Businesses & Residents of Ephratah,

  Child's Gazetteer

Source – Gazetteer of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y. 1869-70, (Syracuse, 1870) pages 228-233.



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Name Post Office Occupation, acres
ABEL, JACOB H. Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and carries on farm for A. Christman, 150
ADSIT, MARY C. Garoga   
Ainsworth, D. F. Rockwood Stock raiser and farmer, 150
Allen, David Garoga Mason, carpenter and joiner
Allen, Hiram Ephratah Dairyman, stock and hop raiser and farmer 185
Allen, Peter Ephratah Stock and hop raiser and farmer, 95
Allen, Timothy Lassellville Farmer, 100
Allen, Wm. Ephratah Prop. sawmill, dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 109
Anderson, Philander Ephratah Farmer, 6
APOLLO HALL HOTEL Ephratah H. R. Putman, prop.
ARGERSINGER, LEWIS Lassellville Painter, carpenter and joiner, and farmer, 50
ASH, Elijah Lassellville Farmer, 4
Baum, Hiram Lassellville Farmer, 28
Beck, A. Mrs. Ephratah Farmer, 5
Bellinger, S. Lassellville Farmer, 6
Benjamin, A. L. Rockwood Glove and mitten peddler
Bowen, Peter Garoga Dairyman and farmer, leases 279
Bradt, A. Jr. Rockwood Farmer, 100
Bradt, H. A. Rockwood Farmer, 119
Bradt, Lorenzo E. Rockwood Carpenter and joiner
BRANDOW, DAVID Ephratah Cooper and farmer, 6
Brandow, J. H. Ephratah Cooper and farmer, 20
BRONK, CASPER Garoga Prop. straw board paper mill
Bronk, Ephraim Lassellville Surveyor, prop. saw mill and farmer, 130
BRONK, JOHN Lassellville Retired farmer
Bronk, J. R. Lassellville Saw mill and farmer, 68
Bronk, Marvin Lassellville Mason
Brookins, Lorenzo Rockwood Post master
Brower, John Ephratah Farmer, 6
Brown, Henry Lassellville Farmer
Brownel, Chas. Lassellville Farmer, leases of L. Demster
Burdick, Daniel Ephratah Dairyman, stock and hop raiser and farmer, 65
Burdick, J. E. Rockwood Physician and surgeon
BURDICK, T. E. Ephratah Justice of the peace, attorney and counselor at law, dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 69
Burdict, Catharine Mrs. Ephratah Resident
Burnham, H. E. Lassellville Manuf. of water logs and farmer, 8
*BUTLER, H. F. Lassellville Manuf. and salesman for Kegg’s Air Suction Churn in Montgomery Co.
Caldwel, Joseph C. Ephratah Peddler and farmer, 4
Caldwell, James P. Ephratah Tin peddler
Caldwell, Paul Ephratah Mason
Chatterton, Peter Lassellville Farmer, 13
Christman, Adam Ephratah Farmer, 127
Christman, Andrew Lassellville Farmer, 200
Christman, Anthony Ephratah Dairy and farmer, 150
CHRISTMAN, C. W. Lassellville (with Andrew) farmer
Christman, Geo. Ephratah (with Adam) farmer
Christman, Hiram & Son Ephratah Stock raisers and farmers 100
Christman, Leander Ephratah (Hiram Christman & Son)
Claus, John Rockwood Carpenter and joiner
Cline, Harmon Lassellville (with Jonah) farmer
Cline, Jonah Lassellville (with Lewis) farmer, 45
Cline, Lewis Lassellville (with Jonah) farmer, 45
CLUTE, GEORGE Rockwood (B. J. Clute & Bro)
CLUTE, S. J. Rockwood (S. J. Clute & Bro) (Hudson & Clute)
CLUTE, S. J. & BRO Rockwood (George) manuf. gloves and mittens
Cole, Jacob Rockwood Carpenter and joiner
Cole, Rufus Rockwood Carpenter and joiner
Coleman, Moses Ephratah Peddler of dry goods
Colwell, Hamilton Ephratah Carpenter and joiner and farmer, 30
Colwell, H. Veder Ephratah Carpenter and joiner
Compton, ____ Rev. Ephratah Pastor Reformed Dutch Church
Conner, Michael Ephratah Works woolen mills
Cook, Jerome Ephratah Farmer, 6
Cool, Aaron Garoga (with Eli) farmer, 3
Cool, Chauncey Garoga Works paper mill
Cool, Eli Garoga (with Aaron) farmer, 3
Cool, Eli Rockwood Tanner
COOL, GEO. Lassellville Farmer, 27 and leases 45
Cool, Jerry Rockwood Paper maker
Cool, Jesse Ephratah Farmer, 63
Cool, John Ephratah Farmer, 6 1/4
Cool, Rufus Rockwood Carpenter and joiner
Coolman, Alfred Ephratah (with Ambrose) farmer
COOLMAN, AMBROSE Ephratah Dairyman, hop raiser and farmer, 150
Countryman, Aaron Lassellville Farmer, 16
Countryman, Henry Lassellville Blacksmith
CRETSER, BENJAMIN Lassellville Farmer, 130
Cretser, Henry Ephratah Farmer, 12 1/2
CRETSER, JOHN Lassellville Farmer, 130
Cretser, Moses Ephratah Farmer, 50
Cristman, Alex. Garoga Farmer, 60
Cristman, Henry Garoga (with Peter), farmer
Cristman, Josiah Garoga Stock raiser and farmer, 462
Cristman, Nathan Garoga (with Peter), Farmer
Cristman, Peter Garoga Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 200
Cristman, Stephen D. Garoga (with Josiah), Farmer
Croma, Christian Lassellville Farmer, 76
Croma, John Lassellville Farmer
Cromer, Peter Jr. Lassellville Farmer, 48
Cromer, Wm. Lassellville Farmer, 82
Cross, Aaron Rockwood Retired farmer
CROUSE, HORATIO Ephratah Groceries, provisions & c.
DAVIS, OSCAR & BRO Rockwood (Richard) Manufacturers of cabinetmaker’ and builders’ turning
DAVIS, RICHARD Rockwood (Oscar Davis & Bro)
Dempsey, Michael Garoga Farmer, 16
Dempster, James Lassellville Commercial agent and farmer, 610
Dempster, John Lassellville Farmer, 15
Dempster, Zephi B. Lassellville School teacher and farmer
Demster, Joel Lassellville Farmer, 425
Demster, John Rockwood Stone mason and farmer
Demster, Leonard Lassellville Glove and mitten dealer and farmer, 65
Denim, John Lassellville Farmer, 33
Dennis, Eli Rockwood Farmer, 120
Dietz, Chas. Ephratah Carpenter and joiner and farmer, 20
Dorn, DeWitt Garoga Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 840
Dorn, Francis O. Garoga Dairyman and farmer, 137 1/2
Dorn, J. H. Garoga Farmer, 200
Dorn, Michael Garoga Retired farmer
*DORN, W. L. Garoga General merchant
Doxtater, Frederick Ephratah Farmer
Doxtater, Geo. Ephratah (with Peter), Farmer
Doxtater, Peter Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 115
Drake, Menzo & Edwin Lassellville Stock and hop raisers and farmers
Drake, Wm. R. Lassellville Physician, surgeon and farmer, 62
Duesler, Amaziah Ephratah General merchant and town clerk
Duesler, Benjamin Ephratah Stock raiser and farmer, 45
Duesler, Daniel Ephratah School teacher
Duesler, Ed. Lassellville    
Duesler, Edward S. Ephratah (with Simeon J.), Farmer
Duesler, Eli Ephratah (with Wm. J.), Farmer
Duesler, Henry Rockwood Carpenter and joiner
Duesler, J. C. Lassellville General merchant
Duesler, Peter Ephratah Retired farmer
Duesler, Simeon J. Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 98
Duesler, Stephen Ephratah Stock raiser and farmer, 76
DURFEE, DANIEL M. Rockwood Manuf. of gloves and mittens, assessor and farmer, 112
Duesler, Wm. J. Ephratah Stock raiser and farmer, 72
Eckenbach, Adam Ephratah Foreman in tannery
Ecker, H. Lassellville Farmer
EDWARDS, MARGARET Mrs. Ephratah Farmer, 200
Edwards, Thos. Ephratah Retired farmer, 18
Empey, Frederick Ephratah (with John F.)
Empey, Geo. Ephratah Farmer, 80
EMPIE, JOHN F. Ephratah Supervisor, dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 270
ERCANBRACK, OSCAR Garoga Prop. Olive Hall Hotel, sawmill and shoe maker
Erckenbrack, Alex. Ephratah Peddler of dry goods
Erkenbrack, J. Caroga Carpenter and joiner
EVEREST, A. C. Caroga (Everett & Snell) Carpenter, joiner and millwright
Everest, I. M., agent Garoga General merchant, prop. grist mill, manuf. gloves and mittens, post master and farmer, 15
EVEREST & SNELL Garoga (A. D. Everest and Augustus Snell) Straw board paper mill
Fancher, Nicholas Ephratah Grocer, blacksmith, wagon maker and farmer, 14
Farmer, Joseph Rockwood Farmer, 50
Fickle, Chas. Lassellville Farmer, 150
Fickle, John Lassellville Teamster
Fickle, Lawrence Lassellville Farmer, 62
Fikle, Abram Lassellville Farmer, 838
Fikle, Edward Lassellville (with Abram), Farmer
Fikle, Henry Lassellville (with Abram), Farmer
Fitzpatrick J. Lassellville Farmer, 100
Fitzpatrick, M. Lassellville Farmer, 50
Fitzpatrick, P. Lassellville Farmer, 100
Foster, Daniel Lassellville Farmer, 50
Fraley, John I. Ephratah Grocer and farmer, 15
Fredericks, Nelson Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 60
Fuller, Daniel Garoga Farmer, 20
Getman, Asa Ephratah (Benjamin Getman & Sons)
Getman, Benjamin & Sons Ephratah (Asa and Oliver) Stock raisers and farmers, 125
Getman, Benjamin 2d Ephratah Farmer
Getman, Jacob Lassellville Farmer, 130
Getman, James Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 116
Getman, Joshua A. Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 100
Getman, Lester Ephratah Groceries and provisions
Getman, Maria Mrs. Ephratah Farmer, 7
Getman, Nathaniel Ephratah Stock raiser and farmer, 85
GETMAN, OLIVER Ephratah Benjamin Getman & Sons), Deputy sheriff
Getman, Robert Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 100
Getman, Sarah Mrs. Ephratah Farmer, 79
Gilbert, Margaret Garoga (with Giles McAlister) Stock raiser and farmer, 280
Gohst, Anthony Ephratah Mason and farmer, 13
Gray, Aaron Ephratah (with Henry) Stock raiser and farmer, 105
Gray, Eli Garoga (with C.F. Gray) Farmer
Gray, Henry Ephratah (with Aaron) Stock raiser and farmer, 105
Gray, John Ephratah Shoemaker
Gray, R. D. Mrs. Ephratah Farmer, 2
Gray, Reuben Ephratah Stock raiser and farmer, 97
GRAY, SOLOMON Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 160
GRAY, STEPHEN Ephratah Stock raiser and farmer, 70
GRAY, Stephen Ephratah Dairyman and farmer, 80
Gree, T. M. Lassellville Farmer, 50
Hager, J. H. Ephratah Carpenter and joiner and farmer, 26 1/4
Haggd, Gilbert Mrs. Lassellville Farmer, 238
Hall, Ephraim Rockwood Shoemaker
Hall, Ephraim A. Rockwood Shoemaker
Halslead, Peter Rockwood Carpenter and joiner
Handy, Wm. Ephratah Farmer, 25 and leases 88
Harding, Emond Ephratah Farmer, 6
Harris, Hiram Rev. Rockwood Pastor M. E. Church
Hart, Conradt Lassellville Farmer, 100
Heddin, Joseph Rockwood Mason
Hedding, Christian Rockwood Stone mason
Helliwell, David Ephratah Weaver
Hill, F. A. Ephratah Surveyor
Hockgrebe, Lewis Ephratah Furniture dealer and undertaker
Holloren, __ Mrs. Ephratah Farmer, 3 1/2
Houck, Jacob Rockwood Carpenter
Houck, Wm. Ephratah Carpenter
House, Peter Rockwood Shoemaker
Howard, James S. Rockwood Shoemaker
HUDSON & CLUTE Rockwood (S. J. Clute and I. T. Hudson) Grist mill
HUDSON, I. T. Rockwood (Hudson & Clute)
HUDSON, ISAAC T. Rockwood Grist and sawmill, turning shop and farmer, 5
Hutchinson, J. L. Rockwood Dairyman and farmer, 355 1/2
Hutchinson, Wm. Lassellville post master and wagon maker


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