 West Main
Johnstown Ice Co.   Ice Co's 18 South Perry
Johnstown Knitting Co.   Knit Goods 309 West Main
Jones & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 22 South William
Joslin J. W.   Physician 217 West Main
Judge Hugh   Barber 120 West Main
E. H. Karg & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 6 Spring
G. H. Keck & Son   Insurance and Real Estate 102 West Main
Keck, J. (County Judge) Lawyer County Bldg, 213 West Main
Philip Keck   Lawyer 125 West Main,
Keck T. & Son   Glove Mnfrs. & Dry Goods 216 West Main
Key, Aaron   Meat Market 9 South Perry
Kibbe Wm. H. Kibbe Photographer 125 West Main
Kilmer, Robert   Brick Mnfr. 439 North Perry
J. V. King & Co. Charles King Leather Mnfrs. foot Miller
Kirshcner, T.   Builder/Carpenter Worden
Knox, Charles B.   Glue Mnfr. 17 Chestnut, rear
S. & H. Lebenheim   Leather Mnfrs. Townsend Avenue
J. D. Lefler & Co. John D. Lefler Leather Mnfrs. Factory
Leek, Willis listed in tel. directory    
Lefler, Jehiel   Physician 25 South William
F. E. Limousin & Co.   Leather Mnfrs. 3-9 Bridge
Lippert A. & Sons   Carriage Mnfrs. and Blacksmiths 208 North Perry
Littauer Bros.   Leather Mnfrs. Railroad Avenue
W. A. Livingston   Druggist 8 North Market
Livingston W. A.   Insurance and Real Estate 103 West Main
Long Distance Line C. H. Krause, Mgr Telephone Co. 49 West Main
Lorentz, H.   Grocer 101 South Perry
Lorentz J.   Barber 101 South Perry
Lucas, E. J.   Glove Mnfr. 311 West State
W. Lynes Wesley Lynes Plumbers, Steam and Gas Fitters, Stoves and Tinware 15 East Main
Mackin & O'Connor   Glove Mnfrs. 27 South William
The Manhattan Restaurant Nutt, Jerry Restaurant 126 West Main
M. H. & M. D. Manion Martin H. Manion,
Michael D. Manion
Trucking 210 Meadow Street
Manion, Patrick   Boots and Shoes 35 West Main
Mansfield, W. C.   Veterinary Surgeon 6 Veghte
Martin, J. H.   Veterinary Surgeon 335 North Perry
Mason, Campbell & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 10-12 North Perry
Mason, J. C.   Lawyer 102 West Main
Maylander Bros.   Leather Mnfrs. Maple Avenue
McClain, W. A.   Mason (Contracting) 130 Prospect
H. D. McConkey   Leather Mnfr. ft of McConkey Avenue
McConkey, H. D. Mrs.   Millinery and Fancy Goods 225 North Perry
McGuire & Shiel   Saloons and Restaurants 26 West Main
McLoughlin, E. L.   Grocer 106 East Clinton Avenue
McMartin, Donald   Lawyer 44 West Main
J. L. McMartin & Sons   Glove Mnfrs. 3 East Clinton Avenue
McMaster, H. P.   Auctioneer 16 East State
Meredith & Wemple   Plumbers, Steam and Gas Fitters 5 South Perry
Mida, J.   Glove Materials 10 East Main
Miller, Argersinger & Co.   Leather Mnfrs. Mill
Miller, Charles   Glove Materials 5 West Main
Miller, Donell   Civil Engineer 134 West Main
Miller, Frank   Hardware 18 West Main
Miller, George E.   Livery rear, Sir Wm. J. Hotel
J. P. Miller & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 30 South Melcher
Miller, J. W.   Civil Engineer 134 West Main
Mills Leather Co.   Leather Mnfrs. Mill
Mitchell & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 33 West Main
Molz, Jacob   Cooper 31 East Main
DeWitt C. Moore   Lawyer 20 East Main
Eugene Moore   Insurance and Real Estate 49 West Main
Moorehouse, Geo.   Furniture 18 South Market
Isaac Morris   Glove Materials 20 East Main
Morse, A. J.   Restaurant/Bakery/Ice Cream 22 West Main
Mosher, Chas. B.   Physician 39 West Main
Mount, J.   Machinist 202 West Main
Moyer, C. M.   Builder/Carpenter 12 East Montgomery
Fayette E. Moyer   Lawyer 106 West Main
Moyer, N.   Builder/Carpenter Worden
M. D. Murray   Lawyer Old Johnstown Bank Bldg
Myers, I.   Merchant Tailor 119 West Main
Andrew J. Nellis   Lawyer 110 West Main
C. Newton & Co.   Millinery and Fancy Goods 26 West Main
E. C. Newton   Wallpaper 9 West Main
Nolan, M.   Saloon/Restaurant Smith & North Market
Northup Glove Mfg. Co.   Glove & Leather Mnfrs. 27-29 South Market
Oberest, J. G.   Harness Mnfr. 7 West Main
O'Neil, John   Meat Market 112 West Main
J. P. O'Neil & Son's   Meat Market 144 West Main
Onderdonk, M. Mrs.   Millinery and Fancy Goods 12 North William
Pabst, F.   Shoemaker 223 West Main
Partiss, F. W.
(also listed as Patiss)
  Gunstore/Machinist 140 West Main
Peck, Wm.   Grocer 7 North Perry
Peckham, Powell & Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 39 North Market
People's Bank Jacob P. Miller, President Bank 51 West Main
People's Ice Co.   Ice Co. 326 North Perry
Phetterplace, Geo. listed in tel. directory Asst. Mgr. H. R. Tel. Co.  
Pierson, J. H.   Glove Mnfr. 4 McMartin
James H. Pike & Son James H. Pike, Emory E. Pike Insurance and Real Estate 131 West Main
Pitman & Little   Glove Mnfrs. 16 West State
Postal Tel. Co. Victor Albert, Mgr Telegraph Co. 129 West Main
Potter & Gilmore   Dry Goods 36 West Main
Potter, Geo. listed in tel. directory    
C. E. Purington & Co.   Druggists 2 East Main
Putnam Bernard   Glove Mnfr. 24 South Melcher
Putnam, C. M. listed in tel. directory    
Quackenbush, J. S.   Fruits, Etc. 38 West State
Quinby, J. Mrs.   Millinery and Fancy Goods 26 North Perry
P. H. Quigley   Leather Mnfr. 114 North Perry
Frank Randall   Stoves and Tinware; Plumbers, Steam and Gas Fitters 136 West Main
Redicker, J.   Painters and Painters' Supplies 104 Prospect
Rice & Parks   Plumbers, Steam and Gas Fitters; Stoves and Tinware; Hardware; China 34 West Main
Richheimer & Bro.   Dry Goods, est. 1865 135-7-9 West Main
Ricketts, Thomas E.   Glove Mnfr. 7 North Melcher
Ripton Bros.   Grocers 40 West Main
Riton Bros.   Glove Mnfrs. 33 South Market
Rodgers, J. D.   Lawyer  
Rowell Glove Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 35 North Market
Rowles, Charles W.   Glove Mnfr. 29 East Main
Royal Knitting Co.   Jewelers South Melcher
Sands, Robert R. listed in tel. directory    
Schelle, G.   Glove Mnfr. 23 South Perry
Schoenfeldt, C. E.   Dry Goods 30 West Main
Scofield, J. S.   Physician 101 South Market
Theodore Schwadeas   Carriage Mnfr. and Blacksmith Cor. North Market and Smith
Seamen, James   Builder/Carpenter Second Avenue
John E. Seamen & Co.   Builders/Carpenters; Lumber 27-33 Chestnut
Searle, Robert S. listed in tel. directory  
Selmser J. T. Selmser J. T. , agent Hardware; Stoves and Tinware 123 West Main
Selmser, W.   Wood Yard 107 East State
Shaw, H.   Grocer 220 East Main
Shiel, P.   Saloons and Restaurants 4 East Main
Shields, D.   Glove Mnfr. 22 South William
Shields, R. J.   Painters and Painters' Supplies 224 West Main
Simmons, P. M.   Architect 40 South Market
Singer Mfg. Co. W. F. Timmerman, agent Sewing Machines 202 West Main
Sir William J. Hotel H. C. Willard Hotel 7-11 North William
Smith, A.   Meat Market 36 West State
Smith, Borden D.   Lawyer 106 West Main
C. M. Smith, Jr. Charles M. Smith, Jr. Printer 11 West Main
Clarence W. Smith   Lawyer 2 North William
Smith, Edward H.   Glove Mnfrs. Fourth Avenue
Smith, John D.   Livery 18 South Perry
Smith. H. E.   Lawyer 106 West Main
Smith, L. C.   Carriage Mnfr. and Blacksmith 13 North William
Smith, T. Delap   Physician North Perry
Smith, T. D.   Barber 117 West Main
Snook, P.   Builder/Carpenter 125 East State
Somers, M.   Physician 17 West State
Sponable, John B.   Meat Market 40 West State
Stahley, Emile   Marble and Granite 127 Washington Avenue
Staley, E. J.   Baker 132 North Perry
S. M. Standard & Co.   Sewing Machines 212 West Main
Stephenson, Chas. S. listed in tel. directory    
L. Stephenson Levi Stephenson Lumber Dealer, est. 1866 37 State
Stewart, Alex   Saloons and Restaurants 5 South Market
Stewart & Briggs   Glove Mnfrs. 5 North Melcher
Chas. H. Stewart   Mechanical Engineer 5 East Green, rear
Geo. A. Stewart & Co.   Leather Mnfr. 327 West Montgomery
Still, D. V.   Physician 5 West Main
Stocker Bros.' Laundry   Laundry, est. 1888 214 West Main
Stokes, O.   Leather Mnfr. 5 West State, rear
Stoller, Henry   Livery 23 South Market
Stoller, Sidney   Glove Mnfr. 220 North Perry
Stoller, Wm.   Meat Market 4 South Perry
Streeter, Geo. A.   Insurance and Real Estate 202 West Main
Streeter, Geo. A.   Glove Mnfr. 321 West State
Streeter Wm. H.   Glove Mnfr. 307 West State
L. L. Streeter & Son   Flour and Feed 41 West State
Styer & Behlen   Leather Mnfr. 29 West State
The Style   Millinery and Fancy Goods 143 West Main
Sutliff, H. M. & J. A.   Grocers 128 West Main
Richard Taube   Bottling/Saloon 46 East Main
Ten Eyck, H. B. listed in tel. directory    
Terwilliger, R. W.   Physician 41 Chestnut
Thorne, Henry W.   Lawyer 49 West Main
Topp & Howell   Glove Mnfrs. 326 North Perry
Topp & Vosburg   Leather Mnfrs. North Perrry & Matthews
Topp, William   Glove & Leather Mnfr. 334 North Perry
J. B. Townsend J. B. Townsend Boots and Shoes, est. 1897 31 West Main
Trumbull, S. E.   Box Mnfr. (paper) and Glove Mnfr. 21 South Market
Turney, J. O.   Glove Mnfr. 13 McMartin
Uhlinger & Son Philip Uhlinger Furniture & Undertaker 29 & 31 West Main
Valley View Hotel   Saloons and Restaurants North Perry & Jeffers
Van Antwerp, L. A.   Flour and Feed; Coal Companies and Dealer 18 East Main
Van Heusen, D. H.   Druggists 133 West Main
Van Nest B.   Carriage Mnfr. and Blacksmith 33 South Perry
Van Nest & Folan David Van Nest, Jas. Folan Masons (Contracting) 128 Hoosac
Van Nostrand, A. K. Mrs.   Millinery and Fancy Goods 56 East Main
Van Sickler, Bros.   Meat Market 34 East Main
Van Sickler, M. G.   Grocer 106 Washington Avenue
Van Slyck, T. W.   Grocer 331 North Perry
Van Vliet, W. B.   Druggist 111 West Main
Veeder, J. Mrs.   Millinery and Fancy Goods 35 South Main
Veeder, John D.   Physician 20 West Main
Verleger, A.   Cigar Mnfr. and Dealer 119 West Main
Verleger, W. F.   Cigar Mnfr. and Dealer 17 Chestnut
Vibbard Bros.   Grocers 46 West State
E. C. Vibbard & Co.   Grocers 313 North Market
Vorel, J.   Leather Mnfr. 337 West Main
Vosburg, M. B.   Glove Mnfr. 100 South Market
Vroman, Nelson   Glove Mnfr. 110 South Market
Vrooman, G. Mrs.   Hair Dresser 8 South Market
Vrooman House D. H. Vrooman Hotel 2-4-6 South Market
Wade M. & Son   Glove Mnfr. 12 West Montgomery
Wah Yee   Laundry 138 West Main
Walrad, C.   Dentist 101 West Main
Walrad, C. B.   Physician 21 North Perry
Warren, John C.   Meat Market 309 North Market
Wassung, A. B.   Furniture & Undertakers 8 West Main
Wayne G. B.   Glove Mnfr. 18 South William
Weber F.   Merchant Tailor 131 West Main
Wells, Edward listed in tel. directory    
Wertheimer Gloves Mfg. Co.   Glove Mnfrs. 26 South William
Western Union   Telegraph Co. 140 West Main
White House Cafe A. B. Converse Restaurant Main & South Perry
Wilde A. J.   Carriage Repository 143 West Main
Williams, C.   Barber East Main
Windsor, R.   Saloons and Restaurants 154 West Main
Windsor, Wm.   Glove Mnfr. 332 West Main
Wolfe, C. W.   Builder/Carpenter Penn. Avenue
Wooster, W. E. listed in tel. directory    
E. M. Wright   Baker 18 North Market
Yates, S.   Painters and Painters' Supplies 17 South Perry
Yost, J. J.   Glove Materials 100 Burton
Young, Chas.   Clothing, Hats and Gents' Goods 6 West Main
Young, John J.   Carriage Mnfr. and Blacksmith 17 South Perry
Young, J. K.   Physician 28 South Perry
Young, W.   Leather Mnfr. 327 West Montgomery
Younglove, James I.   Lumber Dealer 113 North Market
Zimmer, Peter A. listed in tel. directory    


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