Wells Family Bible
Gloversville, Fulton County, NY

Donated by Stephen Green

This is a "Harding superfine Edition bible, Philadelphia, William W. Harding, 1868. I make collages and shadow boxes using books and images. While going through this bible I found the sheet of paper on the registration of the bible not filled out, for the Gen. Richard Montgomery chapter of the d.a.r.. This got me curious and that is how I found you. In the bible was an original photo of the original owner, and his family history. I do not know if you are interested in the info, but it is from the family of Mr wells. I have enclosed photos of all." - Stephen Green

The following bible has the family record of John Minor Wells who was born 27 Aug 1846 in NY. He married Eva Belding on 25 Nov 1868. She was born 19 Mar 1850 in Charlton, Saratoga county, NY. They were likely married there, as they are found living there in the 1870 and 1880 census. By 1900 the family had moved to Gloversville. John died 10 Jun 1915 and his wife Eva died 16 Mar 1935.

John and Eva had the following children:

  1. Edmund Judson Wells, b. 23 May 1860, m. Jennie Owen
  2. Mclaughton? Belding Wells, b. 20 Jul 1872, m. Frances E. Ketchem
  3. Frederick Henry Wells, b. 8 Jul 1875, m. Clara Shoemaker
  4. Cora Lee Wells, b. 7 Apr 1878, d. 6 Dec 1923
  5. Minnie Wakeman Wells, b. 28 Aug 1880, m. Charles H. Boswell
  6. Bessie Wells, b. 15 Sep 1882, d. 19 Oct 1890
  7. John Minor Wells Jr., b. 15 Jul 1885, d. 31 Jul 1897
  8. Alice Lee Wells, b. 16 Dec 1887, m. Frank L. Kemmerer

Also mentioned in the bible is Emma Marcella Wells, daughter of Frederick and Clara Owen Wells. Emma married Charles Peter MacGrath. See the actual images for the family record:

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Photo of John Wells
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Photo of Bible    (158 Kb)
Title Page    (101 Kb)
Births Page 1    (273 Kb)
Births Page 2    (380 Kb)
Marriages    (414 Kb)
Deaths    (399 Kb)
Two Obituaries of Eva Belding Wells    (337 Kb)
D.A.R. Info Request Page    (58 Kb)

For those who can't load the images, the following is a transcription of these pages. Transcriber's notes are in [ ].


Johm M. Wells
born Aug 27th 1846

Eva Belding
born Mar 19th 1850

Edmund Judson Wells
born May 23th 1860

Mclauchton[?] Belding Wells
born July 20th 1872

Frederick Henry Wells
born July 8th 1875

Cora Lee Wells
born Apr 7th 1878

Minnie Wakeman Wells
born Aug 28th 1880

Bessie Wells
born Sept 15th 1882

John Minor Wells Jr.
born July 15th 1885

Alice Lee Wells
born Dec 15th 1887

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Emma M. Wells
born June 25th 1903
daughter of
Frederick Henry Wells
and Clara S. Wells


John M. Wells
Eva Belding, were
Married Nov 25st 1868

Edmund Judson Wells
Jennie Owen
Married Sept 15, 1894

M. Belding Wells
Frances E. Ketchem
Married Sept 11, 1915

Frederick H. Wells
Clara Shoemaker
Married April 13, 1899

Minnie W. Wells
Chas H. Boswell
Married Oct 14, 1903

Alice Lee Wells
Frank L. Kemmerer
Married Feb 10th 1916

Emma Marcella Wells
Charles Peter MacGrath [or MacGroth?]
Married May 24, 1941


Bessie Wells
died Oct 19th 1890

John Minor Wells Jr.
died July 31 1897

John M. Wells
June 10 1915

Cora Lee Wells
died Dec 6, 1923

Charles H. Boswell
husband of Minnie W. Wells
Jan 8, 1933

Jennie Owen Wells
wife of Edmund J. Wells
April 22, 1933

Eva Belding Wells
March 16, 1935
(Sat. Evening 10:15)

Edmund J. Wells
Thusday A.M. Oct 4 [or 1?], 1945

Frederick H. Wells, March 16, 1952

Clara Shoemaker Wells
(wife of Frederick H. Wells)
died November 11, 1948

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