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Obituaries and Biographies Of Broadalbin

The following obituaries, biographies and grave site information has been submitted by Dave Bixby of Galway. He has spent eight years doing research in the Saratoga/Fulton county areas and has graciously given these for us to use in our researches. If you would like to see how he came about this project and his interests in it, please click here.  Many thanks to Dave.

BROCKWAY, Nathan(iel), Sr. (Broadalbin Mayfield Rural Cemetery)

"Illustrated Histories of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, NY" published in 1878 states "Nathan Brockway contributed to the building of the New Broadalbin Baptist Church - settled here in the 1790's." This volume also states that TIFFANY Brockway was "Born 1764 in Rhode Island. Came from Bridgeport, Conn. with his wife on horseback, carrying an infant daughter.". See next paragraph.

"History of Fulton County" by Frothingham dated 1892, states NATHANIEL Brockway of Rhode Island (born 1764) came in 1796 from Bridgeport, Conn. to Broadalbin. His wife came on horseback, carrying an infant daughter. This history also states that Nathan was a member of the building committee of the Baptist Church of Broadalbin and Mayfield on 9/1797.

The book "Broadalbin - Then and Now" by Kenneth Shaw states that Nathan settled in the area before 1800, and was on the Broadalbin Baptist Church building committee with Alex McQueen in September, 1797.

"History of Fulton County" by Frothingham, dated 1892 claims that NATHANIEL Brockway was the one who came with his wife and infant daughter in 1796.

BROCKWAY, Tiffany (Broadalbin Mayfield Rural Cemetery)

"Illustrated Histories of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, NY" published in 1878 states that TIFFANY Brockway was "Born 1764 in Rhode Island. Came from Bridgeport, Conn. with his wife on horseback, carrying an infant daughter.".

The biographical sketch in "History of Montgomery and Fulton Counties - 1878" gives the following: Colonel Tiffany Brockway born Stephentown, Rensselaer County March 6, 1774. His father was Nathan Brockway, and his mother was Elizabeth Tiffany. At the age of 17 he came alone to Broadalbin to prepare for the removal of his father's family to lands previously purchased about a mile north-east of Fonda's Bush (later Broadalbin). There was then neither road nor settlement north of that place. Here he made a clearing, sowed a piece of wheat, built a log house, and on his 18th birthday welcomed his father's family to their new home in the forest. On April 11th, 1799, he married Lucy Alvord. In 1805 he located on a farm near his father's, where he remained until his death. He served as major in the War of 1812, and was for many years thereafter a colonel in the Militia. He was the first outspoken abolitionist in his town. His home was a well known station on the "underground railway". At 60 he joined the Broadalbin Baptist Church. The spring he was 80 he chopped several cords of wood for pastime. His second wife was Mary G. Owen. He was father of 4 daughters and 2 sons, one of whom - Tiffany Jr. - inherited both his father's name and his homestead. Without pain of disease he went peacefully to his reward December 3rd, 1866, at the age of 93.

In 1813 he became a stockholder in the stock company which Duncan McMartin formed to build and run a woolen mill on the McMartin property.

EARL, Melvin (Broadalbin Mayfield Rural Cemetery)

The following information was taken from: 
(4) "Illustrated Histories of Montgomery and Fulton counties, NY", dated 1878,
(5) "History of Fulton County" by Frothingham, dated 1892
(6)"Broadalbin - Then and Now" by Kenneth B. Shaw dated 1973.

Earl, Melvin - 4th son of Stephen, born Sept. 19, 1839.  Ran Earl's Hotel in Broadalbin. (4)
Earl, Melvin - Proprietor of an early stage. (1878) (4)
Earl, Melvin - Ran Earl's Hotel in Broadalbin in 1892 (Main Street, Broadalbin). Grandson of Paul Earl.(5)
Earl, Melvin - About 1848 bought from Isaac Rosa a hotel which he renamed "The Earl Hotel" in Broadalbin. In 1878 he ran a stage from Broadalbin to Amsterdam to meet the New York Central trains. Mr. Earl ran the hotel until 1900, when he sold to John Dye. (6)

FINCH, Henry Clement (Broadalbin Mayfield Rural Cemetery)

The following information was taken from:

(5) "History of Fulton County" by Frothingham, dated 1892 and
(6) "Broadalbin - Then and Now" by Kenneth B. Shaw, dated 1973.

Finch, Henry Clement - Dr. Broadalbin in 1892. Born Northampton. Received his license 3/1/1882 from Albany Medical Society. (5)

Finch, Dr. Henry C. - Opened a hospital and Alcohol Cure Institute in the Broadalbin Hotel 9/17/1898.

With Wallace Cleveland, surveyor, formed the Gloversville and Broadalbin Railroad, incorporated 4/17/1895.  They formed the construction crew known as the Kennyetto Construction Company to build the railroad. The line connected with the F, J & G. - 6.13 miles.  Kitty Husted gave the town the 1st railroad depot.  In a ceremony on October 31, 1895 Kitty drove the last spike in the new railroad.

Dr. Finch was secretary-treasurer of the Broadalbin Lightand Power Company - no date, but before 1922.

FOSMIRE, Sarah (Broadalbin Mayfield Rural Cemetery)

From the obituary in the Daily Gazette of November 5, 1997.

Mrs. Sarah "Katie" Fosmire Baker, 97, of the Fulton County Infirmary in Gloversville, formerly of Broadalbin, died Tuesday at the infirmary after a long illness.

Born and educated in Broadalbin, Mrs. Baker lived there most of her life, until moving to the infirmary in 1995. She worked for the Grandoe, Fownes, Crossley, and Hilts-Willard glove companies in Gloversville before retiring in 1972.Mrs Baker was a member of the Broadalbin Baptist Church. Her husband, Raymond S. Baker, whom she married in 1919, died in 1981.

Survivors include three sons, Walter E. Baker of Vestal, Raymond S. Baker Jr. Of Brandywine, Maryland, and William J. Baker of Union, Delaware; three daughters, Goldie M. Anderson, Katherine R. VanNostrand, and Donna E. Rockwell, all of Gloversville; 17 grandchildren; 35 great-grandchildren ; a great-great-grandson; and several step-grandchildren.

KENNEDY, William J. (Broadalbin Mayfield Rural Cemetery)

The following information was taken from
(6) "Broadalbin - Then and Now" by Kenneth B. Shaw, dated 1973.

Kennedy, William J. - Superintendent of the 4-story mill that burned the night of Nov. 29, 1905. He was replaced as superintendent by Benjamin C. Smith. William died in 1908. David D. Crouse was president of the mill in 1906 when the 3-story replacement mill was built. Cecil C. Finch became president about 1916, and Ben Smith moved up to General Manager. Following the death of Mr. Smith in 1927, Mr. Finch took on his duties. William built a new shoddy mill in 1906 in Woods Hollow. He ran it until he died in 1908. The shoddy mill was taken over by Keith Hagedorn.

KISSINGER, Nelson J. (Broadalbin Mayfield Rural Cemetery)

The following information was taken from
(6) "Broadalbin - Then and Now" by Kenneth B. Shaw dated 1973.

Kissinger, Nelson J. - Employee Broadalbin Light and Power Co. - no date, but before 1922. In 1920, with Tom Drought, bought the shoddy mill which had been built in 1906 by William J. Kennedy, and which had been owned since 1908 by Keith Hagedorn. He and Kissinger called the business the D. & K. Fiber Co. The mill had to be moved when the Sacandaga was flooded, to land in Broadalbin. The business is now called Fiber Conversion, and is owned by Paul Kissinger and son.

ROSA, Isaac R. (Broadalbin Mayfield Rural Cemetery)

Born Schenectady Sept. 8, 1797, son of a Hollander who died in 1809 leaving a widow and 7 children. Apprenticed at age 12 to learn tanners and currier's trades. Discharged at age 21, soon after became proprietor of principal hotel in Broadalbin where he remained until he died in 1849. Known as "Uncle Ike, the peacemaker". His widow, Phebe Ann Alvord, remarried his brother James P. Rosa, MD. Isaac left 4 children; Richard H., Councilor-at-law born July 25, 1835, - Isaac A. Rosa, born Nov. 3, 1836 and proprietor of the Fonda Hotel in Fonda, - Elijah A. Rosa, proprietor of Rosa's Hotel in Johnstown, born April 9, 1842, - and James P. Rosa, merchant at Vail's Mills born May 6, 1848, all of whom were living in 1878. (4)

Rosa, Isaac - Sold his interest in a hotel about 1848 to Melvin Earl who named it "The Earl Hotel". (6)

STEVER, James B. (Broadalbin Mayfield Rural Cemetery)

The following was taken from "Broadalbin - Then and Now" by Kenneth B. Shaw, Dated 1973.

Stever, James B. - 1869 built a saw mill, cabinet shop, etc. at Stever's Mills, about 2 miles east of Broadalbin on the Kennyetto, along with a paper mill a short distance downstream. The paper mill was unique in that they made paper from straw mixed with old paper and rags. A course brown paper was produced that was mostly used by meat packers because it would not soak through. The paper mill closed about 1900, and 5 years later the saw mill did also. Mr. Stever was also an undertaker who made his own coffins. His wife made the fabric inner linings. Mr. Stever was father of George Stever who was also undertaker in Broadalbin for many years.

VOSBURGH, Edward (Broadalbin Mayfield Rural Cemetery)

Born November 18, 1864, the son of Henry J. and Charlotte Putnam Vosburgh, and grandson of Myndert A. Vosburgh, one of the pioneer settlers of Fulton County. In 1885 he, with David B. Hall as partner, bought all the Mayfield property which had been burned in a large fire. In 1886 he bought out his partner. On the property was a store which housed the post office. His son Ralph helped run the store in later years until it was sold in 1929 to Clarence D. Stewart of Gloversville. The property also included a saw mill and grist mill. The old grist mill was finally shut down, but the saw mill continued to operate. During periods of low water they had a problem, so a boiler was installed to be used as needed. A tall steel stack was erected that could be seen for miles. One night in November, 1924 the mill caught fire, and when it was over, only the stack remained. Edward was postmaster from 1886 to 1909 except for 4 years (1892-1896). In later life he turned to politics and became town supervisor for 2 years. In 1909 he was elected to the state legislature to represent the Fulton-Hamilton District. During World War I Gov. Charles Whitman appointed Edward to be commander of the local exemption board. He died in 1930 following a brief illness.

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