Businesses & Residents of Johnstown,

Child's Gazetteer


Source Gazetteer of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y. 1869-70
(Syracuse, 1870) pages 234-254.


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Name: Post Office: Occupation:
Haag, Jacob Gloversville Glove and mitten cutting machines, Main
Haggart, Gilbert Gloversville Glove cutter
Haggart, William Gloversville Bird Hunter
Haggert, Wm. D. Gloversville Farmer, 12
Hale, James Johnstown Grist mill and farmer, 18
Hall, Ira Kingsborough Farmer, 4
Hall, John Keck's Center Farmer, 1
Halsted, John Johnstown Farmer, 112
Hambridge, Henry Kingsborough Farmer, 50
Hamilton, James Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Fulton
Hanson, John J. Gloversville Hardware, stoves, tinware and glassware, 131 Main, corner Church
Hanson, Peter Sammonsville Harness Dealer
Hardy, Schuyler Keck's Center Straw board manuf., runs saw mill and farmer, leases of Mrs. D. F. Hardy, 80
Haring, G. M. Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, and farmer, 100, Church
Harkness, George Rev. Kingsborough Pastor of Presbyterian Church
Harmon, Rodolph Johnstown Watch and clock repairer, north side Main
Harned, Asher Sammonsville Paper maker
Harned, Samuel l. Sammonsville Paper manuf.
Harring, A. S. Johnstown Groceries, confectionery, etc., south side Main
Hart, Nathan Gloversville Farmer, 20
Hart, Simmons Gloversville Cabinet ware and undertaking, Fulton
Hawley, William Rev. Johnstown Pastor of First Baptist Church
Hayes, Vestina Gloversville Richardson & Hayes
Hayes, ______ Gloversville Brower & Hayes
Hayner, Joseph Gloversville Wagon maker
Hays & Brower Gloversville (Daniel Hays and Alonzo Brower) Glue factory
Hays,  Daniel Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, also prop. of glue factory and farmer, 54, 150 Main
Hays, Daniel Gloversville Hays & Brower, Farmer, 40
Heachock, Philander C. Kingsborough Refused to give information
Heacock, Berry & Co. Gloversville (W. J. Heacock, J. R. Berry and Fred. E. Hotchkiss) Manufs. and wholesale dealers in mittens, gloves and gauntlets, office 400 Broadway, New York
Heacock, Jesse Gloversville Glove manuf. and farmer, 55
Heacock, J. S. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Bleecker
Heacock, Lemuel Kingsborough Manuf. of gloves and mittens and owns 5
Heacock, W. J. Gloversville Heacock, Berry & Co.
Heagle, Baltus Johnstown B. & D. Heagle
Heagle, B. &D. Johnstown (Baltus and David) Groceries and provisions, north side Main
Heagle, David Johnstown B. & D. Heagle
Heagle, Dow H. Johnstown Heagle & Stephenson
Heagle, George Johnstown Farmer, 55
Heagle, James Johnstown Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Melcher
Heagle, Michael Johnstown Farmer, 158
Heagle & Stephenson Johnstown (Dow H. Heagle and Levi Stephenson) Planing and scroll sawing and dealers in lumber, Montgomery
Heath, John Johnstown Indian tanned leather
Heaton, George W. Gloversville Editor of The Gloversville Standard
Heddin, Adam Gloversville Stone mason
Heinman, Wm. H. Johnstown Mason
Heiner, Elias Johnstown (with Hiram) Farmer, 50
Heienr, Hiram Johnstown (with Elias) Farmer, 50
Hellwig, Melchiour Gloversville Tailor and farmer, 40
Helwig, F. W. Gloversville Brownell & Helwig
Henan, Robert Gloversville Brick maker
Henry, George D. Johnstown Book and job printer and town clerk, Kennedy Block
Hess, Adam Johnstown Carpenter and joiner
Hess, Amos Johnstown Builder and architect, Montgomery
Heuser, Casper Gloversville Blacksmith
Higgins, Ebenezer Gloversville Mason and constable
Hildreth, G. W. Gloversville (Johnson & Hildreth) Farmer, 175
Hill, Howard Gloversville Glove manuf. and farmer, 250
Hill, L. G. Johnstown Gunsmith, Main
Hillabrandt, C. S. Gloversville Manuf. of carriages, sleighs, job work, etc., West Fulton
Hillabrandt, Joseph Sammonsville Straw board manuf.
Hillabrant, Asa Keck's Center Farmer, 85
Hillabrant, D. T. Mrs. Sammonsville Milliner
Hillabrant, L. S. Gloversville Farthing & Hillabrant
Hillabrant, Nicholas Sammonsville Farmer, 225
Hillabrant, Wm. Keck's Center Blacksmith
Hillman, Judson Gloversville Hubbs & Hillman
Hilly, James Gloversville Farmer, 118
Hoare, Thos. Gloversville Kid dresser and importer, near West Fulton
Hodge, William H. Gloversville Master builder, architect and designer, corner Water and Fulton
Hodgson, Chas. Johnstown Ricketts & Hodgson
Hoenbeck, David Johnstown Farmer, leases of Timothy Pierson, 86
Holcomb & Davis Gloversville (J. E. Holcomb and J. A. Davis) Dealers in flour, meal, feed, pork and salt, 11 Bleecker
Holcomb, J. E. Gloversville Holcomb & Davis
Hollenbeck, Boltis M. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, south side Main
Hollenbeck, David H. Johnstown Farmer, leases of Philip Hollenbeck, 100
Hollenbeck, Michael B. Johnstown Farmer, 110
Hollenbeck, Philip Johnstown Farmer, 207
Hollett, Joseph P. Gloversville Dresser and smoker of deer skins, near Fulton
Hopgood, Samuel Johnstown Merchant tailor, south side Main
Horth, John T. Rockwood Farmer, 283
Hosmer, Rufus Gloversville Livery stable, 142 Main
Hotaling, C. Johnstown Foreman, Johnstown Independent
Hotchkiss, Fred E. Gloversville Heacock, Berry & Co.
Hough, L. M. Gloversville Carpenter
House, Philip Johnstown Farmer, 250
Howe, Egbert Johnstown Carpenter
Howe, Geo. Gloversville Howe, Simmons & Co.
Howe, Simmons & Co. Gloversville (Geo. Howe, A. N. Simmons and John Van Veghten) Fruit, vegetables, fish, flour, pork, etc., 106 Main
Howlin, Michael Kingsborough Carpenter and joiner
Hubbard, Ann Mrs. Sammonsville Seamstress
Hubbs, Anson Gloversville Hubbs & Hillman
Hubbs & Hillman Gloversville (Anson Hubbs and Judson Hillman) Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 13 West
Hubbs, Solomon E. Johnstown Cheese maker and salesman
Hulbert, Addison Gloversville Mechanic
Hulbert, Edward Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, and trustee of corporation, 32 Main
Hulett, D. S. Gloversville Manuf. of buck, kid and sheep skin gloves and mittens, 183 Main
Hulett, Silas Gloversville Ladder maker
Hulett, W. H. Gloversville Teamster, corner Spring and Elm
Hulett, Wm. Gloversville Mechanic
Hull, Henry Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 175 Main, also farmer, 7
Hunt, Isaac Johnstown Farmer, leases of James Vosburgh, 90
Hunt, Stephen Johnstown Farmer, leases of James Vosburgh, 160
Hutchinson, Dillon B. Gloversville Dealer in boots and shoes, 111 Fulton
Hutchinson, John C. Gloversville Dealer in drugs, medicines, books, stationery, paper hangings, etc., 125 Main
Hutchinson, J. C. & Co. Johnstown Manufs. of buckskin gloves and mittens, south side Main
Hutchinson, Robert S. Gloversville Copeland & Hutchinson
Hyman, John Gloversville Manuf. of paper boxes, Bleecker
Hyman, J. S. Gloversville Laying off gloves by steam, 19 Bleecker
Hyman, Robert R. Gloversville Burton & Hyman
Irving, John Johnstown Glove manuf.
Irwin, Philip Sammonsville Farmer, 2
Jackson, Peter Johnstown Stone mason and farmer, 35
Jacobs, Harvey L. Gloversville Blacksmith
Jacobson, Henry Gloversville Farmer, 33
Jeannisson, Louis Johnstown Manuf. of kid gloves and castor
Jeans, Chas. Johnstown Jeans & Grimes
Jeans & Grimes Johnstown (Chas. Jeans and Wm. Grimes) Manufs. of [____], south side Main
Jeffers, Geo. W. & Co. Gloversville Manufs. of gloves and mittens, 48 Bleecker
Jeffers, John Gloversville Farmer, 125
Jeffers, Robert S. Johnstown Dairyman and farmer,, 220
Jeffers, Solomon Gloversville (Lowry & Jeffers) Inspector of elections and owns 14 1/2 acres
Johnson, Aaron Sammonsville Farmer
Johnson, Abner A. Gloversville Johnson & Hildreth
Johnson, C. W. Johnstown Manuf. of paper boxes and labels, Case Building, corner Main and Market
Johnson, Emery Gloversville Skin Dresser
Johnson & Hildreth Gloversville (Abner A. Johnson and G. W. Hildreth) Laying of gloves by steam
Johnson, J. C. Gloversville Groceries and provisions, 17 Bleecker
Johnson, John Johnstown Farmer, 30
Johnson, L. P. Gloversville Prop. of skin mill and tannery, manuf. of of gloves and mittens, Fulton
Johnson, L. P. & Co. Gloversville (H. T. Cole) Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 3 spring
Johnson, Ralph Kingsborough Farmer, leases of P. C. & D. G. Heacock, 150
Johnson, Ralph Jr. Gloversville Glove cutter
Johnson, Wm. Johnstown Farmer, 1_0
Johnson, William L. Johnstown Physician and surgeon, Main
Joyce, Patrick Johnstown Farmer, 43
Judson, Alanson Gloversville Glove and mitten factory, corner Tremont and Fulton, also farmer, 75
Judson, D. B. Kingsborough Manuf. of gloves and mittens, merchant, prop. of skin mill, tenement houses and owns 56 acres
Kasson, H. A. Gloversville Agent of Campbell & Beach, manufs. gloves and mittens, 58 Main
Kasson, W. A. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 58 Main
Kosson, A. J. Gloversville (H. Z. & A. J. Kosson) Under sheriff of Fulton County
Kosson, H. Z. & A. J. Gloversville Manufs. of gloves and mittens, 136 Main
Keck, George H. Sammonsville Martin & Keck
Keck, Isaac Keck's Center Saw mill
Keck, Jerry Johnstown Lawyer
Keck, Joseph Keck's Center Post master, straw board manuf., general merchant, prop. of Keck's Hotel and farmer , 40
Keck, Timothy Keck's Center Farmer, 11
Kelley, William Mayfield Farmer, 20
Kenedy, Lysander Gloversville Farmer, 1
Kenedy, Michael Gloversville Farmer, 67
Kennedy, James Gloversville (with Michael) Farmer
Kennedy, John L. Gloversville Farmer, 7 and leases of Wm. T. Conorey, 250
Kennedy, Martin Johnstown Stoves and house furnishings, south side Main
Kennedy, Samuel R. Johnstown Foreman of saw dept., Livingston Manuf. Co.
Kent, James Gloversville Kid leather dresser, North Elm
Kiffany, Patrick Kingsborough Farmer, 125
Kiffeny, John Johnstown Farmer, 16
King, John V. Johnstown Leather dresser and prop. of skin mill
King, Robert Gloversville Carpenter and farmer, 4
King, Wm. H. Gloversville Brick maker
Kirby, John Johnstown (with William) Farmer, 95
Kirby, Wm. B. & Co. Gloversville (Rufus Washburn) Ready made clothing, hats & caps, etc. 117 Main
Kirby, William Johnstown (with John) Farmer, 95
Kisor, Anthony Gloversville Master mason, 9 Chestnut
Klein, A. Gloversville M. Beeber & Co.
Kling, Marcus Johnstown Pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Knoff, Louis Gloversville Kid leather dresser, Main
Korn, Andrew Johnstown Boots and shoes, Main
Krause, H. G. Gloversville Skin dresser
Kring, James A. Johnstown Dairyman and farmer, 73
Kuoff, Henry Johnstown Kid dresser, Fulton
Ladew, Oliver Gloversville Dairyman, farmer, 49 and leases of Geo. W. Hildreth, 170
Laittaur, Nathan Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens and dealer in glove and mitten trimmings, 99 and 101 Main
Lake, Alexander P. Gloversville N. D. & A. P. Lake
Lake, Benjamin Johnstown Farmer, 200
Lake, Jonathan T. Gloversville Farmer, 140
Lake, N. D. & A. P. Gloversville (Norman D. and Alexander P.) Draying, carting, etc. Fulton & Elm
Lake, Norman D. Gloversville N. D. & A. P. Lake
Lake, William Johnstown Farmer, 100
Lake, William Gloversville Master builder, Judson
Lamphere, Sardius Rockwood Carpenter and farmer, 30
Laneger, Alexander Johnstown A. & S. Laneger
Laneger, A. & S. Johnstown (Alexander and Solomon) Shoe makers, south side Main
Laneger, Solomon Johnstown A. & S. Laneger
Lansing, David Gloversville Teamster and farmer, 2
Lansing, Martin L. Gloversville Miller & Lansing
Lansing, William A. Gloversville Tailor
Larkins, John Gloversville Teamster and farmer, 30
Lasher, Daniel Gloversville Jobber and dresser of deer skins, Fulton, residence 259 Main
Lasher, Henry Johnstown Farmer, 84
Lasher, Jeremiah Mrs. Gloversville Dress maker, 188 Main
Lasher, Peter Johnstown (with Samuel) Farmer
Lasher, Samuel Johnstown Farmer, 100
Lasher, Silas Gloversville Cromer & Lasher
Lavender, John C. Johnstown Farmer, 20
Law, Samuel Johnstown Foreman of file dept., Livingston Manuf. Co.
Lawrence, M. Johnstown Teamster and farmer, 40
Lawrence, William Johnstown Farmer, 25
Layton, Charles Johnstown Farmer, leases of Michael Moore, 108
Leak, Crapo Gloversville Prop. of tenant houses, Elm
Leaton, A. S. & Son Johnstown (William C.) dealers in hardware, cutlery, glassware, crockery, and house furnishing goods, south side Main
Leaton, William C. Johnstown A. S. Leaton & Son
Leavenworth, E. & Son Gloversville (Herbert C.) Manufs. of gloves and mittens, 91 Main
Leavenworth, Herbert C. Gloversville E. Leavenworth & Son
Leavitt, John E. Gloversville Butcher
Lee, James Kingsborough Wooster & Lee
Lefever, W. Leroy F. Gloversville Gillette & Lefever
Lefler, Arthur Johnstown Groceries and provisions, north side Main
Lefler, Jehiel Johnstown Burdick & Lefler
Lehman, Jacob Gloversville M. Beeber & Co.
Lengfeld, Oscar Johnstown Prop. of saloon and hotel, Market
Leonard, H. M. & Co. Gloversville Glove and mitten manufs., 51 Main
Leoanrd, J. C. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, 49 Main
Lepert, Augustus Johnstown Blacksmith
Lesner, Alexander C. Sammonsville Wagon maker
Lewis, John Gloversville Skin dresser
Leynaugh, Patrick Johnstown Farmer, 99
Liswell, Abram Johnstown Groceries, provisions, fruits, crockery, glassware & etc., north side Main
Liswell, W. Y. Johnstown Paper box and glove band manuf., Church
Lockland, A. W. Gloversville Oderkirk & Lockland
Locklin, D. V. L. Gloversville Manuf. of gloves and mittens, Mason House
Lord, Martin P. Johnstown Lord & Yost
Lord & Yost Johnstown (Martin P. Lord and Edward Yost) Meat market, south side Main
Lothridge, Robert Johnstown Farmer, 95
Lotridge, Charles Johnstown Cheese manuf.
Lowry, A. J. Gloversville Lowry & Jeffers
Lowry & Jeffers Gloversville (A. J. Lowry and Solomon Jeffers) Manufs. of gloves and mittens, 52 Bleecker
Luther, John Johnstown Kid dresser
Lyke, Chas. Gloversville Lyke & Robertson
Lyke & Robertson Gloversville (Chas. Lyke and James Robertson) Glove and mitten manufs., 72 Main; salesroom 228 Church St, Philadelphia


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