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 Child's Gazetteer

Source Gazetteer of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y. 1869-70, (Syracuse, 1870) pages 217-219.


Name Post Office Occupation, acres
Adle, Valentine Bleecker Farmer, 179
Ashton, Jacob Bleecker Lumberman and farmer, 100
Baird, Beriah Bleecker Farmer, 200
Baird, E. Bleecker Farmer, leases 100
Baird, Mahala Mrs. Bleecker Prop. of saw mill and farmer, 100
Baird, Wm. H. Bleecker farmer, 200
Baker, Nicholas Bleecker Mason and farmer, 65
Barlow, John Bleecker  
Bartlet, Chas. Bleecker Sawyer
Bartlet, Chas. O. Bleecker Sawyer
Bartlet, I. L. Bleecker Carpenter and farmer, 20
Battey, James Bleecker Farmer, 8
Bechler, Christian J. Bleecker Constable and farmer, 50
Beckler, George Bleecker Farmer, 100
Beighton, Geo. Bleecker Sawyer
Berger, Joseph Bleecker Farmer, 50
Bergstra, Dirk Bleecker Engineer
Boman, George Bleecker Turner and farmer, 100
Bower, Wendle Bleecker Farmer, 50
Bowler, Charles Bleecker Prop. of saw mill and farmer, 257
Bowler, Geo. A. Bleecker Sawyer and farmer, 26
Bowler, Geo. W. Bleecker Sawyer and farmer, 13
Bowler, Robert E. Bleecker (with Wm.) Lumberman and farmer, 234
Bowler, Wm. Bleecker (with Robert E.) Lumberman and farmer, 234
Brainard, Thomas Bleecker Farmer
Brown, George Bleecker Farmer, 100
Brunick, Frederick Bleecker Lumberman and farmer, 100
Burns, Thos. Bleecker  
Busse, Christopher Bleecker Prop. of Forest Hotel and farmer, 100
Canfield, Augustus Bleecker Farmer, 20
Carnrick, Charles Bleecker Sawyer
Chapman, E. D. Bleecker Overseer of tannery
Clifford, Wm. Bleecker Farmer, 100
Clifford, Wm. H. Bleecker Sawyer and farmer, 25
Clock, August Bleecker Blacksmith and farmer, 52
Conrick, John Bleecker  
Conrick, W. R. Bleecker Farmer, 75
Daniel, Christian Bleecker Farmer, 3
Daniels, H. Bleecker Farmer, 103
Dean, Jonathan Pine Lake Farmer, 50
Deckenbeck, John Pine Lake Farmer, 100
Deete, Julius Bleecker Carpenter and farmer, 100
Diver, Cris Bleecker Farmer, 189
Donaldson, Isaac B. Bleecker Farmer, 20
Donaldson, John Bleecker Farmer, 296
Eastman, Rilus Bleecker Postmaster, land agent, justice of the peace and farmer, 200
Edel, Valentine Bleecker Farmer, 296
Ellis, Joseph H. Bleecker Carpenter, blacksmith, mason and farmer, 172 1/2
Erns, Augustus Bleecker Farmer, 150
Fisher, John Pine Lake Farmer, 50
Fisher, U. Bleecker Farmer, 150
Foot, David Bleecker Stone mason and farmer, 60
FOREST HOTEL Bleecker Christopher Busse, Proprietor
Foss, Joseph Bleecker Farmer, 12
Frank, Jacob Bleecker Farmer 200
Fremmer, Chas.   Farmer 100
Frick, Frederick Bleecker Lumberman and farmer, 175
Frick, Frederick, W. Bleecker Prop. of saw mill
Fyst, Henry Bleecker Farmer, 44
Gantner, Michael Bleecker Farmer, 100
Geiger, George Bleecker Carpenter and farmer, 94
Gensleister, Nicholas Bleecker Farmer, 75
Goodthour, Chas. Bleecker Carpenter and farmer, 92
Graham, I. H. Bleecker Justice of the peace and farmer, 100
Green, James Bleecker  
Greenfield, Daniel W. Bleecker Lumberman
Greenfield, John Bleecker Constable and farmer, 6
Greenfield, Jonathan Bleecker Farmer, 20
Gresser, Adam Bleecker Farmer, 50
Hartman, Jacob Bleecker Farmer, 25
Hartman, John Bleecker Farmer, 98
Hennessey, Wm. Bleecker Prop. of hotel and farmer, 25
Henrys, Henry Bleecker  
Hess, Elizabeth, Mrs. Bleecker Farmer 100
Hine, Michael, Jr. Bleecker Prop. of hotel and farmer, 97
Hopfield, Martin Bleecker Prop. of saw mill and farmer, 460
Howser, Sherman Bleecker Farmer, 49
Hunt, M. G. Bleecker Storekeeper and farmer, 60
Janeer, John Bleecker Lumberman and farmer, 10
Jenkins, Patrick Bleecker  
Johnson, John Bleecker Teamster
Karg, John A. Pine Lake Farmer, 75
Kline, Frederick Bleecker Farmer, 50
Kline, John G. Bleecker Tax collector and farmer, 100
Klos, Peter Pine Lake Engineer and farmer, 100
Knoblaugh, Geo. Bleecker Farmer, 40
Lasener, Goodhart Bleecker Cooper and farmer, 100
Leavitt, H. W. Bleecker Teamster and farmer, 3 1/2
Leppert, Henry Bleecker Farmer, 100
Lessle, James Bleecker  
Lindsly, Hiram Bleecker Farmer, 185 1/2
Long, Casper Bleecker Farmer 130
Longfritzer, Albert Bleecker Farmer, 25
Longfritzer, John Bleecker Farmer, [32]
Longhenry, John E. Bleecker Farmer, 150
Lunkenheimer, Nicholas Bleecker Hop raiser and farmer, 300
Luther, Michael Bleecker Farmer, 52
Mattees, N. Bleecker Farmer, 65
McDayd, Hugh Bleecker  
McGlen, Thomas Bleecker Farmer, 150
Mertis, John Bleecker Farmer, 100
Meyer, John Bleecker Town clerk and farmer, 60
Meyers, J. A. Bleecker Farmer, 50
Miller, Daniel Bleecker Sawyer and farmer, 325
Miller, G. F. Bleecker Carpenter and farmer, 6
Miller, Jacob Bleecker Farmer, 100
Miller, Lue Bleecker  
Miller, Peter Bleecker Farmer, 200
Miller, W. J. Pine Lake Farmer, 25
Moleske, Martin Bleecker Farmer, 10
Movits, Chas. Bleecker Farmer, 50
Myers, Edward Bleecker Farmer, 50
Myers, Geo. Bleecker Farmer, 40
Navin, Patrick Bleecker Tanner
Oertel, Frederick Bleecker Farmer, 50
Oertle, Frederick Bleecker Farmer, 47
Olman, John Bleecker Farmer, 90
Ort, John Bleecker Farmer, 140
Pash, Christian Bleecker Farmer, 50
Paul, Godliff Bleecker Farmer, 75
Peset, Anthony Bleecker  
Peters, John M. Bleecker Prop. of saw and planing mill, supervisor and owns 1,600
Ply, Christian  J. Bleecker Farmer, 4
Quin, Cornelius Bleecker Farmer, 148
Quin, Peter Bleecker Farmer, 70
Rathburn, Samuel Bleecker Teamster
Rathburn, Wm. Bleecker  
Reaner, Theodore Bleecker  
Retchel, Henry Bleecker  
Rhinehart, Peter Bleecker  
Rhinehart, Jacob Bleecker Farmer, [30]
Rieth, Frederick Bleecker Farmer, 100
Ring, Martin Bleecker Farmer, 100
Roll, Henry Bleecker Farmer, 150
Salo, Wm. Bleecker Farmer, 100
Saner, Chas. W. Bleecker Shoe maker and farmer, 18
Schabacker, Charles C. Bleecker Lumberman and farmer, 300
Schabacker, Nicholas Bleecker Farmer, 85
Schanberger, John C. Bleecker Commissioner, lumberman and farmer, 250
Scheber, John Bleecker Farmer, 50
Schomberger, George Bleecker Lumberman and farmer, 65
Schreiber, George Bleecker Farmer, 101
Schreiber, John Bleecker Farmer, 59
Schuler, Berdold Bleecker Farmer, 100
Schwartz, John Bleecker Farmer, 28
Scovill, Martin Noah Bleecker Blacksmith
Seelye, F. Pine Lake Prop. of saw mill and farmer, 150
Seller, Frederick Bleecker Farmer, [82]
S[hau]drer, Frederick Bleecker Farmer, 114
Shaver, Brayman Bleecker  
Shaver, Conrad Bleecker Farmer, 15
Shaver, John M. Bleecker Farmer, 8 1/2
Shuler, Frank Bleecker  
Shutes, Jacob Bleecker Farmer, 50
Skiff, Allen Bleecker Farmer, 48
Sloan, Jonathan S. Bleecker  
Smith, Benjamin Bleecker Assessor
Smith, Garner A. Bleecker  
Smith, H. Bleecker Prop. of tannery and lumberman 2,000
Smith, Henry Z. Bleecker Prop. of saw mill and farmer, 700
Smith, John H. Bleecker Glove and mitten cutter and farmer, 4 1/2
Smith, Joseph Bleecker Farmer, 75
Smith, Wm. J. Bleecker  
Smith, Z. J. Bleecker Carpenter and Farmer, 25
Snaab, Chas. Bleecker Farmer, 44
S[  ]berger, John W. Bleecker Tanner
S[  ]borger, J. H. Johnstown Prop. of tannery, lumberman and farmer 400
Stark, Paul Bleecker Farmer, 94
Steele, Luther Bleecker Farmer, 29
Steele, Luther Bleecker Farmer, 25
Stockamore, Jacob Bleecker Commissioner of highways and farmer, 175
Swartz, Reinhold Bleecker Prop. of hotel and brewery and farmer, 190
Tudamon, Frederick Bleecker Farmer, leases 100
Unger, Francis Bleecker Carpenter, justice of the peace and farmer, 78 1/2
Unger, John Pine Lake Farmer, 75
Unger, Joseph Bleecker Farmer, 26
Vandenburgh, Hiram Bleecker (with Jonathan Wooster) Lumberman and farmer, 1,800
Waesleder, John Bleecker Farmer, 6
Wagner, Joseph Bleecker Farmer, 75
Ward, Samuel Bleecker  
Weiner, Bernot Bleecker Farmer, 50
Weiner, Peter Bleecker  
Weise, Peter Bleecker Farmer, 70
Wells, James Bleecker  
Wester, Phillip Bleecker Farmer, 15
Wevener, Geo. Bleecker  
Widerman, Awgerst Bleecker Farmer, 100
Wille, Frederick Bleecker  
Woodchopper, Catharine Mrs. Bleecker Farmer 98
Wooster, Jonathan Bleecker (with Hiram Vandenburgh) Lumberman and farmer, 1,800
Yenney, Samuel Bleecker  


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