Published By The

United States and Foreign Advertising and Collection Company of Utica, N.Y.

S. E. Lawrence: Secretary

Utica, N.Y., September 1885

Vol. IX, No. 1

Note: The names of the following debtors were listed in a collection agent newspaper. From the terms below it looks like the company sold the debts to other collection agents. None of the individuals listed had paid any money towards their debt. Although there were cities listed from all over New York State, Johnstown and Gloversville were the only locations in Fulton County listed in this issue.

"Showing the name, occupation and last known address of the Debtors; the amount of the claim; the amount paid; the rate of discount at which we sell the balance; the name and address of the Creditor.

The following claims have been received for collection or sale, and the Debtors notified at their last known address.

The whereabouts and circumstances of many of them are not known to the Creditors. Any information regarding them will be thankfully received, and any mistakes will be cheerfully corrected."


Argersinger, Mrs. Martha Gloversville1.47 Geo. R. Collamer Johnstown
Autis, Alex Johnstown 33.73 F. J. Moore Johnstown
Bame, A. C. Gloversville 5.00 Johnstown Gas Co. Johnstown
Cox, Alfred Gloversville 4.51 John T. Selmser Johnstown
Cook, David Cranberry Creek 6.50 B. Vosburgh Johnstown
Cook, Mrs. David Cranberry Creek 15.00 H. F. Berger Cherry Valley
Case, Frederick L. Johnstown 74.71 H. F. Berger Cherry Valley
Cole, Joseph Johnstown 41.00 H. F. Berger Cherry Valley
Denmark, David Johnstown 3.50 Barney Vosburgh Johnstown
Clute, Mrs. M. E. Johnstown 18.13 F. J. Moore Johnstown
Gustin, Alvin Johnstown 1.95 F. J. Moore Johnstown
Empie, G. W. Johnstown 4.41 N. F. Berger Cherry Valley
Graff, Barney Brooklyn 20.37 W. S. Moore Kalamazoo
Foote, Isaac Johnstown 10.50 A. H. Moore Amsterdam
Girkee, August Johnstown 5.75 N. F. Berger Cherry Valley
Fonda, George Johnstown 1.30 F. J. Moore Johnstown
Hart, R. L. Gloversville 9.50 B. Vosburgh Johnstotwn
Heagle, Mrs. Henry Johnstown 8.31 F. Carncross Johnstown
Keller, Peter Johnstown13.95 John T. Selmser Johnstown
Mulvey, Martin Johnstown 26.16 John T. Selmser Johnstown
Marsh, Charles wanted 6.64 George R. Collamer Johnstown
Mapes, E. G. Rockwood 4.00 B. Vosburgh Johnstown
Miller, Joseph Sammonsville 8.50 N. F. Berger Cherry Valley
Neahr, Jacob H. Amsterdam 4.58 John T. Selmser Johnstown
Rodgers, R. W. Johnstown 15.51 John T. Selmser Johnstown
Remington, Thompson Johnstown 31.65 John T. Selmser Johnstown
Noonan, Eugene Amsterdam 1.30 F. J. Moore Johnstown
Sparrow, Mrs. Elizabeth Schenectady 2.49 W. S. Moore Johnstown
Smith, Albert Rockwood 3.75 B. Vosburgh Johnstown
Titus, Hiram A. Johnstown 3.00 Charles S. Young Johnstown
Wormouth, D. Johnstown 2.60 N.F. Berger Cherry Valley
VanArnam, James H. wanted 1.80 Wm. Argersinger Johnstown

Adams, Henry, glove cutter Gloversville 2.00 J. M. Hill Gloversville
Adams, Henry, glove cutter Gloversville 26.00 Dr. I. DeZouche Gloversville
Adams, James A. glove cutter Gloversville 33.45 O. L. Collins Gloversville
Allen, C. G., engineer Gloversville 5.00 J. M. Hill Gloversville
Amenta, Joseph, leather manuf'r Gloversville 9.41 John Gloring & Co.Gloversville
Argersinger, Harvey Gloversville 6.00 Dr. I. DeZouche Gloversville
Arlington, William Johnstown 2.98 C. W. Veeder Gloversville
Armstrong, John Cranberry Creek 1.00 Mrs. Thomas Doyle Gloversville
Austin, James glove finisher Gloversville 10.00 M. R. Van Sickler Gloversville
Austin, James glove finisher Gloversville 16.82 A. Bloomingdale Gloversville
Austin, James glove finisher Gloversville 11.33 O. C. Collins Gloversville
Bartelet, William O. carpenter Kingsbrow 23.00 B. F. Washburn Gloversville
Bellinger, Kate Gloversville 30.30 O. C. Collins Gloversville
Bentley, Matie Gloversville 3.88 L. E. Giles Gloversville
Bennett, Charles planer Gloversville .75 A. Bloomingdale Gloversville
Bigford, Mrs. John Gloversville 5.00 Mrs. Thomas Boyle Gloversville
Bissel, James leather dresser Gloversville .88 A. Bloomingdale Gloversville
Blood, William Gloversville 7.00 B. F. Washsburn Gloversville
Bock, William H. machinist Gloversville 13.91 Hilabrant & Ormston Gloversville
Bolar, Edgar Bleeker 2.25 Robert Palmer Gloversville
Boyer, James glove maker Gloversville 2.10 Bellinger & Lansing Gloversville
Boyd, Nettie unknown 5.00 J. M. Hill Gloversville
Bradley, Belle Gloversville 12.20 L. E. Giles Gloversville
Bradshaw, Elmer Gloversville 3.50 J. M. Hill Gloversville
Briggs, Charles W. box maker Gloversville 2.00 G. Levor Gloversville
Brothers, Wm. H.Gloversville 2.50 M. Mark Gloversville
Brown, John glove maker Gloversville 2.00 Jamison Bros. Gloversville
Bruce, Richard Gloversville 8.91 Willoughby & Co. Gloversville
Butler, Sylvester plastererGloversville 9.50 Dr. W. S. Garnsey Gloversville
Burton, Emmet glove maker Gloversville 2.25 Ed. Stoddard Gloversville
Bussic, John Gloversville 20.87 G. S. Wheaton, Assignee
of Willoughby & Co.
Cadman, E. R. glove makerGloversville 4.90 J. M. Hill Gloversville
Caney, Charles A. glove makerGloversville 26.34 Hilabrant & OrmstonGloversville
Caney, Charles A. glove makerGloversville5.50 F. S. Copeland Gloversville
Carr, Joseph grocerGloversville20.88 J. & J. Doran Albany
Chatterton D. Gloversville 14.96 M. Willoughby Gloversville
Chevalier, John masonGloversville 14.87 D. F. Cowles & Co. Gloversville
Chevalier, John masonGloversville 26.97 Willoughby & Co. Gloversville
The following nine entries are cut off due to damage to the paper.
____, Edward Bloomington, Ill. 6.00 Robert Palmer Gloversville
____, Homer Chicago, Ill. 32.00 Robert Palmer Gloversville
___ill, Cornelia Gloversville 36.54 O. C. Collins Gloversville
____, N. E. Gloversville 6.97 A. Bloomingdale Gloversville
___, Mrs. Wm. Gloversville 2.50 Mrs. Thomas Boyle Gloversville
___ndy Gloversville 6.00 Jamison Bros. Gloversville
____, Robert P. Kingsboro 8.38 O. C. Collins Gloversville
____, Annie Gloversville 9.33 Mrs. Thomas Boyle Gloversville
___rie Jennings, glove manuf'r Gloversville 14.86 D. F. Cownes & Co. Gloversville
Coon, John Gloversville 3.50 Jamison Bros. Gloversville
Coucher, John Gloversville 3.00 Dr. I. DeZouche Gloversville
Danforth, Allen Gloversville 2.80 J. M. Hill Gloversville
Dell, John tailor Albany 7.30 Ed. E. Stoddard Gloversville
Dence, Charles glove cutter Gloversville 30.50 B. F. Washburn Gloversville
Denmark, David Gloversville 3.38 C. W. Vedder Gloversville
Duel, Andrew Gloversville 5.00 Robert Palmer Gloversville
Dunston, Charles Gloversville 1.50 O. M. Rogers Gloversville
Dunning, Truman glove maker Gloversville 9.60 L. E. Giles Gloversville
Durfee, William W. teacher Gloversville 8.10 G. Levor Gloversville
Dwyer, Frank Gloversville 23.00 John F. Conroy Utica
Dye, Simeon glove cutter Gloversville 70.00 Dr. I. DeZouche Gloversville
Dye, Fred brakeman Gloversville 3.00 Jamison Bros. Gloversville
Early, James book keeper Gloversville 50.06 Burling & Carroll Gloversville
Eastman, Lucius R. Gloversville 9.20 Bellinger & Lansing Gloversville
Eastman, Lucius R. Gloversville 12.48 C. G. Alvord Gloversville
Eaton, Henry Northampton 3.50 Hilabrant & Ormston Gloversville
Edwards, James clerk Gloversville .61 C. W. Veeder Gloversville
Edwards, James clerk Gloversville 1.00 Ed. Stoddard Gloversville
Ehle, Barney builder Gloversville 1.50 Burling & Carroll Gloversville
Eutemark, Miss Susie Gloversville 1.50 O. M. Rogers Gloversville
Face, M. W. teacher Gloversville 1.00 Christopher Seibel Gloversville
Fairbanks, John J. clerk Gloversville 39.46 Hilabrant & Ormston Gloversville
Fairbanks, John J. clerk Gloversville 3.00 O. M. Rogers Gloversville
Ferguson, Miss Cora Gloversville 3.75 Mrs. William H. Miller Gloversville
Filkins, G. Mayfield 4.00 Bellinger & Lansing Gloversville
Finnegan, Marcus leather dresser Gloversville 4.50 M. R. VanSickler Gloversville
Fort, George L. glove maker Gloversville 5.00 A. C. Bame Gloversville
Fort, George and Sister Gloversville 12.80 Hilabrant & Ormston Gloversville
Foster, Frank foreman Gloversville 14.56 O. C. Collins Gloversville
Foster, Lemuel farmer Gloversville 3.01 Foster & Rogers Gloversville
Foster, Lemuel farmer Gloversville 9.50 O. C. Collins Gloversville
Fox, Mrs. Earl Gloversville 4.62 O. C. Collins Gloversville
Frout, Joseph Utica 3.70 Ed. Stoddard Gloversville
Giercke, Charles Saratoga 22.87 O. C. Collins Gloversville
Gleason, Thomas Johnstown 1.00 Christopher Seibel Gloversville
Glynn, Mrs. Thomas Johnstown 29.57 C. W. Veeder Gloversville
Golden, Charles unknown 4.29 Harvey L. Jacobs Gloversville
Goodbread, A. leather finisher Gloversville 5.00 H. V. Trumble Gloversville
Goodbread, A. Gloversville 7.45 Snell & Boughton Gloversville
Green, Felix Gloversville 11.10 Snell & Boughton Gloversville
Green, Jacob brakeman Gloversville 2.59 Foster & Rogers Gloversville
Gulich, Arthur glove cutter Gloversville 7.00 Dr. I. DeZouche Gloversville
Gulich, Eugene glove cutter Gloversville 5.00 J. K. Hill Gloversville
Gulich, Miss Helen glove maker Gloversville .97 O. C. Collins Gloversville
Gulich, Miss Helen glove maker Gloversville 4.00 J. M. Hill Gloversville
Gulich, Miss Helen glove maker Gloversville 3.00 O. M. Rogers Gloversville
Gulich, William leather dresser Gloversville 12.50 Robert Palmer Gloversville
Hall, James Schenectady 21.00 Robert Palmer Gloversville
Hale, Francis unknown 5.00 J. M. Hill Gloversville
Hare, William leather dresser Gloversville 14.37 A. Bloomingdale Gloversville
Harris, Clark Gloversville 10.00 Dr. John Edwards Gloversville
Harris, Samuel Johnstown 3.50 B. F. Washburn Gloversville
Harris, Samuel Johnstown 10.35 L. E. Giles Gloversville
Harris, Samuel Johnstown 2.00 M. R. Van Sickler Gloversville
Harman, Thomas Gloversville 1.65 Getman & Olmstead Gloversville
Hayden, Mrs. E. A. Gloversville 9.69 Willoughby & Co. Gloversville
Hart, Lester Johnstown 7.00 Robert Palmer Gloversville
Henry, D. Johnstown 2.13 C. W. Veeder Gloversville
Herrick, William unknown 2.25 Dr. W. C. Wood Gloversville
Hess, John Johnstown .91 C. W. Veeder Gloversville
Henser, Gus Gloversville 5.06 A. Bloomingdale Gloversville
Hio, John glove finisher Gloversville 15.50 B. F. Washburn Gloversville
Hornet, George Gloversville 8.50 M. R. Van Sickler Gloversville
Hose, George Lassellsville 9.55 C. W. Veeder Gloversville
Howard, Charles Buffalo 8.25 S. Fry Jr. & Co. Gloversville
Johnson, Caleb reporter Gloversville 1.17 Mrs. Thomas BoyleGloversville
Johnson, Charles leather finisher Gloversville 1.50 W. D. Rhoda Gloversville
Johnson, Charles leather finisher Gloversville 10.50 B. F. Washburn Gloversville
Johnson, Charles leather finisher Gloversville1.11 D. W. Cowles & Co. Gloversville
Johnson, Daniel B. sawyer Gloversville 3.00 M. R. Van Sickler Gloversville
Johnson, D. B. sawyer Gloversville 3.96 O. C. Collins Gloversville
Johnson, William A. painter Gloversville 13.25 Dr. I. DeZouche Gloversville
Kern, George J. shoemaker Gloversville 3.00 Ed. Stoddard Gloversville
King, Charles glove cutter Gloversville 54.86 Getman & Olmstead Gloversville
Krouse, Oscar glove cutter Gloversville 3.18 D. F. Cowles & Co. Gloversville

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