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Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer and Montgomery Counties.

Past Memorial Day Observances

Newspaper Articles, Hamilton County
Pamphlets, Hamilton County

Revolutionary War

Amos Ives, Herkimer County
Stars And Stripes First Unfurled In Battle
Coppernoll Family Bible, Herkimer County
"The Coming of William Johnson, Afterward Baronet" - by W. Max Reid

War of 1812

The Family of Squires Lawton, Hamilton County

New York State Militia

Herkimer County Officers of the 38th Regiment, 1859
Schoharie & Montgomery County Officers of the 40th Regiment, 1859
Schenectady, Montgomery, Hamilton & Fulton County Officers of the 26th Regiment, 1859

Civil War

Lieut. Col. Thomas Swobe, Fulton County
Francis L. Lawton added to CW Database, Hamilton County
Rhodes Family Treasures, Hamilton County
Short Biographies and Obituaries of Soldiers, Fulton County
Reunion of the 32nd & 153rd NY Vols. Civil War Veterans - Amsterdam, NY
1890 Soldiers, Sailors, Widows Census, Johnstown, Fulton County
1890 Soldiers, Sailors, Widows Census, Fairfield, Herkimer County

Philippine-American War

Some Men Who Fought in the Philippines, Fulton and Hamilton County

Spanish-American War

Military Burial Reports, 1920 and 1926, Montgomery County
Spanish American War Veterans, Hamilton County

World War I

Military Burial Reports, 1920 and 1926, Montgomery County
WWI Soldier Deaths, Fulton and Hamilton County
WWI Soldier Deaths, Herkimer County
WWI Soldier Deaths, Montgomery County
Herkimer County in the World War - Updated: now includes
complete book in pdf form!

World War II

Avery Brothers, Hamilton County
Robert Brooks, Hamilton County
Carl W. Coulombe, Hamilton County
Raymond Danforth, Hamilton County
Robert Lobdell, Jr., Hamilton County
Collage of WWII Soldier Pictures, Hamilton County
More WWII Soldier Pictures, Hamilton County
Unknown WWII Soldier Pictures, Hamilton County
American Legion Auxiliary, Lake Pleasant, Hamilton County
Boot Camp Photos and Memories of Roger Thielking, Montgomery County
WWII Veterans From Clarkson College, Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer & Montgomery Counties

Special thanks go to Joanne Murray and Annie Weaver for all their help with transcribing materials!