Old Photo of the Covered
Bridge at Fish House

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    The Fish House bridge was built in 1818, by Daniel Stewart.  The then wide awake spirit of the little hamlet known as Fish House, and the rich farming country lying beyond, together with the prospect of Fish House being one day the great center of trade for this northern region, incited the dwellers therein to use every effort in their power to realize their hopes.  The inhabitants petitioned the legislature for and received an appropriation of $5,000 for the building of the bridge.  To this the citizens added by subscription $500.  The bridge is now in the best possible condition, well covered and protected from decay.  Before it was built, the Sacondaga was crossed by canoe and by fording.  During the spring and fall freshets the people were very much inconvenienced, as they could not cross with teams, and many times it was unsafe for canoes.  The old ford was from a few rods below where the south end of the bridge now is, to a short distance above the north end.


Photo donated by Stephan G. Dennie.  He writes:

  "I was impressed with your Northampton Page and wondered if you would like the attached photo of the Fish House area w/ the old covered bridge.  Thanks for your work on this site."

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The above history was taken from:  "History of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, N.Y.", (New York: F. W. Beers & Co.) 1878, page 233.

In another generous act of kindness, Stephan also contributed this story,  The Shews of Fish House found on the Herkimer/Montgomery County GenWeb page.  This story was written by the great chronicler of the Mohawk Valley, Jeptha R. SimmsStephan G. Dennie is a direct descendant of Godfrey and Jacob Shew.


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