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Catharine Bogardus: The Matriarch of the Bronk family in Fulton County

Written and submitted by Donna Bennett

Catharine Bogardus moved to the Town of Ephratah with her husband, Caspar Bronk, in the early 1800's. The Bogardus and Bronck families were well established families in Albany/Greene Counties at that time. The possibility of available unsettled or sparsely settled land in Fulton County/Mohawk Valley may have been the reason for their relocation. Some of their children were born in Greene County. Other children were born in Fulton County. Their children and generations of grandchildren married into other large families of the Town of Ephratah and Fulton County........Lassell, Wemple, Dennis, Frederick, Ercanbrack, Leek, Christman, Fical, etc.

Nothing is known of Catharine--no family stories, no gossip, no scandals, no bits of trivia that have been passed down through the years. She appeared in census records in Fulton County in the mid to late 1800s. While she is seemingly unimportant to history, she was the matriarch of many Bronks in Fulton County. When tracing her lineage back to the 1600's in New Netherland, one has to wonder if she knew about her notorious and well-documented family members as seen in this bio.

Catharine Bogardus (aka: Catharina, Caty) bpt.5 Feb 1792 Dutch Reformed Church Coxsackie, NY. She married Caspar Bronk on 2 July 1808 Dutch Reformed Church Coxsackie, NY. Catharine died 4 Apr 1881, age 88 years, 1 month, 21 days. Johnstown Cemetery records show she was buried in that cemetery, but no burial plot number nor headstone could be found.

Caspar had previously married Eliza de la Vergne Greene on 1 May 1804 Dutch Reformed Church Coxsackie, NY. Capar and Eliza had one son, Richard Bronk b.6 Jan 1804 Coxsackie, d.21 Aug 1857 Fulton County. Richard married Nancy Wemple. They had 8 children: Catherine, John R., Marvin, Barbara, Barney, Margaret, Casper, and Janet/Jane

Children of Catharine and Caspar: (Bronk genealogy, internet websites)

  1. Ally Maria b.6 Aug 1811

  2. John b.5 Feb 1814 Coxsackie, d.19 Sept 1906 Johnstown. He married 1.Rachel Fredrick/Frederick on 4 July 1833. John and Rachel had 3 children: Ephraim, Mary Jane, and Katherine. John married 2. Hester Bell on 24 Nov 1842 First Presbyterian Church, Johnstown, NY

  3. Lydia b.1818, married 1.Gilbert Haggart and 2.Palmer Kennedy

  4. Judith b.1820, married Solomon Rogers/Rodgers. Both buried Johnstown Cemetery section R #1097

  5. Eve married_______Lewis

  6. Katharine b.June 1822, d.aft 1904, married _____ Pittman/Putman

  7. Nancy b.July 1825, d.after 1900, married George Michael Frank

  8. Elizabeth b.1824/5, married C.Holmes Dennis on 5 Oct 1847 Fulton Co. C. Holmes Dennis b.1820.

(Bronk genealogy only lists 6 daughters not 7 as seen in Catharine's obit. 1865 Fulton County census shows Caspar had 9 children)

Ephratah Dutch Reformed Church records for member in 1824: Caspar Bronk

Sometime previous to the 1860 census, Catharine and Caspar were no longer living together. Caspar appeared in 1860 census living with William Frederick in Town of Johnstown; 1865 census, he lived with Ephraim Bronk in Lassellsville; and 1870 census, Caspar was in the Fulton County Poor House. Records from the Poor House are missing in Fulton County--so questions can not be answered. Caspar apparently died in the Poor House and may be buried in the Poor House cemetery (?). +++Transfer and sales of land, judgements against Caspar, and later ownership of property by Catharine and their sons told some of the story. (land records reseached by Evelyn Frasier, Town of Ephratah Historian)

1860 census-Town of Johnstown: Catharine Bronk age 70; Solomon Rodgers age 56 skin dresser; Judith Rodgers age 40. Solomon owned real estate $400. Catharine owned real estate $500.

1895-6 Methodist Episcopal Church, Johnstown Members List: Judith Rodgers, 12 Church Street

Johnstown Cemetery Records: Section R, #1097--Rodgers, Judith and Solomon.

1870 census-Town of Johnstown: Catharine Bronk age 77; Palmer Kennedy age 64 teamster; Lydia Kennedy age 52; Frank Kennedy (should be Haggart) age 12; Daniel Kennedy age 6. Real estate $1,000 and personal property $500 are listed on the same line as Lydia's name.

1875 census-Johnstown: Palmer Kennedy age 69, relationship-servant, born Herkimer Co., single, teamster; Lydia Kennedy, age 55 born Fulton Co, married; Catharine Bronk, age 83 mother, born Greene Co., widow; Frank Haggart 18 son, born Fulton Co.; Daniel Kennedy age 12, son, born Fulton Co.

1880 census-Johnstown, district #1: Palmer Kennedy b.1806 age 74 teamster; Lydia Kennedy wife b.1818 age 62; Jacob Neahs son in law age 40 restaurant proprietor; Anna Neahs daugher age 28; Frank Haggart step-son age 23 teamster; Daniel Kennedy son age 16; Catherine Beonk (sic) mother in law age 88 widow.

1880-81 Johnstown City Directories: Catharine Bronk, Perry Street

Obit and cemetery records, Johnstown Public Library: "Mrs. Caspar Bronk died at residence of her daughter Mrs. P. Kennedy on 4 April, age 89. Leaves 7 daughters and 1 son." (Fulton County Republican April 7, 1881, page 3.)

"Bronk, Catharine, born Coxsackie, died Johnstown April 4, 1881. Age 88 years, 1 month, 21 days." (Johnstown Cemetery Association Records.)

1900 census-2nd ward, 217 North Perry Street, Johnstown: Nancy Frank, age 79, born July 1820, widow, married 54 years, can read, write, and speaks English. (daughter of Catharine and Caspar Bronk)

Family Line of Catharine Bogardus Bronk: (generations are numbered)

  1. Dominie (Reverend) Everardus Bogardus married Anneke Jans (Anneke's second marriage)

  2. Pieter Bogardus married Wyntjie Corenlise Bosch (Bos)

  3. Ephraim Bogardus married Agnietie (Villeroy) deGarmeaux (deGarmo)

  4. Ephraim Bogardus married Agnietie (Johanna) Halenbeck

  5. Johannis Bogardus married Elsje Lane

  6. Catharine Bogardus maried Caspar Bronk

  7. John Bronk married Rachel Fredrick/Frederick

  8. Ephraim Bronk married Helen A.Lassell


Generation 1

Dominie Everardus Bogardus (aka:Evert Wilhemsz) b.1607 Woerden, Utrecht, Holland--south of Zuyder Zee. At the age of 20, he entered Leyden University on 27 July 1627. He was ordained a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church on 11 Jan 1632.(vol.II Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, 1911 edited by Cuyler Reynolds) Bogardus was sent to the Guinea Coast in 1630 as a ziekentrooster (comforter of the sick). (The Souls of African-American Children: New Amsterdam by Joyce D. Goodfriend)

Everardus returned to Amsterdam, Holland in 1632. He sailed for New Amsterdam, New Netherland on the "de Zouthberg" in 1633.(Ships to New Netherland passenger list) He was the second minister in the Reformed Church of New Amsterdam from 1633 to 1647.(List of Ministers of the Reformed Church of New Amsterdam records) While in American, he adopted the name Everardus Bogardus.

"Bogardus, Everardus (orig. Evert, Latinized to Everardus Bogardus) born Woerden, Utrecht ca.1607. Came on Southberg 1633, New Amsterdam (New Netherlands)1633. sea off coast of Wales 27 Sept 1647. Second husband of Anneke Jans. Matric. University of Leyden 1627. Minister of Dutch Church in New Amsterdam." (Founders of Early American Families Emigrants from Europe 1607-1657)

At Emmaus, the home of Jonas Bronck, on 28 March 1642, a peace treaty was signed with the Winquaesgeckers (a Native American tribe). Those present and signing the treaty were Cornelius van Tienhoven, Hendrick vanDyck, Everhardus (sic) Bogardus (pastor), Jonas Bronck, and several Indians-two of whom had sold land to Bronck. (Scandinavian Immigrants in New York 1630-1674 by John O. Evjen)

Jonas Bronck died in 1643 and an inventory of his possessions was conducted by his wife (Antonia Slagboom Bronck), Pieter Bronck, Jochem Pietersen Kuyter and Rev. Bogardus. (byJohn O.Evjen) Antonia Slagboom Bronck, after the death of Jonas, married Arent van Corlear/van Curler. Curler obtained the land grant and founded Schenectady. Antonia Slagboom Bronk van Curler died in Schenectady. The relationship of Pieter Bronck to Jonas Bronck is still questioned by historians and genealogists. Was Pieter the son of Jonas by his first marriage in Sweden? Or was Pieter the brother of Jonas Bronck? (Caspar Bronk is a direct descendent of Pieter Bronck)

NY Marriage Licenses issued by State of NY: 21 June 1642 Everardus Bogardus; Anna Jansen.

New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church 1639-70 Baptism records: 2 April 1645 Everardus Bogardus; Pieter. Pieter was born in the parsonage in New Amsterdam.

Prinses (aka:Princess, Prinsess) Amelia was a 600 ton ship, rigged with 38 guns, and loaded with 200,000 pounds of red dyewood from Curacao and beaver pelts from America. Her commander was a 28 year old named Jan Claesen Bol. The ship sailed 16 Aug 1647 and sank off the Coast of Wales at Mumbles Point on 27 Sept 1647. Of the 107 passengers, only 21 passengers were rescued. Everardus Bogardus drowned. (ships to New Netherland)

Anneke Jans b.1605 Flekkeroy, Norway, d.1663 Beverwyck (Albany). At the time of her death, she resided at the corner of State and James Streets. She had returned to Beverwyck and became a fur trader after the death of her second husband, Rev. Bogardus.

Anneke married 1.Roelof Janssoon on 1 April 1623 in the Reformed Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Holland. Roelof, a seaman, was 21 years old and Anneke was 18 years old. They sailed to New Netherland on de Eendracht from Texel 21 Mar 1630 with their two daughters-Sara and Trjntje. The ship arrived in New Netherland 24 May 1630.(ships passenger list) Roelof did not take to farming in the Rensselaerwyck Colony and returned to sea. He drowned 1637/8.

Anneke and Roelof had 6 children: Lijintje, Sara, Trijntje, Sijtje, Jan, Annteje.

Anneke and Everardus had 4 children: Willem, Cornelius, Johannes, Pieter.

Dutch Land Grants 1630-1664: Bogardus, Annetje--lot in Beverwyck 23 April 1652; 65 morgens in Mespath 26 Nov 1652; 42 morgens Long Island 7 Mar 1654; and the infamous land of Jans, Roeloff and Anatje--31 morgens Manhattan 1636. This 31 morgen track (62 acres) was confirmed to the widow and heirs of Dominie Bogardus on 4 July 1654.

Beverwyck list of people having lots on the west side of the river before Apr 1652: Annetje Bogardus. She also had a wildenhuysje, an Indian house, according to diagrams of land plot/ownership records of Beverwyck.

Dominie Bogardus and his wife Anneke are well documented in history. Many stories are told of the Reverend drinking beer and preaching under its influence. His battles with authorities in New Amsterdam and the ill-fated voyage can be found in books or on internet websites. Dutch court documents from New Amsterdam, Beverwyck/Albany, and Renesselearwyck have been well-preserved, transcribed, and can be found on websites. The property owned by Anneke and the court battles lasting into the early 20th century by her heirs are legendary. The descendents of Anneke are numbered in the millions!


Generation 2

Pieter Bogardus bpt.2 Apr 1645 Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, d.1703 Kingston, Ulster County. Pieter married Wyntje Cornelise Bosch on 10 Feb 1665 Kingston. His will was dated 3 Feb 1701/2 and written in Dutch.(Heritagequest) He left estates, houses, grounds, ship, furniture, real and personal property to Wyntje as long as she bears the name Bogardus.

Pieter was a mariner and settled in Beverwyck in 1673. He was a magistrate of Beverwyck in 1673.

Census 1697-Albany: Pieter Bogardus, 3 men, 1 woman, 1 child.

Children of Pieter and Wyntje: Cornelius, Evert, Shibboleth, Antje/Hannah (married Pieter Bronck on 2 Dec 1705****Caspar Bronk line information at end of bio), Maria, Anthony, Rachel, Ephraim, Petrus.

In 1690 Pieter was commissioned to treat with the Five Indian Nations and look after the defense of the town. Pieter had the status of a Burgher, served on many juries, and was listed as a lawyer on many court documents in Albany. (court documents)

Pieter took the Oath of Loyalty to King William on 4 Jan 1699.

Wyntje was the daughter of Cornelis Teunis Bosch/Bos. Cornelis came to America on the Renesselaerswyck and settle in Renesselaerwyck. The ship left Amsterdam on 25 Sept 1636 to Texel. It sailed on 8 Oct 1636 from Texel to New Amsterdam. The ship arrived in New Amsterdam on 4 Mar 1637. Ship's passenger list: Cornelis Teunis from Westbroeck, also referred to as Cornelis Theunisz Bos. He was a shoemaker and came to America as a servant of Cornelis Maase van Buren. (ships passenger lists, history records, websites)


Generation 3

Ephraim Bogardus bpt 14 Aug 1687 Dutch Reformed Church Beverwyck, d.12 Oct 1770 Coxsackie, buried Dutch Church Burial Grounds Albany. Ephraim Bogardis married Agnietje deGarmoy (sic) on 23 Sept 1720 Albany Dutch Reformed Church. (church records)

Children of Ephraim and Agnietje: Petrus, Catharina, Wyntje, Ephraim, Jacob, Catharina, Maria, Anna.

Agnietje bpt.20 Mar 1692 Albany DRC, d.7 July 1772 Coxsackie. She was the daughter of Pierre Villeroy deGarmeaux and Catrina/Caatje van der Heyden.

Pierre is found in records under the name of Pierre the Frenchman, Viela Roy, Pierre Villeroy, Pierre deGarmeaux/deGarmo/de Garmoy. The name deGarmeaux came from Chateau deGarmeaux in Normandy, France and parish named deGarmeaux. Pierre was probably from this parish before he immigrated to Canada and then to American. The spelling 'deGarmeaux' is French. The spelling 'deGarmo' is English.

Pierre b.abt 1659, d.6 Mar 1741. He married Catrina/Caatje van der Heyden about 1682 in Albany. Catrina b.abt 1662, d.1740. Both are buried Albany DR Church Burial Grounds (cemetery records).

Catrina was the daughter of Jacob Tijssen van der Heyden. Land records #190, Albany 1676: van der Heyden, Jacob Tyse-transfer from Colonial Government to first private land owners. Jacob was a master tailor and fur trader in Beverwyck.

In 1682 Villeroy purchased a house and lot in Albany from Samuel Adams. He was arrested for illegal fur trading. Villeroy had previous escaped from Canada--leaving owing money. In a letter from a Montreal merchant was sent to Major Baxter in Aug 1683, the merchant referred to Villeroy as "a French vagabond". (Albany court records) At this time in Albany, many French men were marrying Dutch women.

Albany 10 Mar 1683/4 persons who were in arrears to annual taxes: "Villeroy who is absent 2 Florins."

The Canadian government persuaded a few French families to settle on the Saratoga patent. Other French Canadians were sent to live amongst the settlers and spy on the English colonists and English armies. (The Story of Old Saratoga) In the winter of 1688-9, Villeroy, Antonie Lespenard, John van Loon, and Lafleur were arrested for aiding English soldiers to desert and escape to Canada. They were arrested and brought to Albany for a hearing. Warrant issued 1 Aug 1689. Villeroy was detained at the Fort in Albany. (Albany Court Records)

10 Aug 1689 Court hearing: a petition by wife of Villeray (sic) was delivered to court asking for his release. P.van Wriaglum and Dirk van der Heyden tendered payment. Bond was set at 100 pounds. Wife was Catrina van der Heyden and Dirk was her brother.

Albany heads of families list June 1697: Pieter Villeroy F. 1 male, 1 wife, 7 children.

In 1699, Villeroy refused to take the oath of allegiance to the English king--'being a Papist'.

Amid all the Scandinavian and Dutch relatives, it is nice to have a French fur trapper, immigrant to Canada, "a French vagabond", settler in Saratoga county, Papist resident of Albany, and French Canadian spy against the English during the French and English Wars!!


Generation 4

Ephraim Bogardus b.Coxsackie, bpt. 7 Aug 1726 Albany DRC, d.8 Sept 1811 Coxsackie. He married Annatje (aka:Johanna) Halenbeck on 19 Nov 1747 Albany DRC. Annatje b.8 Apr 1728 Athens, d.1803 Coxsackie. Annatje was the daughter of Jacob Jacobse Halenbek (sic) and Maria Visscher.

Children of Ephraim and Annatje: Ephraim, Jacob, Agnietje, Maria, Catharina, Nanning, Petrus, Alida, Johannis, Annatje, Anthony, and Hendrick.

Annatje's family can be traced back to Casper Jacobse Halenbek who was in Beverwyck in the 1650's. Her father, Jacob Jacobse, was a deacon in Loonenburg and one of three trustees who received the church ground in a deed dated 22 June 1727.


Generation 5

Johannis Bogardus bpt 25 Oct 1767 Coxsackie DRC. He married Elsje Lane, b.abt 1770.

Children of Johannis and Elsje:

Catharina bpt 5 Feb 1792 Coxsackie DRC married Caspar Bronk

Joseph b.20 Apr 1794, bpt 1 June 1794 Kinderhook. Married_______. Daughter: Elizabeth b.17 Oct 1823 Cairo, Greene Co, d.26 July 1892. Ephratah DRC Roll 1844-76: Joseph Bogardus, gone.

Maria b.25 Sept 1797, bpt 3 Dec 1797 Coxsackie DRC


Note: In the records, many variations of name spellings can be seen... some of the more frequent spellings are seen above.

DRC=Dutch Reformed Church                sic=spelling is correct as seen in records

Information for the above bio is taken from census/church records, history books as listed, genealogies, court records, cemetery records, internet websites, ships' passenger lists/logs, wills, deeds, land grants, tax lists, treaties, Fulton Co. deeds, etc, etc, etc. Two great reference books: History of Harlem, Its Origin and Early Annals by James Riker and Beverwijck, A Dutch Village on the American Frontier, 1652-1664 by Janny Venema.

A special thanks to Evelyn Frasier, Town of Ephratah Historian and William Loveday, Jr., Fulton Co.Historian for their generous sharing of information and their friendship.

Anyone with information that they care to add to the above is appreciated....especially about Generation 5-6.



Ephraim Bronk, Casper Bronk, Daniel Lassell, Helen A.Lassell, Captain John Henry Lassell, Henry Fical, William Hutchinson.


****Caspar Bronk's Family Line: Bogardus to Bronk (generations are numbered)

  1. Dominie Everardus Bogardus married Anneke Jans

  2. Pieter Bogardus married Wyntje Cornelis Bosch/Bos

  3. Antje (Hannah, Anna) Bogardus (sister of Ephraim Bogardus who married Agnietie de Garmeaux) married Pieter Bronck,Sr.

  4. *Jan Bronck married Lydia van den Berg                *Pieter Bronck, Jr. married Rachel van Hoesen

  5. 5.Rykert--son of Jan/Lydia                married                Judijke Bronck--daughter of Pieter/Rachel

  6. Caspar Bronck married Catharine Bogardus

* Jan Bronck and Pieter Bronck, Jr. were brothers...thus Rykert and Judkjke were first cousins.

Caspar Bronck and Catharine Bogardus share the first 2 generations of the Bogardus line--Dominie Bogardus/Anneke Jans and Pieter Bogardus/Wyntje Bosch.

+++Caspar Bronck's bio is under construction. This bio will contain land records and additional information on the Bronck/Bronk family.


Note by db: there was so much information on the Bronk/Bogardus family lines that this bio was editied to only some of the more interesting information and data. Please be aware that errors could possibly have occurred in historical records. The above information was written as found in books/records. ( ) were used to given additonal information to the records. My goal was to do a bio of Catharine Bogardus and her role in the founding of the Bronks in Fulton County.


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