From the Quad County Coordinators:


This is our third year we have been able to combine resources and produce a Memorial Day Tribute to honor those heroes who deserve to be recognized and commended for preserving our traditions, for serving and facing the unknown.   Recent events worldwide this past year make us think twice, appreciate life daily and patriotism is higher than ever before.  We are proud to be Americans, we are even prouder of our military heroes- those veterans who have served in prior wars and those that face defending our nation today.  We thank you all.

Such a project as this requires an extreme amount of planning and preparation, hours of collecting data, transcribing and coding, photo work and cooperation among all.  It is always amazing to us, as coordinators, those that are dedicated, give without complaint, volunteer beyond their own selfish agendas - again and again  -  they are to us, our own heroes. ~

Jeanette Shiel, Fulton County
Lisa Slaski, Hamilton County
Martha Magill, Herkimer/Montgomery Counties

We would like to kindly recognize and thank the following whom contributed to
the success of this year's Memorial Day Tribute:


Anonymous Angel, in memory of E. E.
Marcia Buffet
Melanie Carbin
Carol Clemens
Robert Hall
Jeanne Galway
Gloversville City Archives
Johnstown Historical Society
William Loveday, Jr.
James F. Morrison
Rosemary Ibarra-Nadal
Barbara Perricelli
Laura Perkins
Allyn Hess Perry
Robert Ruller
Edward Sargalis
Peggy Stadtmiller
Betty Tabor
Annie Weaver
Douglas Weaver
John Wilmarth



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