Published By The

United States and Foreign Advertising and Collection Company of Utica, N.Y.

S. E. Lawrence: Secretary

Utica, N.Y., September 1885

Vol. IX, No. 1

Note: The names of the following debtors were listed in a collection agent newspaper. From the terms below it looks like the company sold the debts to other collection agents. None of the individuals listed had paid any money towards their debt. Although there were cities listed from all over New York State, Johnstown and Gloversville were the only locations in Fulton County listed in this issue.

"Showing the name, occupation and last known address of the Debtors; the amount of the claim; the amount paid; the rate of discount at which we sell the balance; the name and address of the Creditor.

The following claims have been received for collection or sale, and the Debtors notified at their last known address.

The whereabouts and circumstances of many of them are not known to the Creditors. Any information regarding them will be thankfully received, and any mistakes will be cheerfully corrected."


Lake, George Gloversville 1.50 M. R. Van Sickler Gloversville
Lake, Willard Jr. Gloversville 5.00 C. M. Lefler Gloversville
Lasher, John D. Gloversville 3.00 J. M. Hill Gloversville
Lasher, John D. Gloversville 7.19 M. Willoughby Gloversville
Lawrence W. A. Johnstown 14.82 A. Bloomingdale Gloversville
Lewis, Frank Johnstown 9.00 O. M. Rogers Gloversville
Little, Thomas leather dresser Gloversville 3.62 C. W. Veeder Gloversville
Lunkenhamer, Nicholas New Jersey 6.50 Robert Palmer Gloversville
Manigan, Ed. Gloversville 3.20 Ed. Stoddard Gloversville
Manigan, John Gloversville 9.50 B. F. Washburn Gloversville
Martin, Miss Laura Gloversville 13.50 F. S. Copeland Gloversville
Martin, Mrs. E. Gloversville 1.00 Mrs. Thomas Doyle Gloversville
Martin, John Johnstown 2.33 C. W. Veeder Gloversville
McCormick, Thos. leather dresser Gloversville 22.56 O. C. Collins Gloversville
McCormick, Michael Gloversville 12.19 O. C. Collins Gloversville
McCoy, Charles Rochester 7.00 C. T. Mills & Co. Gloversville
McCrevey, John glove cutter Glen, Montgomery Co. 68.33 A. Bloomingdale Gloversville
McIntosh, Charles Gloversville .50 O. M. Rogers Gloversville
McIntosh, Mrs. James Gloversville 5.75 Mrs. Thomas Boyle Gloversville
McKegney, John agent Gloversville 1.75 C. W. Veeder Gloversville
McKegney, John agent Gloversville 2.19 W. D. Rhoda Gloversville
McQuade, John leather dresser Gloversville 4.50 M. R. Van Sickler Gloversville
Miller & Son, Mrs. William Gloversville 6.77 Getman & Olmstead Gloversville
Miner, A. R. Gloversville 15.42 O. C. Collins Gloversville
Miner, A. M. Johnstown 9.76 M. A. Robinson Gloversville
Minor, Robert Littleton, N.H. 38.00 Robert Palmer Gloversville
Moill, Augustus glove cutter Gloversville 11.02 G. S. Wheaton, Assignee
of Willoughby & Co.
Myers, Henry Gloversville 3.00 M. R. VanSicklerGloversville
Myer, Oscar Gloversville 2.08 W. D. Rhoda Gloversville
Nickloy, William Johnstown .70 C. W. Veeder Gloversville
O'Brien, Daniel laborerGloversville .30 A. Bloomingdale Gloversville
Ochart, Mrs. James Gloversville 2.25 O. M. Rogers Gloversville
Pepper, L. F. Little Falls 13.00 B. F. Washburn Gloversville
Pierce, Chester mason Gloversville 6.13 A. Bloomingdale Gloversville
Place, Barnard glove cutter Gloversville 4.50 B. F. Washburn Gloversville
Place, W. L. carpenter Kingsboro 15.00 Dr. John Edward Gloversville
Pulver, Jerry Saratoga Springs 2.50 Christopher Seibel Gloversville
Rankin, Albert 261 Franklin st. Buffalo 38.50 Robert Palmer Gloversville
Roberts, John Kingsboro 1.00 Foster & Rogers Gloversville
Rockinstyre, T. E. Gloversville 39.94 Hilabrant & Ormston Gloversville
Roul, Charles Coatsville, Pa. 8.75 Robert Palmer Gloversville
Sargeant, Walter, painter Gloversville 1.75 C. M. Winnie Gloversville
Schoonmaker, D. D., glove maker Gloversville 3.61 W. D. Rhoda Gloversville
Schoonmaker, D. D., glove maker Gloversville 6.87 Bowling & Carroll Gloversville
Sedam, William Gloversville 3.15 J. M. Hill Gloversville
Senior, Samuel R., kid finisher Gloversville 10.22 O. C. Collins Gloversville
Shaver, Charles R. Johnstown 3.20 C. W. Veeder Gloversville
Skiff, S. Gloversville 28.35 F. H. Wilmarth & Co. Gloversville
Smith, Alexander, teamster Gloversville 2.50 Getman & Olmstead Gloversville
Smith, Charles, colorer Gloversville 2.50 W. D. Rhoda Gloversville
Smith, Matt Gloversville .57 A. Bloomingdale Gloversville
Snell, Alexander, bottler Gloversville 4.50 C. W. Veeder Gloversville
Southworth, William D., collector Gloversville 4.50 M. Mark Gloversville
Starr, George Little Falls 10.50 E. W. Snell Gloversville
Stewart, Ed., leather dresser Gloversville 16.50 B. F. Washburn Gloversville
Stewart, D. R. Gloversville .50 D. F. Cowles & Co. Gloversville
Sutliff, Olin, bill poster Gloversville 2.01 C. W. Veeder Gloversville
Tabor, Alonzo Hagaman's Mills 1.75 Ed. Stoddard Gloversville
Taylor, Miss Lilian Gloversville 4.20 Mrs. William H. Willer Gloversville
Thomas, Dwight W., soaop manuf'r Gloversville 3.61 Foster & Rogers Gloversville
Thomas, Dwight Jr. Gloversville 8.57 O. C. Collins Gloversville
Thomas, D. B. Gloversville 1.85 J. B. Stone Gloversville
Thomas, Fred, box maker Gloversville 1.30 J. B. Stone Gloversville
Thomas, Loren, glove maker Gloversville 30.00 B. F. Washburn Gloversville
Tooker, Ed., glove cutter Kingsboro 2.00 O. C. Collins Gloversville
Tooker, E. W. Gloversville 2.75 J. M. Hill Gloversville
Tooker, Geo. Gloversville 3.10 J. M. Hill Gloversville
Trumble, Alonzo Gloversville 40.00 Robert Palmer Gloversville
Tyman, John, barber Richfield Springs 13.00 Christopoher Seibel Gloversville
Van Allen, William, draying Gloversville 50.00 Robert Palmer Gloversville
Van Antwerp, Hiram, box manf'r Gloversville 20.00 Dr. John Edwards Gloversville
Van Antwerp, Philip Johnstown 1.30 C. W. Veeder Gloversville
Van Arnum, Henry, glove maker Gloversville 36.50 Dr. W. S. Garnsey Gloversville
Van Buren, George Mayfield 5.50 M. Mark Gloversville
Van Buren, George Seneca Falls 4.20 Ed. Stoddard Gloversville
Van Buskirk, Peter Mayafield 8.88 F. H. Wilmarth Gloversville
Van Lone, Daniel, glove cutter Gloversville 2.50 M. R. VanSickler Gloversville
Van Sickler, Edwin Johnstown 9.15 C. W. Veeder Gloversville
Van Valkenburg, Elias, glove cutter Gloversville 17.50 Dr. W. S. GarnseyGloversville
Van Valkenburg, Mrs. Jennie Gloversville 5.00 Mrs. Thomas BoyleGloversville
Van Valkenburg, Geo., glove maker Gloversville 12.80 B. F. Washburn Gloversville
Vaulk & Mills Gloversville 55.00 Getman & Olmstead Gloversville
Vaughn, Fred, pants maker Gloversville 3.50 Jamison Bros. Gloversville
Venner, William, marble cutter Gloversville 4.00 G. Levor Gloversville
Visscher, Mary Gloversville 26.53 O. L. Everets Gloversville
Walker, John, glove cutter Gloversville 10.00 Dr. John Edwards Gloversville
Walruth, J. B. Johnstown 3.17 C. W. Veeder Gloversville
Wands, John Gloversville 2.50 B. F. Washburn Gloversville
Wells, Frank, miner Burnt Mills, Saratoga Co. 5.00 Harvey L. Jacobs Gloversville
Whitaker, Nathan, clerk Gloversville 9.00 B. F. Washburn Gloversville
Wicks, Charles L., glove cutter Johnstown 11.50 Dr. I. DeZouche Gloversville
Wilcox, W. S. Gloversville 8.95 J. B. Stone Gloversville
Williams, Mrs. John Auburn 7.88 A. Bloomingdale Gloversville
Winnie, J. J. Gloversville 6.45 Getman & Olmstead Gloversville
Woodward, James, plumber Gloversville 6.18 Willoughby & Co. Gloversville
Yateman, William Gloversville 17.50 P. F. Washburn Gloversville
Young, Adam Kingsboro 3.55 Dr. C. Servoss Gloversville

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