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  Child's Gazetteer

Source Gazetteer of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y. 1869-70, (Syracuse, 1870) pages 228-233.



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(John P., Peter P. and Clark) Sawmill, cheese box factory, dairymen, stock raisers and farmers, 275
Name Post Office Occupation, acres
Jeffers, Geo. Rockwood (Morey & Jeffers)
Jeffers & Simmons Rockwood (W. H. Jeffers and Peter R. Simmons) saw mill
Jeffers, W. H. Rockwood (Jeffers & Simmons)
Jennens, Peter I. Lassellville Farmer
Jennings, James Lassellville (with Solomon), Farmer
Johnson, Enoch Ephratah (with Harvey) Stock raiser and farmer, 60
Johnson, Harvey Ephratah (with Enoch) Stock raiser and farmer, 60
JOSLIN, E. G. R. Rev. Rockwood Baptist minister, manuf. Agricultural implements, machinist and carpenter and joiner
KECK, JACOB Lassellville Farm laborer
*KEGG, WM. Lassellville Master mechanic, inventor and patented of A Suction Churn, railroad spike jack and cattle gag
KEITH, GEO. Garoga Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 800
Kelly, Oliver Rockwood Teamster
Kelly, Samuel Ephratah Farmer, 83
Kennicutt, Ira Garoga Miller
Kennicut, John Ephratah Shoemaker
Klock, Jacob Lassellville Farmer, 7
Kretsier, Henry Ephratah Farmer, 115
Kring, Geo. Garoga Farmer, 8
Kring, Geo. Lassellville Farmer
Lang, C. A. Garoga Sawmill
Lassell, Chas. Lasellville Farmer, 25
LASSELL, DANIEL Lassellville (Lassell & Son) Farmer, 175
LASSELL, EDWARD Lassellville (Lassell & Son) Justice of the peace and farmer, 6
LASSELL & SON Lassellville (Daniel & Edward) General merchants and dealers in drugs and medicines
Lassells, Chas. Lassellville Farmer, 25
Lassells, Geo. F. Lassellville Farmer, 26
Lassels, H. S. Lassellville Commercial agent and farmer
Lassells, John H. Lassellville Patent right dealer
LIGHTHALL, HIRAM Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 100
Loucks, Moses Ephratah Farmer, 60
Lowry, Wm. Rockwood Prop. Rockwood Hotel
Mallett, Jay C. Ephratah Peddler and manuf. of mittens
Marcellus, John Lassellville Farmer, leases 100
Martin, Jacob Ephratah Farmer, 78
Mathewson, S. C. Ephratah (Randall & Mathewson)
McAllister, Giles Garoga (with Margaret Gilbert) Stock raiser and farmer, 280
McDONALD, I. C. Garoga Prop. Garoga Hotel and dealer in fruit and poultry
McLAUGHLIN, ALEX Lassellville Lumberman and farmer, 250
McLaughlin, Edward Lassellville Sawmill and farmer, 70 1/2
McLaughlin, John Lassellville Sawmill and farmer, 180 1/2
McLaughlin, John F. Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 100
McLaughlin, Wallace Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer leases, 62 1/2
Michael, Philip & Son Lassellville (with Reuben) Dairyman, farmer, 100 and leases 112
Michael, Reuben Lassellville (Philip Michael & Son)
Miles, Daniel Lassellville Farmer, 150
Miles, Henry Lassellville Farmer, 90
Miles, John Lassellville Farmer, 15
Miles, Leander Lassellville (with Daniel) Farmer
Miles, Timothy Lassellville Farmer, 6
Miles, Wm. Lassellville Farmer, 25
Miller, Geo. Garoga Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, leases of Josiah Christman 150
Miller, Geo. Garoga Farmer, 3
Miller, James S. Ephratah Farmer, 10
Miller, John Ephratah Mason and farmer, 8
Miller, Peter Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 150
Miller, Peter J. Ephratah Carpenter and farmer
Miller, Philip G. Ephratah Retired farmer, 24
Molz, Jacob Garoga (Quenstadt & Molz)
Morey, A. B. Rockwood (Morey & Jeffers)
Morey & Jeffers Rockwood (A. B. Morey and George Jeffers) General merchants
MORREY, WM. Ephratah Farmer, 58
Mory Geo. Ephratah Farmer
Mowrey, Frank Ephratah Musical instrument peddler
Mowry, Wm. Ephratah Farmer, 60
Murry, Oliver Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 100
Musey, Daniel Lassellville Farmer, 15
Myres, Michael Ephratah Shoemaker and farmer, 7
Nellis, G. W. Ephratah Stock raiser and farmer, 60
Nellis, Richard Ephratah Farmer, 3
Neskern, ___ Mrs. Ephratah Farmer, 4
Nudick, Wm. Lassellville Shoemaker
NORTON, LORENZO Rockwood Constable, carpenter and joiner
Ostram, Henry Lassellville Farmer, 47
Parmiter, Gilbert Garoga Farmer, 140
Peters, Samuel Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 60
Philips, I. G. Rockwood Manuf. gloves and mittens and farmer, 166
Phillips, Wm. Lassellville Farmer, 48
PUTMAN, H. R. Ephratah Prop. Apollo Hall Hotel
Putman, John P. Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 100
Quenstadt, Louis Garoga (Quenstadt & Molz)
Quenstadt & Molz Garoga (Louis Quenstadt and Jacob Molz) Lease Garoga Grist and Flouring Mills
RANDALL & MATHEWSON Ephratah (W. R. Randall and S. O. Mathewson) props. Ephratah Woolen Mills and farmers, 46
RANDALL, W. R. Ephratah (Randall & Mathewson)
Remucutt, Philip Ephratah Farmer, 4
Richmond, Harrison Ephratah Resident
Rootkuffsky, Henry Ephratah Tailor
Ropets, W. H. Garoga Farmer, 58
Saltzman, Benjamin Ephratah Stock raiser and farmer, 200
Sanderson, Geo. Ephratah Farmer, 7
Schutt, Benjamin Ephratah Farmer
Shaver, Benjamin Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 192
Shaver, Chas. H. Rockwood Stencil cutter
Shaver, Stephen Ephratah (with Benjamin) Farmer
Shaver, Webster Ephratah (with Benjamin) farmer
Shaw, Nelson Rockwood Wakeman & Shaw (Shaw & Youngs)
Shaw & Youngs Rockwood (Nelson Shaw and Everett Youngs) General merchants
Shibley, Joseph Ephratah Wagon maker
SHULTS, PETER Rockwood Blacksmith and patentee of cant hook
Simmons, Peter R. Rockwood (Jeffers & Simmons) prop. upper leather tannery and manuf. gloves and mittens
Smith, Archibald Ephratah Farmer, 60
Smith, C. J. Ephratah Shoemaker
Smith, Daniel Lassellville Farmer, 85
Smith, David Ephratah Farmer, 26
SMITH, EDWARD Lassellville Farmer, 46
Smith, Emanuel Lassellville Mason
Smith, Horace Lassellville Farmer, 25 and leases 25
Smith, James H. Rockwood Farmer, 1 1/4
Smith, James & Son Ephratah (with Joseph) Stock raisers and farmers, 50
Smith, Jerome Ephratah Shoemaker
SMITH, JESSE Lassellville (Martin Smith & Son)
Smith, J. N. Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 150
SMITH, JOHN Rockwood (Wynkoop & Smith)
Smith, John Lassellville Mason and farmer, 28
Smith, Joseph Ephratah (James Smith & Son)
Smith, Margaret Mrs. Ephratah Farmer, 25
SMITH, MARTIN & SON (Jesse) Lassellville Stock raisers and farmer, 174
Smith, Michael Lassellville Farmer, 47
Smith, Nicholas Ephratah Stock raiser and farmer, 62 1/2
Smith, Peter J. Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 119
Smith, Seth Mrs. Lassellville Farmer, 70
Smith, Stephen Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 92
Smith, Wm. I. Ephratah Farmer, 60
SNELL, AUGUSTUS Garoga (Everest & Snell) Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 328
Snell, B. F. Ephratah Stock raiser and farmer, 93
Snell, Chauncey Garoga Farmer, 100
Snell, Daniel Garoga Farmer, 95
Snell, Jacob G. Ephratah (With Nicholas) Farmer
SNELL, NICHOLAS Ephratah Assessor, stock raiser and farmer, 156
Snell, Peter Lassellville Stock raiser and farmer, 5
Snell, Willard Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 135
Snell, Wm. Lassellville Farmer, 58
Soules, Henry Ephratah Farmer, 10
SPENCER, WM. Garoga General merchant and justice of the peace
Sponable, Jacob Ephratah Farmer, 40
SPONABLE, HENRY Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 15
Sponable, L. Mrs. Ephratah   
Sponable, Philander Lassellville Farmer, 100
SPOOR, JOHN L. Ephratah Blacksmith
Spoor, Levi Ephratah Shoemaker and farmer, 23 1/2
STAHL, LEVI Rockwood Lumberman, manuf water and pump logs and farmer, 165
Standing, Cornelius Ephratah Stock raiser and farmer, 68
Starr, M. Lassellville Farmer, 100
Starr, O. Lassellville Farmer, 50
Steinberg, Isaac Ephratah Farmer, 25
Steinberg, John R. Ephratah Butcher and farmer, 8
Steinburg, Benjamin Ephratah Butcher
Steinburg, Isaac Ephratah Farmer, 6
Still, Francis Lassellville Carpenter and joiner
STOHL, JOHN L. Garoga Lumberman and farmer, 139
Strobeck, Daniel Lassellville Farmer, 15
Strobeck, H. F. Lassellville Farmer, 43
Suits, Edward Ephratah Farmer, 9
Sweet, Albert Rockwood Farmer, leases of Alanson Sweet 160
Sweet, Alfred Rockwood Farmer, leases
Tomany, J. Lassellville Farmer, 55
Trumbull, A. D. Garoga Sawmill, manuf lath and farmer, 100
Trumbull, Alma Garoga Farmer, 17
Trumbull, A. P. Lassellville Farmer, 130
TRUMBULL, AUGUSTUS W. Lassellville Sawmill and farmer, 167
Trumbull, Horatio Garoga Dairy and farmer, 75
Trumbull, James Garoga Farmer, 17
Trumbull, Solomon Lassellville Farmer
Underwood, Edward Ephratah (with Israel) Farmer
UNDERWOOD, ISRAEL Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 181
Uron, Jonas Garoga Carpenter and joiner
VanAllen, Henry Lassellville Blacksmith
VanAlstyne, Robert Ephratah Farmer, 9
VanAlstyne, Hiram Rockwood Teamster and horse doctor
VanSlyke, Cornelius Garoga Peddler and farmer, 30
VanVoast, J. G. Ephratah General merchant and post master
Vosburg, Samuel J. Ephratah Harness maker
Walt, D. L. Ephratah Carpenter and joiner
Wakeman & Shaw Rockwood (Thos. H. Wakeman and Nelson Shaw) Props. Rockwood Wrapping Paper Mills
Wakeman, Thos. H. Rockwood (Wakeman & Shaw) Justice of the peace
Walrath, A. E. Lassellville Retired tailor
Walrath, Levi Ephratah Farmer, 12 1/2
Weaver, Abram Lassellville Farmer, 160
Weaver, Andrew Garoga Stock and hop raiser and farmer, 150
Weaver, Chauncey Garoga Farmer, 35
Weaver, David Garoga Farmer, 17
Weaver, Ervine Lassellville Farmer
Weaver, Frederick Lassellville Farmer
Weaver, Nicholas Lassellville Farmer, 70
Wemple, Cornelius Rockwood Commercial agent
WHITLOCK, CHAS. Ephratah Stock raiser and farmer, 26
WHITLOCK, CLARK Ephratah (Stephen Whitlock & Sons)
WHITLOCK, JOHN P. Ephratah (Stephen Whitlock & Sons)
Whitlock, Peter I. Ephratah Carpenter and joiner
WHITLOCK, PETER P. Ephratah (Stephen Whitlock & Sons)
Williamson, Josiah Ephratah Farmer, 2
Wood, Henry (Ephratah Physician and surgeon
Wood, I. G. Mrs. Ephratah Resident
Wood, John V. Ephratah Sawyer and farmer, 2
WYNKOOP, JAMES Rockwood (Wynkoop & Smith)
WYNKOOP & SMITH Rockwood (James Wynkoop and John Smith) Meat market
Yauncy, Daniel Ephratah ( L. & D. Yauncy)
Yauncy, James Ephratah Dairyman, stock raiser and farmer, 40
Yauncy, James Jr. Ephratah Cloth manuf.
Yauncy, John Ephratah Farmer, leases 135
Yauncy, John Ephratah Stock raiser and farmer, 75
Yauncy, Levi Ephratah (L & D. Yauncy)
Yauncy, L. & D. Ephratah (Levi and Daniel) Props. woolen mills, sawmills and farmers, 116
Yonker, Phillip Garoga Farmer, 4
Young, Hiram Ephratah (with Stephen) Farmer
YOUNG, STEPHEN Ephrath Dairyman, stock and hop raiser and farmer, 60
Youngs, Everett Rockwood (Shaw & Youngs) Deputy post master


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