A Memorial Day Celebration for the New Millennium!


This is the first inter-county collaboration of four counties!  As a team, we are thrilled to honor those who have served this country, some losing their own lives to save future ones.  From the largest cities to the smallest rural areas, communities all over the country this time of year pay tribute to and recognize the men and women who have given their souls, fought from their hearts and used their strength to protect not only their own family and friends, but ALL Americans.  Our reward for their service is the freedom we have today.  So from the four counties below, we "SALUTE" and may their service never be forgotten!
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From Memorial Day Past

Memorial Day Honor Roll 1997 - Herkimer & Montgomery Counties

And New For Today!
Please send in your vets for our brand new Honor Rolls!

Memorial Day Honor Roll - Fulton County
Memorial Day Honor Roll - Hamilton County

Before The Revolution

French Attack on the German Flatts, Herkimer County

The American Revolution

Captain Yates Men, Men from the Battle of Oriskany, 3rd Company of Tryon County Militia
Captain Gardiner's Men, Selected Pensioners, 1st Company of Tryon County Militia
Colonel Klock's Men, Tryon County Militia, Men Killed, Wounded, or Captured during service

Fulton County in the Revolution
Pensions Abstracts of Residents of Hamilton County
Colonel James Livingston, of Johnstown, Fulton County
Canadian Regiments
Revolutionary Postcards of Johnstown, N.Y.
Captain Tice's Journal, 1782
Garret Abeel's letter to wife, Mary
Thomas Robbins, Fulton County (now)
Daniel Lobdell, Fulton County (now)
John Groff of Hope, Hamilton County

The Civil War

2nd NY Hvy Art. Brief History, List of Hamilton County Men
4th NY Hvy Art. Brief History, List of Hamilton County Men
93rd NY Inf. Brief History, List of Hamilton County Men
97th NY Inf. Brief History, List of Hamilton County Men (updated)
115th NY Inf. Brief History, List of Hamilton County Men
List of Hamilton County Men in Miscellaneous Units

Recruitment at Wells Performed by Francis H. Francisco, Hamilton County

Henry Allen, Fulton County
Julius Frary Bowman, Hamilton County
Orra and Michael Buyce, Gilmantown, Hamilton County
Zachariah B. Fellows, 97th NY Vols, Herkimer County
Dwella Groff, Fulton County
Descendants of Capt. John Kathan, Hope, Hamilton County
Descendants of Eli Rudes, Arietta, Hamilton County
Slack Veterans of Lake Pleasant, Hamilton County
Nathan Tyrell, Fulton County
Descendants of Phillip R. Wadsworth, Hope, Hamilton County
Descendants of Isaiah Whitman, Wells, Hamilton County
10th Cavalry at Gettysburg
Captain David Getman's Obituary, of the 10th Cavalry
Simeon Sammons Farewell Letter, 115th Regiment

1883 Pension List for Fulton County
1883 Pension List for Hamilton County

1890 Federal Census for Hamilton County
Surviving Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, and Widows, etc.

Arietta Benson Hope Indian Lake
Lake Pleasant Long Lake Morehouse Wells

The Spanish-American War

General Edgar Dudley - of Johnstown, Fulton County

World War I

WWI Monument, Morehouse, Hamilton County
Frederick Randolf Groff, Hope, Hamilton County
2nd Lieut. Dennis J. McLaughlin, Herkimer County
Charles M. Partello, Morehouse, Hamilton County
Private Wilbur Harold Shaft, Herkimer County
Slack Veterans of Lake Pleasant, Hamilton County
Private Harold Christian Thielking, Montgomery County
A Mother's Prayer for a Son Killed in WWI, Herkimer County
Herkimer County in the World War, 1916-1918, Roster of Veterans, Herkimer County

World War II

WWII Monument, Morehouse, Hamilton County
Major Harold Seykota, Fulton County
John Truman Miller, Fulton County
Slack Veterans of Lake Pleasant, Hamilton County

From War to War

Report of Supervisor of Soldiers' and Sailors' Relief and Burials, Amsterdam, N.Y., Nov. 1, 1931, Montgomery County
Remington Armory and E. Remington & Co., Herkimer County
Ilion and the Wars, Herkimer County
Memorial Day Postcard Gallery, Herkimer & Montgomery Counties

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