Businesses & Residents of Johnstown,

Child's Gazetteer


Source Gazetteer of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y. 1869-70
(Syracuse, 1870) pages 234-254.


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Name: Post Office: Occupation:
Daily, Joseph Gloversville J. A. Betts & Co.
Dantz, John Gloversville Farmer, 3
Davidson, J. J. Johnstown Justice of the peace, supt. of Johnstown Gas Light Co., north side Main
Davis, J. A. Gloversville Holcomb & Davis
Day, H. C. Gloversville Day & Steele
Day & Steele Gloversville (H. C. Day and W. F. Steele) Glove and mitten manufs., props. Gloversville Grist Mill and skin mill, 30 Main
Decker, Anson Johnstown Farmer, 7
Demarest, W. H. Gloversville Fox & Demarest
Denmark, Elias Keck's Center Farmer, 106
Denmark, Wm. Keck's Center Farmer, 100
Dennie, Benj. F. Gloversville Dennie & Ferguson
Dennie, Charles W. Kingsborough Farmer, 126
Dennie & Ferguson Gloversville (Benj. F. Dennie and John Ferguson) Manufs. and wholesale dealers in buck, flesher kid gloves and mittens, 66 Fulton
DeRonde, John M. Kingsborough Meat market and dealer in flour, feed, etc.
Dewey, John Johnstown Ferris & Dewey
Dickerson, John Johnstown Farmer, 6
Dieder, Philip Gloversville Mason and farmer, 3
Dillenbeck, John M. Johnstown Farmer, 149
Diver, Conrad Rockwood Farmer, leases of John V. Oberes, 44
Dockstader, Harman Johnstown Farmer, leases 50
Dodge, Norman B. Kingsborough Farmer, 85
Dodge, Samuel Jr. Gloversville Samuel Dodge & Son
Dodge, Samuel & Son Gloversville (Samuel Jr.) Kid leather dressers, coloring and finishing, 10 North Elm
Dolan, Thomas Gloversville Farmer, 80
Donahue, Michael Kingsborough Farmer, 6
Dorn, Eli C. Johnstown Camm & Dorn
Dorn, Eli J. Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, 230
Dorn, Nicholas Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, 180
Dorn, William Johnstown Manuf. of glove and mittens, Clinton
Douglass, Horace Gloversville Eclectic physician and surgeon, Church
Drake, J. Herbert Gloversville John Drake & Son
Drake, John & Son Gloversville (J. Herbert) Paper box manuf., 108 Fulton
Drice, Daniel Johnstown Hotel and restaurant, Market
Dudley, James M. Johnstown Wells & Dudley
Duel, Andrew Gloversville Staker
Duel, Daniel Gloversville Carpenter and farmer, 14
Duel, Reuben C. Gloversville Wagon maker and carpenter
Duel, Samuel Gloversville Farmer, 1
Dugan, Thomas Johnstown Manuf. of tinware, stoves, etc., Market
Dunk, John Jr. Johnstown Manuf. of furs, robes etc., also dealer in hats, caps and getns' furnishing goods, south side Main
Dunn, James Johnstown (James Dunn & Co.) Agent for Cunard mail line of steamers
Dunn, James & Co. Johnstown (John Plantz) Manufs. of gloves and mittens, Green
Dunn, John Johnstown Stage prop. and farmer, 40
Dunning, Ezekiel P. Gloversville Jobber in war end mittens and farmer, 15
Dunning, Truman S. Gloversville Wax thread mitten maker, 20 Main
Durfee, Otis Gloversville Leases saw mill
Dusler, Henry Johnstown Glove manuf.
Dusler, Jacob W. Keck's Center Farmer, 100
Dye, Amasa Rockwood Farmer, 90
Dye, Andrew J. Gloversville Master builder, carpenter and joiner, 184 Main
Dye, Hiram Gloversville Farmer, 48
Dye, John K. Gloversville Master builder, carpenter and joiner, 134 North Main
Easterly, Thos. S. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 33 Bleecker
Easterly, William M. Gloversville Ballantine & Easterly
Ecker, Edwin Johnstown Farmer, 140
Ede, Daniel Gloversville Mason and farmer, 37
Edgar, Thos. Johnstown Manuf. of and dealer in boots, shoes, gaiters, slippers, etc., north side Main
Edick, Henry Keck's Center Sawyer
Edwards, E. W. Johnstown Dry goods, carpets, boots and shoes, etc., north side Main
Edwards, J. K. Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, William
Edwards, Peter C. Gloversville Dry goods, 125 Main
Ehle, George Johnstown Prop. of Cayadutta House
Ehrhart, Dominic Gloversville Machinist
Eitig, Christian Keck's Center Farmer, 110
Ellagate, Patrick Gloversville Farmer, 60
Ely, E. A. Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, William
Ely, Wm. A. Johnstown Prop. express between Johnstown and Fonda
Empie, Aaron Keck's Center Dairyman and farmer, 169
Empie, Frederick F. Keck's Center Farmer, 80
English, Robert Kingsborough Farmer, 84
Enos, H. G. Gloversville Justice of the peace and farmer, 40, office 123 Main
Erkenbeck, Giles Rockwood Farmer, 47
Erkenbeck, Henry Rockwood Saw mill and farmer, 120
Erkenbeck, Lewis Rockwood Farmer, leases of Henry Erkenbeck, 120
Erkenbrack, Aaron Gloversville Farmer, 2
Evans, D. F. Mrs. Gloversville Fashionable dress maker, 17 Bleecker
Evans, E. D. Gloversville Manuf. of mittens and gloves, East Pine
Evans, James Edward Gloversville Master mason, East Fulton
Evans, Robert J. Johnstown Manuf. of kid, buck and sheep gloves and mittens and gauntlets, William
Everest & Chase Gloversville (P. F. Everest and George Chase) Meat market, 27 Bleecker
Everest, P. F. Gloversville Everest & Chase
Fairbanks, Niles Gloversville Inventor of dies for cutting gloves and mittens and agent for the A. B. Howe Sewing Machine, 112 Main
Fairchild, Byron Sammonsville Miller
Fairchild, Henry Sammonsville Carpenter
Fallis Brothers Gloversville (Mathias and Servie) Boots and shoes, Marly Block, 128 Main
Fallis, Mathias Gloversville Fallis Brothers
Fallis, Servie Gloversville Fallis Brothers
Fancher, Richard Johnstown Supt. and keeper of the poor
Farl & Van Ness Johnstown Horseshoeing and jobbing, Perry
Farr, D. S. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, owns 30, 9 Washington
Farrall & Cahill Johnstown (Michael Farrall and Michael Cahill) Skin dressers, Main
Farrall, Michael Johnstown Farrall & Cahill
Farthing & Hillabrant Gloversville (James Farthing and L. S. Hillabrant) Manufs. of gloves and mittens, 177 Main
Farthing, James Gloversville Farthing & Hillabrant
Farthing, James H. Gloversville Manuf. of buck and kid gauntlets and light goods, 44 Bleecker
Fay, C. B. Gloversville G. W. Fay & Co.
Fay, G. W. & Co. Gloversville (C. B.) Ready made clothing, hats, caps, boots, shoes, trunks, etc., 119 Main
Ferguson, George J. Gloversville Stone mason
Ferguson, John Gloversville Dennie & Ferguson, Farmer 100
Ferguson, Sylvester Gloversville Prop. of daily line of stages from Gloversville to Northville
Fero, John H. Johnstown Farmer, 150
Ferres & Dewey Johnstown (John G. Ferres and John Dewey) Hardware, cutlery, iron, steel, blacksmiths' and farm tools, etc.
Ferres, John G. Johnstown Ferres & Dewey
Fiederman, John Gloversville Beam hand
Filmer, John Gloversville Leather dresser and leases skin mill of D. B. & A. Judson
Finegan, Mark Gloversville Farmer, 20
Fisher, Frederick Gloversville Skin dresser
Fletcher, Amos Johnstown Farmer, 4
Fliegel, Philip Gloversville Tanner and dresser of buckskins, West Fulton
Flitcher, James Sammonsville Shoemaker
Foote, Daniel Mayfield Farmer, 120
Foote, James H. Kingsborough Agent Sunday School Union and farmer, 50
Foote, W. D. Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Perry
Fosmire, Wm. G. Gloversville Farmer, 100 and leases of John Gulick, 56
Foster & Green Gloversville (James D. Foster and James W. Green) Dealers in lumber, near Bleecker
Foster, James D. Gloversville Foster & Green
Fox, Charles Johnstown Farmer, 150
Fox, C. J. Gloversville Fox & Demarest
Fox & Demarest Gloversville (C. J. Fox and W. H. Demarest) Gas Light Co., agents for stove coal and gas fitters, 106 Main
Fox, Lewis R. Gloversville Manuf. of and wholesale dealer in gloves and mittens, and prop. of Main St. Livery Stable, 92 Main
Frank, Andrew J. Gloversville Farmer, leases of Charles W. Rose, 200
Frank, Geo. M. Gloversville Gloversville Bakery, 141 Main
Frank , John Johnstown Beam hand
Fraser, Donald Johnstown Farmer, 130
Fraser, George Johnstown Farmer, 10
Fraser, J. G. Johnstown Livery stable, Market
Fraser, McIntyre Johnstown Carroll & Fraser
Frasure, Samuel Johnstown Farmer, 75
Frederick, Adam Keck's Center Lumberman, prop. saw and cider mill, and farmer, 130
Frederick, Hiram Keck's Center Farmer, 15
Frederick, Jacob L. Johnstown Farmer, 60
Frederick, John Keck's Center Farmer, 25
Frederick, Wm. Keck's Center Carpenter
Fredrick, George W. Keck's Center Carpenter
Fredrick, Jacob Keck's Center Farmer, 10
Fredrick, John Keck's Center Carpenter
Fredrick, Lawrence Keck's Center Farmer, 100
Fredrick, Peter Keck's Center Farmer, 85
Fredrick, Philip G. Keck's Center Farmer, 4
Fredrick, Wm. G. Keck's Center Farmer, 75
Fredrick, Wm. Jr. Keck's Center Carpenter
French, N. C. Kingsborough Manuf. of gloves and mittens, and farmer, 26
Fry, A. Menzo Keck's Center Dairyman and farmer, leases of Solomon Fry, 200
Fry, Henry Gloversville Farmer, 2
Fry, Peter Rockwood Farmer, leases of Mrs. L. Brookins, 100
Fry, Solomon Keck's Center Farmer, 200
Fuller, M. L. Gloversville (with Day & Steel) Miller
Fulton, Andrew Johnstown Shoe maker, corner Main and Market
Fulton Co. Democrat Johnstown W. N. Clark, editor and prop.
Fulton, James Y. Johnstown Manuf. of all kinds of marbled work and owns 6 acres, Perry
Fulton, John Gloversville (N. C. Russell & Co.)
Furbeck, P. R.  Gloversville Physician and surgeon, also pension examining surgeon, 139 Main
Gage, Irvin Rockwood Farmer, 200
Gage, James Gloversville Farmer, 50
Gage, Samuel Rockwood Farmer, 95
Gage, Solomon Gloversville Farmer, 100
Gardiner, Francis Keck's Center Farmer, 140
Garlock, Reuben Johnstown Carpenter and joiner
Gas Light Co. Gloversville Fox & Demarest, 106 Main
German, ___ Mrs. Gloversville Owns 1
Gerrie, James Johnstown Physician and surgeon, north side Main
Getman, Daniel Johnstown Dry goods, north side Main
Getman, Darius Sammonsville Dairyman and farmer
Getman, John L. Gloversville Clerk and deputy internal revenue collector, 18th dist., 108 Main
Getman, Oscar Sammonsville Farmer
Getman, Thomas Sammonsville Carpenter and farmer, 25
Gilbert, Marcellus Johnstown Farmer, 35
Gilbert & Wells Johnstown (Gilbert & Wells) Farmer, 35
Gillepsie, George & Co. Gloversville (Edward Ward) Manufs. of gloves and mittens, 3 Prospect
Gillette, A. B. Gloversville Manuf. of kid gloves, 30 School
Gillette, George Gloversville Gillette & Lefever
Gillette & Lefever Gloversville (George Gillette and W. Leroy F. Lefler) Manufs. of gloves and mittens, 30 School
Gittman, Margaret Mrs. Johnstown Fancy dry goods, south side Main
Glazier, Arlina Mrs. Gloversville Tailoress and dress maker, 7 School
Gloning, John Gloversville Shoemaker, 125 Main
Gloversville Athletic Association Gloversville W. H. Stewart, president; J. F. Van Ness, secretary; regular meetings every Friday evening, Place's Block
Gloversville Cornet Band Gloversville S. Moore, leader
Gloversville Democrat Gloversville A. S. Botsford, editor
Gloversville Intelligencer Gloversville Geo. M. Thompson, editor
Gloversville Manufacturing Co. Gloversville L. T. Marshall, president; W. H. Seymour, supt.; Machinists, manufs. of glovers dies of every description, building materials, lime, cement, etc.
Gloversville Standard Gloversville Geo. W. Heaton, editor
Goodell, M. M. Gloversville Hair dresser and manuf. of hair jewelry, 79 Fulton
Goodrich, C. R. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 42 Bleecker
Gorton, A. W. Gloversville Umbrellas and parasols, 102 Main
Gorton, Chas. W. Gloversville Clocks, watches and jewelry, 102 Main
Gorton, Dudley Gloversville Carpenter, 23 Water
Graff, James W. Gloversville Saloon, 113 Main
Graff, L. E. Mrs. Gloversville Milliner and dealer in fancy goods, 83 Main
Graff, Philip Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 83 Main
Grant, Andrew Gloversville Glove cutter and farmer, 40
Grant, B. M. Johnstown B. M. & J. Grant & Co. 
Grant, B. M. & J. & Co. Johnstown (B. M. and John Grant and W. M. Sutliff) Manufs. of gloves and mittens
Grant, John Johnstown B. M. & J. Grant & Co.
Gray, John S. Rockwood Farmer, 100
Green, Gideon G. W. Kingsborough Farmer, 275
Green, James W. Gloversville Foster & Green
Green, Melvin Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 7 Prospect
Green, Nicholas Johnstown Painter
Grewer, Mathias Johnstown Merchant tailor, north side Main
Griffis, Joel Kingsborough Teamster
Grimes, Wm. Johnstown Jeans & Grimes
Griswold, John Mrs. Johnstown Farmer, 75
Grose, Henry Johnstown Farmer, 300
Grose, Henry Jr. Johnstown (with Henry)
Grose, Henry Jr. Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, 200
Grose, Philip C. Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, 140
Gross, Henry H. Johnstown (with Henry Grose Jr.) Farmer
Gross, Simeon Johnstown Cheese manuf., Cross Road Factory
Gulich, John Gloversville Prop. of skin mill, Main
Gulick, Abram Gloversville Gulick & Wing
Gulick, John Gloversville Farmer, 56
Gulick & Wing Gloversville (Abram Gulick and J. F. Wing) Manufs. of gloves and mittens, 61 Fulton
Gustin, Samuel Kingsborough Farmer, 42
Guy, Eugene Gloversville Francis Guy & Son
Guy, Francis & Son Gloversville (Eugene) Kid dressers, Forest


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