Businesses & Residents of Johnstown,

  Child's Gazetteer

Source Gazetteer of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y. 1869-70, (Syracuse, 1870) pages 234-254.


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Name: Post Office: Occupation:
Able, George W.  Keck's Center Farmer, 50
Ackerman, S. J. Mrs. Gloversville Custom boot and shoe making
Acket, Calvin Gloversville Farmer, 1
Adams, John Q. Johnstown Indian dressed leather and smoking, Fulton
Adams, W. H. Gloversville (with James S. Neff) Buck and sheep leather dresser
Akin, F. St. J. Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Melchu
Allen, Archibald Gloversville Farmer, 25
Allen & Christie Kingsborough (Ethan Allen and Edward Christie) Kid and white leather dressers
Allen, Ethan Kingsborough Allen & Christie
Allen, Ethan P. Kingsborough Custom shoe maker and farmer, 13
Allen, Jacob Johnstown Farmer, 35
Allen, Lucius C. Gloversville Foreman in skin mill
Allen, Otheniel Bleecker Farmer, 5
Allen, Simon Gloversville Skin Finisher
Allen, William C. Gloversville Manuf. of all kinds of gloves and mittens, owns 5, 92 Main
Allworth, Chas. N. Johnstown Kid dresser and manuf. of kid gloves, south side Main
Allworth, Chas. N., Mrs. Johnstown Milliner and dealer in fancy and millinery goods, south side Main
Alvord, C. G. Gloversville Prop. of Alvord House, Main
Anderson, Alexander Johnstown Skin dresser, jobber, prop. of skin mill and farmer, 16
Andrews, Phebe C. Gloversville Dealer in ladies' furs and repairer of furs, 135 Main
Anthony, Sillec M. Gloversville Steam saw mill, blacksmith and farmer
Apfelbaum, Elias Gloversville Dealer in dry goods, boots and shoes, etc., Streeter's Block, south side Main
Argersinger, B. Johnstown Farmer, 96
Argersinger, Baltis J. Johnstown Farmer, leases of Thomas J. Briggs, 90
Argersinger, George Johnstown Leather finisher
Argersinger, Hiram Johnstown Thompson & Argersinger
Argersinger, Jacob Johnstown Jobber
Argersinger, John H. Johnstown Farmer, 7
Argersinger, J. P. Johnstown P. P. Argersinger & Co.
Argersinger, Leonard Johnstown Skin dresser
Argersinger, Michael Johnstown Jobber
Argersinger, Michael Gloversville Farmer, 80
Argersinger, Michael M. Johnstown Skin dresser
Argersinger, Philip Johnstown Farmer, 140
Argersinger, P. P. & co. Johnstown (P. P. Argersinger) Manufs. of gloves and mittens and farmer, 67, William 
Argersinger, William Johnstown Groceries and provisions, north side Main
Arms, Robert Rockwood Farmer, 200
Atty, Wm. Gloversville Leather Staker
Aucock, William Gloversville Prop. of Kid manufactory, coloring and finishing; corner West and Spring
Austin, D. O. Gloversville Joiner, 127 West Fulton
Avery, A. H. & Son Gloversville (Charles A.) Dealers in crockery, glass ware, paper hanging, cutlery, etc., 110 Main
Avery, Charles A. Gloversville A. H. Avery & Son
Avery, Cyrus P. Rockwood Farmer, 60
Ayers, Stephen Gloversville Livery stable, dairyman and farmer, 203, Bleecker
Bach, Christian G. Gloversville Kid leather dresser
Back, Joseph Gloversville Blacksmith, 135 West Fulton
Baird, David S. Johnstown Farmer, 82
Baird, Michael Johnstown (With Robert) Dairyman and farmer, leases of Michael Yost, 180
Baird, Robert Johnstown (With Michael) Dairyman and farmer, leases of Michael Yost, 180
Baker, A. D. L. Gloversville (Parkhurst & Baker) Notary public
Baker, Alexander Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 17 Elm
Baker, Benjamin B. Johnstown Farmer, 70
Ballantine & Easterly Gloversville (Peter Ballantine and William M. Easterly) Manufs. of gloves and mittens, 4 School
Ballantine, James Gloversville Groceries, drugs, medicines, books, stationery, etc., 115 Main
Ballantine, Peter Gloversville Ballantine & Easterly
Bard, Azariah Gloversville Horticulturist
Bard, Charles Gloversville Farmer, 95
Bard, Stephen Gloversville Glove and mitten salesman
Barker, Wm. Kingsborough Farmer, 25
Barr, James J. Gloversville Prop. of Mason House and Mason Hall, corner Fulton and Main
Bates, J. C. Johnstown Drugs and medicines, north side Main
Bauder, Norman Gloversville Dry goods, boots and shoes, 25 Gardner's Block, Bleecker
Beach, Eugene Gloversville Allo. phsyician and surgeon, 72 Fulton
Beach, Giles Gloversville (Beach and Moore) owns, 14
Beach & Moore Gloversville (Giles Beach and Stephen Moore) Dealers in musical instruments, books and stationery, 23 Bleecker
Bearcroft, William Johnstown Dry goods, boots, shoes, crockery, etc., south side Main
Becker, Willard Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 185 Main
Bedford, Arthur D. Gloversville Telegraph operator, 108 Main
Bedford, Henry Johnstown Manuf. gloves and mittens, south side Main
Bedingham, Edward Bleecker Blacksmith and farmer, 42
Beeber, M. & Co. Gloversville (Jacob Lehman and A. Klein) Manufs. of gloves and mittens, Bleecker
Bekel, John Johnstown Farmer, 8
Bell, C., Mrs. Johnstown Seamstress
Bellam, John Gloversville Stone mason
Bellows, C. P. Gloversville Surgeon dentist, 132 Main
Bellows, Chas. R. Gloversville Cabinet maker, furniture dealer and undertaker, 132 Main
Bennett, M. J. Gloversville Dress maker, corner Fulton and Main
Bently, Nathaniel Gloversville Geo. W. Jeffers & Co.
Berry, James Gloversville Physician and surgeon, 93 Fulton
Berry, J. R. Gloversville (Heacock, Berry & Co.) Farmer, 167
Bertrand, L. & T. Johnstown (Lucien and Theophilus) Glove manufs., Dunk building, Main
Bertrand, Lucien Johnstown L. & T. Betrand
Bertrand, Theophilus Johnstown L. & T. Betrand
Betts, J. A. & Co. Gloversville Tobacconists, 104 Fulton and 109 Main
Beuchley, William B. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 42 Bleecker
Bickford, John Gloversville Carpenter
Birdsell, James Gloversville Farmer, 3
Birdsell, Oliver Kingsborough Farmer, 2
Blanc, John Gloversville Numa Caldesaygues & Co.
Blanchard, Harriet, Mrs. Gloversville Seamstress and farmer, 2
Blood, Milo Kingsborough Farmer, 94
Blood, Sylvester B. Gloversville House, sign, carriage and ornamental painter, North Water
Bohanin, John T. Gloversville Robert W. Bohanin & Co.
Bohanin, Robert W. & Co. Gloversville (John T.) Horse shoeing, corner School and Church
Bolles, L. M. Gloversville Architect, 55 Main
Bomgirdle, Morris Gloversville Beam hand
Bostock, Edward Gloversville Bostock & Newbury
Bostock & Newbury Gloversville (Edward Bostock and H. F. Newbury) Agents for the original Howe Sewing Machine, 114 Main
Botsford, A. S. Gloversville Editor, The Gloversville Democrat
Bowen, Allen H. Gloversville C. C. Bowen & Son
Bowen, C. C. & Son Gloversville (Allen H.) General insurance agents, 133 Main, 2nd floor
Boyle, Margaret Mrs. Gloversville Milliner and dress maker, 137 Main
Bradt, S .C. Johnstown Teas and groceries
Brady, John Kingsborough Farmer, 73
Brayton, William P. Johnstown Sheriff of Fulton Co.
Brewster, James Gloversville Carriage maker and farmer, leases of Howard Hill, 200
Brewster, Samuel Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 13 West
Brice, George & Son Gloversville Coloring and finishing buck and sheep skins, West Fulton
Bridgs, Joseph Johnstown Painter and paper hanger, Clinton
Briggs, Charles E. Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, 235
Briggs, G. E. Mrs. Johnstown Farmer, 116
Briggs, Thomas R. Johnstown Contractor and farmer, 306
Brimhall, F. F. Johnstown Reid & Brimhall
Brockway, N. J. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 14 School, residence 22 Water
Broderick, John Kingsborough Farmer, 65
Brookins, L. Mrs. Rockwood Farmer, 100
Brothers, George T. Johnstown Farmer, 150
Brothers, Israel Johnstown Staker
Brougham, Robert Johnstown Attorney and counselor at law, corner Main and William
Brower, Abram D. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 13 Middle, residence 59 Main
Brower, Alonzo Gloversville Hayes & Brower
Brower, Frederick D. Gloversville Farmer, 10
Brower & Hayes Gloversville Glue factory
Brower, Herman Gloversville (with Wm.) Farmer, 93
Brown, W. H. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 74 Main
Brower, Wm. Gloversville (with Herman) Farmer, 93
Brown, J. Wesley Gloversville Attorney at law, 121 Main
Brown, Nathaniel W. Kingsborough Glove manuf. and farmer, 14
Brown, Orville Kingsborough Brown & Porter
Brown & Porter Kingsborough (Orville Brown and William Porter) Manufs. of gloves and mittens
Brownell, Anthony Gloversville Glove manuf.
Brownell & Helwig Gloversville (James H. Brownell and F. W. Helwig) Manufs. of gloves and mittens, 50 Bleecker
Brownell, James H. Gloversville Browenll & Helwig
Brownell, John Gloversville Boots and shoes, 135 Main
Brownell, Willard Johnstown Toll gate keeper
Bruce, Abijah Gloversville Carpenter
Bruce, James Gloversville Shoe maker
Buchanan, John G. Johnstown Miller
Bump, Murl Rockwood Farmer, 60
Burd, Chas. P. Gloversville Master builder
Burdick, Daniel Johnstown Farmer, 184
Burdick, Francis Johnstown Burdick & Lefler
Burdick, Henry Johnstown Farmer, 120
Burdick, Jason Gloversville Farmer, 180
Burdick & Lefler Johnstown (Francis Burdick and Jehiel Lefler) Physicians and surgeons
Burlingame, E. W. Mrs. Gloversville Fancy and dry goods, notions, etc., 109 Fulton
Burns, Peter Johnstown Skin dresser
Burr, H. L. Gloversville Saw and planing mill and box facotry, owns 40 acres, 60 Main
Burr, James H. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves, mittens and gauntlets, 52 Main
Burr, W. R. & R. D. Kingsborough Manufs. of gloves and mittens, and farmers, 60
Burton, Amy Miss Johnstown Telegraph operator, corner Main and Market
Burton, E. C. & S. C. Gloversville Dry goods, crockery, etc., 108 Main
Burton, E. L. Mrs. Gloversville Post mistress
Burton & Hyman Gloversville (Willard Burton and Robert B. Hyman) Groceries, provisions, etc., 112 Main
Burton, Jacob Johnstown General merchant, north side Main
Burton, Willard Gloversville Burton & Hyman
Bushart, Henry Johnstown Farmer, 100
Bushart, Jacob Johnstown Farmer, 140
Butler, John Gloversville Wagon maker
Butler, Laura, Mrs. Gloversville Smith & Butler
Cadman, I. R. Gloversville Ice Dealer, Main
Cadman, Stephen Gloversville Master builder, carpenter and joiner, Chestnut
Cahill, Michael Johnstown Farrall & Cahill
Caldesaygues, Numa & co. Gloversville (John Blanc) Importer of kid skins and manuf. of kid gloves and mittens, Fulton
Cambel, Charles Johnstown Farmer, 10
Cambell, Robert Johnstown Carpenter
Cameron, Daniel Johnstown (Carroll & Fraser) Owns 58 1/2
Camm & Dorn Johnstown (Geo. E. Camm and Eli R. Dorn) Watches, jewelry, etc., North Side Main
Camm, George E. Johnstown Camm & Dorn
Campbell, Angus Johnstown Farmer, 2
Campbell & Beach Gloversville H. A. Kasson, agent, Manufs. of gloves and mittens, 58 Main
Campbell, Daniel W. Johnstown Mason & Campbell
Carg, John Gloversville Teamster and farmer, 50
Carle, Alonzo Johnstown Leather dresser
Carlin ,John Kingsborough Farmer, 2
Carlin, Philip Kingsborough Farmer, 113
Carmedy, Michael Johnstown (with Thomas) Farmer, 25
Carmedy, Thomas Johnstown (with Michael) Farmer, 25
Carmichael, Peter Johnstown Farmer, 120
Carncroat, Nicholas Johnstown Farmer, 37
Carpenter, A. V. Gloversville Manuf. of ladders
Carpenter & Co. Gloversville (Jonathan and David G. Carpenter) Restaurant, 130 Main
Carpenter, David G. Gloversville Carpenter & Co.
Carpenter, Jonathan Gloversville Carpenter & Co.
Carroll & Fraser Johnstown (John M. Carroll, McIntyre Fraser and Daniel Cameron) Attorneys and counselors at law, Kennedy Block
Carroll, John M. Johnstown Carroll & Fraser
Case, Belden Johnstown (with Chester H.) Farmer, 117
Case, Chester H. Johnstown (with Belden) Farmer, 117
Case, D. & W. C. Johnstown Manuf. of buck gloves and mittens, kid, goat, patna and flasher gloves, north side Main
Case, Joseph W. Johnstown Ice dealer, milk dealer, gardener and farmer, 25
Case, Sherman W. Kingsborough Farmer, 26
Case, Uriel Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 116 Fulton
Casler, John Johnstown Farmer, 60
Chase, Geroge Gloversville Everest & Chase
Chesdell, Stuart W. Kingsborough Dealers in gloves and farmer, 120 
Chevalier, Peter Gloversville Master mason
Christie, Alexander Gloversville Farmer, 1
Christie, Edward Kingsborough Allen & Christie
Christie, James Gloversville (Christie & Miller) Owns 100
Christie & Miller Gloversville (James Christie and George Miller) Props. of skin mill, West Fulton
Church, Allen C. Gloversville (A. C. Churchill & Co.) U. S. collector internal revenue and farmer, 40, 108 Main
Churchill, A. C. & Co. Gloversville Manufs. of gloves and mittens and props. of skin mill, 64 Main
Churchill, William E. Gloversville Prop. of establishment for laying of gloves by steam
Clancy, David Kingsborough Farmer, 471
Clancy, David Jr. Kingsborough Farmer, leases of David Clancy, 250
Clancy, Milton Gloversville Flour and feed and farmer, 80, 27 Bleecker
Clancy, Patrick Kingsborough Skin dresser and farmer, 50
Clark, David Johnstown Farmer, 150
Clark, John L. Gloversville Skin splitter and manuf. of of gloves and mittens, 4 Washington
Clark, W. N. Johnstown Editor and prop. , Fulton Co. Democrat
Coe, Darius Gloversville Farmer, 380
Coe, James Gloversville Gardener and farmer, 220
Coe, Julius T. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 17 Elm
Cohen Brothers Gloversville (Isaac, Simon and David and Sidney) Groceries, provisions and country produce, 94 Main
Cohen, David Gloversville Cohen Brothers
Cohen, Isaac Gloversville Cohen Brothers
Cohen, Sidney Gloversville Cohen Brothers
Cohen, Simon Gloversville (Cohen Brothers) Auctioneer
Cole, H. S. Gloversville S. G. Cole & Son
Cole, H. T. Gloversville L. P. Johnson & Co.
Cole, James Gloversville Carpenter
Cole, Joseph Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Glebe
Cole, S. G. & Son Gloversville (H. S.) Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 197 Main
Cole, Wm. Rockwood Farmer, 5
Colemire, Frederick Keck's Center Carpenter, millwright, grist mill, feed store and farmer, 7
Collin, Joseph Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Perry
Collins, O. C. & L. E. Gloversville Carpenters, joiners and master builders, West Church
Comrey, Wm. T. Gloversville Farmer, 425
Comrie, McIntyre Gloversville Architect and builder, 6 Lincoln
Comrie, Peter Johnstown Lumberman, dairyman, farmer, 42 and leases of M. Potter, 100
Comrie, W. B. Johnstown News dealer, prop. circulatory library, street supt. and corporation collector, Masonic Building
Conlay, Patrick Johnstown Saw filer
Coon, Garrison Gloversville Carpenter and farmer, 4
Coon, John G. Gloversville Butcher and farmer, 4
Coon, Orrin Gloversville Butcher
Coon, Wm. H. Gloversville Teamster and farmer, 40
Copeland, Francis S. Gloversville Copeland & Hutchinson
Copeland & Hutchinson Gloversville (Francis S. Copeland and Robert S. Hutchinson) Furniture dealers and undertakers. 13 Bleecker
Coppernoll, Jacob Keck's Center Shoe maker and farmer, 25
Cosleman, John Rockwood Farmer, 75
Cosleman, Timothy Johnstown Farmer, 30
Coughnet, James H. Keck's Center Farmer, 124
Coughnet, J. N. Gloversville Teamster, 54 Main
Coughnet, John N. Johnstown Farmer, 124
Cramer, Isaac D. Kingsborough Farmer, 15
Croley, J. S. Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, McMartin
Cromer, Jacob Gloversville Teamster
Cromer & Lasher Gloversville (William Cromer and Silas Lasher) Beam shop, School
Cromer, William Gloversville Cromer & Lasher
Crowley, J. C. Johnstown Tailor, north side Main
Cudworth, Sylvester Johnstown Groceries and provisions, north side Main
Cunningham, Francis Johnstown Mason


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