Crum Creek School

District #6
Crum Creek School - 1910

Back row (l to r): Marjorie Handy, Beulah Reese, Beulah Handy, Evadean Groff, 
Bertella Reese, Gertrude McGowen, teacher.

Middle row (l to r): Esther Davis, Margaret Handy, Alta Davis.

Front row (l to r): Herbert Handy, Kenneth Groff, Edward Davis, Emmett L. Mosher.

Photo submitted by Emmett Mosher.

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District #6, Submitted by Evelyn Froyier

At one time the children in Rockwood were taught in the McDougal school house located beside a burying ground, a mile east of Rockwood, on the road leading to Johnstown. Isaac Christiancy was the teacher. The first district school was held in Granny Griswald's house, where Mrs. F. O. Dorn later lived. The teacher was Sylvester Larrow. The first school house on Rockwood (est. 1900) was on land which later became the home of Lorenzo Orton who sold it to Mr. Chatterson. Teachers were Margaret Fry and Dudley G. Smith. In 1915 the last school building was erected on a hill overlooking the village, at a cost of about $7,000. Those who taught here were Mr. Hill, Joshua Thorpe, Lodena Ann Brown, Oliver Belding, Joseph B. Thyne, L. E. Burr and Benjamin Dennis. First year high school subjects were taught at this school and students from outlying districts came for Regents exams.

After centralization, the building stood empty until it was opened by Mowrey's Buy-Rite Super Market.

The first Post Office was located in the Everett Young Store which was next to Pleasant Valley Hotel. Later it occupied a building owned by Harry Pettengill when Carlos Rossiter was Post Master. It was again moved to the Wright property when Mrs. Cannine was post mistress.


Crum Creek School - 1904

C. Yale Flanders, teacher

First row (l-r): John Henry Reese, Arthur Handy, (m) unknown, (f) unknown, Beulah Reese, Bertella Reese, Marjory Handy, Etta Mosher.

Second row (l-r): Lady in hat unknown, (f) unknown, (f) unknown, (m) unknown, Albert Smith, (f) unknown, (f) unknown, Eugene D. Mosher, Lulu Schuyler, Hamon Schuyler, Maud Johnson.

Third row (l-r): Charles Allen, (f) unknown, (f) unknown, Hazel Reese, (Clifford) Yale Flanders, teacher, Howard Peters. 


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